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The Practical Pumping Handbook

Author : Ross C Mackay
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The Practical Pumping Handbook is a practical account of pumping, piping and seals starting with basics and providing detailed but accessible information on all aspects of the pumping process and what can go wrong with it. Written by an acknowledged expert with years of teaching experience in the practical understanding of pumps and systems. Aids understanding of pumps to minimize failures and time-out A practical handbook covering the basics of the pumping process Written by an acknowledged expert

Handbook of Pumps and Pumping

Author : Brian Nesbitt
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Written by an experienced engineer, this book contains practical information on all aspects of pumps including classifications, materials, seals, installation, commissioning and maintenance. In addition you will find essential information on units, manufacturers and suppliers worldwide, providing a unique reference for your desk, R&D lab, maintenance shop or library. * Includes maintenance techniques, helping you get the optimal performance out of your pump and reducing maintenance costs * Will help you to understand seals, couplings and ancillary equipment, ensuring systems are set up properly to save time and money * Provides useful contacts for manufacturers and suppliers who specialise in pumps, pumping and ancillary equipment

Metering Pump Handbook

Author : Robert E. McCabe
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An outstanding reference, the Handbook is designed for metering pump designers, and engineers working in all industries. Easily accessible information includes: fundamentals of metering pump operation, principles of pump and piping system design, guidelines for selection pump construction materials, procedures for installation, operation, and maintenance of metering pumps, and general formulas, tables, charts, and pumping system layouts. Presents the basic principles of the positive displacement pump. Develops in-depth analysis of the design of reciprocating metering pumps and their piping systems. Demonstrates the practical implementation of these concepts through examples of actual pump applications.

Sucker Rod Pumping Handbook

Author : Gabor Takacs
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Sucker-Rod Pumping Handbook presents the latest information on the most common form of production enhancement in today’s oil industry, making up roughly two-thirds of the producing oilwell operations in the world. The book begins with an introduction to the main features of sucker rod pumping and an explanation and comparison of lift methods. It goes on to provide the technical and practical knowledge needed to introduce the new and practicing production engineer and operator to the equipment, technology, and applications required to maintain optimum operating conditions. Sucker-Rod Pumping Handbook is a must-have manual that ensures operators understand the design, components, and operation of sucker rod pump systems, learn the functions of the systems, apply the fundamental production engineering theories and calculations, and accomplish maximum system efficiency by avoiding the typical pitfalls that lead to fatigue and failure. Covers basic equipment, techniques, and codes to follow in a comprehensive and easy-to-understand format Helps users grasp common handling problems that lead to failures Provides analysis of sucker rod pump installations, including well testing, dynamometer surveys, and modern interpretation methods Aids operators in understanding and applying fundamental production theories and calculations of operational parameters

Practical Handbook on Pump Construction

Author : Philip R. Björling
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Practical Handbook of Direct acting Pumping Engine and Steam Pump Construction

Author : Philip R. Björling
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Pump Handbook

Author : Igor J. Karassik
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A major revision of McGraw-Hill's classic handbook that provides practical data and know-how on the design, application, specification, purchase, operation, troublshooting, and maintenance of pumps of every type. It is an essential working tool for engineers in a wide variety of industries all those who are pump specialists, in addition to those who need to acquaint themselves with pump technology. Contributed to by over 75 distinguished professionals and specialists in each and every area of practical pump technology.

Pump Users Handbook

Author : R. Rayner
File Size : 68.83 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This handbook places emphasis on the importance of correct interpretation of pumping requirements, both by the user and the supplier. Completely reworked to incorporate the very latest in pumping technology, this practical handbook will enable you to understand the principles of pumping, hydraulics and fluids and define the various criteria necessary for pump and ancillary selection. The Pump Users Handbook will prove an invaluable aid in ordering pump equipment and in the recognition of fundamental oprational problems.

