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The Period Book

Author : Karen Gravelle
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Explains what happens at the onset of menstruation, discussing what to wear, going to the gynecologist, and how to handle various problems.

Business Valuation 1e

Author : Vikash Goel
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Key Features Comprehensive coverage of valuation concepts: - Financial Statement Analysis. - Overview of Valuation. - Fundamental analysis of a business. - Valuation of Equity, Bonds, Derivatives and other financial assets. - Valuation in special situations such as Mergers and Acquisitions, Private companies, young and start-up companies, intangibles and others. - Laws and Regulations relating to Valuation such as Ind AS, Companies Act, Valuation Standards, SEBI, Income –tax. - Case Studies. Simple language and concise presentation of content. Includes Case Studies. Access to premium online resources and Excel Templates for valuation.

Egypt s Place in Universal History an Historical Investigation in Five Books Christian C J Bunsen

Author :
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Customer Value Shareholder Wealth Community Wellbeing

Author : Denis Kilroy
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This book provides a roadmap for leaders of listed companies to follow in order to build enduring institutions that create value for customers and wealth for shareholders on an ongoing basis, in ways that also enhance the wellbeing of all other legitimate stakeholders – including the wider community and the environment. Customer Value, Shareholder Wealth, Community Wellbeing is an inspirational work that confirms the very positive role that a more expansive, more inclusive and more conscious approach to business, can play within our society. It incorporates a breakthrough in understanding in applied corporate finance and business economics centred on the Bow Wave of Expected Economic Profits. This construct provides an economic underpinning for a new and more socially responsible business paradigm – demonstrating for the first time exactly how the performance produced by management in the market for their company’s products and services, translates into the capital market outcomes experienced by shareholders.

The Completion of Judges

Author : David J. H. Beldman
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The last five chapters of the book of Judges (chs. 17-21) contain some shocking and bizarre stories, and precisely how these stories relate to the rest of the book is a major question in scholarship on the book. Leveraging work from literary studies and hermeneutics, Beldman reexamines Judges 17-21 with the aim of discerning the "strategies of ending" that are at work in these chapters. The author identifies and describes a number of strategies of ending in Judges 17-21, including the strategy of completion, the strategy of circularity, and the strategy of entrapment. The temporal configuration of Judges and especially the nonlinear chronology that chapters 17-21 expose also receive due attention. All of this offers fresh insights into the place and function of Judges 17-21 in the context of the whole book.

The Concept of First Philosophy and the Unity of the Metaphysics of Aristotle

Author : Giovanni Reale
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Reale's monumental work establishes the exact dimensions of Aristotle's concept of first philosophy and proves the profound unity of concept that exists in Aristotle's Metaphysics. Reale's opposition to the genetic interpretation of the Metaphysics is an updated return to a more traditional view of Aristotle's work, one which runs counter to nearly all contemporary scholarship. Reale argues that Aristotle's first philosophy includes a study of being, a study of substance, a study of divine substance, and a study of principles and causes, all of which are integrated and dialectically reconciled.

Books in Numbers

Author : Lucille Chia
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This collection of essays is a result of an academic conference entitled "Books in Numbers" held in celebration of the seventy-fifth anniversary of the Harvard-Yenching Library. The aim of this conference was to celebrate the book culture of East Asia by comparing and contrasting the development of manuscript and print culture in each of the separate cultural areas of the region: China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, and Central Asia. The essays do not attempt to offer a "complete" picture of the history of writing and the book in East Asia, but rather they hope to make a modest contribution by highlighting the differential developments in each of the cultural regions, as they were influenced by political, economic, social, and cultural factors.

Jesus the Bridegroom

Author : Phillip J. Long
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Did Jesus claim to be the "bridegroom"? If so, what did he mean by this claim? When Jesus says that the wedding guests should not fast "while the bridegroom is with them" (Mark 2:19), he is claiming to be a bridegroom by intentionally alluding to a rich tradition from the Hebrew Bible. By eating and drinking with "tax collectors and other sinners," Jesus was inviting people to join him in celebrating the eschatological banquet. While there is no single text in the Hebrew Bible or the literature of the Second Temple Period which states the "messiah is like a bridegroom," the elements for such a claim are present in several texts in Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Hosea. By claiming that his ministry was an ongoing wedding celebration he signaled the end of the Exile and the restoration of Israel to her position as the Lord's beloved wife. This book argues that Jesus combined the tradition of an eschatological banquet with a marriage metaphor in order to describe the end of the Exile as a wedding banquet.

Guide to Record Retention Requirements

Author : United States. Office of the Federal Register
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A History of Philosophy

Author : Frederick Charles Copleston
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A detailed study, designed for use in Catholic seminaries, of classical philosophy, stressing the theories of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and their followers