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The Pink Book Of Quotes For A Queen

Author : J Amanda
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If you want to feel confident and have complete success in your everyday life and careers even if you have failed before, then keep reading ... Women frequently feel they are not good enough; they cannot accomplish great things and are often told they have to look and dress a certain way. With the influence of social media and modern culture, we see more and more of this every day. The "Dove Research" states that 80% of women do not see their beauty, and according to "My Confidence Matter", over 70% of women lack confidence in the workplace. A queen, however, is the boss of her life. She is in control and does not have mercy! She is a rare woman who is beautiful on the inside-out. She leaves a trail of sparkles wherever she goes. A queen is assertive and knows what she wants. She is FABULOUS! In "The Pink Book Of Quotes For A Queen", you will discover Advice from celebrities and women of the world in history The secrets you demand to know about being successful in your life Powerful daily tips and confidence boosters that will even impress your haters Affirmations and mantras to help you make positive changes How to avoid the mistakes 80% of women make on a daily basis Anyone that puts their mind to something can achieve it, even if they feel they were not ready, cannot afford it or do not believe they will reach their desired outcome. It is scientifically proven that confidence is not something you are born with, it is something you choose to believe. So even if you have never taken control of your life you can become a boss queen. Why are you waiting? Start your dream life...Scroll up and click "add to cart now"!

I Crown You The Queen Of My Heart

Author : It's All Love
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Love Quote Blank Lined Journal (6" x 9" 15.24 cm by 22.86 cm 120 Lined Pages) This journal is a beautiful and lovely practical book for you to enjoy or give as gift. It is both personal and functional and that's why a journal is always a fantastic choice. Giving this journal as a gift will be an awesome way to express your love to anyone who has a meaningful place in your life. A perfect book for you to write your own thoughts, daily gratitude and allows you to get a little creative with poetry and doodling. A special gift for all occasion and remember all who came into your life. Get Yours Today!

The Fall of the Ice Queen

Author : Don Julian Winslow
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A story of another age, of an early civilization seen only dimly through the veil of time. It’s a time when life is more primitive and closer to our animal roots. Life is hard, and wealth, glory and sexual pleasures are taken by conquest. The Thralkild court is rich and opulent, with scantily clad slaves and breathtakingly beautiful courtesans, all of whom who eagerly engage in the most outrageous acts at the command of their lecherous sovereign. From these mists, emerge two strong personages: The great King Rahn the Conquerer, and his consort, Lohr his proud and beautiful Queen. Both are ambitious, ruthless, cunning, and both revel in sexual pleasure, at a court known far and wide for the depths of its depravity. Though the King's lustful appetite is legendary, it remains for his newly-chosen Consort, the insatiable "Ice Queen," to plunge that depraved court into new depths. She’s a woman consumed by bizarre erotic obsessions driving her in the relentless pursuit of power and sensual pleasure – a pursuit that will lead to her ultimate downfall.

Godmother Quotes of Haterology 101

Author : Heather Maria Ramirez
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Heather Maria Ramirez is a hot selling author and she has created another masterpiece. Yes, she has done it again. This book was a true classic in the making. This book of insane truth was created for and dedicated to, the fly and the innocent peeps in the world that get hated on just like she does, and for no damn good reason at all. If you have had to deal with haters then you are going to love this hilarious book. Look inside her new book and find out why, she is the Goddess wanted in Hater County, and how she and her entourage of Inkloids caused hater tragedies and mayhem in the Hater Kingdoms, when they overturned the haters whack ass government! This book is for entertainment only and contains strong language and slang. Enjoy the uplifting poetry and stories like, The Jealousy Monster is Hungry, I Wrote Like an Egyptian, and I Am an Original Chick. Heather Maria Ramirez is without a doubt, the new queen of the writers’ world. Enjoy reading the chapters by finding out how she autographed the haters’ globe and tattooed their mentalities. This is an insane book of truth, so enjoy the hilarious chapters, and outrageous poetic terminology within these pages. Haters beware and read with caution, because this book may be hard on your digestive systems. This writer is already an international household name in the world of readers, so if you are a person that is unfamiliar with this artist, then now is your chance to know exactly who Heather Maria Ramirez is, and she is the Goddess of Poetic Terminology. She is a writer like no other. She is an original chica and she is denting the hearts of readers all over the world.

