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The Price of Motherhood

Author : Ann Crittenden
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A former New York Times reporter tackles the difficult issue of gender economic equality, confronting the financial penalties levied on motherhood. Reprint. 40,000 first printing.

The Price of Motherhood

Author : Ann Crittenden
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THE 10TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION OF THE NATIONAL BESTSELLER THAT CHANGED AMERICA'S VIEW OF MOTHERHOOD In the pathbreaking tradition of Backlash and The Second Shift, this provocative book shows how mothers are systematically disadvantaged and made dependent by a society that exploits those who perform its most critical work. Drawing on hundreds of interviews and research in economics, history, child development, and law, Ann Crittenden proves definitively that although women have been liberated, mothers have not. Bold, galvanizing, and full of innovative solutions, The Price of Motherhood was listed by the Chicago Tribune as one of the Top Ten Feminist Literary Works since the publication of Betty Friedan's Feminine Mystique. This "bracing call to arms" (Elle) offers a much-needed accounting of the price that mothers pay for performing the most important job in the world.

The Price of Fame

Author : Maisie Mosco
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The post-War shadows are receding – but will they ever disappear? Love and loss, success and failure, the joy of motherhood and the anguish of rejection – these are the patterns woven into Alison Plantaine’s life. But her dedication to the theatre has ensured that her first loyalty will always be to her career. Her son Richard, is old enough to understand that for all her talent Alison most struggles to play the role of mother. Now, having been sent abroad to avoid the horror of war, he returns a rebel and rivals his mother in the theatre world. For, Alison this is the moment she must decide – make way for the sake of her family or stay true to the art that has meant so much to her. A gripping saga of duty and love from a much-loved novelist, perfect for fans of Rita Bradshaw and Margaret Dickinson. Praise for Maisie Mosco ‘Once in every generation or so a book comes along which lifts the curtain’ Guardian 'Full of freshness and fascination’ Manchester Evening News “The undisputed queen of her genre’ Jewish Chronicle

Antiheroines of Contemporary Media

Author : Melanie Haas
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This volume of essays provides a critical foray into the methods used to construct narratives which foreground antiheroines, a trope which has become increasingly popular within literary media, film, and television. Antiheroine characters engage constructions of motherhood, womanhood, femininity, and selfhood as mediated by the structures that socially prescribe boundaries of gender, sex, and sexuality. Within this collection, scholars of literary, cultural, media, and gender studies address the complications of representing agency, autonomy, and self-determination within narrative texts complicated by age, class, race, sexuality, and a spectrum of privilege that reflects the complexities of scripting women on and off screen, within and beyond the page. This collection offers perspectives on the alternate narratives engendered through the motivations, actions, and agendas of the antiheroine, while engaging with the discourses of how such narratives are employed both as potentially feminist interventions and critiques of access, hierarchy, and power.

Encyclopedia of Motherhood

Author : Andrea O'Reilly
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In the last decade, the topic of motherhood has emerged as a distinct and established field of scholarly inquiry. A cursory review of motherhood research reveals that hundreds of scholarly articles have been published on almost every motherhood theme imaginable. The Encyclopedia of Motherhood is a collection of approximately 700 articles in a three-volume, A-to-Z set exploring major topics related to motherhood, from geographical, historical and cultural entries to anthropological and psychological contributions. In human society, few institutions are as important as motherhood, and this unique encyclopedia captures the interdisciplinary foundation of the subject in one convenient reference. The Encyclopedia is a comprehensive resource designed to provide an understanding of the complexities of motherhood for academic and public libraries, and is written by academics and institutional experts in the social and behavioural sciences.

The Wages of Motherhood

Author : Gwendolyn Mink
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Mink maintains that the movement for welfare provisions, while resulting in important gains, reinforced existing patterns of gender and racial inequality. She explores how Anglo American women reformers, as they gained increasing political recognition, promoted an ideology of domesticity that became the core of maternalist social policy.

