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The Pleasure Garden from Vauxhall to Coney Island

Author : Jonathan Conlin
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Summers at the Vauxhall pleasure garden in London brought diverse entertainments to a diverse public. Picturesque walks and arbors offered a pastoral retreat from the city, while at the same time the garden's attractions indulged distinctly urban tastes for fashion, novelty, and sociability. High- and low-born alike were free to walk the paths; the proximity to strangers and the danger of dark walks were as thrilling to visitors as the fountains and fireworks. Vauxhall was the venue that made the careers of composers, inspired novelists, and showcased the work of artists. Scoundrels, sudden downpours, and extortionate ham prices notwithstanding, Vauxhall became a must-see destination for both Londoners and tourists. Before long, there were Vauxhalls across Britain and America, from York to New York, Norwich to New Orleans. This edited volume provides the first book-length study of the attractions and interactions of the pleasure garden, from the opening of Vauxhall in the seventeenth century to the amusement parks of the early twentieth. Nine essays explore the mutual influences of human behavior and design: landscape, painting, sculpture, and even transient elements such as lighting and music tacitly informed visitors how to move within the space, what to wear, how to behave, and where they might transgress. The Pleasure Garden, from Vauxhall to Coney Island draws together the work of musicologists, art historians, and scholars of urban studies and landscape design to unfold a cultural history of pleasure gardens, from the entertainments they offered to the anxieties of social difference they provoked.

The Beau Monde

Author : Hannah Greig
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The Beau Monde leads us on a tour of the exciting new world of high society in 18th century London - a world in which status was no longer determined by coronets and countryseats alone but by the more nebulous qualification of metropolitan 'fashion'. Following the experiences of a colourful cast of characters, from court and parliament to London's parks, pleasure grounds, and private homes Hannah Greig reveals how membership of the new elite was won,maintained - and sometimes lost. Above all, as as the story unfolds, we learn that being a Fashionable was about far more than simply being modish. By the end of the century, it had become the key to power andexclusivity in a changed world.

Palaces of Pleasure

Author : Lee Jackson
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An energetic and exhilarating account of the Victorian entertainment industry, its extraordinary success and enduring impact The Victorians invented mass entertainment. As the nineteenth century’s growing industrialized class acquired the funds and the free time to pursue leisure activities, their every whim was satisfied by entrepreneurs building new venues for popular amusement. Contrary to their reputation as dour, buttoned-up prudes, the Victorians reveled in these newly created ‘palaces of pleasure’. In this vivid, captivating book, Lee Jackson charts the rise of well-known institutions such as gin palaces, music halls, seaside resorts and football clubs, as well as the more peculiar attractions of the pleasure garden and international exposition, ranging from parachuting monkeys and human zoos to theme park thrill rides. He explores how vibrant mass entertainment came to dominate leisure time and how the attempts of religious groups and secular improvers to curb ‘immorality’ in the pub, variety theater and dance hall faltered in the face of commercial success. The Victorians’ unbounded love of leisure created a nationally significant and influential economic force: the modern entertainment industry.

From Playgrounds to PlayStation

Author : Carroll Pursell
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In this romp through the changing landscape of nineteenth- and twentieth-century American toys, games, hobbies, and amusements, senior historian of technology Carroll Pursell poses a simple but interesting question: What can we learn by studying the relationship between technology and play? From Playgrounds to PlayStation explores how play reflects and drives the evolution of American culture. Pursell engagingly examines the ways in which technology affects play and play shapes people. The objects that children (and adults) play with and play on, along with their games and the hobbies they pursue, can reinforce but also challenge gender roles and cultural norms. Inventors—who often talk about "playing" at their work, as if motivated by the pure fun of invention—have used new materials and technologies to reshape sports and gameplay, sometimes even crafting new, extreme forms of recreation, but always responding to popular demand. Drawing from a range of sources, including scholarly monographs, patent records, newspapers, and popular and technical journals, the book covers numerous modes and sites of play. Pursell touches on the safety-conscious playground reform movement, the dazzling mechanical innovations that gave rise to commercial amusement parks, and the media's colorful promotion of toys, pastimes, and sporting events. Along the way, he shows readers how technology enables the forms, equipment, and devices of play to evolve constantly, both reflecting consumer choices and driving innovators and manufacturers to promote toys that involve entirely new kinds of play—from LEGOs and skateboards to beading kits and videogames.

Re inventing Gardens

Author : Kyung-Jin Zoh
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Variety Entertainment and Outdoor Amusements

Author : Don B. Wilmeth
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"This is a useful reference work for popular culture and performing arts collections." Choice

Handbook of American Popular Culture

Author : M. Thomas Inge
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Design for Leisure Entertainment

Author : Anthony Wylson
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Lost New York

Author : Nathan Silver
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Charles Dickens A Tale of Two Cities

Author : Charles Dickens
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Victorian Resorts and Hotels

Author : Richard Guy Wilson
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Nineteenth Century

Author :
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A Tale of Two Cities

Author : Charles Dickens
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Harper s Weekly

Author : John Bonner
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Carl Hagenbeck s Empire of Entertainments

Author : Eric Ames
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Traces the story of German entertainment impresario and wild animal merchant, Carl Hagenbeck, known for his 19th century displays of people and excotic animals. He is often considered the father of the modern zoo.

Enclosed Enchanted

Author : Kerry Brougher
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Into the Light

Author : Tobi Bruce
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A major retrospective of the life and work of the artist William Blair Bruce, considered to be Canada's first Impressionist.

The Business of Tourism

Author : J. Christopher Holloway
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"This book is a matchless guide to the operations and structures of the contemporary tourism industry. Holloway's accessible text has long been a classic and continues to be essential student reading."Dr Nigel MorganReader in Tourism StudiesUniversity of Wales Institute, Cardiff The Business of Tourism is a well established and popular text, providing an accessible introduction to the study of travel and tourism, from its historical roots to the present-day state and likely future direction.This 7th edition provides an up-to-date account of the development, impacts and major players in this fast-moving industry as well as the significant changes in the wake of world events such as 9/11 and the Asian Tsunami of 2004. The text contains a wealth of examples to set the theory in context and a number of longer cases at the end of the book have been chosen to represent the diversity of the industry from small-scale local attractions to the world-wide appeal of major destinations.Among the key topics covered in the book are:- the global economic, socio-cultural and environmental impacts of tourism- technological change and its impact on the industry- the historical and future developments of the industry- the structure and sectors of travel and tourism- further reading and references for more extensive study Chris Holloway is Former Professor of Tourism Management at Bristol Business School, University of West of EnglandNeil Taylor is a former director of specialist tour operator Regent Holidays and currently editor of Bradt's Guides to Estonia, the Baltic Capitals and Tallinn

Dictionary of American History

Author :
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Roget s International Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases

Author : Christopher Orlando Sylvester Mawson
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