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The Poetics of Roman Ingarden

Author : Eugene Hannes Falk
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Poetics of Roman Ingarden

The Poetics of Roman Ingarden

Author : Eugene Hannes Falk
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Poetics of Roman Ingarden

On the Aesthetics of Roman Ingarden

Author : B. Dziemidok
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Roman Ingarden's very extensive philosophical work in metaphysics, ontology, epistemology, and aesthetics con tinues to attract increasing attention both in Poland and in North America. Further work left uncompleted at his death is appearing. Major bibliographies of his work as well as of studies about his work are now in print. Ingar den's scattered articles on various questions in philosophy are being collected. And conferences devoted to his work are now held regularly. These diverse activities might suggest a similar diver sity in Ingarden's philosophical legacy. But such a sugges tion would be misleading. For interest in Ingarden's work has continued to centre on the one area which is arguably at the core of his achievement, namely the complex prob lems of aesthetics. In this field Ingarden seemed to pull together his various interests in ontology and epistemology especially. Here he brought those interests to focus on a set of issues that would occupy him creatively throughout the vicissitudes of his long and difficult scholarly life. More over, aesthetics is also the field where Ingarden perhaps most succeeded in orchestrating the many themes he owed to his phenomenological training while finally transposing the central issues into something original, something dis tinctively his own that philosophers can no longer identify as merely phenomenological. Ingarden's aesthetics not surprisingly has captured the interest today of many scholars in different fields.

Ingardeniana II

Author : Hans H. Rudnick
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This Ingardenia volume is the second in the Analecta Husserliana series that is entirely devoted to the phenomenology of Roman Ingarden. The first was volume IV (1976). Twenty years after Ingarden's death, this volume demonstrates that the Polish phenomenologist's contribution to philosophy and literary scholarship has received world-wide attention. His ideas have proven especially fruitful for the definition of the structure of the literary work of art and the subsequent recognition of its characteristic features. Of all the early phenomenologists who were students of Husserl, it is Ingarden whose work has faithfully pursued the original tenet that language "holds" the essence of the life-world "in readiness" (bereit halten). To investigate this premise with the rigor of a science, as Husserl had envisioned for phenomenology, was Ingarden's life work. That Ingarden did not quite reach his ambitious goal does not diminish his unquestionable achievement. The understanding of the nature of the literary work of art has increased enormously because of his analyses and aesthetics. The Polish phenomenologist investigated above all the work of art as a structure of necessary components which define and determine its nature. That the artistic ingredient was shortchanged under those conditions should not be surprising, particu larly since Ingarden usually kept a purist's philosophical distance from the concrete detail of the material under consideration. He was not concerned with individual works of art but with the principle that was shared by all of them as the defining feature of their being.

The Strata Model in Poetics Schichtenpoetik

Author : Wolfgang Ruttkowski
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Scientific Essay from the year 1989 in the subject German Studies - Genres, grade: none, Kyoto Sangyo University (Japanese Society for Germanistics), uber Fussnoten - entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstract: Strata models are systems of categories that we project upon phenomena in order to make sense of them. They correspond to a synthetic mode of thinking, which attempts to strike a balance between the observation of universal laws and the description of individual characteristics. Like most concepts in the humanities, they do not limit, but rather serve to accentuate observed phenomena. They group together certain aspects of literature into unified strata of systems which can be said to stand in a relation to one another comparable to that of psychological strata within the human personality. The application of a strata model to the analysis of literature is mainly pragmatically motivated. The literary scholar or the interpreter of literature is less concerned with philosophical insights than with an objective comprehension of the literary work. Beyond that, s/he wishes to understand other, mainly psychological, phenomena observable within a literary context. Thus strata poetics is justified as a tool of cognition and systematization only insofar as it yields insights, which could not have been gained otherwise. The philosophical dispute as to the justification of strata models as such will be of no concern in this paper. (In: Kyoto Sangyo Daigaku Ronshuu, Humanities s. No. 30, march 2003, 1-20)"

Roman Ingarden s Philosophy of Literature

Author : Wojciech Chojna
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In Roman Ingarden’s Philosophy of Literature Wojciech Chojna makes Ingarden’s philosophy of literature more consistent with Husserl’s phenomenology and more immune to both absolutism and relativism. The latter is overcome not through falling back on essentialism but from within itself.

