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The Political Dictionary of Modern Middle East

Author : Agnes G. Korbani
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This book acts as a reference to major political events and historic issues in the Middle East. The author presents the material in an insightful, focused, and easy to comprehend manner.

Historical Dictionary of Women in the Middle East and North Africa

Author : Ghada Hashem Talhami
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The overriding theme of this work is that women s struggles, human rights, myths, and literary expression are indispensable to an understanding of the modern culture and socio-political development of the Middle East region. The work demonstrates that no aspect of Middle Eastern history and modern evolution was shaped in isolation of women s lives and contributions to society. The dictionary covers the biographies and written work of prominent historical female figures in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as 20th-century feminists, both male and female, who advanced women s rights over many years. The Historical Dictionary of Women in the Middle East and North Africa includes a chronology, an introductory essay, an extensive bibliography, and a dictionary section that has over 400 cross-referenced entries on various aspects of Middle Eastern feminism and culture, touching upon religious themes such as Sharia laws, Islamic marriage, divorce, and inheritance practices. This book is an excellent access point for students, researchers, and anyone wanting to know more about the culture and history of women in the Middle East and North Africa."

Middle Eastern Politics and Ideas

Author : Moshe Ma ́oz
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With headwords in colour, and quirky character illustrations, this dictionary recounts the absorbing and fascinating history of thousands of words. This new edition takes a fresh look at the cool and curious words we use, and tells the stories of where words come from, whether they are to do with food, the supernatural, fashion, invented words, or words from the 80s, 90s, and noughties. Who ate the first sandwich?Where does abracadabra come from?Would you really be spooked by a zombie?John Ayto, top word expert entertains all ages from eight to eighty with this informative and humorous dictionary.

Historical Dictionary of Yemen

Author : Charles Schmitz
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This third edition of Historical Dictionary of Yemen contains a chronology, an introduction, appendixes, and an extensive bibliography. The dictionary section has over 1000 cross-referenced entries on important personalities, politics, economy, foreign relations, religion, and culture.

Information Sources of Political Science

Author : Stephen W. Green
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A comprehensive bibliography of American and international politics covers print and electronic materials published in English, primarily in the U.S. and U.K., with most chapters arranged by reference format, then alphabetically by title.

The Middle East

Author : Professor Shahrough Akhavi
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Amidst recent hype about events in the Middle East, there have been few attempts to get below the surface and develop a fuller understanding of what politics means there. The Middle East: The Politics of the Sacred and Secular redresses this balance and provides essential historical and theoretical context. In this book, Shahrough Akhavi shows that the way people think about politics in the Middle East has developed in response to historical experience. Islam has obviously played a pivotal role and the book does much to disentangle myth and reality about Islamic responses to politics. Refreshingly, however, the book focuses on the universal concepts of the individual, civil society, the state, justice, authority and obligation and how these have been interpreted by Middle Eastern thinkers in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Akhavi builds a dynamic picture of a politically exciting and engaged region. The fresh perspective this book brings to global political theory, and the background it gives students of politics in the Middle East make it an important addition to the World Political Theories series.

Historical Dictionary of Islamic Fundamentalism

Author : Mathieu Guidère
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After the rise of the Islamic State in the Middle East and the new geopolitical landscape in this region, it is essential for the modern reader to understand the history that has allowed for and influenced these types of Islamic groups to form. Historical Dictionary of Islamic Fundamentalism acts as a didactic resource that explains, from the Islamic perspective, the historical importance of the Islamic fundamentalist world. This dictionary provides a comprehensive and thorough analysis of various groups, events, movements, key figures, and dogmas that have influenced contemporary Islamic fundamentalism. A chronology spanning 600 years, graphs of complex Islamic group associations and alliances, and an Arabic-to-English glossary have all been included to facilitate a complete understanding of the nuances and generalities that have shaped this movement. This second edition of Historical Dictionary of Islamic Fundamentalism also contains an introduction, appendixes, an extensive bibliography, and more than 700 cross-referenced entries on ideologies, people, events, and movements of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Northern Africa

Author : Paula Youngman Skreslet
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This annotated bibliography describes a variety of print and electronic reference sources published in the past two decades about Northern Africa, including the Maghreb, the Sahel Region, and the Horn of Africa. The book is organized in three sections. The first part covers general reference works, the second part addresses area studies references by subject, and the third section covers reference sources by region and country. Each citation includes all bibliographic information except price.

