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Heartpath Practitioner a Practitioner s Guide

Author : Cinthia Mcfeature, Ph.d.
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The HeartPath Practitioner, by Drs. Cinthia and Bill McFeature, offers readers opportunities to experience healing journeys on a path to 'knowing' the Heart of God by revealing the power of the testimony through the telling of one's life story. The HeartPath Practitioner reflects to the client a life path with meaning and purpose. The healing journey begins when the client opens their inner heart to discover strength and profound meaning unique to his or her life story. The HeartPath Practitioner seeks to honor the heart of the Divine in each of us, and shows us the true meaning of compassion in healing-heart practices and in our lives.

Diversity a Practitioner s Journey

Author : David Pollitt
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Author : Dequindra Blakey MSN
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The biblical meaning of the word Restoration is "to receive back more than has been lost to the point where the final state is greater than the original condition." The main point is that someone or something is improved beyond measure. Nurses go into this profession to fulfill a passion to help others, but over time that passion may lessen in light of some of the professional challenges they may face. This book explores the journey of one nurse practitioner as she transitions through education to employment, from employment to entrepreneurship; including the tragedies and triumphs of everyday life. Identified within her experiences are skill sets and best practices that are transferable from direct care giving to business leadership; innovation, ingenuity, project management, and perseverance. Although additional skills may need to be acquired for nurses to transition to entrepreneurship, the information needed is readily available, they just need to know where to look. Investing in Coaching or Mentoring services from someone who is established in your area of practice can be the most critical part of your strategic plan, the return on investment can be innumerable in terms of loss prevention of time and finances, among other benefits.It is my sincere desire that Aspiring students, Nurse Practitioners, NP entrepreneurs, and NP Educators who read this book will be empowered and inspired with the knowledge that their purpose lies within. You have the ability to pursue your dreams and succeed. Restoration to the place of your original passion, and beyond, is within reach.

A Beginner s Guide to Tibetan Buddhism

Author : Bruce Newman
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This is a ground-level, practice-oriented presentation of Tibetan Buddhism—personal and very accessible. The book begins with the awakening of students' interest in spirituality and the initial encounter with Tibetan Buddhism, then leads us through all the steps necessary for successful practice in the West. Included is succinct counsel on finding an appropriate teacher, receiving empowerments, becoming active in a center, and launching and sustaining a Vajrayana practice. Special emphasis is placed on the potential pitfalls, and the marvelous benefits, of the guru-disciple relationship.

The Acute Care Nurse Practitioner

Author : Judy Rashotte
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From the moment it was first proposed, the role of the nurse practitioner has been steeped in controversy. In the fields of both nursing and medicine, the idea that a nurse practitioner can, to some degree, serve as a replacement for the physician has sparked heated debates. Perhaps for that reason, despite the progress of the nurse practitioner movement, NPs have been reluctant to speak about themselves and their work, and their own vision of their role has thus remained largely invisible. Current research is dominated by instrumental and economic modes of discourse and tends to focus on the clinical activities associated with the role. Although information about demographics, educational preparation, position titles, reporting relationships, and costs of care contribute to our understanding, what was missing was an exploration of the lived experience of the nurse practitioner, as a means to deepen that understanding as well as our appreciation for their role. The Acute-Care Nurse Practitioner is based on in-depth interviews with twenty-six nurse practitioners working in acute-care settings within tertiary-care institutions all across Canada. Employing a hermeneutic approach, Rashotte explores the perspectives from which NPs view their reality as they undergo a transformational journey of becoming—a journey that is directed both outward, into the world, and inward, into the self. We learn how, in their struggle to engage in a meaningful practice that fulfills their goals as nurses, their purpose was hindered or achieved. In large part, the story unfolds in the voices of the NPs themselves, but their words are complemented by descriptive passages and excerpts of poetry that construct an animated and powerful commentary on their journey. Poised between two worlds, NPs make a significant contribution to the work of their colleagues and to the care of patients and families. The Acute-Care Nurse Practitioner offers an experiential alternative to conventional discourse surrounding this health care provider’s role.

