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Friend Or Fiend with the Pain the Great One

Author : Judy Blume
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Collects the first four books in the series, in which an older sister and younger brother experience the ups and downs of everyday life, including sibling rivalry, school troubles, and family hijinks.

The C J Box Highway Quartet Collection

Author : C.J. Box
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Here together in a convenient ebook bundle, the four thrilling mysteries in the Highway Quartet Collection from Edgar Award-winning, New York Times bestselling author C.J. Box: Back of Beyond Cody Hoyt, although a brilliant cop, is an alcoholic struggling with two months of sobriety when his friend Hank Winters turns up dead in a remote mountain cabin. At first it looks like suicide, but Cody knows Hank better than that. As Cody digs deeper into the case, all roads lead to foul play. After years of bad behavior with his department, Cody in no position to be investigating a homicide. But he will stop at nothing to find out who murdered Hank. And why... The Highway When two sisters set out across a remote stretch of Montana road to visit their friend, little do they know it will be the last time anyone might ever hear from them again. The girls—and their car—simply vanish. Convinced by his son and his former rookie partner, Cassie Dewell, former police investigator Cody Hoyt begins the drive to the girls' last known location. As Cody makes his way to the stretch of highway where they went missing, Cassie discovers that Gracie and Danielle Sullivan aren't the first girls who have disappeared in this area. This majestic landscape is the hunting ground for a killer. Can Cassie overcome her doubts and lack of experience and use her innate skill? Can Cody Hoyt battle his own demons and find this killer before another victim vanishes on the highway? Badlands Twelve-year-old Kyle Westergaard dreams of getting out of Grimstad and leading a better life. One day, while delivering newspapers, he witnesses a car accident and takes a mysterious bundle from the scene. Suddenly he’s in possession of a lot of money—and packets of white powder—and Kyle can’t help but wonder whether his luck has changed...for better or for worse. When a gang war heats up, it’s up to Cassie Dewell to help restore law and order. As she is propelled on a collision course with a murderous enemy, she finds that the key to it all might come in the most unlikely form: a boy on a bike named Kyle. He seems to know something that Cassie does not about what lies beneath the surface of this small and troubled town... Paradise Valley For three years, Investigator Cassie Dewell has been on a hunt for a serial killer known as the Lizard King whose hunting grounds are the highways and truck stops where runaways and prostitutes are most likely to vanish. Cassie almost caught him...once. Now, she has set what she believes is the perfect trap. But the plan goes horribly wrong, and the blame falls on Cassie. Disgraced, she loses her job. At the same time, Kyle Westergaard, has disappeared and Kyle's grandmother begs Cassie to find him. Cassie agrees—all the while hunting the truck driver. Kyle's disappearance may have a more sinister meaning than anyone realizes. With no allies, no support, and only her own wits to rely on, Cassie must take down a killer who is as ruthless as he is cunning.

