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A passion for teaching electronic resource

Author : Christopher Day
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This book is a celebration and an acknowledgement of the various forms of intellectual, physical, emotional and passionate endeavours in which teachers at their best engage. Christopher Day demonstrates that teachers with a passion for teaching are those who are committed, enthusiastic and intellectually and emotionally energetic in their work with children, young people and adults alike. Having this passion for helping pupils to learn has recently been identified as one of the four leadership characteristics mentioned in the HayMcBer Report on effective teachers. Day recognises that passionate teachers are aware of the challenge of the broader social contexts in which they teach, have a clear sense of identity and believe they can make a difference to the learning and achievement of all their pupils. Offering a refreshing and positive view, A Passion for Teaching is a contribution to understanding and improving the teaching profession and brings new insights to the work and lives of teachers. It is written for all teachers, teacher educators and student teachers who have a passion for education, who love learners, the learning life and the teaching life.

The Passion to Learn

Author : Joan Solomon
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This is the first book to provide a detailed overview and analysis of autodidactism, or self-education. Autodidacts' strong preference for teaching themselves is likely to manifest itself, in childhood, as a pronounced resistance to formal schooling. However, in later life, an autodidact's passion for learning will emerge as they participate in open or distance learning or even take responsibility for devising, structuring and following their own programme of education. Beginning and ending with comprehensive and stimulating discussions of learning theories, The Passion to Learn includes fourteen case studies of autodidactism in informal learning situations, all written by authors with specialised knowledge. These wide-ranging case studies reflect the inherent diversity of autodidactism, yet four common themes emerge: emotional/cognitive balance; learning environment; life mission; and ownership of learning. The final chapter addresses the implications of autodidactism for educational theory, research, philosophy and psychology. This inquiry into autodidactism provides fresh insight into the motivation to learn. It shows how closely cognition, emotion and sensory perception act together in learning processes and draws upon memory studies, neurobiology, complexity theory and philosophy to illuminate the findings. At a time when such issues as participation in education, lifelong learning and alternative, non-formal modes of teaching and learning are in the forefront of international educational discourse, this fascinating, inspiring and timely book will be of great interest to anyone involved in the practice or policy of teaching and learning.

The Passion Driven Classroom

Author : Angela Maiers
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Turn your classroom into a thriving community of learners! In The Passion-Driven Classroom, bestselling authors Angela Maiers and Amy Sandvold show you how to spark and sustain your students’ energy, excitement, and love of learning. This updated edition offers a new framework for changing your mindset and implementing a passion-driven classroom, where passion meets practice every day as students learn new skills and explore their talents. You’ll come away with specific examples of how to set up your classroom, how to manage it, and how to assign passion projects where students take the lead. With this book, you’ll be able to move away from prescription-driven learning toward Passion-Driven Learning, so you can make a real difference in the lives of your students.

The Passionate Learner

Author : Robert L. Fried
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A practical guide for keeping young people’s curiosity alive All children begin life as passionate, curious learners. But in school, too many become alienated from the joy of learning. Filled with stories and specific ideas, The Passionate Learner is a handbook for cultivating kids’ passionate engagement with learning at all ages. “A wise, realistic treatise on the prospects of reclaiming children’s engagement with learning. . . . Fried is inspirational and practical.” —Publishers Weekly “[A] fascinating look at the way children lose their natural ability to learn as they enter and progress through school. . . . [Fried] outlines strategies for parents, teachers, and school systems to enliven the teaching process and recapture children’s natural passion for learning. An inspiring resource for parents and teachers.” —Booklist “Should be required reading for all educators committed to reforming classrooms and reviving the spirit of learning.” —Jacqueline Jordan Irvine, Emory University “Fried accomplishes here what so few education writers have even attempted—he speaks to parents in the same clear, nonjargon prose he offers to teachers.” —Seymour Sarason, author of Teaching as a Performing Art “Fried’s reflections are dead-on.” —Teacher Magazine “Accurate and thought-provoking analyses of what we believe and what schooling actually promotes.” —Principal Magazine Robert L. Fried is associate professor of education at Northeastern University in Boston, and works with teachers and parents in schools around the country. Author of The Passionate Teacher: A Practical Guide, he lives in Concord, New Hampshire.