Essays on aesthetics poetics and terminology of literary studies

Author : Wolfgang Ruttkowski
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Anthology from the year 2007 in the subject Art - Art Theory, General, , 69 entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstract: Since I have always been interested in “eccentric” topics, my essays may be still of interest and relevant. For example, I wrote the first study of the four main types of the literary chanson, representing an expansion of Emil Staiger’s ‘basic concepts of poetics’ thus including the audience centered stance where all genres excluded by Staiger’s categories can be subsumed that are; presented a systematic comparison and synthesis of Ingarden’s and Hartmann’s literary strata and its usefulness in the psychology of art; provided analysis and integration of literary concepts such as ‘stratum,’ ‘structure,’ and ‘genre;’ wrote an extensive comparative study of literary terminology expanding its scope beyond the European realm; undertook a stratum analysis of musical art forms, and attempted a description of the degree of abstraction in Asian painting and non - representational art. Most of my articles written in German are being published simultaneously by the same publisher, except for those concerning the teaching of literature and cultural studies. My tri - lingual (German/English/Japanese) homepage composed by my students includes a list of my publications. It can be found under Weil ich mich immer für „ausgefallene“ Themen interessiert habe, finden meine Aufsätze vielleicht noch Interesse und sind nicht veraltet. (Sie befassen sich erstmalig mit: Einer Untersuchung und Beschreibung des lit. Chansons als Gattung sowie der Abgrenzung seiner vier Haupttypen; einer Erweiterung der Staigerschen „Grundbegriffe“ auf die „publikumsbezogene Grundhaltung“, in der sich alle Gattungen unterbringen lassen, die in seinem System keinen Platz fanden; einem systematischer Vergleich und der Synthese von Ingardens und Hartmanns Schichtensystemen und deren Anwendung auf die Kunstpsychologie; der Analyse und Integration von Literaturbegriffen wie „Schicht“, „Struktur“ und „Gattung“; einem umfassenden Vergleich von Literaturterminologien über die europäischen hinaus; der schichtentheoretischen Analyse des Musikkunstwerks sowie der Beschreibung der Abstraktionsgrade in asiatischer Malerei und ungegenständlicher Kunst). Im gleichen Verlag erscheint gleichzeitig ein Sammelband meiner in deutscher Sprache geschriebenen Artikel (außer denen zur Literaturdidaktik und Kulturkunde). Meine von meinen Studenten angefertigte dreisprachige (dt.,engl.,jp.) Homepage ( enthält eine Publikationsliste.

Language Literature and Meaning

Author : John Odmark
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The essays in this two-volume anthology provide the reader with an overview of current Czech, Polish and Hungarian research in language, literature and meaning as well as some new perspectives on the major theoretical contributions of Roman Ingarden, Georg Lukács and Jan Mukarovský. For the most part, the emphasis is on Poetics and Literary Theory; however, in some of the essays the focus shifts to such related disciplines as Aesthetics, Linguistics and Semiotics. The heterogeneity of this collection reflects the broad spectrum of interests and approaches to problems of theory being pursued at present in Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia. Much of the work being done in these countries remains relatively unknown outside of Eastern Europe. This anthology is an attempt to rectify this situation and make better known the nature and extent of research which promises new insights into a whole range of phenomena in language, literature and culture.

Phenomenology World Wide

Author : Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka
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Phenomenology is the philosophy of our times. Through the entire twentieth century this philosophy unfolded and flourished, following stepwise the intrinsic logic and dynamism of its original project as proposed by its founder Edmund Husserl. Now its seminal ideas have been handed over to a new era. The worldwide contributors to this volume make it manifest that phenomenological inspiration knows no cultural barriers. It penetrates and invigorates not only philosophical disciplines but also most of the sectors of knowledge, transforming our way of seeing the world, our actions toward others, and our lives. Phenomenology's universal spread has, however, oftentimes diluted its original sense, even beyond recognition, and led to a weakening of its dynamics. There is at present an urgent need to retrieve the original understanding of phenomenology, to awaken its dormant forces and redirect them. This is the aim of the present book: resourcement and reinvigoration. It is meant to be not only a reference work but also a guide for research and study. To restore the authentic vision of phenomenology, we propose returning to its foundational source in Husserl's project of a `universal science', unpacking all its creative capacities. In the three parts of this work there are traced the stages of this philosophy's progressive uncovering of the grounding levels of reality: ideal structures, constitutive consciousness, the intersubjective lifeworld, and beyond. The key concepts and phases of Husserl's thought are here exfoliated. Then the thought of the movement's classical figures and of representative thinkers in succeeding generations is elucidated. Phenomenology's geographic spread is reviewed. We then proceed to the culminating work of this philosophy, to the phenomenological life engagements so vigorously advocated by Husserl, to the life-significant issues phenomenology addresses and to how it has enriched the human sciences. Lastly the phenomenological project's new horizons on the plane of life are limned, horizons with so powerful a draw that they may be said not to beckon but to summon. Here is the movement's vanguard. This collection has 71 entries. Each entry is followed by a relevant bibliography. There is a helpful Glossary of Terms and an Index of Names.

