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The Pocket Guide to Hold em Poker

Author : Ted Pannell
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Format : PDF, Docs
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A succinct beginner's guide to the rules, strategies, and nuances of Hold 'Em Poker. Includes chapter on Internet poker.

The Intelligent Guide to Texas Hold em Poker

Author : Sam Braids
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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This concise, comprehensive guide, on Texas Hold'em Poker is packed with tips and information that players need to know. For beginners, it explains the rules of Texas Hold'em, basic strategy, and how to play in a cardroom. More advanced players, benefit from statistical charts, vignettes from actual poker games, and detailed information on how the social and psychological aspects of the game determine strategy. Readers also learn the unique view that an expert chess player brings to analyzing poker, as author Sam Braids compares and contrasts the two games. As a special bonus, the book includes an analysis of online poker, instructions on how to use a computer to play Internet poker, and explains the strategic adjustments necessary to succeed online.

The Pocket Idiot s Guide to Texas Hold em 2nd Edition

Author : Carl Baldassarre
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Format : PDF, ePub
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Texas Hold'Em, the game featured on the popular television programs and dealth at well-known tournaments, has quickly become the one to play - and the one to win. In the context of teaching readers the basics on Texas Hold'Em, this revised edition covers 'No Limit' strategies and tournaments, and the basics for winning bigger cash pots. Although the dynamics for this version of the game are similar to its low-limit cousin, 'No Limit' strategy is quite different. This revised book covers no-limit in much greater detail, as it relates to cash games, online games, and tournaments.

The Complete Book of Hold Em Poker

Author : Gary Carson
File Size : 70.82 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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For anyone from raw beginner to the advanced player, this book shows how to develop a dynamic poker playing style that can be adapted to varying table conditions. Photos.

Ultimate Texas Hold Em

Author : Michael Wehking
File Size : 81.34 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Read my books and youll quickly learn that systems rule, winners use them and I can make all your financial gaming dreams come true. Just ask all my successful trainees! They are now my followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and they track the tips on my website. Itll getcha stuff. Lots of it! Great cigars, free drinks, lodging, limos, flights, even ocean cruises! This card is your ticket to Nirvana!

The Pocket Guide to Gambling

Author : David Spanier
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Reviews the rules, strategies, and odds of numerous roulette, dice, card, and mechanical games and lists casinos around the world

Poker Games Guide Texas Hold em Poker

Author : Nicolae Sfetcu
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This book is an introduction to the poker game, emphasizing on the Texas Hold 'em Poker, the betting structure, poker variants, poker strategy and specific poker tournaments. The popularity of poker (mainly the no-limit Texas hold'em) reached an unprecedented peak in the 2000s. This "poker boom" is attributed to several factors: the invention of online poker, the television broadcast tournaments (with miniature cameras revealing the cards), the presentation of the online poker sites in television commercials, and victory in 2003 of Chris Moneymaker at the World Series of Poker. Not only the public can now follow the actions of the tournaments on television, turning this game in the sporting spectacle, but it can also be played directly from home. The spread of tournaments such as the World Series of Poker and the World Poker Tour created a strong following among television program providers by cable or satellite. Because of the hype, professional players have become celebrities, with many fans around the world participating in tournaments in the hope of being confronted with these celebrities. Poker is played in many variations but there are three large families. They differ firstly by the way of distribution of playing cards. Cards can be shared by all players or private for each player. They can also be closed (visible only by the owner of cards) or open (visible to all). There are also differences in the game base on stakes. The winning hands can be high, low or both (high/low). In some embodiments where poker is played high and low hands, certain conditions are imposed on low hands. For example, a player's hand can not contain card over eight (eight or better), or aces can count only as high card (deuce to seven). Poker is a microcosm of all we admire and disdain about capitalism and democracy. It can be rough-hewn or polished, warm or cold, charitable and caring or hard and impersonal. It is fickle and elusive, but ultimately it is fair, and right, and just. -- Lou Krieger

A Different Kind of Texas Hold em Strategy and Resource Guide for Players and League Coordinators

Author : Michael John Amazio
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This book will introduce some of the mathematical concepts of Texas Hold'em Poker in an easily understood fashion.This book focuses on the facts of the game behind all the mathematics involved and helps you to develop a core foundation of skills to be able to play Texas Hold'em Poker more effectively.If you enjoy Texas Hold'em Poker enough to host your own game or you are considering managing your own tournament or league, there is a section dedicated to obtaining, developing and managing the resources you need to run it in a well organized fashion.First-time author Michael John Amazio invites you to learn some of the fundamentals of Texas Hold'em Poker in a way that will keep your interest from cover to cover.

The Pocket Idiot s Guide to Poker Bets Bluffs

Author : David Apostolico
File Size : 27.5 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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All bets are on! Most how-to-win poker books leave out two of the most important tools of the game: effective betting and bluffing. Now, a poker expert extraordinaire gives readers the quick and dirty inside information so readers can hone these skills. Readers will learn about the art of value betting, weighing value against risk, the power of chips and position, and much more. -Features effective bluffing techniques including how to figure out an opponent's bluff -Well-known expert author

The Only Poker Book You ll Ever Need

Author : John Wenzel
File Size : 66.79 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A Simon & Schuster eBook. Simon & Schuster has a great book for every reader.