The Practitioner s Handbook to the Social Services

Author : Alfred H. Haynes
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The Practitioner's Handbook to the Social Services contains practical help for social welfare officer on patient's social problems. This handbook is composed of 14 chapters and begins with a brief introduction to services offered by social services. The succeeding chapters deal with various forms of social services, including Regional Hospital Boards, Local Health Authorities, Environmental Health Services, Family Allowances and National Insurance, War Pensioner’s Welfare Service, National Assistance Board, and Ministry of Labor and National Service. Other chapters consider the social services offered by County and County Borough Welfare Services under various legal provisions. The final chapters tackle services concerning housing, legal aid, adoption of children, and guardianship of infants. Social service workers will find this book invaluable.

The Practitioner s Encyclopedia of Flower Remedies

Author : Clare G. Harvey
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This comprehensive encyclopedia brings together flower essences gathered from all corners of the globe, from Hawaii and the Himalayas to America and the Australian Bush. It explains what flower remedies are, how they work and how to choose the right remedies for your clients' needs. The properties of 33 families of flower essences and the benefits of over 2,000 remedies, combinations, mists and creams are described. An easy-to-use ailment chart pinpoints remedies for a wide range of physical and psychological conditions, from stress to hormonal imbalance and from allergy to depression. The author provides instructions for prescribing, preparing and using flower remedies alongside illustrative patient case studies. This will be the definitive handbook for practitioners, therapists and students of complementary and alternative therapies working with flower essences and will be valuable reading for those wanting to learn more about how they can use flower essences in their practice.

Three Eyes for the Journey

Author : Dianne M. Stewart
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Studies of African-derived religious traditions have generally focused on their retention of African elements. This emphasis, says Dianne Stewart, slights the ways in which communities in the African diaspora have created and formed new religious meaning. In this fieldwork-based study Stewart shows that African people have been agents of their own religious, ritual, and theological formation. She examines the African-derived and African-centered traditions in historical and contemporary Jamaica: Myal, Obeah, Native Baptist, Revival/Zion, Kumina, and Rastafari, and draws on them to forge a new womanist liberation theology for the Caribbean.

Beyond Training The Practitioners Perspective

Author : S.Hadi Abdullah
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"I hope trainers. HR managers and others involved in the field of human capital development would take advantage and bcnelit from the book. l take this opportunity to congratulate the authors for this commentable effort." - Yang Berhormat Datuk Dr. S. Subramaniam, Minister of Human Resources, Malaysia "What I like particularly most, is the candid sharing with little inhibitions. by the authors on their own experiences and insights gained as training practitioners. The coverage of the book reflects,to a greater extent,their true trademark as trainers — the sincerity to share and enhance the passion. knowledge. skills. competence of their own profession. besides that of their clients." - Leong Eng Yee, Director (Rtd), Centre for Continuing Professional Education, Tunku Abdul Rahman College "I congratulate the authors for sharing their experiences and insights. A definite read for those in the training field." — Mohd Razeek Mohd Hussain, Chief Executive Officer, MRCB "I have a list of names to give the book away as a gift — not just to trainers. but to managers and friends who are keen to know all about training and developing people. It is truly a book beyond training ~ sharing about theories, experiences, stories — from shopfloor to boardroom, challenges. the mental and physical preparation, follow-ups, tips, do's and donts, keeping fit and healthy, time management, family challenges, ethics, unpleasant situations - you name it ~ it is covered in this book.” — Farida Mohd Salleh, Assistant General Manager, Group Public Affairs, UMW Corporation Sdn Bhd “I congratulate the authors for sharing their experiences and challenges for the benefit of all trainers and HR practitioners. A must read book.” — George Thomas, Executive Director, Malaysian Association for the Blind