Every Teen Girl s Little Pink Book on Girlfriends

Author : Cathy Bartel
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- Hip, new series targeting teen readers and today's topics filled with fun tips, exciting stories, bulleted lists, and more! - From the creators of the bestselling little black book series that has sold over 200,000 copies! - Stylish format that appeals to teen girls and makes reading fun! - Cathy Bartel has been the support behind one of the largest youth ministries in America, Oneighty with over 450 affiliates nationwide!

The Advocate

Author :
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The Advocate is a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) monthly newsmagazine. Established in 1967, it is the oldest continuing LGBT publication in the United States.

Every Teen Girl s Little Pink Book Special Gift Edition

Author : Cathy Bartel
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From the bestselling creators of the little black book series, with over 200,000 sold, comes a unique and fun new gift collection for teen girls. every teen girl's little pink book special gift edition utilizes hip graphics, sassy quotes, and funny stories to teach teen girls about spiritual principals in a practical way. Chart-topping lists, prayers, and girly art make this book a perfect gift for birthdays, graduation, and back to school! little pink book Sugar and spice and everything nice... Our little girls are our little princesses. Now readers can pass on a hip and meaningful little book that every daughter will want to read. Packed with special devotions and cool graphics, teen girls will become the ladies God has destined them to be. little pink book for girlfriends Are you a Mean Girl or a Teenage Drama Queen? Todays teenage girls will find humor in learning about how to pick good friends, discover their identity in Christ, navigate through clichs, and be friendly to others in the little pink book for girlfriends. little pink book on gab Do you have a hard time not trashing people in slambooks or at parties? little pink book on gab takes a humorous, yet serious look on what or who teen girls are talking about. Although most girls have the gift of gab, this book puts a check on what they are gabbing about.

The Queen Quotes 111

Author : R. V. Evans MFT
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The Quotes Collection 111 is a series of smart sentences especially written for you. Based on different life issues, events and philosophies, these wit words of wisdom aim at uncovering old concepts, discovering new thoughts, encouraging the search for further truth, enlightening your mind, making new thought- connections, inciting a few insights or just at letting you decide whatever you want to get from them and their original stand. You can trust The Quotes Collection 111 are always honest, true views on thoughts, feelings, facts and acts featuring fresh "words of art," original "paintings" surrounding the bright nuances of the Mind.The "Queen" Quotes 111 are a one hundred and eleven thoughts and reflections about the female world: their brilliant minds and hearts expressing their endless brightness and awe throughout history and beyond. Because being a woman is not just about sexual organs and "pink" status and tasks; women are the true authors of the Book of Life. Without touching the feminist strings, we have to admit women are exceptional "beings." Being a woman is having, showing and using the power of reason, sense and courage to face strife and struggle every day. Being a woman is not about "victimhood," but rather about celebration of an ancient, subtle Institution of "Wall- Smashers" and "Rights- Grabbers," as well as of "Life- Makers," "Sensual Sensations," "Career- Champions," "Caring- Givers" and "Life- Creators." Being a woman is manifesting individuality, with the inherent capacity to express the human qualities defining true decency, love, commitment, creativity and transcendence.Women's attributes transcend sexual and physiological characteristics which someone has used to establish nature, not character. Female organs begin to define Femininity: an amazing alloy of hormones and organs displaying physical delicacies, emotional masteries, personality mysteries and behavioral specialties. Versatility, flair and skills most smart females own by birth right, an intrinsic gift.Womanhood is not a "social state," but rather a "state of Self." It is sweet perfume, flower scents dressed up in heels of high respect, sandals of love, hats of mind, clothes of care and handbags of heart. So, being a woman is the epitome of the inspirational empowerment to become the very best you want and deserve to be regardless the nuance of the bed you were born, raised and currently sleep on and the table you eat, drink and breathe.Enjoy these amazingly sweet and strong motivational quotes full with inspirational thoughts, bright insights and reflective words of truth and drive. Feel the power of these lines reshape, reignite and/ or sharpen your "vision and sight." Let this wonderful words on feminine marvels decorate your day with the firm, tender touch only a woman can create, provide and perpetuate with a sincere smile of joy. Peace,R.V. Evans, MFT

