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Renaissance Monarchy

Author : Glenn Richardson
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Representations of Renaissance Monarchy

Author : Lisa Mansfield
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Representations of Renaissance monarchy analyses the portraits and personal imagery of the renowned "Father of Arts and Letters", Francis I, one of the most frequently portrayed rulers of sixteenth-century Europe. The distinctive likeness of the Valois king was widely disseminated andperceived by his French subjects and Tudor and Habsburg rivals abroad. In providing a valuable point of comparison with publications on the representation of Henry VIII, the book makes a meaningful contribution to scholarship on the enterprise of royal image-making and practice of visual rhetoric inthe courts of early modern Europe. It also provides a useful guide on the manipulative mechanics of portraiture as a social tool and cultural phenomenon. Whereas conventional studies of images of rule emphasise the propagandistic agency or regulatory capacity of royal images and objects, thedispersive replication of Francis I's portraits are shown to have impacted on his reputation in unexpectedly positive and negative ways. The discussion not only highlights the inventiveness of the visual arts in Renaissance France but also alludes to the enduring politics of physical appearance andseductive power of the face and body in modern visual culture.Published on the five hundredth anniversary of Francis I's accession in 1515, this book will appeal to scholars and students of medieval and Renaissance art, the history of portraiture or anyone interested in images of monarchy and the history of France.

Monarchs of the Renaissance

Author : Philip J. Potter
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During the Renaissance, the monarchy became the dominant ruling power in Europe. It was an era of formidable kings and queens who crushed the feudal rights of their nobles, defended the Catholic Church against the encroachments of Protestantism, fought self-aggrandizing wars and were great patrons of art, architecture, literature and music. This work chronicles the lives and reigns of the 42 monarchs in England, Scotland, France, Spain and the Holy Roman Empire between 1400 and 1600, presenting in the context of their era their personalities, accomplishments and failures.

From Renaissance Monarchy to Absolute Monarchy

Author : J. Russell Major
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Evans (classics, U. of British Columbia) examines the history of the great emperor, whose reign marks the transition between Late Antiquity and the Byzantine period, including what is presently known about his life, the social structure of the empire, its relations with its neighbors, and naturally, its wars. It also examines theological issues, which split the empire and left deep divisions after Justinian's death. Annotation copyright by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR.

The Renaissance Monarchies

Author : Catherine Mulgan
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This book traces the history of Ferdinand and Isabella in laying the foundations of a single Spanish state. An account is then given of their grandson Charles V's rule of Spain and his search for solutions to the challenges of a new empire in America. The author also charts how Charles bore the increasingly heavy burden of the Holy Roman empire with his struggle to protect it against Lutherans within and Turkish attack from the east. The final chapters concentrate on Francis I as ruler, warrior, defender of the Catholic Church and patron of the arts. Each chapter concludes with extracts from contemporary documents.

Roman Monarchy and the Renaissance Prince

Author : Peter Stacey
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Beginning with a sustained analysis of Seneca's theory of monarchy in the treatise De clementia, in this 2007 text Peter Stacey traces the formative impact of ancient Roman political philosophy upon medieval and Renaissance thinking about princely government on the Italian peninsula from the time of Frederick II to the early modern period. Roman Monarchy and the Renaissance Prince offers a systematic reconstruction of the pre-humanist and humanist history of the genre of political reflection known as the mirror-for-princes tradition - a tradition which, as Stacey shows, is indebted to Seneca's speculum above all other classical accounts of the virtuous prince - and culminates with a comprehensive and controversial reading of the greatest work of renaissance political theory, Machiavelli's The Prince. Peter Stacey brings to light a story which has been lost from view in recent accounts of the Renaissance debt to classical antiquity, providing a radically revisionist account of the history of the Renaissance prince.

The True Law of Free Monarchies

Author : James I (King of England)
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War Domination and the Monarchy of France

Author : Rebecca Ard Boone
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Claude de Seyssel's important political treatise, "The Monarchy of France" (1515) illuminates the link between warfare, the state, and the social order in the Renaissance. In his effort to describe a state capable of conquest and expansion, Seyssel envisioned a new social and political order with radical implications for the French monarchy.