Roman Ingarden s Ontology and Aesthetics

Author : Jeffrey Anthony Mitscherling
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A leading Polish philosopher of the twentieth century, Roman Ingarden is principally renowned in Western culture for his work in aesthetics and the theory of literature. Jeff Mitscherling demonstrates, in this extensive work, how Ingarden's thought constitutes a major contribution to the more fundamental fields of ontology and metaphysics. Mitscherling provides a study of Ingarden's life, career, and works, and focuses on the genesis and development of this great thinker's philosophical position in relation to that of Edmund Husserl. He summarizes, explains, and illustrates a number of Ingarden's most important investigations presented in The Controversy Over the Existence of the World, a work clarifying the debate between realism and idealism in a more thorough manner than has ever been attempted. He continues by focusing on Ingarden's examination of various sorts of works of art in particular (the dramatic work, the musical work, the painting, and the architectural work) and on his contributions to aesthetics in general.

Chinese Literary Criticism of the Ch ing Period 1644 1911

Author : John Ching-yu Wang
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In the Ch'ing period, traditional Chinese literary criticism reached its zenith. The ten essays in this volume, all papers presented at a research conference on Ch'ing literary criticism at Stanford University in June 1992, provide a good glimpse of both the breadth and depth of Ch'ing literary criticism, and point to ways to pursue a more thorough and systematic study of literary criticism of this period. Five essays in Chinese, five in English.

A History of Poetics

Author : Sandra Richter
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"Since the 1990s, following the end of postmodernism, literary theory has lost much of its dynamics. This book aims at revitalising literary theory exploring two of its historical bases: German poetics and aesthetics. Beginning in the 1770s and ending in the 1950s, the book examines nearly 200 years of this history, thereby providing the reader with a first history of poetics as well as with bibliographies of the subject. Particular attention is paid to the aesthetics and poetics of popular philosophy, of the Hegel-school, empirical and psychological tendencies in the field since the 1860s, the first steps towards a plurality of methods (1890-1930), theoretical confrontations during the Nazi-period as well as the rise of formalist and anthropological approaches from the 1930s onwards. All approaches are evaluated regarding their relevance for academia as well as for the general history of education. If possible, international references and contexts of the relevant theories are taken into account. In sum, the analysis not only shows how differentiated historical accounts in the field were but also reflects how current literary theory could move forward through the rediscovery of sunken ideas."--Publisher's website.

Handbook of Phenomenological Aesthetics

Author : Hans Rainer Sepp
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Historically, phenomenology began in Edmund Husserl’s theory of mathematics and logic, went on to focus for him on transcendental rst philosophy and for others on metaphysics, philosophical anthropology, and theory of interpretation. The c- tinuing focus has thus been on knowledge and being. But if one began without those interests and with an understanding of the phenomenological style of approach, one might well see that art and aesthetics make up the most natural eld to be approached phenomenologically. Contributions to this eld have continually been made in the phenomenological tradition from very early on, but, so to speak, along the side. (The situation has been similar with phenomenological ethics. ) A great deal of thought about art and aesthetics has nevertheless accumulated during a century and a handbook like the present one is long overdue. The project of this handbook began in conversations over dinner in Sepp’s apa- ment in Baden-Baden at one evening of the hot European summer in the year 2003. As things worked out, he knew more about whom to ask and how much space to allocate to each entry and Embree knew more about how to conduct the inviting, preliminary editing, and prodding of contributors who were late returning their criticized drafts and copyedited entries and was able to invest the time and other resources from his endowed chair. That process took longer than anticipated and there were additional unfortunate delays due to factors beyond the editors’s control.

Language Literature Meaning

Author : John Odmark
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The essays in this two-volume anthology provide the reader with an overview of current Czech, Polish and Hungarian research in language, literature and meaning as well as some new perspectives on the major theoretical contributions of Roman Ingarden, Georg Lukács and Jan Mukařovský. For the most part, the emphasis is on Poetics and Literary Theory; however, in some of the essays the focus shifts to such related disciplines as Aesthetics, Linguistics and Semiotics. The heterogeneity of this collection reflects the broad spectrum of interests and approaches to problems of theory being pursued at present in Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia. Much of the work being done in these countries remains relatively unknown outside of Eastern Europe. This anthology is an attempt to rectify this situation and make better known the nature and extent of research which promises new insights into a whole range of phenomena in language, literature and culture.

