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The Power of Positive Idiocy

Author : David Feherty
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David Feherty, ex-pro golfer and current commentator at NBC Sports and the Golf Channel, delivers a laugh-out-loud funny and totally uncensored collection of rants sure to surprise and crack up golfers everywhere. Have you ever wondered where the weaknesses are in Tiger's game? Or what would happen if there were PGA Tour cheerleaders? Or how Old Tom Morris would play if he came back from the dead? In The Power of Positive Idiocy, readers will be treated to Feherty's answers to these questions, as well as his distinctive commentary on aging, Texas, the Irish, parenting, addiction, Charles Barkley, and, of course, every pro golfer and golfing situation you can imagine. Full of great laughs, ridiculous wisecracks, and some of the best advice for anyone new to the game of golf, Feherty’s remarkable collection is a must have for golfers of every stripe.

Somewhere in Ireland A Village is Missing an Idiot

Author : David Feherty
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“Golf is not a game, it’s a punishment.” –David Feherty “If you’re one of those people who think golf is a religion, prepare for some seriously funny blasphemy.” --Troon McAllister, author of The Green Somewhere in Ireland, A Village is Missing an Idiot is a collection of Feherty’s most popular Golf Magazine columns, intermingled with his most outrageous work from As an added bonus, readers will be treated to some notorious pieces from his work at the British publication Golf Monthly. Edited by and with a running commentary by Feherty, and accompanied by some of the priceless letters to the editor from readers across the country and around the globe complaining about Feherty’s perversity, Somewhere in Ireland is the perfect Father’s Day gift for the crankiest duffer in every family.

An Idiot for All Seasons

Author : David Feherty
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"Feherty is at his self-effacing best." -- Los Angeles Times "Golf is not a game, it's a punishment." -- David Feherty The New York Times bestselling author of A NASTY BIT OF ROUGH and SOMEWHERE IN IRELAND, A VILLAGE IS MISSING AN IDIOT, returns with a singular assortment of ribald observations on golf, life, and how best to not take any of it seriously. "First Joyce, then Yeats, now Feherty. The tradition of Irish literary excellence continues, but with this difference: of the three, only Feherty is funny." -- Steven Pressfield, author of THE LEGEND OF BAGGER VANCE and THE WAR OF ART

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Horses

Author : P.J. Dempsey
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The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Horses will introduce new and prospective owners to every aspect of buying, riding, grooming, handling, stabling, training and caring for horses. Readers will learn about the various horse breeds, what to wear while riding, how to saddle and mount a horse, and how to choose the right vet.

In the Presence of Mine Enemies

Author : Harry Turtledove
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In the twenty-first century, Germany's Third Reich continues to thrive after its victory in World War II-keeping most of Europe and North America under its heel. But within the heart of the Nazi regime, a secret lives. Under a perfect Aryan facade, Jews survive-living their lives, raising their families, and fearing discovery...

Idiocy and its treatment by the physiological method

Author : Edward Seguin
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Images of Idiocy

Author : Martin Halliwell
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This book traces the concept of idiocy as it has developed in fiction and film in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It focuses particularly on visual images of idiocy and argues that writers as diverse as Gustave Flaubert, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Joseph Conrad, John Steinbeck, Flannery O'Connor and Rohinton Mistry, and filmmakers such as Jean Renoir, Akira Kurosawa, Alfred Hitchcock, Werner Herzog and John Huston have all been attracted to idiot figures as a way of thinking through issues of language acquisition, intelligence, creativity, disability, religion and social identity. Martin Halliwell provides a lively and detailed discussion of the most significant literary and cinematic uses of idiocy, arguing that scientific conceptions of the term as a classifiable medical condition are much too narrow. With the explosion of interest in idiocy among American and European filmmakers in the 1990s and the growing interest in its often overlooked history, this book offers a timely reassessment of idiocy and its distinctive place at the intersection of science and culture.


Author : Edward Seguin
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Leading and Select Cases on the Disabilities Incident to Infancy Coverture Idiocy c

Author : Marshall Davis Ewell
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Proceedings of the Association of Medical Officers of American Institutions for Idiotic and Feeble Minded Persons v 3 4 1878 79

Author :
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Annual Report of the Trustees of the Massachusetts School for Idiotic and Feeble Minded Youth

Author : Massachusetts School for Idiotic and Feeble-Minded Youth
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Idiocy Imbecility and Insanity in Victorian Society

Author : Stef Eastoe
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This book explores the understudied history of the so-called ‘incurables’ in the Victorian period, the people identified as idiots, imbeciles and the weak-minded, as opposed to those thought to have curable conditions. It focuses on Caterham, England’s first state imbecile asylum, and analyses its founding, purpose, character, and most importantly, its residents, innovatively recreating the biographies of these people. Created to relieve pressure on London’s overcrowded workhouses, Caterham opened in September 1870. It was originally intended as a long-stay institution for the chronic and incurable insane paupers of the metropolis, more commonly referred to as idiots and imbeciles. This purpose instantly differentiates Caterham from the more familiar, and more researched, lunatic asylums, which were predicated on the notion of cure and restoration of the senses. Indeed Caterham, built following the welfare and sanitary reforms of the late 1860s, was an important feature of the Victorian institutional landscape, and it represented a shift in social, medical and political responsibility towards the care and management of idiot and imbecile paupers.

