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The Practice of Home

Author : Charles Goodrich
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A refreshing look at parenting, love, and building one's own house.

The Practice of Homefulness

Author : Walter Brueggemann
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Contents 1 The Practice of Homefulness 2 A Myriad of Truth and Reconciliation Commissions 3 Bragging about the Right Stuff 4 A Culture of Life and the Politics of Death 5 Elisha as the Original Pentecost Guy 6 The Stunning Outcome of a One-Person Search Committee 7 The Non-negotiable Price of Sanity 8 The Family as World-Maker

The Practice House

Author : Laura McNeal
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Nineteen-year-old Aldine McKenna is stuck at home with her sister and aunt in a Scottish village in 1929 when two Mormon missionaries ring the doorbell. Aldine’s sister converts and moves to America to marry, and Aldine follows, hoping to find the life she’s meant to lead and the person she’s meant to love. In New York, Aldine answers an ad soliciting a teacher for a one-room schoolhouse in a place she can’t possibly imagine: drought-stricken Kansas. She arrives as farms on the Great Plains have begun to fail and schools are going bankrupt, unable to pay or house new teachers. With no money and too much pride to turn back, she lives uneasily with the family of Ansel Price—the charming, optimistic man who placed the ad—and his family responds to her with kind curiosity, suspicion, and, most dangerously, love. Just as she’s settling into her strange new life, a storm forces unspoken thoughts to the surface that will forever alter the course of their lives. Laura McNeal’s novel is a sweeping and timeless love story about leaving—and finding—home.

Home Health Nursing

Author : Ana
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Home health is one of the fastest-growing industries, expected to add well over 1 million new jobs throughout the next decade. As a nurse practicing in this area, you are going to be called upon to coordinate and deliver care like never before. Americans ages 65 and older will be nearly 20 percent of the population by 2030, and will be more diverse with respect not only to race and ethnicity, but also to other cultural and socioeconomic factors. This diversity will impact your home health practice roles and responsibilities. Patient education and advocacy, telemonitoring and electronic health records (EHRs), quality and performance improvement, care coordination ... all will require ongoing education and training. Reimbursements for home health care services and models of care will continue to shift and change as the provisions of the ACA and other legislation are rolled out. That's why it is now more important than ever to have a resource that provides comprehensive guidance on the full scope of home health nursing practice and its 16 competencies-based standards. To effectively do your job and ensure the highest-quality patient care, you need ANA's newly revised publication, Home Health Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice, 2nd Edition. This is the only publication that articulates the essentials of home health nursing at all practice levels and settings and is specifically designed to define, direct and guide the practice of home health nurses. Don't miss your chance to get the fully updated second edition covering such hot topics and trends in home health nursing as: Ethical considerations in decision-making. Finances and reimbursement. Informatics and related technologies. Practice environments and settings. Research into critical clinical and administrative arenas. ANA's Home Health Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice, 2nd Edition, is the definitive resource for all home health care professionals, whether you are poli

Home Care Nursing Practice

Author : Robyn Rice
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"This text covers conceptual information, leadership skills and current issues and trends. It provides clear and concise information about the best practices and quality improvement for the most common clinical conditions seen in home care." --Cover.

The Practice in the House of Lords on Appeals Writs of Error and Claims of Peerage

Author : John Palmer
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Yoga Your Home Practice Companion

Author : Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre
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A complete illustrated guide to yoga by leading teachers from the world-renowned Sivananda Yoga Vedanta School , in eBook format Achieve a strong, flexible body, mental alertness and inner serenity through the practice of yoga with the Sivanada Yoga Vedenta School. You'll learn classic yoga poses for all levels following clear step-by-step photographs and easy-to-follow instructions and pick up invaluable tips on what not-to-do. Find well-rounded yoga programmes of 20, 40 and 60 minutes aimed at beginners, intermediate and advanced students so you can practice at home. Plus, find out the essential roles of meditation and breathing exercises and learn strategies to develop powers of concentration. With in-depth advice on a healthier diet, including more than 40 delicious recipes.