The Reader s Construction of Narrative

Author : Horst Ruthrof
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In this book, first published in 1981, the author argues that narrative is an interaction between "the presented world and the presentational process" and attempts to define narrative from the perspective of reading. The Reader’s Construction of Narrative includes chapters on narrative language, translating narrative and discusses what happens when we read a narrative text. This book will be of particular interest to students of literary theory.

Hermeneutics Reader

Author : Kurt Mueller-Vollmer
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Essays discuss reason and understanding, interpretation, language, meaning, the human sciences, social sciences, and general hermeneutic theory.

Dayspring in Darkness

Author : Jeffrey B. Loomis
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Identifying sacramentalism as the key to the poetry and spirituality of Gerard Manley Hopkins, this study suggests that Hopkins most dominantly emphasized the sacramental Mystical Body of the Church and that his poems aspire to see past the out-scape of nature and humanity to revelations of spiritual inscape.

Configurations of Comparative Poetics

Author : Zong-qi Cai
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This comprehensive comparative study of Western and Chinese poetics begins with broad examinations of the two traditions over more than two and a half millennia. From these parallel surveys, a series of important theoretical questions arises: How do Western and Chinese critics conceptualize the nature, origin, and function of literature? What are the fundamental differences, if any, in their ways of thinking about literature? Can we account for these differences by examining Western truth-based and Chinese process-based cosmological paradigms? What are the major distinctive concepts of literature developed within Western and Chinese poetics? How have these concepts impacted the development of the two traditions at various times? After considering a wide range of major critical texts, Configurations of Comparative Poetics presents bold and cogent answers to these questions while shedding light on the distinctive orientations of Western and Chinese poetics. The second half of the book features four comparative case studies: Plato and Confucius on poetry; Wordsworth and Liu Xie on the creative process; the twentieth-century "Imagists" and their earlier Chinese counterparts on the relationship of the Chinese written character to poetics; and Derrida and the Madhyamika Buddhists on language and onto-theology. The author not only identifies an array of critical concerns shared by Western and Chinese critics, but also differentiates the conceptual models used by each and traces them to cosmological paradigms.

Philosophy of Language in the Brentano School

Author : Arnaud Dewalque
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This collection of fourteen original essays addresses the seminal contribution of Franz Brentano and his heirs, to philosophy of language. Despite the great interest provoked by the Brentanian tradition and its multiple connections with early analytic philosophy, precious little is known about the Brentanian contribution to philosophy of language. The aim of this new collection is to fill this gap by providing the reader with a more thorough understanding of the legacy of Brentano and his school, in their pursuit of a unique research programme according to which the analysis of meaning is inseparable from philosophical inquiries into what goes on in the mind and what there is in the world. In three parts, the volume first reconstructs Brentano’s pathbreaking thoughts on meaning and grammatical illusions, exploring their strong connections with the Austro-German tradition and analytic philosophy. It then addresses the multifaceted debates on the objectivity of meaning in the Brentano School and its aftermath (Meinong, Husserl, Ingarden, Twardowski and the Lvov-Warsaw School). Finally, part three explores Brentano’s wider legacy, namely: Husserl’s theory of modification and typicality, Bühler’s theory of linguistic and non-linguistic expressions, and Wittgenstein’s thoughts on guidance and rule-following. The result is a unique collection of essays which shows the significance, originality and timely character of the Brentanian philosophy of language.

The Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics

Author : Stephen Cushman
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The most important poetry reference for more than four decades—now fully updated for the twenty-first century Through three editions over more than four decades, The Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics has built an unrivaled reputation as the most comprehensive and authoritative reference for students, scholars, and poets on all aspects of its subject: history, movements, genres, prosody, rhetorical devices, critical terms, and more. Now this landmark work has been thoroughly revised and updated for the twenty-first century. Compiled by an entirely new team of editors, the fourth edition—the first new edition in almost twenty years—reflects recent changes in literary and cultural studies, providing up-to-date coverage and giving greater attention to the international aspects of poetry, all while preserving the best of the previous volumes. At well over a million words and more than 1,000 entries, the Encyclopedia has unparalleled breadth and depth. Entries range in length from brief paragraphs to major essays of 15,000 words, offering a more thorough treatment—including expert synthesis and indispensable bibliographies—than conventional handbooks or dictionaries. This is a book that no reader or writer of poetry will want to be without. Thoroughly revised and updated by a new editorial team for twenty-first-century students, scholars, and poets More than 250 new entries cover recent terms, movements, and related topics Broader international coverage includes articles on the poetries of more than 110 nations, regions, and languages Expanded coverage of poetries of the non-Western and developing worlds Updated bibliographies and cross-references New, easier-to-use page design Fully indexed for the first time