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The Plant Life of China

Author : Geoffrey P. Chapman
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An authoritative account of the fascinating plant life of China, written by two botanical experts. Chinese plant life is estimated to include up to 30000 species and extends from the Himalayan snow line across a diversity of habitats to the lush tropical south. Although for many years access to Chinese plants was limited, the present situation provides an opportunity for a new and authoritative assessment of botanical treasure-houses such as Yunnan and Sichuan. It will be of interest to those working in agriculture, alternative medicine, plant conservation, ecology, genetics, horticulture, molecular biology and taxonomy.

Plants of China

Author : De-Yuan Hong
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The flora of China is astonishing in its diversity. With 32,500 species of vascular plants, over fifty per cent of which are endemic, it has more botanical variety than anywhere else in the world and provides unbroken connections to all its landscapes - from tropical to subtropical, temperate and boreal forests. This book tells the story of the plants of China: from the evolution of the flora through time to the survey of the bioclimatic zones, soundly based on chapters with information on climate, physical geography and soils. The history of botany and its study are also examined, with chapters dedicated to forestry, medicinal plants and ornamentals, with the changing flora, aliens, extinction and conservation also discussed. An essential read for years to come, The Plants of China shows that an understanding of the flora of China is crucial to interpreting plant evolution and fossil history elsewhere in the world.

The Plant life of William Curtis

Author : Detlef Schmidt
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William Curtis (11 January 1746 in Alton, Hampshire; 7 July 1799 in Brompton) was an English botanist, apothecary and entomologist. His official botanical author code is "Curtis". Curtis was head of the Chelsea Physic Garden. He founded botanical gardens at Bermondsey, Lambeth in 1771 and Brompton in 1789. In 1787 Curtis founded the Botanical Magazine and was its editor until his death.

Plant Life Through the Ages

Author :
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The Romance of Plant Life Interesting Descriptions of the Strange and Curious in the Plant World

Author : George Francis Scott-Elliot
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WHEN we remember either the general appearance or the way in which a cabbage or a turnip appears to exist, it does not seem possible to call them active. It is difficult to imagine anything less lively than an ordinary vegetable. They seem to us the very model of dullness, stupidity, and slowness; they cannot move even from one field to the next; they are "fast rooted in the soil"; "they languidly adjust their vapid vegetable loves" like Tennyson's Oak. In fact one usually speaks of vegetating when anybody is living a particularly dull, unexciting kind of life in one particular place. And it even seems as if the books, which are supposed to give us the best information about the study of plants, and which are not very attractive little books, quite agree with the ordinary views of the subject. For one finds in them that plants differ from animals in being "incapable of motion." This, of course, just means that an animal, or rather most animals, can walk, swim, or fly about, whilst plants have roots and do not move from one spot to another. But it is not true to say that plants cannot move, for most plants grow, which means that they move, and in some few cases, we find that plants behave very much in the same way as animals do when they are touched or excited in any way. We shall have to speak about tendrils, roots, and insect-catching plants later on. But it is perhaps the Sensitive Plant which shows most distinctly that it can shrink back or shrink together when it is bruised or roughly handled. It will be described in its place, but just to show that this plant can move of its own accord, it is only necessary to hold a lighted or burning match about an inch or so below the end of a long leaf. If one does this then all the little leaflets begin to fold up, and finally the main stalk droops; soon afterwards other leaves higher up the stalk begin to be affected in the same way, and fall limply down one after the other. It is supposed that this movement frightens a grazing animal, who will imagine there is something uncanny about the plant and leave it alone. There are many respects in which this reaction of the Sensitive Plant resembles that found in animals. It does not take place if the plant is chloroformed or treated with ether; the leaves also get "fatigued" if too often handled, and refuse to rise up again. There are, however, only a very few plants in which an immediate, visible answer to a stimulus can be detected. But all plants are at work; they have periods of rest which correspond to our sleep, but during their ordinary working hours they never slacken off, but continue vigorously active.

Plant Life of Alabama

Author : Charles Theodore Mohr
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Chinese Wildlife

Author : Martin Walters
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An attractive handbook for wildlife enthusiasts visiting China, covering all major animal groups and key sites for observation. It’s full colour photographic format make it an especially attractive souvenir.

The Romance of Plant Life

Author : George Elliot
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"The Romance of Plant Life" by G. F. Scott Elliot. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.

