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The Past is Myself The Road Ahead Omnibus

Author : Christabel Bielenberg
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The Past is Myself Christabel Bielenberg, a niece of Lord Northcliffe, married a German lawyer in 1934. She lived through the war in Germany, as a German citizen under the horrors of Nazi rule and Allied bombings. The Past is Myself is her story of that experience - and an unforgettable portrait of an evil time. Published in the USA as When I Was a German. The Road Ahead Following the extraordinary success of her wartime memoir, The Past is Myself, Christabel Bielenberg received thousands of letters from readers begging her to describe what happened next. In The Road Ahead she continues her story with the outbreak of peace - a time of struggle for reconciliation with, and the rebuilding of, a defeated nation. She also tells of life in her newly adopted country, Ireland, her involvement with the Peace Women of Northern Ireland, and with characteristic modesty and gratitude, looks back on a rich, full life.

The Dark of The Grey Omnibus

Author : G.E. Perlin
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"The Dark of The Grey is the book that reads like a movie in your mind." - The Go-To Book Club Description: Nate was a computer programmer living on a small island just north of Seattle. He enjoyed a quiet and uncomplicated existence away from all the big city's chaos and trouble, just how he liked it. But something was terribly wrong. Nate was suffering from sleep paralysis, but he would soon discover a much more sinister truth behind his ongoing problem. This revelation sets Nate on a one-way path across the U.S. in an effort to find his father and solve the mystery of who and what he is.

Media Review Digest

Author : C. Edward Wall
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Aid in Recovery

Author : Jason Crawford
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She was there, and then she wasnt. And sometimes thats all it takes. Finding what it takes to keep moving forward, however, is a far more challenging trialcertainly one greater than any man deservesand reaching it will cause more pain than any one girl ever could. It demands that he look upon himself in the most vulnerable way possible: honestly. No excuses, no facades, and nothing left to hide. And nowhere left to hide it. Just a broken boy standing naked before himself, one who must ask of

The Christine Brooke Rose Omnibus

Author : Christine Brooke-Rose
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This is a re-issue of the 'Omnibus' containing four of Christine Brooke-Rose's most exhilarating short novels. It is timed to coincide with the publication of her latest novel, 'Life, End Of'.

Words on Cassette 2002

Author : R R Bowker Publishing
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I Went to See for Myself

Author : Duncan Norton-Taylor
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I Have Always Loved Older Women

Author : Howard C. Barker
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I’ve Always Loved Older Women is an intimate memoir written by Howard Barker. Born in 1924, he shares stories of growing up in rural Mississippi, the tragic loss of both his parents at the age of seven, serving in the military during World War II, surviving an exciting life of a starving artist in New York City, and finally becoming a successful set designer in theater, television, and film. He weaves his professional experiences and his personal relationships with the greats and near greats, movie stars, and other extraordinary older women, finally finding the love he was always searching for.

A Yiddish Omnibus

Author :
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Jordan Syria

Author : Damien Simonis
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This guide contains up-to-date historical, cultural, and political notes and expanded coverage of Syria including walking tours around Damascus and Aleppo. The book has an overview of all the main archaeological sites (with site maps and tips on how to become involved with a dig) along with the requisite practical information. color illustrations.

Courage to be Myself

Author : Carlos Gonzales Valles
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Author's views on life.

Jai Bhim

Author : Terry Pilchick
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Human Rights in Nicaragua

Author : Karen King
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Forward Into the Past

Author : Regge N. Wiseman
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Texas School Bus Regulations

Author : Littleton A. Woods
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The Oppenheim Omnibus

Author : Edward Phillips Oppenheim
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New Times International

Author :
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A Cast of Players

Author : Julius Vogel
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Oregon Or Bust Blunder Bus

Author : Mary L. Wilson
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The crew and friends of the popular Montana Blunder Bus take to the western highways for more exploration and conversation -- leaving no muskmelon or political topic unturned.

Hindi Short Stories

Author : Rajendra Avasthi
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