French Renaissance Monarchy

Author : R. J. Knecht
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First published in 1984, Professor Knecht's study quickly established itself as the best short account of the period. The reigns of Francis I and Henry II, spanning the first half of the sixteenth century, are one of the most colourful and formative periods of French history. In addition to examining the nature and effectiveness of their reigns, Professor Knecht also examines their foreign policies which brought them into conflict with other major powers. For this new edition the author has added a new chapter on patronage and the arts.

Denmark 1513 1660

Author : Paul Douglas Lockhart
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One of the largest states in Europe and the greatest of the Protestant powers, Denmark in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries was at the height of its influence. Embracing Norway, Iceland, portions of southern Sweden and northern Germany, the Danish monarchy dominated the vital Baltic trade. However, its geopolitical importance far exceeded its modest resources. Paul Douglas Lockhart examines the short and perhaps unlikely career of Denmark as the major power of northern Europe,exploring its rise to the forefront of European affairs and its subsequent decline in fortunes following its disastrous involvement in the Thirty Years' War.Using the latest research from Danish and other Scandinavian scholars Lockhart focuses on key issues, from the dynamic role of the Oldenburg monarchy in bringing about Denmark's 'European integration', to the impact of the Protestant Reformation on Danish culture. The multi-national character of the Danish monarchy is explored in-depth, in particular how the Oldenburg kings of Denmark sought to establish their authority over their sizable-and oftentimes contentious-Norwegian, Icelandic, andGerman minorities. Denmark's participation in international politics and commerce is also investigated, along with the power struggle between Denmark and its rival Sweden over Baltic dominion, and the Danes' unique approach to internal governance.

Encyclopedia of the Renaissance Machiavelli Petrarchism

Author : Paul F. Grendler
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Review: "Conceived and produced in association with the Renaissance society of America, this work presents a panoramic view of the cultural movement and the period of history beginning in Italy from approximately 1350, broadening geographically to include the rest of Europe by the middle-to-late-15th century, and ending in the early 17th century. Each of the nearly 1,200 entries provides a learned and succinct account suitable for inquiring readers at several levels. These readable essays covering the arts and letters, in addition to everyday life, will be appreciated by general readers and high-school students. The thoughtful analyses will enlighten college students and delight scholars. A selective bibliography of primary and secondary sources for further study follows each article."--"Outstanding reference sources 2000", American Libraries, May 2000. Comp. by the Reference Sources Committee, RUSA, ALA.

The Seven Great Monarchies of the Ancient Eastern World

Author : George Rawlinson
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Monarchy and Incest in Renaissance England

Author : Bruce Thomas Boehrer
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In Monarchy and Incest in Renaissance England, Bruce Thomas Boehrer argues that a preoccupation with incest is built not the dominant social and cultural concerns of early modern England. Proceeding from a study of Henry III's divorce and succession legislation, through the reigns of Elizabeth I, James I, and Charles I, this work examines the interrelation between family politics and literary expression in and around the English royal court.

A History of England Period I Mediaeval monarchy From the departure of the Romans to Richard III 449 1485

Author : James Franck Bright
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The Renaissance

Author : James A. Corrick
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Traces developments in European art, architecture, music, literature, philosophy, science, and exploration between 1300 and 1600.

History of England Personal monarchy 1485 1688

Author : James Franck Bright
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A History of England Period II Personal monarchy Henry VII to James II 1485 1688

Author : James Franck Bright
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Representative Institutions in Renaissance France 1421 1559

Author : J. Russell (major.)
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Ritual Ceremony and the Changing Monarchy in France 1350 1789

Author : Lawrence M. Bryant
File Size : 38.88 MB
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Each title in this series brings together a selection of articles by a leading authority on a particular subject. These studies are reprinted from a vast range of learned journals, conference proceedings, and more. They make available research that is scattered, even inaccessible in all but the largest libraries.

Studies in the Renaissance

Author : William Wallace Peery
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Multidisciplinary journal devoted to history, art, architecture, religion, literature and language of any European country or any country influenced by Europe during the period of the Renaissance.