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The Primary School in Changing Times

Author : Tony Townsend
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Following substantial changes throughout the Australian education system, primary schools are no longer in the protected position of having a regulated flow of clients, a pre-determined curriculum and marginal levels of staff development. Recent moves have brought new or increased responsibilities for all schools in areas such as: *curriculum and policy development *staff development *monitoring and assessment *the use of new technologies *resource allocation This book seeks to review the impact of this change on Australian primary schools, on the people who are involved with them and the issues they face. Primary education is being re-structured throughout the world, and therefore these issues are of great interest and relevance to educators worldwide.

Leading Schools In Times Of Change

Author : Day, Christopher
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Leadership of schools in changing times is fraught with opportunities and challenges. Leaders are expected to manage competing interests, to create conditions which form the foundation for lifelong learning, to sustain the motivation and morale of staff and to raise achievement levels of all students. Yet to date, there are few texts which examine how this is done successfully. This book seeks to meet this need. It considers effective leadership and management of schools from the perspectives of headteachers, teachers, students, ancillaries, governors and parents in a variety of reputationally good schools of different phases, locations and size. Through a mixture of participants' accounts and analysis of leadership theory, this highly readable book reveals a number of characteristics of headteachers who are both effective and successful: the centrality of personal values, people-centred leadership and the ability to manage tensions and dilemmas. The authors propose a post-transformational theory that reflects the complexity of leadership behaviour in the twenty-first century, suggesting that reliance upon rational, managerialist theory as the basis for training is inappropriate for the values-led contingency model that represents successful school leadership.

Changing Leadership for Changing Times

Author : Leithwood
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Changing Leadership for Changing Times examines the types of leadership that are likely to be productive in creating and sustaining schools of the future. Based on a long term study of 'transformational' leadership in school restructuring contexts, the chapters in this book offer a highly readable account of such leadership grounded in a substantial body of empirical evidence.

Changing Times Changing Roles

Author : Elizabeth Giltinan
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School Health Education in Changing Times

Author : Deana Leahy
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This book explores the complex nexus of discourses, principles and practices within which educators mobilise school-based health education. Through an interrogation of the ideas informing particular models and approaches to health education, the authors provide critical insights into the principles and practices underpinning approaches to health education policy, curriculum, pedagogy and assessment. Drawing on extensive literature and research, the book explores and considers what health education can and should do. Chapters examine the extent to which health education, past and present, has attended to the needs and interests of young people in school environments, as well as assess common pedagogical approaches and whether the outcomes tally with expectations. By considering the problems in teaching health education, curriculum making, health education pedagogies and porous classrooms, the book offers a knowledge base from which educators can consider how theories and models can sit together to shape curriculum and influence practice. School Health Education in Changing Times will be of key interest to postgraduate students, researchers and academics in the field of health education. It will also be a valuable resource for teacher educators, current teachers, and those on professional development courses who want to navigate the moral minefield surrounding health education.

Changing Times

Author : Martin Chick
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This is a study of how, and why, the British economy has changed since 1951. It covers the Golden Age of 1945-1973 when unemployment was below one million; when governments built millions of council houses and flats; when electricity, telephones, and gas were supplied by nationalised monopolies; when income and wealth inequality were narrowing; and when the UK was not a member of the European Economic Community. Moving through the inflation, rising unemployment, and rapid contraction of the manufacturing industry from the mid- 1970s, Changing Times examines the transfer of assets which was effected in the privatisation of public housing and nationalised industries from the early 1980s. The role of the State changed as public investment fell. The financing of old-age care, of state pensions, and of the National Health Service became of increasing concern and were less politically amenable to the approach of using private finance (the Private Finance Initiative and tuition fees) to fund former public obligations. Changes were made to the system of taxation, but public expenditure changed little as a share of national income, although the government now built little. Difficulties emerged in ensuring adequate housing for a growing population, and uncertainty grew as to where future investment in necessities like electricity supply would come from. Having narrowed in the Golden Age, inequality of income and wealth widened. Environmental concerns also grew, from the local smogs of the 1950s, through the concern with acid rain from the 1960s, to the current global concern with climate change. The financial crash of 2008 and the decision to 'Brexit' in the referendum of 2016 reduced economic growth and highlighted the extent of economic change since 1951. This is a study of that change.

Changing Teachers Changing Times

Author : Andy Hargreaves
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'The rules of the world are changing. It is time for the rules of teaching and teachers' work to change with them.' This is the challenge which Andy Hargreaves sets out in his book on teachers' work and culture in the postmodern world. Drawing on his current research with teachers at all levels, Hargreaves shows through their own vivid words what teaching is really like, how it is already changing, and why. He argues that the structures and cultures of teaching need to change even more if teachers are not to be trapped by guilt, pressed by time and overburdened by decisions imposed upon them. Provocative yet practical, this book is written for teachers and those who work with teachers, and for researchers who want to understand teaching better in the postmodern age.

