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Pleiadian Spirals of Light Workbook

Author : Ed Russo
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This workbook is a journey of different levels of consciousness that leads to the divine hidden potential within us. This metaphysical system is an ancient system of knowledge with practical methods for healing and growth. Combined with research and transmission from Higher Intelligence I was able to put this workbook together with very easy practical methods of spirituality that is very down to earth and easy to understand.

I Am a Pleiadian Starseeds On Earth

Author : The Abbotts
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Many people are drawn to the Pleiades star system as have many ancient cultures for thousands of years. The Abbotts paranormal specialists explain that 80% of all men and women born since 1971 are Starseeds or ex- Pleiadians. They incarnate with many Pleiadian Off-Planet traits and a strong urge to create Pleiadian conditions here on Earth! Learn about life on the Pleiades Home Worlds from Pleiadian beings and from intriguing channelled messages from the Ascended Masters. The Abbotts add their own unique and easy to understand knowledge that they have gathered as hypnotherapists and clairvoyants. A fascinating book with special knowledge for all Starseeds, ex-Pleiadians and students of esoteric para-sciences.

The Apocalypse of the Aquarian Age

Author : Albert Amao Soria Ph.D.
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Humanity has stepped at the beginning of the Water-Carrier Age’s threshold. Its influence is gradually being felt in all areas of life. This is the time for spiritual renewal and the turning point for the shifting of consciousness. Contrary to the period of mental bondage, prejudice, and religious bigotry, which was the Piscean Era characteristic, we are awakening to another chapter of human history, leading to the realization of the Oneness of life and the human race’s interconnectedness. The world is currently undergoing radical socio-economic and political upheavals because we are transitioning from one chapter of human history to another. Some religious leaders and sensationalistic New Age writers have taken these dramatic changes as signs of the end of the world. Contrary to that, this work postulate that the challenging events indicate the close of one chapter of human history and the beginning of a new one. “We embrace and celebrate the coming of a new age of enlightenment, the awareness of human beings’ brotherhood.”

Bibliographic Guide to Psychology

Author : New York Public Library. Research Libraries
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The Blaise Conjunction

Author : Richard Leviton
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The councilors had placed a book upon the table, its cover pale blue edged in silver. The title was The Theosophon. They slid it towards me. Philomena Wilcox, Ph.D., retired professor of music, pianist, passionate devotee of Russian composers like Scriabin and Rachmaninov, thinks she is merely editing a series of prolix journals by the desert recluse Blaise. One day in 2029 she took delivery of 7,000 pages of his arcane diary entries spanning a 20-year period. His story what he thinks and writes about is exceedingly odd, mystical, and perplexing. He is anticipating a planetary event to take place in 2033. Soon enough, Philomena discovers she, impossibly, is part of this story, in fact, will be a keystone in this epochal event. It's as if through the journal pages Blaise talks directly to her and pulls her into his world of wisdom-angels, geomantic patterns, and designer planets. The pages are encoded with activation triggers. Over a three-year period, she starts to remember her true story, her astonishing past. It's a nonstop tutorial in the Mysteries. Taught by the human Blaise and his angelic mentors, also called Blaise, seemingly right now, in the present moment. Except upwards of 35 years or more separate them in the world of linear time. Her familiar world starts to fall apart. The event is called the Theosophon. Blaise writes about it, but she designed it. That's startling enough, but Philomena is astonished to remember that she designed it eons ago in another galaxy. The Earth was created as a performance stage for it. The Theosophon is a multidimensional musical event involving the collective consciousness of humanity, the Earth, and the spiritual world. The overture of the fulfillment of the purpose of the Earth and humanity. Yes, Philomena is an integral part of this unique event, but it will cost her more than she ever thought possible.

Claiming Knowledge

Author : Olav Hammer
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This volume deals with the transformation of unchurched religious creativity in the late modern West. It analyzes the ways in which the advance of science, globalization and individualism have fundamentally reshaped esoteric religious traditions, from theosophy to the New Age. This publication has also been published in paperback, please click here for details.

Who Are You Discovering Your Cosmic Origins

Author : The Abbotts
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Which planet are you from? This startling and amazingly accurate new book is based on the concept that we are all beings who have had previous existances on other planets in our known Universe and that our character traits, ideas and behaviour are deeply and uniquely influenced by these Off Planet lives. Adding to the intriguing channelled knowledge of the major Off Planets, The Abbotts have combined this data with your Earth personality to provide a special and personal description of your character, life gifts and relationship abilities. An incredible read that everyone can enjoy! Readers have praised this book, "A ground - breaking look at why we are all so different from each other. The information is truly fascinating and extremely accurate. I identified with every word! Now I'm going to identify my friends!" Which Planet are you from? A Beacon of Light Book

Enemy Mine

Author : Christine Pope
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She's the enemy's biggest threat. But he just might be the savior they all need. Although she inherited her mother's psychic gifts, Taryn Oliver didn’t foresee the consequences of possessing those special powers. Now, as the primary target of the ruthless aliens who are plotting humanity's enslavement, Taryn has to find a way to thwart their plans. After meeting the mysterious, half-alien Lir Gideon, she fights the attraction she feels for him, understanding that the very future of humanity could be at stake. What she doesn’t realize is that her connection with Gideon may be the key to saving not only everyone she loves, but the entire planet as well. Keywords: Psychic, mind reader, mentalist, UFO, X-Files, UFO conspiracy, government cover-up, alien conspiracy, ufologist, first contact, gray aliens, reptilians, alien super-soldier, human alien romance, Sedona, Arizona, Southern California, paranormal romance, urban fantasy, romantic novels

The Sedona Files

Author : Christine Pope
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Star Avatar

Author : Miranda* Linda Weisz
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In a profound recollection Miranda* remembers her earthly mission. Under the guidance of Spirit and extra-terrestrials Miranda* undergoes years of training, in multiple dimensions and the synchronistic realm. With spiritual initiations as well as trials and suffering, Miranda* evolves, rapidly integrating lessons learned in other lifetimes, and developing the paranormal abilities needed for the monumental role she is to play as she fulfills her destiny. On a trip to Peru in 2001 she finds an ancient engraved stone, and when she unravels its message, it unveils a Truth so astonishing that she guards it in secret. Revealing the written prophecy too soon may unleash the greatest religious and political revolution in the history of mankind. Tuning in to the collective consciousness, Miranda* has waited to come forward until humanity was not only ready for this momentous message, but eagerly awaiting it. With the Mayan Calendar ending in 2012, that time is now. After “The Secret” which quickly spread around the world, this book is “The Revelation”. Adventure, romance, magic and miracles all come together in an inspiring blend of spirituality, mythology and cosmic science. Incredulous as it may appear, this is a true story.