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The Puritan Origins of American Sex

Author : Tracy Fessenden
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From witch trials to pickaxe murderers, from brothels to convents, and from slavery to Toni Morrison's Paradise, these essays provide fascinating and provocative insights into our sexual and religious conventions and beliefs.

American Studies in Scandinavia

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The Puritan Origins of American Patriotism

Author : George McKenna
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Culture and Redemption

Author : Tracy Fessenden
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Many Americans wish to believe that the United States, founded in religious tolerance, has gradually and naturally established a secular public sphere that is equally tolerant of all religions--or none. Culture and Redemption suggests otherwise. Tracy Fessenden contends that the uneven separation of church and state in America, far from safeguarding an arena for democratic flourishing, has functioned instead to promote particular forms of religious possibility while containing, suppressing, or excluding others. At a moment when questions about the appropriate role of religion in public life have become trenchant as never before, Culture and Redemption radically challenges conventional depictions--celebratory or damning--of America's "secular" public sphere. Examining American legal cases, children's books, sermons, and polemics together with popular and classic works of literature from the seventeenth to the twentieth centuries, Culture and Redemption shows how the vaunted secularization of American culture proceeds not as an inevitable by-product of modernity, but instead through concerted attempts to render dominant forms of Protestant identity continuous with democratic, civil identity. Fessenden shows this process to be thoroughly implicated, moreover, in practices of often-violent exclusion that go to the making of national culture: Indian removals, forced acculturations of religious and other minorities, internal and external colonizations, and exacting constructions of sex and gender. Her new readings of Emerson, Whitman, Melville, Stowe, Twain, Gilman, Fitzgerald, and others who address themselves to these dynamics in intricate and often unexpected ways advance a major reinterpretation of American writing.

Religion in America

Author : Hans Krabbendam
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The essays in this volume range widely and includes topics such as the role of religion in shaping American diversity: the lasting legacy of Puritanism in a multicultural society; the appropriation of religious space and national symbolism; the changing intersections of religion, race, and gender in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries; religious paradigms in ethnic autobiographies; religion and consumer culture; the religious imagination of American and European women; and the religious exchange between Europe and the United States as shown in illustrations, hymns, evangelism and contemporary worship practices.

The History of Sexuality Sourcebook

Author : Mathew Kuefler
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"This volume is a keeper. Courses based on Kuefler will illuminate their audiences and probably win teaching awards too." - Paul R. Hyams, Cornell University

Makeover Nation

Author : Toby Miller
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Life is very much a project in the United States—but not a straightforwardly individual one. A duality of individual free choice and disciplinary institutional governance is the grand national paradox. Simply being—leading life without a bumper sticker avowing one's elective institutional affinities—seems implausible in a country consumed by the makeover—the idea that what you were born as need not define you forever. As Toby Miller writes in his introduction: “I come neither to bury the makeover nor to praise the makeover, but to criticize it, even as I stand alternately bewildered, amused, appalled, and attracted by it.” In Makeover Nation he does just that in a witty, no-holds-barred style. Miller looks at the power of various forms of knowledge about people and their emotions as they have been applied to the US population, from talk therapy to drug treatment. He is particularly interested in young people—in examining how childhood is constructed—and pays close attention to the much-favored (and overused) diagnosis and treatment of ADHD/ADD. He also focuses his attention on metrosexuals and right-wing Christians to disclose how these opposing groups manifest their drive toward self-creation. Miller believes that we must question the pleasures of reinvention even as we embrace them.

Journal of Women s History

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AHA Perspectives

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