The Vision and Definite Steps for the Practice of the New Way

Author : Witness Lee
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Occupational Therapy Practice Guidelines for Home Modifications

Author : Carol Siebert
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Forlagets beskrivelse: Too often, older or disabled people live limited lives or give up their homes and neighborhoods prematurely because standard housing cannot meet their needs. Home modifications - or alterations, adjustments, or additions - to a home can help older or disabled people age in place and stay in their communities, which is often their preference. Occupational therapy plays a significant role in assessing needs, identifying and training in solutions, and evaluating outcomes in home modifications. This Practice Guideline serves as a reference for occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants, as well as for designers, builders, social services providers, health care facility managers, managed care organizations, and health care regulators. It defines the contribution that occupational therapy can make to the home modification process through evaluation, consultation, and training with clients or consumers who need home modifications.

At Home in the Muddy Water

Author : Ezra Bayda
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May we exist like a lotus, / At home in the muddy water. / Thus we bow to life as it is. This verse is an important reminder, says Ezra Bayda, of what the spiritual life is truly about: the willingness to open ourselves to whatever life presents—no matter how messy or complicated. And through that willingness to be open, we can discover wisdom, compassion, and the genuine life we all want. In At Home in the Muddy Water, Bayda applies this simple Zen teaching to a range of everyday concerns—including relationships, trust, sexuality, and money—showing that everything we need to practice is right here before us, and that peace and fulfillment is available to everyone, right here, right now, no matter what their circumstances.

The Practice of System and Network Administration

Author : Tom Limoncelli
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The industry standard for best practices in system administration, updated to address today's challenges.

Handbook of Research on Urban Informatics The Practice and Promise of the Real Time City

Author : Foth, Marcus
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"This book exposes research accounts which seek to convey an appreciation for local differences, for the empowerment of people and for the human-centred design of urban technology"--Provided by publisher.

Home Grown

Author : Isaac Campos
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Historian Isaac Campos combines wide-ranging archival research with the latest scholarship on the social and cultural dimensions of drug-related behavior in this telling of marijuana's remarkable history in Mexico. Introduced in the sixteenth century by the Spanish, cannabis came to Mexico as an industrial fiber and symbol of European empire. But, Campos demonstrates, as it gradually spread to indigenous pharmacopoeias, then prisons and soldiers' barracks, it took on both a Mexican name--marijuana--and identity as a quintessentially "Mexican" drug. A century ago, Mexicans believed that marijuana could instantly trigger madness and violence in its users, and the drug was outlawed nationwide in 1920. Home Grown thus traces the deep roots of the antidrug ideology and prohibitionist policies that anchor the drug-war violence that engulfs Mexico today. Campos also counters the standard narrative of modern drug wars, which casts global drug prohibition as a sort of informal American cultural colonization. Instead, he argues, Mexican ideas were the foundation for notions of "reefer madness" in the United States. This book is an indispensable guide for anyone who hopes to understand the deep and complex origins of marijuana's controversial place in North American history.

Home Office Financial Management Code of Practice for the Police Forces of England and Wales

Author : Great Britain: Home Office
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This Financial Management Code of Practice (FMCP) provides clarity around the financial governance arrangements within the police service in England and Wales, and reflects the fact that the police service has a key statutory duty to secure value for money in the use of public funds. It provides high level guidance to help ensure effective and constructive relationships in all financial matters. The FMCP sets the tone while promoting flexibility and avoiding overt prescription so that the detail of arrangements can be worked out locally. The Code applies to the discharge of functions by all Police and Crime Commissioners in England and Wales and to every Chief Constable of a police force maintained by a PCC (including, unless specifically stated, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, but excluding the Commissioner of the City of London Police). Sections cover: background; context; roles and responsibilities; schemes of consent; financial regulations and standing orders on contracts; accounting; strategic and financial planning; financial management; treasury management; corporate governance; value for money; transparency, collaboration and partnerships. Effective from 1 November 2013 when it replaces the previous edition (2012, ISBN 9780108511332).

