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Chaos in Classical and Quantum Mechanics

Author : Martin C. Gutzwiller
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Describes the chaos apparent in simple mechanical systems with the goal of elucidating the connections between classical and quantum mechanics. It develops the relevant ideas of the last two decades via geometric intuition rather than algebraic manipulation. The historical and cultural background against which these scientific developments have occurred is depicted, and realistic examples are discussed in detail. This book enables entry-level graduate students to tackle fresh problems in this rich field.

Quantum Physics Chaos Theory and Cosmology

Author : M. Namiki
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"The papers in this book -- contributed by such well-known figures as J. A. Wheeler, K. Thorne, and I. Prigogine -- investigate the uncharted territory at the boundary between relativity and quantum theory, where researchers are working hard to find some common ground for these two pillars of modern science. Also discussed are the latest experimental results that help guide the search for quantum gravity and quantum chaos. The unifying principle for the book lies in the cosmological implications arising from this research, which is conducted at the outer limits of physics." "Contents" The papers in this book -- contributed by such well-known figures as J. A. Wheeler, K. Thorne, and I. Prigogine -- investigate the uncharted territory at the boundary between relativity and quantum theory, where researchers are working hard to find some common ground for these two pillars of modern science. Also discussed are the latest experimental results that help guide the search for quantum gravity and quantum chaos. The unifying principle for the book lies in the cosmological implications arising from this research, which is conducted at the outer limits of physics.

Quantum Signatures of Chaos

Author : Fritz Haake
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This classic text provides an excellent introduction to a new and rapidly developing field of research. Now well established as a textbook in this rapidly developing field of research, the new edition is much enlarged and covers a host of new results.

Order Chaos Order

Author : Philip Stehle
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Comparable in its impact to the scientific upheavals initiated by Galileo and Newton in the 17th century, and to the advent of Darwin's theory of evolution, this emerging science - based on newly developed experimental techniques - exposed the flaws in the well-established and cherished view of the world as described by classical physics. In telling this story, the author describes the essential features of quantum physics, what sets it apart from the classical view of the mechanical universe, and how the new science has led to unprecedented advances in understanding the essence of matter and the forces of nature. As a special feature, the author has presented mathematical details in separate boxed sections where they can be studied by readers interested in deeper insight, or skipped without any interruption to the flow of the narrative.

Quantum Chaos

Author : Giulio Casati
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This book provides a comprehensive overview of our understanding of chaotic behaviour in quantum systems.

Quantum Chaos

Author : Hans-Jürgen Stöckmann
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Discusses quantum chaos, an important area of nonlinear science.

Quantum Chaos Quantum Measurement

Author : P. Cvitanovic
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This volume contains the proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on `Quantum Chaos -- Theory and Experiment', held at the Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen, from 28 May to 1 June 1991. The work brings together leading quantum chaos theorists and experimentalists and greatly improves our understanding of the physics of quantum systems whose classical limit is chaotic. Quantum chaos is a subject of considerable current interest in a variety of fields, in particular nuclear physics, chemistry, statistical mechanics, atomic physics, condensed matter physics and nonlinear dynamics. The volume contains lectures about the currently most active fronts of quantum chaos, such as scars, semiclassical methods, quantum diffusion, random matrix spectra, quantum chaos in atomic and nuclear physics, and possible implications of quantum chaos for the problem of quantum measurement. Part of the book -- The Physics of Quantum Measurements -- is dedicated to the memory of John Bell.

Understanding Tomorrow s Mind

Author : Larry Vandervert
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Quantum Mechanics and Chaos

Author : International Conference on Quantum Mechanics and Chaos
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Chaos in Atomic Physics

Author : R. Blümel
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This book describes the manifestations of chaos in atoms and molecules. The study of chaos is today one of the most active and prolific areas in atomic physics. This is the first attempt to provide a coherent introduction to this fascinating area. In line with its scope, the book is divided into two parts. The first part (chapters 1–5) deals with the theory and principles of classical chaos. The ideas developed here are then applied to actual atomic and molecular physics systems in the second part of the book (chapters 6–10) covering microwave driven surface state electrons, the hydrogen atom in a strong microwave field, the kicked hydrogen atom, chaotic scattering with CsI molecules and the helium atom. The book contains many diagrams and a detailed references list.

Quantum Computers Algorithms and Chaos

Author : Giulio Casati
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"During the last ten years Quantum Information Processing and Communication (QIPC) has established itself as one of the new hot topic fields in physics, with the potential to revolutionize many areas of science and technology. QIPC replaces the laws of classical physics applied to computation and communication with the more fundamental laws of quantum mechanics. This becomes increasingly important due to technological progress going down to smaller and smaller scales where quantum effects start to be dominant. In addition to its fundamental nature, QIPC promises to advance computing power beyond the capabilities of any classical computer, to guarantee secure communication and establish direct links to emerging quantum technologies, such as, for example, quantum based sensors and clocks. One of the outstanding feature of QIPC is its interdisciplinary character: it brings together researchers from physics, mathematics and computer science. In particular, within physics we have seen the emergence of a new QIPC community, which ranges from theoretical to experimental physics, and crosses boundaries of traditionally separated disciplines such as atomic physics, quantum optics, statistical mechanics and solid state physics, all working on different and complementary aspects of QIPC. This publication covers the following topics: Introduction to quantum computing; Quantum logic, information and entanglement; Quantum algorithms; Error-correcting codes for quantum computations; Quantum measurements and control; Quantum communication; Quantum optics and cold atoms for quantum information; Quantum computing with solid state devices; Theory and experiments for superconducting qubits; Interactions in many-body systems: quantum chaos, disorder and random matrices; Decoherence effects for quantum computing; and Flature prospects of quantum information processing."