Pumps and Pumping Ebook Collection

Author : L. Bachus
File Size : 37.53 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Pumps and Pumping ebook Collection contains 5 of our best-selling titles, providing the ultimate reference for every pumping engineer's library. Get access to over 3500 pages of reference material, at a fraction of the price of the hard-copy books. This CD contains the complete ebooks of the following 6 Elsevier Science titles: Mackay, The Practical Pumping Handbook, 9781856174107 Bachus, Know and Understand Centrifugal Pumps, 9781856174091 Palgrave, Troubleshooting Centrifugal Pump Systems, 9781856173919 NESBITT, Handbook of Pumps and Pumping, 9781856174763 SHIELS, Stan Shiels Centrifugal Pumps, 9781856174459 *Five fully searchable titles on one CD providing instant access to the ULTIMATE library of engineering materials for pumping professionals. *3300 pages of practical and theoretical information in one portable package. *Incredible value at a fraction of the cost of the print books

Well Production Practical Handbook

Author : Henri Cholet
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Complete & Comprehensive overview of field development and well production, providing a wealth of practical information. A reference guide for petroleum engineers + oilfield oerators. Provides readily-available solutions to practical problems. Formulas, charts, 155 figures, 201 tables. Glossary & index.

Pumps and Pumping

Author : Manfred Powis Bale
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Format : PDF
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The Mine Foreman s Handbook of Practical and Theoretical Information

Author : Robert Mauchline
File Size : 63.66 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Farm Water

Author : Jennifer Laffan
File Size : 57.90 MB
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This book is for anyone who wants the best from their water supplies in a rural area. It gives an introduction to the technical problems involved in domestic and livestock water supplies, but is written for the non-engineer. Subjects covered include: · water quality · estimating water supply requirements · how pumps work · choosing a power source for a pump · selecting the right pipes · designing a stock water reticulation system. All the technical issues are dealt with in plain English, to help people without formal training or experience understand the fundamentals. This is not a hydraulic engineering textbook, or a substitute for professional advice where appropriate. What this book will give you is the knowledge to make informed decisions in many situations where people often make expensive guesses. Just as importantly, the knowledge in this book will help you to work more effectively with industry professionals like your local pump supplier. Table of contents: What do you want water for? How much water do you need? Storage, Water supply, Peak flow, Choose the right pump. Creeks and rivers: Reliability, Controlled access, Licensing. Underground water: Where does it come from? Licenses, Some important terms, Costs. Where do you want the water? Head, Lift. How do pumps work? Centrifugal pumps, Positive displacement pumps, Hydraulic ram, Know your pump job. Can a pump do what you need? Reading a pump curve or chart. How will you power your pump? Mains electricity, Petrol and diesel engines, Solar power, Wind power, Other power sources. Carrying water: Pipe Poly pipe, PVC pipe, Pipe diameter. Pump set up: Installing the pump, Protect the suction line, Priming the centrifugal pump, Water hammer. Fittings: Around the pump, For the pipes. Tanks and troughs Stock water and farm planning: Where to place the water, Case study, Placing troughs, Farm dams, Management, Community benefits. Putting it all together: Designing a farm water supply, Water supply and paddocks.

Pomona Pump Handbook

Author : Pomona Pump Co
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Handbook of Natural Philosophy

Author : Dionysius Lardner
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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HVAC Pump Handbook Second Edition

Author : James Rishel
File Size : 74.23 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Design, install, and maintain HVAC pumps Filled with case studies and problem-solving sections, this reference offers HVAC engineers and technicians concrete methods for achieving efficient operation in utilizing the latest digital electronic technologies. Updated to include the latest information ranging from codes to the electronic evolution in HVAC pumping systems

The Practical Inventor s Handbook

Author : Orville Greene
File Size : 88.58 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Mud Pump Handbook

Author : Samuel L. Collier
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Practical Engineer

Author :
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Pumping Station Design

Author : Garr M. Jones, PE, DEE
File Size : 30.56 MB
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Pumping Station Design, Third edition shows how to apply the fundamentals of various disciplines and subjects to produce a well-integrated pumping station that will be reliable, easy to operate and maintain, and free from design mistakes. In a field where inappropriate design can be extremely costly for any of the foregoing reasons, there is simply no excuse for not taking expert advice from this book. The content of this second edition has been thoroughly reviewed and approved by many qualified experts. The depth of experience and expertise of each contributor makes the second edition of Pumping Station Design an essential addition to the bookshelves of anyone in the field.