The Practitioner s Path in Speech Language Pathology

Author : Wendy Papir Bernstein
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The Practitioner's Path in Speech-Language Pathology: The Art of School-Based Practice bridges the gap between theory and practice, evidence-based practice and practice-based evidence, and the science and artistry of speech-language pathology. This book takes a critical look at areas related to wellness, professional development, and growth that can impact the personal self along with the professional self. It examines each area through an overview of inter-disciplinary research in addition to personal narratives illustrating key principles and strategies and offers the reader a professionally balanced perspective. The first section of the book helps us understand the importance of building a foundation for our clinical path through a discussion about scientific and evidence-based principles, different types of knowledge systems, and development of wisdom. The second section of the book helps us understand the importance of supporting our foundation through an introduction to reflection, counsel and care, balance and harmony, growth and detachment. The third section of the book includes chapters that serve as pillars of practice: organizational frameworks, materials and activities, measuring progress, best practices, and the importance of community. The fourth and final section of the book highlights shared vision, clinical expertise, emotional intelligence, leadership trends, the scholarship of teaching and learning, and research dissemination. This book challenges us to consider our own perceptions about the explicit nature of professional practice, and facilitates the development of four attitudes that can have a profound impact on both clinical success and professional satisfaction: a scientific attitude, a therapeutic attitude, a professional attitude, and a leadership attitude. It contains a blend of clinical evidence and research, practitioner views, common sense, philosophical stances, and historical overviews. The Practitioner's Path in Speech-Language Pathology is designed for students and practitioners who are actively involved with the process of knowledge acquisition, and targets issues we encounter along our path to becoming reflective practitioners, as they relate to the excellence behind and scholarship within teaching and learning.

A Journey into Women s Studies

Author : R. Pande
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The present book is a journey of many women across the world who have struggled to give women's studies visibility. Drawing upon the contributors' diverse experiences and concerns, it explores the metamorphosis of women's studies from the early days to date.

A Journey Through the Chinese Empire

Author : Evariste Régis Huc
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Guided Reflection

Author : Christopher Johns
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Reflection is widely recognised as an invaluable tool in health care, providing fresh insights which enable practitioners to develop their own practice and improve the quality of their care. This book introduces the practitioner to the concept of 'Guided reflection', an innovative research process in which the practitioner is assisted by a mentor (or 'guide') in a process of self-enquiry, development, and learning through reflection, in order to become fully effective. Guided reflection is grounded in individual practice, and can provide deeply meaningful insights into self-development and professional care. The process results in a relexive narrative, which highlights key issues for enhancing health care practice and professional care. This book uses a collection of such narratives from everyday clinical practice in nursing, health visiting and midwifery to demonstrate the theory and practicalities of guided reflection and narrative construction. These narratives portray the values inherent in caring, highlight key issues in clinical practice, reveal the factors that constrain the quest to realise practice, and examine the ways practitioners work towards overcoming these constraints.

The Chinese Empire Forming a Sequel to Recollections of a Journey Through Tartary and Thibet

Author : Évariste Régis HUC
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The Practitioner s Handbook of Treatment

Author : John Milner Fothergill
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The Journey A Practical Guide to Healing Your life and Setting Yourself Free

Author : Brandon Bays
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The Journey is a simple, revolutionary set of techniques that has freed thousands from lifelong emotional and physical blocks – from addiction, depression and low self-esteem to chronic pain and illness.

The Practitioner s Handbook of Treatment Or The Principles of Therapeutics

Author : J. Milner Fothergill
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The Call to Wholeness Health as a Spiritual Journey

Author : Kenneth L. Bakken
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We all encounter times of physical illness as well as of emotional, psychological, and spiritual distress and pain. We are all in need of healing-in every aspect of life. In this important new book, a physician specializing in preventive medicine integrates learnings from both science and religion to present a holistic approach to well being that is rooted in a new understanding of Christian principles-an approach that has already proven effective in countless lives. Using examples of people who have been healed, Dr. Bakken shows how stress (fear, anxiety, anger, guilt, depression, loneliness, and unforgiveness) contributes to disease, and how spiritual growth (perfect love casts out fear) promotes health, healing, and wholeness. Both practical and inspiring, The Call to Wholeness is at once a convincing synthesis of several disciplines and an authentic witness to the healing power of Jesus Christ. It demonstrates that God is the author, renewer, and sustainer of all life, and the ultimate source of all healing. It challenges individuals, the Church, and the medical establishment to expand their view of reality in the context of a Christ-centered spirituality that can bring true and lasting wholeness to each and all of us.

Teaching the Practitioners of Care

Author : Nancy L. Diekelmann
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Contributors Nancy L. Diekelmann Karin Dahlberg Margaretha Ekebergh Pamela M. Ironside Kathryn Hopkins Kavanagh Melinda M. Swenson Sharon L. Sims Rosemary A. McEldowney Jan D. Sinnott

A Journey to Crete Constantinople Naples and Florence

Author : Anna Vivanti
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