Historical Dictionary of Saudi Arabia

Author : J. E. Peterson
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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia now has been under the spotlight of Western curiosity for more than 80 years. More than 15% of the world’s total oil reserves lie underneath Saudi Arabia and, in the early 1990s, the kingdom became the world’s largest crude oil producer. Not surprisingly, a world highly dependent on oil regards the desert kingdom as an area of intense strategic concern, as reflected in the coalition of forces assembled on Saudi soil to oust Iraq from Kuwait in 1991. Also, it played a major role in the invasion of Saddam Husayn’s Iraq in 2003 and shares concern with the West over Iran’s nuclear intentions throughout the 21st century. This third edition of Historical Dictionary of Saudi Arabia contains a chronology, an introduction, and an extensive bibliography. The dictionary section has over 1,000 cross-referenced entries on important personalities, politics, economy, foreign relations, religion, and culture. This book is an excellent resource for students, researchers, and anyone wanting to know more about Saudi Arabia.

Emergence of Minorities in the Middle East The Politics of Community in French Mandate Syria

Author : Benjamin Thomas White
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Shows which historical developments led people to start describing themselves and others as 'minorities'Through close attention to what changed in French-mandate Syria, and what those changes entailed, Benjamin White argues for a careful reappraisal of the term 'minority'. Within a few years of World War I, the term had become fundamental to public understandings of national and international politics, law and society. Minorities (and majorities) were taken to be an objective reality, both in the present and the past. In Syria, the mandate period saw the consolidation of the nation-state form, despite French attempts to create territorial, political and legal divisions. There was a trend towards a coherent national territory with fixed borders and uniform state authority within them, while the struggle to control the state was played out in the language of nationalism - developments in the post-Ottoman Levant that closely paralleled events in Europe at the same time, following the demise of the Austro-Hungarian and tsarist empires. Through close attention to what changed in French mandate Syria, and what those changes meant, the book argues for a careful rethinking of a term too often used as an objective description of reality.

The Middle East in Modern World History

Author : Ernest Tucker
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The Middle East in Modern World History examines how global trends over the last 200 years have shaped the Middle East and how these trends were affected by the region’s development. Covering a key period in the history of the Middle East, this book highlights three major trends within the region’s development over the past two centuries: the role of the region as a strategic conduit between East and West, the development of the region’s natural resources, especially oil, and the impact of a rapidly globalizing world economy on the Middle East. This new edition extends coverage to the present day and includes more thematic and interpretive discussion on the impact of global migration and the evolution of the roles of women. It also provides more theoretical insights into current historical research and recent developments in the region, firmly placing these developments within their historical context. Clearly written and supported throughout by maps, images, discussion questions, and suggestions for further reading, as well as including a comprehensive chronology and glossary that enable readers to develop a clearer picture of political, economic, social, and cultural life within the region, The Middle East in Modern World History is the perfect textbook for all students of the history of the modern Middle East within a global context.

The Shaping of the Modern Middle East

Author : Bernard Lewis
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Language and Change in the Arab Middle East

Author : Ami Ayalon
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Middle Eastern society experienced sudden and profound change in the 19th century under the impact of European expansion and influence. But as Western ideas about politics, technology, and culture began to infiltrate Arab society, the old language proved to be an inadequate vehicle for transmitting these alien concepts from abroad. In this study of the rise of modern Arabic, Ayalon examines 19th-century linguistic change in the Eastern Arab world as a mirror of changing Arab perceptions and responses to the West as well as a guide to the emergence of modern Arabic concepts, institutions, and practices. Focusing on the realm of political discourse, Ayalon looks at a wide array of evidence--local chronicles, travel accounts, translations of European writings, Arab political treatises, newspapers and periodicals, and dictionaries--to show how shifts in the color, tone, and meaning of the Arab vocabulary reflected a new socio-political and cultural reality.

A Dictionary of Modern Politics

Author : David Professor Robertson
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A comprehensive guide to the complex ideology/terminology which surrounds the world of politics. * Well over 500 extensive definitions * Defines political theories, dogmas and phraseologies * Terms such as Pacifism, Proportional Representation, Jihad, Son of Star Wars, Third Way and Consensual are explained clearly and succinctly * Invaluable for anyone concerned with politics or current affairs.