Changing Times

Author : Jenny Carlyon
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Pirate radio in the Hauraki Gulf and the first DC8 jets landing at Mangere; feminists liberating pubs and protests over the closing of Post Offices; kohanga reo and carless days: Changing Times is a history of New Zealand since 1945. From a post-war society famous around the world for its dull conformity, this country has become one of the most ethnically, economically and socially diverse countries on earth. But how did we get from Nagasaki to nuclear-free? What made us embrace small-state, free-market ideology with such passion? And were we really leaving behind a society known for its fretful sleepers and 'the worship of averages'? In Changing Times, Jenny Carlyon and Diana Morrow answer those questions, taking us from the 'Golden Weather' of post-war economic growth, through the globalisation, economic challenges and protest of the 1960s and 1970s, and on to the free market revolution and new immigrants of the 1980s and 1990s. Throughout, stories from the lives of New Zealanders are key: a tank driver yelling in his sleep after World War II, a woman in the Wairarapa discovering The Feminine Mystique, a Tapawera forestry worker losing his job. This is a powerful history of the transformation of New Zealand life.

Changing Teaching Changing Times

Author : Jonathan Clark
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This is the story of a science teacher and her work in an over-crowded and under-resourced township secondary school in contemporary South Africa. While set firmly in the present, it is also a journey into the past, shedding fresh light on how the legacy of apartheid education continues to have a major influence on teaching and learning in South Africa.

Educational Research and Professional Learning in Changing Times The MARBLE Experience

Author : Jane Watson
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Educational Research and Professional Learning in Changing Times reports three dimensions of a longitudinal Australian study with the ultimate aim of improving the mathematics learning outcomes for all middle school students in preparation for the quantitative literacy requirements of the 21st century. It was also hoped to improve the prospects for students with the interest to study further mathematics. The project provided professional learning opportunities for teachers, carried out case studies in individual schools, produced well-documented classroom activities in line with the aims, and measured teacher and student change over three years. The three main sections of the book cover the formal data collection and analysis, the qualitative analysis of the case studies, and some of the professional learning activities for teachers. The final section reports the reflections of the authors, especially in relation to the changing educational environment in which the project took place. Many other countries are experiencing similar educational change. The book will supplement other resources for graduate programs for pre-service and in-service mathematics teachers by modeling both a realistic approach to quantitative and qualitative research and a range of practical classroom activities. It will also assist those providing professional learning for teachers in the field unrelated to formal research, as two thirds of the content is based on classroom experiences with mathematics.

The Politics of Leadership

Author : George J. Petersen
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The primary contribution of this book, however, is not its advocacy of a specific position but rather, its objective analysis of cogent topics. The content prompts us to consider governance in relation to quality education and to ponder alternative policy strategies that have yet to be fully evaluated. As a young doctoral student more than a few years ago, William Van Til, an eminent scholar and a mentor, reminded me almost daily that members of the education profession had a moral responsibility to address the most difficult questions about education and democracy. These enduring queries, he argued, extended to determining how this critical social service should be organized and controlled and to determining the appropriate roles for administrators and teachers. Those in our profession who fail to heed his advice by remaining indifferent to these philosophical dilemmas should consider Plato's long-standing warning: One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.

Pastoral Ministry in Changing Times

Author : Aidan Ryan
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An examination of the ecclesial change in Ireland that the author suggests is mainly a result of social and economic change and of the vastly increased influence of the media, both mainstream and social. Reflecting on the factors that have caused the change, he considers the sacramental life of the Church and the present state of liturgy in Ireland. He explores the different ways of being Catholic in a parish context and discusses clergy morale, what nourishes it and what damages it. The book concludes with possible ways of renewal for the fugure.