The Future of Motherhood in Western Societies

Author : Gijs Beets
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Most people value to have children still highly. But what is the optimal moment to have the first? The decision on having children or not and if yes on the timing of the first is one of the most difficult ones to make, also because it more or less coincides with various other heavy decisions on shaping the life course (like on union formation, labour market career, housing accommodation, etc.). People realise that having children will fundamentally change their life and in order to fit this unknown and irreversible adventure perfectly into their life course postponement of the first birth is an easy way out as long as doubts continue and partners try to make up their mind. Modern methods of birth control are of course a very effective help in that period. What is the best moment to have the first child? And to what moment is postponement justified? There are no easy answers to these questions. Best solutions vary per person as they depend on personal circumstances and considerations (the partner may have conflicting ideas; housing accommodation; job; income; free time activities). Existing parental leave and child care arrangements are weighted as well. Unfortunately the biological clock ticks further. And, also unfortunately, assisted reproductive technology (IVF etc.) is unable to guarantee a successful outcome. Several couples end up without children involuntarily and that may lead to sorrow and grief. This interdisciplinary book overviews the process of postponement and its backgrounds in modern Western societies holistically, both at the personal and the societal level. Contributions come from reproductive, evolutionary biological and neurological sciences, as well as from demography, economy, sociology and psychology. It holds not only at women but also at men becoming first time fathers. The discussion boils down to a new policy approach for motherhood and emancipation on how to shape work and family life? It is argued that a public window where one can compose a ‘cafeteria’-like set of supportive arrangements according to personal preferences could lead to a break in the rising age at first motherhood.

The Week

Author :
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Maidenhood and motherhood or Ten phases of woman s life

Author : John D. West
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The Monster Within

Author : Barbara Almond
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Whether it is uncertainty over having a child, fears of pregnancy and childbirth, or negative thoughts about one's own children, mixed feelings about motherhood are not just hard to discuss, they are a powerful social taboo. In this beautifully written book, Barbara Almond draws on her extensive clinical experience to bring this highly troubling issue to light. In a compelling portrait of the hidden side of contemporary motherhood, she finds that ambivalence of varying degrees is a ubiquitous phenomenon, yet one that too often causes anxiety, guilt, and depression. Weaving together case histories with rich examples from literature and popular culture, Almond uncovers the roots of ambivalence, tells how it manifests in lives of women and their children, and describes a spectrum of maternal behavior--from normal feelings to highly disturbed mothering characterized by blame, misuse, abuse, even child murder. In a society where perfection in parenting is the unattainable ideal, this compassionate book offers some prescriptions for relief by showing women how they can affect positive change in their lives.

If You ve Raised Kids You Can Manage Anything

Author : Ann Crittenden
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Draws on insights from women in a variety of fields to explain why the lessons learned by parents from raising a child are directly applicable in a business situation, exploring such key parenting skills as multitasking, sharpening negotiation skills, developing the ability to motivate and empower others, and enhancing a sense of fair play and integrity. Reprint. 15,000 first printing.

Contemporary Authors

Author : Gale Group
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The Joys of Motherhood

Author : Buchi Emecheta
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"A rich, multilayered work of fiction, full of drama and written with deceptive simplicity."--Essence Nnu Ego, a hard-working, optimistic Ibo woman, remains fiercely determined to save her children from the devastation of war, the erosion of village life, and the breakdown of tradition.

A Potent Spell

Author : Janna Malamud Smith
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A psychotherapist explores the significant impact of the fear of child loss on mothers throughout history, revealing how such feelings affect mothers' lives at home, in the workplace, and in the social hierarchy. Reprint.

Families in Society

Author :
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The Myths of Motherhood

Author : Shari Thurer
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A groundbreaking examination of the historical myth of motherhood looks at how different cultures have viewed motherhood, showing how our current idea of the "good mother" reflects a reaction to burgeoning women's rights. 25,000 first printing. National ad/promo. Tour.

The Future of Motherhood

Author : Jessie Bernard
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Author : Anne Manne
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Covers the debates over early institutional childcare, the problems of reconciling work and family life, the crisis of fertility, and the impact of the new capitalism on the changing landscape of childhood.

Journal of the Association for Research on Mothering

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Women s Realities Women s Choices

Author : Ülkü Ülküsal Bates
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Now in a new edition, this landmark text introduces readers to the field of women's studies by analyzing the contradictions between social and cultural "givens" and the realities that women face in society. Written collectively by nine authors from various disciplines, Women's Realities,Women's Choices, Third Edition, has been updated to incorporate the latest research and statistics in the field. Covering the most recent developments in politics, labor, family life, religion, and culture, the book also features extensive research on relevant social issues, such as the impact ofthe post-Soviet world on women's lives, the experience of homosexuality in family life, and the effects of economic globalization on women worldwide. New features of this edition include a discussion of the cultural construction of women's bodies, the expectations of girlhood, new perspectives onwomen's partnering roles, and the serious health issues women face today. Boxes and pictures now contain more information on the current cultural scene, including material on popular culture and women in music. Examining women as individuals, as family members, and as a force in the greater socialfabric, the third edition of Women's Realities, Women's Choices remains the most timely, comprehensive, and compelling introduction to the field of women's studies.