How to Work for an Idiot Revised and Expanded with More Idiots More Insanity and More Incompetency

Author : John Hoover
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Was it a typo when the CEO mandated that the organization “institutionalize incompetents”? If not, how did the company wind up institutionalizing incompetence instead? How to Work for an Idiot is still the confessions of a recovering Idiot Boss. After decades of writing and consulting, Dr. Hoover finally realized that many of the people he kept trying to “energize” and “enlighten” were, well, idiots. More importantly, he was an idiot for thinking he could change them. This new edition of How to Work for an Idiot is bigger and better—and filled with even more idiots—than before. The same technology that has enabled cluelessness from the corner office to go viral can help you protect yourself and keep your inner idiot in check. Yes, the book goes that deep. Not every boss is an idiot, and not every idiot is a boss. Let Dr. Hoover help you find the wisdom to know the difference.

On Idiocy and Imbecility

Author : William Wotherspoon Ireland
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Ideological Idiocy

Author : Tygrrrr Express
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Conservatives are busy trying to save the world. The world is going to heck in a handbasket, and liberals are trying to figure out whether to hold angry peace rallies or celebrate the environment by leaving their signs on the grass for productive people to clean up. If only they knew how many trees and bunny rabbits were murdered on 9/11 by people unconcerned with carbon emissions. Liberals like to declare every conservative on the planet to be either evil or stupid. Ideological Idiocy is about their declaration of our being unenlightened dolts. This is ideological idiocy. Having liberals declare the author stupid is like listening to members of the KKK call him insensitive. Conservatives must remember that our critics do not matter. Nobody listens to these crying children. For those that do not have a blunt instrument nearby, or are looking for a solution that avoids jail, humor is a powerful weapon. Use it against the left every moment they breathe. They may get offended, but that is the point. The only thing that the author wants to communicate in this book is that without love and laughter, there is no life. Nothing he does will change the world, but if it gets a stiff person to lighten up and smile, he is pleased.

The Stupidity Paradox

Author : Mats Alvesson
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Functional stupidity can be catastrophic. It can cause organisational collapse, financial meltdown and technical disaster. And there are countless, more everyday examples of organisations accepting the dubious, the absurd and the downright idiotic, from unsustainable management fads to the cult of leadership or an over-reliance on brand and image. And yet a dose of stupidity can be useful and produce good, short-term results: it can nurture harmony, encourage people to get on with the job and drive success. This is the stupidity paradox. The Stupidity Paradox tackles head-on the pros and cons of functional stupidity. You'll discover what makes a workplace mindless, why being stupid might be a good thing in the short term but a disaster in the longer term, and how to make your workplace a little less stupid by challenging thoughtless conformity. It shows how harmony and action in the workplace can be balanced with a culture of questioning and challenge. The book is a wake-up call for smart organisations and smarter people. It encourages us to use our intelligence fully for the sake of personal satisfaction, organisational success and the flourishing of society as a whole.

How To NOT Be An Idiot When You Get Divorced

Author : Jaeson D. Rau
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"For those even thinking about divorce, this book is a must read. In it's short and direct presentation, Jaeson has given us the ability to optimize an outcome that is beneficial to EVERYONE." Dr. Brent C. Bluekens “Straight talk from the heart of someone who has been there. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is going through divorce and struggling to find the clarity and balance they so desperately need for the well being of the ones who suffer the most.........The Children”. Betty J. Lynn-Benson BGS Former Restoritive Justice Practicioner And Civil Claims Mediator "I felt Illuminated and Empowered as I read and pondered on the vast effects of divorce. I know that the information Jaeson shares, if applied, will yield a depth of positive impact our society has not previously known. Thank you Jaeson for this “Work Of Heart” and your sincere desire to help make the journey of divorce a better one". Daryn Hubbard Coach, Developer, Explorer, Facilitator, and Innovator

The Idiot His Place in Creation and His Claims on Society

Author : Sir Frederick Bateman
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"The Idiot: His Place in Creation, and His Claims on Society" by Sir Frederick Bateman. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.

Proceedings of the Association of Medical Officers of American Institutions for Idiotic and Feeble Minded Persons

Author : American Association on Mental Deficiency. Proceedings
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From Idiocy to Mental Deficiency

Author : Anne Digby
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From Idiocy to Mental Deficiency is the first book devoted to the social history of people with learning disabilities in Britain. Approaches to learning disabilities have changed dramatically in recent years. The implementation of 'Care in the Community', the campaign for disabled rights and the debate over the education of children with special needs have combined to make this one of the most controversial areas in social policy today. The nine original research essays collected here cover the social history of learning disability from the Middle Ages through the establishment of the National Health Service. They will not only contribute to a neglected field of social and medical history but also illuminate and inform current debates. The information presented here will have a profound impact on how professionals in mental health, psychiatric nursing, social work and disabled rights understand learning disability and society's responses to it over the course of history.