Chronic Disease Management An Issue of Primary Care Clinics in Office Practice E Book

Author : Brooke Salzman
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This issue covers topics central to the management of the patient with a chronic disease by taking a comprehenisve look at: Successful/Innovative Models in Chronic Disease Management, The Patient-Centered Medical Home, Self-Management Education and Support, Major Pharmacologic Issues in Chronic Disease Management, Health Information Technology, Community-Based Partnerships for Improving Chronic Disease Management, and Effective Strategies for Behavioral Change, Diabetes Management, CHF Management, Asthma Management, and Depression Management.

Literature Modernity and the Practice of Resistance

Author : Margaret Hillenbrand
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This book is a cross-cultural, interdisciplinary study which compares responses to modernity in the literary cultures of contemporary Japan and Taiwan. Moving beyond the East-West paradigm that has traditionally dominated comparativism, the volume explores these literatures within the regional frame.

This Place on Earth

Author : Alan Thein Durning
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Documents a quest by the author for an environmentally sustainable way to exist as a society and to get a suburb to function more like a village

Sixth Grade Math For Home School or Extra Practice

Author : Greg Sherman
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This book, with over 250 problems, covers the following topics: Whole Numbers, Operations with Whole Numbers, Decimals, Integers, Graphing, Fractions, Measurements, Functions and Probability, Geometry, and more! If you are home schooling (or if you are just trying to get extra practice for your child), then you already know that math workbooks and curriculum can be expensive. Home School Brew is trying to change that! We have teamed with teachers and parents to create books for prices parents can afford. We believe education shouldn’t be expensive. Each section of this book may also be purchased individually by searching for the section and “For Sixth Graders."

Manual of Nursing Home Practice for Psychiatrists

Author : American Psychiatric Association
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The shifting demographic toward a "graying" population -- coupled with today's reality of managed care -- makes the need for high-quality, cost-effective psychiatric services within the nursing care setting more urgent than ever. As we increase the number of our years, it is also imperative that we enhance the quality of those years. The product of the American Psychiatric Association's (APA's) Council on Aging and its Committee on Long-Term Care and of the Elderly, the Manual of Nursing Home Practice for Psychiatrists stands out because it focuses on the "how" -- not the "why" -- of nursing home care. Of exceptional importance is its detailed discussion of the Minimum Data Set (MDS), a structured assessment required by both Medicare and Medicaid for all residents of skilled nursing facilities. Divided into six sections, this "how to" volume contains practical information readers can use right away, from getting reimbursed by insurance companies to handling nursing facility politics: Clinical -- History; evaluation and management of psychiatric problems in long-term care patients; an overview of the MDS; sexuality within the nursing home care setting Regulatory -- Introduction to the Nursing Home Reform Act of 1987 (part of OBRA-87) and its implications for psychiatric care; details about the Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI), which includes the MDS, the Resident Assessment Protocols (RAPs), and Utilization Guides specified in the State Operations Manual (SOP) Financial -- Documentation, reimbursement, and coding; what to look for when contracting with nursing homes Legal and ethical -- The dehumanizing effect of diagnostic labels and the ethical issues inherent in regulating daily schedules (e.g., bed, meal, and bath times); nursing home placement; competence and decision-making ability; comfort care for end-stage dementia; coping with Alzheimer's disease; and the role of caregivers Summary and Future Perspectives -- A detailed vision about how psychiatrists can improve the diagnosis and treatment of nursing home patients Appendixes and bibliography -- Staffing recommendations and assessment instruments Edited by a distinguished authority and former chair of the APA's Committee on Long-Term Care and Treatment of the Elderly, this comprehensive volume will appeal to a wide audience of professionals: from general psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, and clinical nurse specialists, to primary care physicians and residents.

Buglers on the Home Front

Author : Yunzhong Shu
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The first book-length study in English of an important but neglected school of dissident Chinese writers active around the time of the war against Japan (1937-45).