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The Police and the Public in Nigeria

Author : Cyprian Okechukwu Okonkwo
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The Police and the Public

Author : Albert J. Reiss
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Ways we can make our society more civil, our police more humane, our population more responsible. Sociology. Cuts closer to the bone of truth about the police in America than any book I have read.--NY Times Book Review

Contacts Between Police and the Public 2005

Author : Matthew R. Durose
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Presents data on the nature and characteristics of contacts between residents of the U.S. and the police over a 12-month period. More than 60,000 individuals age 16 or older participated in a nationally survey. Detailed findings on face-to-face contacts with police include the reason for and outcome of the contact, resident opinion on police behavior during the contact, and whether police used or threatened to use force during the contact. The document contains demographic characteristics of residents involved in traffic stops and use-of-force incidents and provides comparative analysis with prior survey findings. Overall, the study found that about 9 out of 10 people who had contact with police in 2005 felt that the police acted properly. Tables.

Contacts Between Police and the Public

Author :
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Community Policing as a Public Policy

Author : Satyajit Mohanty
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Keeping in view the role of the police in a modern society, the respect for the rule of law and the trust of the community as a critical resource, more and more police organizations around the world have embraced Community Policing with the objective of making the police sensitive to the needs of the community. However, in the absence of an institutional and legal framework and a resultant lack of understanding of the dynamics of policy processes, many such initiatives failed to stand the tes...

CCTV and Policing

Author : Benjamin Jervis Goold
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This text presents a comprehensive assessment of the impact of CCTV on the police in Britain. The volume examines how the police in Britain first became involved in public area surveillance and how they have since attempted to use CCTV technology to prevent, respond to, and investigate crime.

Policing Public Sex

Author : Dangerous Bedfellows Eds
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As some activists have turned to regulation rather than education in the effort to curb the AIDS epidemic, the public culture at the foundation of queer culture has come under attack.


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forced the government to arm Bologna's upper classes in vigilante style "citizen patrols" in 1827 and 1846, but the action only reinforced local political independence, leading to rebellion and revolution.

Calling the Police

Author : P. A. J. Waddington
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Waddington (criminal justice studies, U. of Reading, England), in collaboration with The Police Foundation, explores one of the interfaces between the police and the public, and how the police interpret, process, and respond to the interactions. Among the topics are the scope of policing, the methods of research used, a survey of calls at the Reading police station, and the quality and pattern of decision making. Acidic paper. Distributed in the US by Ashgate. Annotation copyright by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

The Police Response to Calls from the Public

Author : Paul Ekblom
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Image Makers

Author : Giriraj Shah
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Police Powers and Accountability in a Democratic Society

Author : European Committee on Crime Problems
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The position of the police in both the old democracies and in societies in transition is affected by occasional conflicting legal and professional standards for police work, increasing public expectations, changing crime patterns, stricter standards of effectiveness and accountability and, frequently, inadequacies in the available financial and other resources. This publication contains papers on topics such as: the control of police powers; the prevention of police corruption; powers and accountability of private police; police and the public.

Violence and Police Culture

Author : Tony Coady
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Violence and policing are inevitably associated. Criminals use violence not only against innocent members of the public, but also against the police themselves. For our own protection and theirs, we have given police a licence to use force, sometimes with lethal consequences. But the exercise of this licence is fraught with risk to the community. The disturbing record of police shootings in Victoria, and irresponsible police violence elsewhere in recent years, vividly illustrate this risk. The public outcry against such events is understandable. To find a solution, we need to analyse the contexts and the cultural background of the use of police violence, and to think hard about its causes and proper limits. In Violence and Police Culture, eminent contributors offer valuable insights and experience to the growing debate. While Australian in origin and emphasis, the book addresses a public issue that resonates as far afield as London, New York, Tokyo and Belfast. Violence and Police Culture argues that there are features of police culture which foster abuse of the right to use violence. The book makes positive suggestions about institutional changes that might alleviate the problems bedevilling what the philosopher Thomas Hobbes called 'the right of the sword'.

