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The ReST Method of Conflict Resolution

Author : Jim R Warner
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A new way to resolve conflicts for anyone who supervises and cares for others such as teachers, coaches, camp counselors, supervisors, managers and daycare professionals. The ReST Method of Conflict Resolution is a more effective and efficient way to resolve conflict. Using this method will: a) improve your occupational prospectsb) ensure that the same conflict won't reignite between the same partiesc) instill confidence in your supervisory abilitiesd) improve your self-esteem and your value to otherse) empower those you work with to achieve success in their interpersonal interactions and beyond.

The P A C E Method Conflict Resolution for First Responders FIRE EMS Edition

Author : Mary Kendall Hope
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The P.A.C.E. Method: Conflict Resolution for First Responders: Fire/EMS Edition contains specific techniques and strategies designed to handle members of the public with better response protocols. The initial professional responses in any given conflict have the power to defuse present and future conflict situations. Better response can also serve as a step toward prevention of future crisis. Every program in Emergency Medical Service Certification & Fire Science should own copies of this innovative training manual for law enforcement professionals.

New Techniques in Labor Dispute Resolution

Author : Association of Labor Mediation Agencies
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Workplace Strategies and Facilities Management

Author : Rick Best
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This book provides comprehensive coverage of issues that facility managers in the property industry need to understand and apply in the pursuit of value for money over the life span of built facilities. The authors introduce the fast-growing discipline of facility management, examine the core competencies that facility managers should possess and study different contemporary drivers of change. The book emphasises the need to consider facilities management issues at the pre-design stage of the construction process, rather than only when the building is completed, in order to maximise value for money. * Offers a practical approach to cost-effectiveness * Provides a set of widely applicable decision making tools * Introduces a client perspective to practitioners and students

Tools for Conflict Resolution

Author : Ellen M. O'Keefe
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"Conflict is part of everyday life, especially in today's schools. Tools for Conflict Resolution: A Practical K-12 Program Based on Peter Senge's 5th Discipline presents an ideal method for teaching conflict resolution skills to students in kindergarten through twelfth grade. O'Keefe and Stewart believe that if each student is given tools for handling conflict and these tools are used each time conflict arises, students will learn to be proficient conflict managers."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Third World Dimensions in Conflict Resolution

Author : Abby J. Nalwanga-Sebina
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Conflict Resolution and Gandhian Ethics

Author : Thomas Weber
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Author : American Association for Artificial Intelligence
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AI and Education. Automated Reasoning: automatic programming, planning andscheduling, rule-based reasoning, search, theorem proving, uncertainty, truth-maintenance systems,constraint-based systems. Cognitive Modeling. Commonsense Reasoning: qualitative reasoning, design,diagnosis, simulation. Impacts of AI Technology: organizational, economic, and social implications.Knowledge Acquisition and Expert System Design Methodologies: techniques for designing expertsystems and acquiring domain knowledge. Knowledge Representation: knowledge-representation systems,inheritance, nonmonotonic logic, nonstandard logics, temporal reasoning. Machine Architectures andComputer Languages for AI. Machine Learning. Natural Language: generation and understanding; syntax,speech, dialogue. Perception and Signal Understanding: vision. Philosophical Foundations. Robotics.User Interfaces.

Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Author :
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Illfare in India

Author : Sanjivi Guhan
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Focusing on Tamil Nadu, this book examines various aspects of the failure of welfare policies in India since Independence. Themes covered include: demography; employment; disability; health; food and nutrition; caste discrimination; poverty; literacy; education; social security; rural development governance and law.

Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution

Author :
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Coastal Zone and Continental Shelf Conflict Resolution

Author : J. Daniel Nyhart
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Proceedings of the World Congress of Computers in Agriculture and Natural Resources

Author : Fedro S. Zazueta
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Neural network; Computer vision and imaging; greenhouse control; Precision agriculture; Computer modeling; Geographic information system; Dairy and animal production systems; Equipmento automation, instrumentation and control; Computer training and distance education; Information delivery and data management system; Expert and decision support systems; Internet/networking applications; Computer strategies/policy; Water management.

Conflict Resolution Identity Crisis and Development in Africa

Author : Celestine Oyom Bassey
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Conflict manifestations and the development crisis in Africa are addressed by contributions from sixteen eminent Nigerian scholars and researchers in policy and strategic studies. The volume addresses the ontological linkage between the prevalent crisis of underdevelopment and political instability in the continent, resulting in mass poverty, stagflation, uneven development, alienation, mounting external debts and periodic outbreak of violence and military coup d'etats. There is a thematic overview, a section on identity crisis, and on conflict resolution and development in Africa. Amongst the issues covered are language, structures of communication, ethnicity, power sharing, culture, epidemiology of convlict and violence in Nigera, political stability, economic development, and a case analysis of the Niger Delta in relation to resources and conflict. Celestine Bassey is a Professor of Political Science at the University of Calabar and currently the Commissioner of Education, Cross River State, Calabar. Oshita Oshita is the director of research and policy analysis at the Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution at The Presidency in Abuja.

International Conflict Resolution Using System Engineering

Author : Harold Chestnut
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Finding an alternative to supplement military ways of resolving international conflicts has been taken up by many people skilled in various areas such as political science, economics, social studies, modelling and simulation, artificial intelligence and expert systems, military strategy and weaponry as well as private business and industry. The Workshop will therefore be of use as it looks at various control methods which would create a conciliatory social and political environment or climate for seeking and obtaining non-military solutions to international conflicts and to solutions to national conflicts which may lead to international conflicts.

Conflict Resolution Contributions of the Behavioral Sciences

Author : Clagett G. Smith
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Managing Campus Conflict Through Alternative Dispute Resolution

Author : Kent M. Weeks
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The Journal of conflict resolution

Author :
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Dynamics of Effective Secondary Teaching

Author : William W. Wilen
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A guide for secondary school teachers covers instruction techniques, curriculum, planning, and classroom management.

The Virginia Journal

Author :
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