The Pilot Factor

A new look into CRM


Author: Jean Denis Marcellin

Publisher: Plane&Simple Solutions


Category: Education

Page: 115

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The Pilot Factor is a new approach to Crew Resource Management (CRM) that will empower your team to achieve a new level of safety and efficiency by learning or acquiring three key skills: Communication, Leadership and Experience. The concepts are introduce through the use of real stories, making The Pilot Factor an enjoyable yet powerful read. The CRM Revolution is coming...

The Primary Factor


Author: Michael Stone


ISBN: 1445703637

Category: Fiction

Page: 202

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Primary Factor is a science fiction novel about an android, sent across space to seek out a planet were the dominant life form is killing the planet. His mission is to save the planet from destruction by eradicating the threat. When he crashes on a primitive Earth the question arises, can he survive until these people advance enough to enable him to leave? The discoveries he makes during his early time on Earth will change him forever, but will they be strong enough to prevent him from carrying out his mission? when, thousands of years later, these people become a major threat to the planet. Will he leave in peace, or is his core programming so strong that the human race is doomed? Or can a young computer hacker discover the secret and prevent our extinction?

The C-Factor


Author: D.A. Ramirez

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 146917734X

Category: Fiction

Page: 388

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The Soviet Union of the late 1970s worried that their military superiority is in jeopardy, steals the formula for solid rocket fuel being used by the United States, but end up with a Pandoras box capable of bringing them to their knees. Dr. George Taylor, cancer researcher and college professor leads a team of doctors and nuclear engineers on a United Nations World Health Organization Inspection to the Ukraine State of the Soviet Union. The teams mission: evaluate the effects of nuclear power usage on power plant site workers, their families and the surrounding communities of several nuclear facilities, one of which is Chernobyl. During the course of the inspections Dr. Taylor is unwittingly drawn into a dangerous mystery which began years earlier in Greenland. The truth of this secret if released could place the entire Soviet social and political system at risk. George will find his loyalties challenged between the goals of the United Nations mission and those of his secret involvement with the Presidents National Security Agency. The height of the cold war is the setting for this mystery, adventure and love story.

Flight Testing of Fixed Wing Aircraft


Author: Ralph D. Kimberlin

Publisher: AIAA

ISBN: 9781600860560

Category: Airplanes

Page: 435

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Annotation The measurement of performance during an airplane's flight, testing is one of the more important tasks to be accomplished during its development as it impacts on both the airplane's safety and its marketability. This book discusses performance for both propeller-driven and jet aircraft.

The Pilot National Environmental Specimen Bank

Analysis of Liver Human Specimens


Author: Rolf Zeisler,Sally H. Harrison,Stephen Albert Wise

Publisher: N.A


Category: Biological specimens

Page: 128

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