Ember Quartet Digital Collection

Author : Sabaa Tahir
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Journey deep into the Martial Empire and into “one of the best fantasy series of the last decade” (Buzzfeed) with the complete An Ember in the Ashes quartet by #1 New York Times bestselling author Sabaa Tahir. For the first time together, all in one place, this ebook bind-up includes each complete book of the beloved epic series: • An Ember in the Ashes, One of Time Magazine’s 100 Best Fantasy Books of All Time • A Torch Against the Night, A New York Times bestseller, A USA Today bestseller, A Wall Street Journal bestseller • A Reaper at the Gates, An Entertainment Weekly Summer Reads pick • A Sky Beyond the Storm, One of Amazon’s Best Young Adult Books of 2020 Praise for An Ember in the Ashes: “Sabaa Tahir spins a captivating, heart-pounding fantasy.” —Us Weekly “This novel is a harrowing, haunting reminder of what it means to be human—and how hope might be kindled in the midst of oppression and fear.” —The Washington Post “An Ember in the Ashes mixes The Hunger Games with Game of Thrones...and adds a dash of Romeo and Juliet.” —The Hollywood Reporter Praise for A Torch Against the Night: “The stakes here are high and the plot runs like a well-oiled machine, ratcheting up the tension with every chapter.” — “An adrenaline rush till the very last page.” —Buzzfeed "This sequel has a darker tone and even higher stakes than its predecessor, setting the stage for a thrilling conclusion." —Publishers Weekly, starred review Praise for A Reaper at the Gates: “The book deftly handles serious issues like the costs of genocide and war. Both action-packed and emotionally engaging, A Reaper at the Gates is the perfect summer read.” —The Washington Post "Tahir has created another compelling story that defies readers to stop turning the pages." —Booklist, starred review Praise for A Sky Beyond the Storm: “Tahir’s exquisite storytelling doesn’t miss a beat… This series is an epic hero’s journey, with love, adventure, and magic woven throughout. Recommended for every young adult collection.” —School Library Journal “In A Sky Beyond the Storm, Sabaa Tahir so expertly draws the reader into the lives and thoughts of her characters that their every emotion—anger, pain, love, longing—races through your heart with each turn of the page. A breathtaking conclusion to this incredibly rich and rewarding fantasy series.” —Seira Wilson, Amazon Book Review

Quartet Complete Series

Author : Michelle Love
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The note hung in the air, pure and clear. As it faded out, the singer drew in a deep breath, then brought her hand down. The crowd leaped as one, moving with the swell of the beat, arms in the air, the sweltering heat of the auditorium pulsating through their limbs. He moved through the crowd, never taking his eyes from the beautiful brunette at the front of the stage. Despite her small size, her command over the audience and her presence were palpable. Their eyes met and held. A shock passed through him, his breath caught, and his groin tightened. Time stopped. As quickly as it happened, she looked away and he realized that in this melee, in this beautiful old building—Seattle’s Paramount on the corner of Ninth and Pine, she could have been looking at anyone. He watched the band, the brunette, the blond guitarist who looked faintly familiar, and the huge, bearded drummer who was grinning madly as he pounded the drums. They were all so different he thought, his gaze returning to the singer. Her dark hair tumbled down her back, strands sticking to the sheen of sweat on her lovely face, her smile joyous and infectious. There was a woman, he thought, who was doing the thing she loved the most, her reason for being, her passion. That was the moment Tomas Meir fell in love with Bay Tambe.

The Troubadours Quartet Boxset

Author : Jean Gill
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Like 'Game of Thrones' with real history. The complete set of four award-winning books: Historical Fiction series The Troubadours Quartet Set in the period following the Second Crusade, Jean Gill's spellbinding romantic thrillers evoke medieval France with breathtaking accuracy. She captures the soul of the age and the characters who lived in it. The characters leap off the page and include amazing women like Eleanor of Aquitaine and Ermengarda of Narbonne, who shaped history in battles and in bedchambers. Four Discovered Diamonds Awards; Historical Novel Society Editor's Choice Three out of three: Readers Favourite 5* Awards; Winner of the Global Ebooks Award for Best Historical Fiction Book 1 Song at Dawn: 1150 in Provence On the run from abuse, Estela wakes in a ditch with only her lute, her amazing voice, and a dagger hidden in her underskirt. Her talent finds a patron in Eleanor of Aquitaine and more than a music tutor in the Queen's finest troubadour and Commander of the Guard, Dragonetz los Pros. Meanwhile, their enemies gather, ready to light the political and religious powder-keg of medieval Narbonne. Book 2 Bladesong: 1151 in The Holy Land Estela, the troubadour, is following the destiny of her beautiful voice. Dragonetz, her passionate knight, has a dangerous mission to fulfil. Divided by the times they love in, they fight to be together. Imprisoned in Damascus, Dragonetz suffers the mind games inflicted by his anonymous enemies, as he is forced to remember the traumatic events of the crusade, two years earlier. Instead of remaining safely at home, Estela is desperate to rescue Dragonetz at all costs. She sets out for the Holy Land, never realising that the person she thinks will be her knight's saviour might actually be his doom. Can Estela get him out alive, despite Nur-ad-Din, the Muslim Atabeg; Mélisende, the Queen of Jerusalem; and an avenger from the past? Will she still want to, when she knows what they've done to him? Book 3 Plaint for Provence: 1152 in Les-Baux-de-Provence The Troubadours, Estela and her lover, Dragonetz, are embroiled in two rival claims for power as their feuding liege lords gather in Provence. If the peace fails, Dragonetz' sword will decide the winner and friends will die. Dragonetz weaves a precarious path through the rival factions at court where an uneasy truce prevails behind the chivalry of hunt and tournament. Meanwhile, Estela faces her own demons. Confronted with her childhood abusers, threatened and attacked, she confides in her friends. Tragically, one of those friends is Dragonetz' worst enemy and Estela has no idea of what he is capable. In this third volume of the Troubadours Quartet, Jean Gill, the 'master of historical intrigue', continues to weave the gripping adventures of Dragonetz and Estela seamlessly into real historical events. Medieval France comes alive in all its facets, from healing with leeches to training a goshawk. Book 4 Song Hereafter: 1153 in Hispania and the Isles of Albion Dragonetz has failed Eleanor of Aquitaine once. Now that she plans to be Queen of England he could make amends. Although prepared to risk his own life on an impossible quest, a knight should protect his lady, or so say the troubadour songs. His lady, however, plays to a different tune and she wants partnership, not protection. Estela and Dragonetz fight their enemies, both on the battlefield and in the courts of Christendom, from the sophistication of Zaragossa to the wilds of Wales. Can they win through to song hereafter, together? Or have they broken one rule too many?

