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The Red Sea Sharks

Author : Hergé
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Tintin aids his old friend the Emir Ben Kalish and fights the ruthless Marquis di Gorgonzola.

Red Sea Sharks

Author : Jeremy Stafford-Deitsch
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A comprehensive guide to the sharks of the Red Sea. It contains information under the following headings: sharks and divers; where are sharks found on Red Sea coral reefs?; how likely is a diver to see a shark on a Red Sea reef? are the sharks seen on reefs confined to reefs?; is a shark doomed to swim or sink?; can sharks rest on the bottom?; sensory mechanisms; reproduction and development; sharks and their escorts; conservation; does the great white shark occur in the Red Sea?; diving with sharks; danger and diet; warning signs; attacking to feed; attacks on divers; time of day; does size matter?; feeding sharks; sharks and marine mammals; when things go wrong; safety tips.

Oceanographic and Biological Aspects of the Red Sea

Author : Najeeb M.A. Rasul
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This book includes invited contributions presenting the latest research on the oceanography and environment of the Red Sea. In addition to covering topics relevant to research in the region and providing insights into marine science for non-experts, it is also of interest to those involved in the management of coastal zones and encourages further research on the Red Sea

Coral Reefs of the Red Sea

Author : Christian R. Voolstra
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This volume is a complete review and reference work for scientists, engineers, and students concerned with coral reefs in the Red Sea. It provides an up-to-date review on the geology, ecology, and physiology of coral reef ecosystems in the Red Sea, including data from most recent molecular studies. The Red Sea harbours a set of unique ecological characteristics, such as high temperature, high alkalinity, and high salinity, in a quasi-isolated environment. This makes it a perfect laboratory to study and understand adaptation in regard to the impact of climate change on marine ecosystems. This book can be used as a general reference, guide, or textbook.

The Red Sea Sharks

Author : Albert Baranes
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The Life of the Red Sea Dhow

Author : Dionisius A. Agius
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Few images are as evocative as the silhouette of the Arab dhow as, under full sail, it tacks to windward on glittering waters of Red Sea before moving across the face of the rising or setting sun. In this authoritative new book, Dionisius A. Agius, one of the foremost scholars of Islamic material culture, offers a lucid and wide-ranging history of the iconic dhow from medieval to modern times. Traversing the Arabian and African coasts, he shows that the dhow was central not just to commerce but to the vital transmission and exchange of ideas. Discussing trade and salt routes, shoals and wind patterns, spice harvest seasons and the deep and resonant connection between language, memory and oral tradition, this is the first book to place the dhow in its full and remarkable cultural contexts.

The Red Sea Sharks

Author : Hergé
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Field Identification Guide to the Sharks and Rays of the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden

Author : Ramón Bonfil
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This volume presents a fully illustrated field guide for the identification of the sharks and rays most relevant to the fisheries of the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden. An extensive literature review and two field surveys in the region were carried out for the preparation of this document. A total of 49 sharks and 45 batoids reliably reported for the region are listed and those common in the fisheries or likely to be found through fisheries operations are fully treated. The guide includes sections on technical terms and measurements for sharks and batoids, and fully illustrated keys to those orders and families that occur in the region. Color plates for a large number of the species are included.

The Metamorphoses of Tintin Or Tintin for Adults

Author : Jean-Marie Apostolidès
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The Metamorphoses of Tintin, a pioneering book first published in French in 1984, offers a complete analysis of Hergé's legendary hero.

Killers in the Water The New Super Sharks Terrorising The World s Oceans

Author : Sue Blackhall
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Sharks are intriguing and beautiful creatures - but they can also be deadly. As we humans have explored the world's oceans and exploited them for tourism and recreation, we have found ourselves coming into contact with more and more sharks. And the outcome can be fatal. From the Seychelles to South Africa, and Australia to North America, tourists, divers and surfers have seemingly found themselves under increased threat from unprovoked shark attacks. Fatal attacks have occurred in locations that were previously thought to be safe, and in late 2010 the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh was rocked by an incredible five shark attacks in a matter of weeks. But are sharks really ruthless, vicious killers, or are they simply reacting to humans invading their habitat? Has the number of shark attacks increased in recent years? What can be done to prevent shark attacks? All these questions and more are answered in this fascinating book.