Subject Encyclopedias User guide review citations

Author : Allan Mirwis
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This useful two-volume set will provide buyers of subject encyclopedias with a substantial amount of valuable information they can use in making their purchasing decisions. It will also provide all types of librarians and their patrons with a quick, one-stop method for locating the appropriate subject encyclopedias for their needs and for locating articles in the 100 encyclopedias. Librarians who specialize in bibliographic instruction will also find it to be a useful tool for teaching students how to locate needed information.

Histories of the Modern Middle East

Author : Steven J Zaloga, M.A.
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Reflecting cutting-edge scholarship and covering more than two centuries of change, this seminal collection represents key trends in the historiography of the modern Middle East. The authors each combine a methodological theme with concrete, original research, relating theoretical issues to the actual writing of history. Their topics range from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to globalization, from well-established historical figures to new actors, from the elite to broader strata of society.

Historical Dictionary of Syria

Author : David Dean Commins
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This Second Edition gives the reader easy access to the history and contemporary situation of one of the world's ancient civilizations. The heart of the work is more than 350 entries on the most influential political figures and events, religious groups and movements, economic sectors, social institutions, and cultural facets. The second edition includes nearly 100 entirely new entries and updates on 43 entries from the first edition. An important difference between the two editions is the inclusion of many more entries on social institutions, such as the family and coffeehouses, cultural aspects, such as art, architecture, cinema, literature, music, and theater, and economic facets, such as inflation, corruption, the public sector, and efforts at reform. There is also expanded coverage on Syria's political dynamics, with entries on human rights, civil society, and security forces. The only specific reference work in English, this new edition addresses profound changes in Syria's domestic and regional circumstances. The domestic political scene witnessed a major transition with the passing of Syria's ruler for 30 years, Hafiz al-Asad, and the unexpectedly smooth succession of his son Bashar as new president in 2000. The regional situation has changed even more since the first edition came out in 1996. Peace talks with Israel collapsed in 2000 and three years later the United States invaded Iraq, beginning an occupation of Syria's neighbor for an indeterminate period, with incalculable consequences. In addition to the A to Z dictionary, the second edition contains a chronology that presents fairly general information on early centuries and becomes quite detailed for the most recent years. The bibliography also reflects significant changes in research on Syria. Not only does the bibliographical essay highlight important new monographs, it introduces the reader to credible Internet resources for guides to travel and popular culture as well as news and statistical data at major international organizations'

Unsettling Colonial Modernity in Islamicate Contexts

Author : Siavash Saffari
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By focusing on colonial histories and legacies, this edited volume breaks new ground in studying modernity in Islamicate contexts. From a range of disciplinary perspectives, the authors probe ‘colonial modernity’ as a condition whose introduction into Islamicate contexts was facilitated historically by European encroachment into South Asia, the Middle East, and Northern Africa. They also analyze the various modes through which, in Europe itself, and in North America by extension, people from Islamicate contexts have been, and continue to be, otherized in the constitution and advancement of the project of modernity. The book further brings to light a multiplicity of social, political, cultural, and aesthetic modes of resistance aimed at subverting and unsettling colonial modernity in both Muslim-majority and diasporic contexts.

Historical Dictionary of Middle Eastern Cinema

Author : Terri Ginsberg
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"This second edition of Historical Dictionary of Middle Eastern Cinema contains a chronology, an introduction, and an extensive bibliography. The dictionary section has over 500 cross-referenced entries on individual films, filmmakers, actors, significant historical figures, events, and concepts, and the countries themselves"--

Reforging a Forgotten History

Author : Donabed Sargon Donabed
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Who are the Assyrians and what role did they play in shaping modern Iraq? Were they simply bystanders, victims of collateral damage who played a passive role in the history of Iraq? And how have they negotiated their position throughout various periods of Iraq's state-building processes?This book details the narrative and history of Iraq in the 20th century and reinserts the Assyrian experience as an integral part of Iraq's broader contemporary historiography. It is the first comprehensive account to contextualize this native people's experience alongside the developmental processes of the modern Iraqi state. Using primary and secondary data, this book offers a nuanced exploration of the dynamics that have affected and determined the trajectory of the Assyrians' experience in 20th century Iraq.