The Transition to Chaos

Author : Linda Reichl
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Based on courses given at the universities of Texas and California, this book treats an active field of research that touches upon the foundations of physics and chemistry. It presents, in as simple a manner as possible, the basic mechanisms that determine the dynamical evolution of both classical and quantum systems in sufficient generality to include quantum phenomena. The book begins with a discussion of Noether's theorem, integrability, KAM theory, and a definition of chaotic behavior; continues with a detailed discussion of area-preserving maps, integrable quantum systems, spectral properties, path integrals, and periodically driven systems; and concludes by showing how to apply the ideas to stochastic systems. The presentation is complete and self-contained; appendices provide much of the needed mathematical background, and there are extensive references to the current literature; while problems at the ends of chapters help students clarify their understanding. This new edition has an updated presentation throughout, and a new chapter on open quantum systems.

Quantum Mechanics Diffusion and Chaotic Fractals

Author : Mohammed S. El Naschie
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The philosophical and analytical silhouette of quantum mechanics can only take shape against a background of classical mechanics. As classical mechanics has undergone a radical reappraisal with the discovery of deterministic chaos and fractals, then quantum mechanics must be looked at again from the viewpoint of nonlinear dynamics. This book does just that, not solely from the point of view of quantum chaos, but also by looking at the hidden chaotic roots of quantum mechanics. Several of the contributions included in the book are concerned with the geometrization of physics and its consequences for quantum mechanics. Besides the main theme of the book, other equally interesting interpretations are represented, including the cellular automaton version of quantum mechanics and a radical endophysical interpretation: another contribution looks at the possibility of chaos in Einstein's fundamental equations. Some of the papers presented here are destined to be the subject of debate, agreement and passionate disagreement for some time.

Fractals Quasicrystals Chaos Knots and Algebraic Quantum Mechanics

Author : Anton Amann
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At the end of the workshop on "New Theoretical Concepts in Physical Chemistry", one of the participants made an attempt to present a first impression of its achievements from his own personal standpoint. Appar ently his views reflected a general feeling, so that the organizers thought they would be suitable as a presentation of the proceedings for future readers. That is the background from which this foreword was born. The scope of the workshop is a very broad one. There are contribu tions from mathematics, physics, crystallography, chemistry and biology; the problems are approached either by means of axiomatic and rigorous methods, or at an empirical phenomenological level. This same diversifi cation can be found in the new basic concepts presented. Some arise from pure theoretical investigation in C*-algebra or in quantum probability theory; others from an analysis of very complex experimental data like nuclear energy levels, or processes on the frontier between classical and quantum physics; others again have their origin in the discovery of new ordered structures like the icosahedral crystal phases, or the knots of DNA molecules; others follow from the application of ideas like frac tals or chaos to new fields like spectral theory or chemical reactions. It is to be expected that readers will have to face the same sort of difficulties as did the participants in understanding such diverse languages, in applying themselves to subjects possibly far from their own experience, and in grasping highly sophisticated new concepts.

Chaos Noise and Fractals

Author : E. Roy Pike
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The study of nonlinear dynamical systems has been gathering momentum since the late 1950s. It now constitutes one of the major research areas of modern theoretical physics. The twin themes of fractals and chaos, which are linked by attracting sets in chaotic systems that are fractal in structure, are currently generating a great deal of excitement. The degree of structure robustness in the presence of stochastic and quantum noise is thus a topic of interest. Chaos, Noise and Fractals discusses the role of fractals in quantum mechanics, the influence of phase noise in chaos and driven optical systems, and the arithmetic of chaos. The book represents a balanced overview of the field and is a worthy addition to the reading lists of researchers and students interested in any of the varied, and sometimes bizarre, aspects of this intriguing subject.

Research Advances in Chaos Theory

Author : Paul Bracken
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The subject of chaos has invaded practically every area of the natural sciences. Weather patterns are referred to as chaotic. There are chemical reactions and chaotic evolution of insect populations. Atomic and molecular physics have also seen the emergence of the study of chaos in these microscopic domains. This book examines the issue of chaos in nonlinear and dynamical systems, quantum mechanics, biology, and economics.

Chaos order and consciousness

Author : Mattees van Dijk
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This book is a journey through the cosmos in search of consciousness. We think consciously of what we think, feel and decide with our brain, but is our consciousness really unique? This theme takes us along an interesting journey through cosmology, relativity, particle physics, quantum physics, chaos theory, information theory, brain science, evolution, intelligent design, the origin and history of religion, the theory of the self, free will, and much more. The main theme of this book is the pantheism of Spinoza, our great compatriot. The scientific results of our time fully vindicate him, 300 years after his death. The book is a gesture of the natural sciences to the metaphysical without becoming too woolly.

Quantum Gods

Author : Victor J. Stenger
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Stenger alternates his discussions of popular spirituality with a survey of what the findings of 20th-century physics actually mean in laypersons terms--without equations.

Hamiltonian Systems

Author : Alfredo M. Ozorio de Almeida
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Hamiltonian Systems outlines the main results in the field, and considers the implications for quantum mechanics.

Transition to Chaos in Classical and Quantum Mechanics

Author : Sandro Graffi
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The Session was intended to give a broad survey of the mathematical problems arising in the chaotic transition of deterministic dynamical systems, both in classical and quantum mechanics. The lectures of Mather and Forni thoroughly cover the area- preserving twist maps, and include an up-to-date version of the Aubry-Mather theory. The lectures of Bellissard describe the quantum aspects: classical limit, localization, spectral properties of the relevant Schrödinger operators and thus represent an exhaus- tive introduction to the mathematics of "quantum chaos". The lectures of Degli Esposti et al. reviews equidistribu- tion of unstable periodic orbits and classical limit of quantized toral symplectomorphisms.