The Queen of the Ring

Author : Jeff Leen
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The story of Mildred Burke, the longest reigning champion of female wrestling, from the Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist and author of Kings of Cocaine. In this in-depth account, journalist Jeff Leen pulls back the curtain on a forgotten era when a petite midwesterner used her beauty and brawn to dominate America’s most masculine sport. At only five feet two, Mildred Burke was an unlikely candidate for the ring. A waitress barely scraping by on Depression-era tips, she saw her way out when she attended her first wrestling match. When women were still struggling for equality with men, Burke regularly fought—and beat—male wrestlers. Rippling with muscle and dripping with diamonds, she walked the fine line between pin-up beauty and hardened brawler. An unforgettable slice of Americana, The Queen of the Ring captures the golden age of wrestling, when one gritty, glamorous woman rose through the ranks to take her place in athletic history. “Jeff Leen has made a fabulous contribution to the sports-history canon. The Queen of the Ring is a marvelous evocation of an era, and a riveting portrait of a one-of-a-kind American moll.” —Sally Jenkins, author of The Real All Americans

We Are All the Same in the Dark

Author : Julia Heaberlin
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Discover the nail-biting new thriller from the Sunday Times bestselling author of Black-Eyed Susans 'Gorgeous writing, interesting characters, a unique setting, and an unsettling, surprising mystery. We Are All the Same in the Dark has it all' AMY ANGEL, bestselling author of The Familiar Dark 'Tense, darkly atmospheric . . .Takes your breath away with its sudden twists' DAILY MAIL _______ Ten years ago, homecoming queen Trumanell Branson vanished. Her farewell message? A bloody handprint left on a wall. Back then, the police cleared her brother Wyatt of any crime. But a new TV documentary has judged otherwise, and old suspicions are reignited. Police officer Odette Tucker is determined to solve the case. She's got history with the Branson family. And she knows they must tread carefully. But will digging into this town's deeply buried secrets do more harm than good? And what will happen when the shocking truth is finally exposed? We Are All the Same in the Dark is the nail-biting thriller from the Sunday Times bestselling author, perfect for anyone obsessed with HBO's Mare of Easttown. _______ 'One of my favourite reads of the year. The twisty plot and unexpected revelations propelled me through the pages of this spine-chilling novel . . . Absolutely mesmerizing' Heather Gudenkauf, New York Times bestselling author of The Weight of Silence 'A disquieting, tense and suspenseful book that promises to keep you reading way into the night' Culture Fly 'Twisty and atmospheric' Prima READERS LOVE WE ARE ALL THE SAME IN THE DARK: 'What a phenomenal book. The author doesn't just give you a mystery to solve but a mesmerizing story with people who get into your soul. Poetic, gut-wrenching, suspenseful' 5***** Reader Review 'This story sucked me in and spit me out. Captivating, suspenseful and heart-wrenching. The characters grab you and don't let go' 5***** Reader Review 'Julia does it again! Brilliant, extraordinary, captivating. The excitability of this book pulls you into each page right along with Odette to solve the mystery. This is a must read' 5***** Reader Review 'I devoured every page. A disturbing, sad and moving mystery' 5***** Reader Review 'Captivating from start to finish' 5***** Reader Review 'A fantastic psychological thriller. Julia knows how to write disturbing characters that will have you questioning their motives and capabilities right up until the end' 5***** Reader Review Praise for Julia Heaberlin 'A thriller to make you remember why you love thrillers' Observer 'Gripping' The Times 'Breathtakingly, heart-stoppingly brilliant' Sophie Hannah 'Wonderful . . . creepy . . . a work of art' Sunday Express 'Strong characterisation, haunting images, a wonderful sense of place . . . well worth the read' Guardian