Research in Biodiversity

Author : Igor Pavlinov
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The book covers several topics of biodiversity researches and uses, containing 17 chapters grouped into 5 sections. It begins with an interesting chapter considering the ways in which the very biodiversity could be thought about. Noteworthy is the chapter expounding pretty original "creativity theory of ecosystem". There are several chapters concerning models describing relation between ecological niches and diversity maintenance, the factors underlying avian species imperilment, and diversity turnover rate of a local beetle group. Of special importance is the chapter outlining a theoretical model for morphological disparity in its most widened treatment. Several chapters consider regional aspects of biodiversity in Europe, Asia, Central and South America, among them an approach for monitoring conservation of the regional tropical phytodiversity in India is of special importance. Of interest is also a chapter considering the history of the very idea of biodiversity emergence in ecological researches.

Ethics in Early China

Author : Chris Fraser
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Early Chinese ethics has attracted increasing scholarly and social attention in recent years as the virtue ethics movement in Western philosophy has sparked renewed interest in Confucianism and Daoism. At the same time, intellectuals and social commentators throughout greater China have looked to the Chinese ethical tradition for resources to evaluate the role of traditional cultural values in the contemporary world. Publications on early Chinese ethics have tended to focus inordinate and uncritical attention toward Confucianism, while relatively neglecting Daoism, Mohism, and shared features of Chinese moral psychology. This book aims to rectify this imbalance by including essays on Daoism and Confucianism, early Chinese moral psychology including widely neglected views of the Mohists and newly reconstructed accounts of the "embodied virtue" tradition, which ties ethics to physical cultivation. The volume also includes essays addressing the broader question of the value of comparative philosophy generally and of studying early Chinese ethics in particular. The book should have a wide readership among professional scholars and graduate students in Chinese philosophy, specifically Confucian ethics, Daoist ethics, and comparative ethics. Chris Fraseris associate professor of philosophy at the University of Hong Kong. Dan Robins is assistant professor of Chinese philosophy at Stockton College of New Jersey.Timothy O'Learyis associate professor of philosophy at the University of Hong Kong. Contributors include Roger Ames, Stephen Angle, Sin yee Chan, Jiwei Ci, Chris Fraser, Jane Geaney, William Haines, Chad Hansen, Manyul Im, P.J. Ivanhoe, Franklin Perkins, Lisa Raphals, Dan Robins, Henry Rosemont, Jr., David Wong, and Lee Yearley.

Plant Life Through the Ages

Author : A. C. Seward
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Published in 1931 for non-specialist readers, this engaging book explains what plant fossils can tell us about prehistoric times.

Introduction to California Plant Life

Author : Robert Ornduff
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"Packed with new information, this revised guide will delight both the well informed and the novice." —Peter Raven, Director of the Missouri Botanical Garden


Author : Bob Italia
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Brief text explores the history, geography, government, cities, recreation, and people of China.

Chinese Mythology

Author : Michael V. Uschan
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Readers are introduced to the elaborate mythology of ancient China. This book provides detailed discussion of the mythology's importance to its own culture and the impact it had on subsequent cultures. The numerous deities worshipped by the ancient Chinese are described and their importance to different groups and in different regions within the empire are explained. Stories are retold along with explanation of how they reflect the values and concerns of Chinese culture.

Plant life of Alabama

Author : C.T. Mohr
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Plant life of Alabama, an account of the distribution, modes of association, and adaptations of the flora of Alabama, together with a systematic catalogue of the plants growing in the state.

China Exchange News

Author :
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Subversive Strategies in Contemporary Chinese Art

Author : Mary Wiseman
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How contemporary Chinese art is creating “a philosophy of life, a philosophy of politics, and a natural philosophy,” as artist Qiu Zhijie says it must, is explored in this collection of essays by philosophers and art historians from America and China.

The Geography of China

Author : Kenneth Pletcher Senior Editor, Geography and History
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Presents the geography of China, explaining how climate and physical features have influenced the development of the country and how the economies and cultures of different regions vary.

China the Oval Office and UFO s

Author : J J Gregory
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In this installment of the Alien Ambassador series, China's UFO experience and its reverse engineering efforts are finally exposed. Members of GUTS (Galaxtic University for Technology and Science) leave their underground base on Mars and return to earth with a female Cyanmite that has the ability to travel back in time. With this creature's time travel powers, Tom and his alien wife Crystal travel back in time to learn how our government began its cover-up of all encounters with aliens and their crafts. This book is the second of the Alien Ambassador series

The Chinese Medicinal Herb Farm

Author : Peg Schafer
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Providing detailed profiles, growing information and medicinal uses for dozens of herbs, a guide for cultivating high-quality herbs at home draws on new scientific data while sharing complementary recipes and coverage of such topics as conservation, crop integration and how to avoid invasive species. Original.