Gender Equality in Changing Times

Author : Angela Smith
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This edited collection explores issues of gender equality in the global context. Campaigns to achieve gender equality throughout the twentieth century brought about huge changes in westernised countries. In particular, the achievements of second-wave feminism with regards to gender and sexual equality benefit many people today. The famous 'seven demands' of the second-wave movement form the basis of the chapters of this book, probing the advances made legally, socially and culturally. Contributors to this collection acknowledge the advances brought about by the second-wave movement, but highlight the work which still needs to be done in the twenty-first century, including the changes in society that have resulted in shifts in masculinity. Gender Equality in Changing Times is divided into two parts, following an overview of theoretical debates and social contexts that lead us to the current period of gender and sexual relations. Part One looks at gender equality by exploring the 'experience' of being part of a group where gender boundaries still exist, drawing on auto-ethnographies of those in key groups that are central to this debate, as well as interviews with members of such groups. Part Two investigates wider representations of these groups, offering an insight into the geopolitical world of gender relations in Saudi Arabia and China. Ultimately, this collection shows how much has been achieved, yet how far is also left to go. Students and scholars across a range of disciplines, including gender studies, history, education, sociology, media studies, politics, business studies, cultural studies and English literature and linguistics, will find this book of interest.

Changing Times In Teacher Education

Author : Marvin F. Wideen
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Pressures for reform in teacher education have begun to take on the same sense of urgency as school reform. Those faculties of education who have been strong advocates for change in the schools now find themselves the subject of similar pressures from governmental policy makers. Attempts at change have taken place in many different countries and jurisdictions around the world.; This book details, through a series of international vignettes, how teachers are responding to the changing times and social contexts in which they do their work. The authors hold the view that changes are inevitable in teacher education but what is not clear is who will control the changes and whether the end result will actually improve the preparation of teachers. The theme of the book is that the reform of teacher education should be informed by intelligent debate and that any attempt to restructure teacher preparation should result from a careful reconceptualisation of it purposes and processes.

Creative Teachers in Primary Schools

Author : Woods
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This book explores creative teachers' attempts to pursue their brand of teaching despite the changes. Peter Woods has discovered a range of strategies and adaptations to this end among such teachers, including resisting change which runs counter to their own values; appropriating the National Curriculum within their own ethos; enhancing their role through the use of others; and enriching their work through the National Curriculum to provide quality learning experiences. If all else fails, such teachers remove themselves from the system and take their creativity elsewhere. a strong theme of self-determination runs through these experiences.

Changing Times

Author : Jack Sheffield
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For the residents of Ragley, the small Yorkshire village, the war is finally starting to feel like a distant memory. Gone are the days of rationing and sacrifice, replaced with the joys of spin-dryers and Beatlemania. But Lily Feather can’t quite forget the events of the war and the years that followed. Buried in her past remains a terrible secret from which she cannot escape but that still threatens her fragile family. After the death of their mother, her brother, Freddie, has come to depend on her and her husband, but their lives will soon change for ever. On the cusp of adulthood, Freddie’s life is simple: all he really has to worry about is school, girls and a spot of rugby. But when he stumbles across his family’s secret past it is his life that is changed forever. A dark history lies between Freddie, Lily and the truth and they begin to question how much they’ll have to sacrifice along the way. Travel back in time with the brilliant new novel from Jack Sheffield...

Changing Literacies for Changing Times

Author : James V. Hoffman
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Offering the wisdom that only experience and expertise in the field can bring, this book takes a critical look into the present and the future of literacy as envisioned by leading reading researchers. The lead author of each chapter, and in some cases more than one, of the authors, is a distinguished reading researcher elected by their peers into the Reading Hall of Fame. In this book these distinguished literacy leaders extend their role as researchers to speak directly to issues of practice and policy. All chapters address the theme of literacy and the teaching of literacy as being in a constant state of change. The authors are theoretical as they describe literacy, literacy acquisition, and the teaching of literacy; they are practical as they examine the issues that classroom teachers and reading specialists engage with on a daily basis; and they are political as they advocate for informed policy at the local, state and national levels. A key message in this book is that literacy professionals must take an active role to shape change.

The International Handbook of School Effectiveness Research

Author : Charles Teddlie
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What constitutes quality schooling? What are the implications for educational practice and administration? The text looks at these questions and examines international research evidence and reform initiatives with particular emphasis on North America, UK, Australasia and the Third World. It offers a synopsis of the Third World School Effects Research (SER). The authors claim that the challenges now facing educational leaders is to find a balance between SER and the other school movements and to ask more demanding questions of our educational systems.

Changing Times Stories of Hatfield Old and New

Author : Brian G Lawrence
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Researching School Experience

Author : Martyn Hammersley
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There is a tendency in much educational thinking to view pupils in passive terms, as the material on which schools operate. This damaging view is challenged here. Significant recent research shows the effects of changing educational conditions on the experience of teaching and learning in schools. By redressing the balance and acknowledging the affective side of pupils and their learning, this book shows that improved understanding leads to improved teaching. Contributions from Stephen Ball, Martyn Descombe, Ann Filer, Andy Hargreaves, Bob Jeffrey, Geoff Troman, Andrew Pollard and Peter Woods.