This War is the Passion

Author : Caryll Houselander
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The mystery of the Passion sermons

Author : William John Knox- Little
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Light from the Cross sermons on the Passion of our Lord tr by R C L Brown

Author : Friedrich August G. Tholuck
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The Mystery of the Passion of Our Most Holy Redeemer

Author : William John Knox-Little
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Contemplations and meditations on the passion and death of Jesus Christ according to the method of saint Ignatius tr from M ditations selon la m thode de st Ignace by a sister of mercy revised by a priest F Hathaway

Author : Frederick Hathaway
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A Passion to Learn

Author : Sandra S. and Raymond D. Loewe
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Instilling a passion to learn early in kids’ lives can make a huge difference in their success and their enjoyment in life. And helping kids find that passion can create a vitality and sense of purpose that can enrich our own lives. Ray and Sandy share their personal stories of getting through their school years without finding a passion that made sense of their educational paths. Today, schools are less and less able to provide the experiential education that could spark kids’ passion for learning. Budgets, curriculum mandates, time-consuming coursework, and testing all combine to make it more and more difficult for teachers to expose their students to experiences that could fire their ambition and create a passion for learning that could help them achieve their goals. The stories in this book provide a taste of what is possible. The book also challenges readers to consider their own ideas and find a way to get involved. Ray and Sandy offer a format for developing experiential-education projects so they are viable and self-sustaining. It’s a win-win! Students develop a passion for learning and adults are rewarded with vitality and purpose that can carry them through their active pre- and post-retirement years.

The Hopes and Decisions of the Passion of Our Most Holy Redeemer

Author : William John Knox-Little
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Great at Work

Author : Morten T. Hansen
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The Wall Street Journal bestseller—a Financial Times Business Book of the Month and named by The Washington Post as “One of the 11 Leadership Books to Read in 2018”—is “a refreshingly data-based, clearheaded guide” (Publishers Weekly) to individual performance, based on a groundbreaking study. Why do some people perform better at work than others? This deceptively simple question continues to confound professionals in all sectors of the workforce. Now, after a unique, five-year study of more than 5,000 managers and employees, Morten Hansen reveals the answers in his “Seven Work Smarter Practices” that can be applied by anyone looking to maximize their time and performance. Each of Hansen’s seven practices is highlighted by inspiring stories from individuals in his comprehensive study. You’ll meet a high school principal who engineered a dramatic turnaround of his failing high school; a rural Indian farmer determined to establish a better way of life for women in his village; and a sushi chef, whose simple preparation has led to his unassuming restaurant being awarded the maximum of three Michelin stars. Hansen also explains how the way Alfred Hitchcock filmed Psycho and the 1911 race to become the first explorer to reach the South Pole both illustrate the use of his seven practices. Each chapter “is intended to inspire people to be better workers…and improve their own work performance” (Booklist) with questions and key insights to allow you to assess your own performance and figure out your work strengths, as well as your weaknesses. Once you understand your individual style, there are mini-quizzes, questionnaires, and clear tips to assist you focus on a strategy to become a more productive worker. Extensive, accessible, and friendly, Great at Work will help us “reengineer our work lives, reduce burnout, and improve performance and job satisfaction” (Psychology Today).

The Messiah Descriptive of the Principal Events Attending the Passion Crucifixion Resurrection and Ascension of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ From the German of Frederic Gottlieb Klopstock To which are Prefixed Memoirs of the Life of the Author Stereotype Edition The Prose Translation by Mary Collyer and Mary Meeke

Author : Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A Passion for Learning

Author : Philip A. Cusick
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In his engaging new book, Philip Cusick puts the personal back into education by examining the educational experiences of seven eminent American, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Jane Addams, W.E.B. Du Bois, Eleanor Roosevelt, J. Robert Oppenheimer, and Dorothy Day. Devoting a chapter to each, Cusick describes what they learned, how they learned, what they called their education, and how they used education to establish their place in the world. More than providing just a series of personal histories, Cusick argues that the discourse about education has turned into a discourse about educational institutions. But his descriptions show that one can talk about education without talking about schools, talk about learning without talking about the state curriculum, talk about achievement without talking about test scores, and talk about accountability without talking about teacher preparation.

Sermons on the Passion of Christ

Author : Martin Luther
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The hours of the Passion including in full the daily office for morning and night chiefly after the ancient English of Salisbury with other devotational forms compiled and ed by a priest of the English Church

Author :
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Scapular of the most sacred passion of our Lord Jesus Christ with rules explanatory for obtaining the indulgences as granted by His present Holiness Pope Pius IX

Author : Red Scapular of the Passion (VINCENTIANS)
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The Passions in Their Relations to Health and Diseases

Author : Xavier Bourgeois
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Sketches of the History of Literature and Learning in England from the Norman Conquest to the accession of Elizabeth With specimens of the principal writers ser 2 From the accession of Elizabeth to the Revolution of 1688 ser 3 From the Revolution of 1688 to the present day

Author : George Lillie CRAIK
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Unlocking the Will to Learn

Author : Christine A. Johnston
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In this book Christine A Johnston discusses the Interactive Learning Model which uses the metaphor of a combination lock to describe the mechanisms involved in the will to learn. By aligning the three lock mechanisms (cognition//processing, conation//performing and affectation//developing), the will to learn and the power to learn is unlocked for the student.