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The Parable of Snickers and Other Reflections

Author : Jan Cherbonneau
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This work consists of a compilation of shorter pieces, including stories, parables, anecdotes, and recollections, all under the umbrella of "reflections." Some of these pieces the reader will find quite funny, though the fun often has a strong punch line. Others, in places, are, frankly, poignant or even painful, as is the normal way with life. Within these pages is a rich array of topics, themes, and moods, covering a span of many years. It is all non-fiction, consisting of descriptions, reflections, and, in many instances, words we felt we heard from the Lord, concerning my, or our, experiences, some reaching far back into childhood, and others more recent. In a way, this is not a work with one unifying and dominant theme, while in other, and deeper ways, it is very much so. The underlying dynamic of hearing God gurgles along like a stream beneath a mill, providing the energy to turn the wheel that grinds the grist into flour, which is then kneaded and formed into the bread of the finished work. Hearing is an integral part of how we relate to the Lord and, through Him, to others and to the world. Hearing is central. It is the glue-or, to keep the analogy, the gluten-that holds it all together. And just as relating to God is central, so is its corollary, relationship with others. These inextricably intertwined themes, we trust, will be abundantly manifest from beginning to end. There is always some larger message in anything, for it is, after all, a sacramental world. Indeed, a sacrament is a sort of parable in action. The larger parabolic messages, the most profound things, are often found in the small, the hidden, and the subtle. Our intent is to demonstrate this intriguing reality by offering these stories as teaching vehicles, as parables, though they are not always titled as such. These reflections are little windows into our lives and histories, written with the hope that others will not only enjoy them but identify, and perhaps even gain some insights into their own situations. We believe that the reader will find ample occasion to smile, to laugh, or to cry with us, and, perhaps, even find healing and joy. At the very least, we hope the reader will find it all to be just good, engaging reading.

At Home with the Word

Author : Ragan Schriver
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Alone or with a group, this book helps you to read the Sunday scriptures and reflect on them throughout the week. Pause and rest with God's world before you carry it out into the world to act on it, or prepare yourself or your students to listen to the word proclaimed on Sunday. For each week, At Home with the Word includes three Sunday scripture readings, biblical citations for weekday readings, a reflection on one of the readings for study or discussion and suggestions for practices of virtue. This book is for everyone -- junior high or high school classes, parents of first communicants, individuals, teen groups, parish house-holds, small groups such as Renew and Cursillo, catechumens, candidates for full communion, catechists and sponsors. The 2001 edition begins with the first Sunday of Advent 2000 and ends December 1, 2001. The edition for 2002 begins with the first Sunday of Advent 2001.

The Responsive Heart

Author : Kirkie Morrissey
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It's been ten years since NavPress brought you the full edition of the Message Bible. Now we are introducing a special limited-time edition Message 10th Anniversary Reader's Edition. Written in order to make the Bible's meaning more understandable to modern readers, The Message was worked directly from the Greek and Hebrew texts into the idioms, images, and language people speak in their homes and workplaces. When paired with your favorite study Bible, this contemporary reader's version offers deeper understanding of complex passages. And because it is formatted into a single column and has no verse numbers, it reads like a novel. Enhance your Bible reading with a new way of approaching Scripture that makes the miraculous, the tragic, and the triumphant stories of the Bible come alive in a new way. Features: * Written directly from the Greek and Hebrew texts * Formatted in a single-column format * No distracting verse numbers * Serves as a great companion Bible to your study Bible * Set in 11-point type * Includes a ribbon marker, maps, and charts