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The Postmodernism Reader

Author : Michael Drolet
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The Postmodernism Reader traces the origins, development and the politics of postmodernism through the key writings of postmodernist thinkers. This collection of foundational essays restores the poignancy that has been lost – or even emphatically rejected – in the debate about postmodernism by focusing on central formative texts and the predominant thinkers we have come to associate with postmodernist theory. Michael Drolet's authoritative introductory essay and his careful selection of texts provide a solid basis for the study of postmodernism by uncovering the philosophical origins of present theories and focusing on their major aspects; guiding the reader through the maze of knowledge that we call postmodernism. Arranged into three parts, the essays cover the origins of the term postmodernism, its evolution and its political ramifications. Included are writings by Foucault, Derrida, Deleuze, Baudrillard, Lyotard, Bauman, Jameson, Berman and Irigaray.

A Postmodern Reader

Author : Joseph Natoli
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These readings are organized into four sections. The first explores the wellsprings of the debates in the relationship between the postmodern and the enterprise it both continues and contravenes: modernism. Here philosophers, social and political commentators, as well as cultural and literary analysts present controversial background essays on the complex history of postmodernism. The readings in the second section debate the possibility—or desirability—of trying to define the postmodern, given its cultural agenda of decentering, challenging, even undermining the guiding “master” narratives of Western culture. The readings in the third section explore postmodernism’s complicated complicity with these very narratives, while the fourth section moves from theory to practice in order to investigate, in a variety of fields, the common denominators of the postmodern condition in action.


Author : Thomas Docherty
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This reader provides a selection of articles and essays by leading figures in the postmodernism debate.

The Postmodern History Reader

Author : Keith Jenkins
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Drawing on books and articles from across the whole historiographical range, the impact of postmodernism on historical studies is described and exemplified in challenging and thought-provoking ways. Included are selections by Roland Braun, Diane Elam, Geoff Eley, Elizabeth Fox-Genovese, Gertrude Himmelfarb, Neville Kirk, Christopher Norris, and others. Illustrations.


Author : Seán Burke
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This reader provides the textual material for students encountering the authorship debate for the first time. It outlines the issues, explains central theoretical positions, and summarizes the history and possible future directions of the debate. Key writings on authorship are presented.

The Postmodern Arts

Author : Nigel Wheale
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The Postmodern Arts provides essential material and invaluable guidance for students of modern literature and culture.

Philosophers on Art from Kant to the Postmodernists

Author : Christopher Kul-Want
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Here, for the first time, Christopher Kul-Want brings together twenty-five texts on art written by twenty philosophers. Covering the Enlightenment to postmodernism, these essays draw on Continental philosophy and aesthetics, the Marxist intellectual tradition, and psychoanalytic theory, and each is accompanied by an overview and interpretation. The volume features Martin Heidegger on Van Gogh's shoes and the meaning of the Greek temple; Georges Bataille on Salvador Dalí's The Lugubrious Game; Theodor W. Adorno on capitalism and collage; Walter Benjamin and Roland Barthes on the uncanny nature of photography; Sigmund Freud on Leonardo Da Vinci and his interpreters; Jacques Lacan and Julia Kristeva on the paintings of Holbein; Freud's postmodern critic, Gilles Deleuze on the visceral paintings of Francis Bacon; and Giorgio Agamben on the twin traditions of the Duchampian ready-made and Pop Art. Kul-Want elucidates these texts with essays on aesthetics, from Hegel and Nietzsche to Badiou and Rancière, demonstrating how philosophy adopted a new orientation toward aesthetic experience and subjectivity in the wake of Kant's powerful legacy.

The Postmodern History Reader

Author : Keith Jenkins
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An authoritative selection of texts representing fairly all the principal positions in the current debate about the status of historical knowledge "after modernism."

The Post Modern Reader

Author : Charles Jencks
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This anthology presents the synthesizing trend of Post-Modernism in all its diversity.

The Fontana Postmodernism Reader

Author : Walt Anderson
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A collection of essays that provides an introduction to the emerging postmodern world. The reader is guided through the subject and shown how it affects psychology, philosophy, religion and science.