Current Issues in American Law Enforcement Community Policing Chapter 3 Public And Court Review Of Police Chapter 4 Internal Review Of The Police Chapter 5 Police Use Of Force Chapter 6 Hate Crimes Chapter 7 Murder And Injury Of Police Officers Chapter 8 Profiling Chapter 9 Police Conduct Chapter 10 Women In Law Enforcement Chapter 11Vehicle Pursuit Index

Author : Harry W. More
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Through the years, the police have performed the time-honored functions of controlling crime, maintaining law and order, and providing services. This comprehensive book redefines the police role in many communities, especially as police departments have moved toward the creation of a partnership with citizens, private agencies and other community service departments. Major topics include: (1) an added major development in the external review of police conduct with anticipation that police review boards will become more prevalent; (2) the fact that internal review will still be an important process of the organizational response to police misconduct acknowledging Internal Affairs is here to stay; (3) the trend for the courts at the federal level to intervene with Consent Decrees, Memorandums of Understanding, and Technical Assistance letters in cities from coast to coast; and (4) the use of deadly force that has reached the point where it is viewed as a recurrent police problem. Major cases such as the Rodney King beating, the Louima case, the James Bryd case, and the Mathew Shepard case are examined to see how these issues impacted our operational and legal system. The book also addresses the issues of profiling and vehicular pursuit that remain a major issue in many communities, and while remedies have cured some of these problems, it still remains a major issue. The text also focuses on the inroads that women in policing are making as more females enter law enforcement and ascend to positions of higher power. Law enforcement professionals, policymakers, investigators, attorneys, and the general public will find the book to be of special interest.

Just Authority

Author : Jonathan Jackson
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Public attitudes towards crime, policing and justice remain 'hot' social and political topics. Low confidence in the criminal justice system challenges the legitimacy that underpins the effectiveness of the police and the courts. The police depend upon the authority they can command rather than the force they can deploy as a last resort. This book analyses the meaning, distribution and significance of trust in the police and the legitimacy of legal authorities. The book: * presents data on the measurement of trust; drawing on information from 25 years of the British Crime Survey to highlight key trends and historical trajectories; * explores the roles played by fear of crime, anxieties about neighbourhood breakdown, the mass media, and contact with the police; * address the geographical distribution of trust; * shows the importance of public trust and confidence in generating legitimacy, compliance with the law and cooperation with authorities. Just Authority? provides the most authori

Police for the Future

Author : David H. Bayley
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Police do not and cannot prevent crime. This alarming thesis is explored by David Bayley, one of the most prolific and internationally renowned authorities on criminal justice and policing, in Police for the Future. Providing a systematic assessment of the performance of the police institution as a whole in preventing crime, the study is based on exhaustive research, interviews, and first hand observation in five countries--Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Japan, and the United States. It analyzes what police are accomplishing in modern democratic societies, and asks whether police organizations are using their resources effectively to prevent crime. Bayley assesses the impediments to effective crime prevention, describes the most promising reforms currently being tested by the police, and analyzes the choices that modern societies have with respect to creating truly effective police forces. He concludes with a blueprint for the creation of police forces that can live up to their promise to reduce crime and enhance public safety. Written for both the general public and the specialist in criminal justice, Police for the Future offers a unique multinational perspective on one of society's most basic institutions.

The Public and the Police

Author : Harriet Sergeant
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Examines the impact of excessive paperwork and a culture of government targets has on police effectiveness and morale. This book discusses how Britain's tradition of policing by consent is in jeopardy.

Policing the Police 2 Edition

Author : Praveen Kumar
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The Friends of Police Movement

Author : Prateep V.. Philip
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In this book, the author attempts to trace the origin and progress of Friends of Police (FOP). The purpose is to outline the aims, objectives, strategies and the process by which the movement enables a smooth interface between the public and police. It a

Public Order Law and Practice

Author : John Beggs
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How can police officers engaged in public order policing ensure they act lawfully, secure safe criminal convictions, avoid civil claims and, perhaps most importantly, maintain the peace? Tackling one of the most difficult areas of modern day policing, Public Order: Law and Practice presents practical, straightforward advice that is grounded in the letter of the law, helping police officers to make decisions under pressure and take control of potentially volatile situations.Topics covered range from day-to-day problems such as drunken brawls and football offences to more serious issues such as violent protest and terrorism, providing you with the full spectrum of possible encounters and highlighting transferable skills. The book contains many useful practical features including definition boxes for commonly-used terms, and case studies and scenarios. Key points and best practices are summarised throughout the chapters, helping you to absorb the information andproviding for a practical quick reference. Throughout, the authors offer you tips for dealing with both the common and less common in public order policing, while taking account of the latest case law and legislation.This book is part of the Blackstone's Practical Policing Series. The series consists of practical guides containing clear and detailed explanations of the relevant legislation, accompanied by practical scenarios, illustrative diagrams and useful checklists.