CMJ New Music Monthly

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CMJ New Music Monthly, the first consumer magazine to include a bound-in CD sampler, is the leading publication for the emerging music enthusiast. NMM is a monthly magazine with interviews, reviews, and special features. Each magazine comes with a CD of 15-24 songs by well-established bands, unsigned bands and everything in between. It is published by CMJ Network, Inc.

Mayhem in Mayfair Quartet The Complete Series

Author : Grace Callaway
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For the first time, these four bestselling hot regency romances are included in one box set! Book 1: Her Husband’s Harlot How far will a wallflower go to win her husband's love? When her disguise as a courtesan backfires, Lady Helena finds herself entangled in a game of deception and desire with her husband Nicholas, the Marquess of Harteford ... and discovers that he has dark secrets of his own. Book 2: Her Wanton Wager To what lengths will a feisty miss go to save her family from ruin? Miss Persephone Fines takes on a wager of seduction with notorious gaming hell owner Gavin Hunt and discovers that love is the most dangerous risk of all. Book 3: Her Protector’s Pleasure Wealthy widow Lady Marianne Draven will stop at nothing to find her kidnapped daughter. Having suffered betrayal in the past, she trusts no man—and especially not Thames River Policeman Ambrose Kent, who has a few secrets of his own. Yet fiery passion ignites between the unlikely pair as they battle a shadowy foe. Can they work together to save Marianne's daughter? And will nights of pleasure turn into a love for all time? Book 4: Her Prodigal Passion Sensible Miss Charity Sparkler has been in love with Paul Fines, her best friend’s brother, for years. When he accidentally compromises her, they find themselves wed in haste. Can an ugly duckling recognize her own beauty and a reformed rake his own value? As secrets of the past lead to present dangers, will this marriage of convenience transform into one of love? Length: Four full-length novels Sensuality: Hot and steamy

The 100 Most Popular Young Adult Authors

Author : Bernard Alger Drew
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Offers brief biographies, annotated listings of each author's works, and suggestions for additional reading.

Popular Series Fiction for K 6 Readers

Author : Rebecca L. Thomas
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Indexes popular fiction series for K-6 readers with groupings based on thematics, consistant setting, or consistant characters. Annotated entries are arranged alphabetically by series name and include author, publisher, date, grade level, genre, and a list of individual titles in the series. Volume is indexed by author, title, and subject/genre and includes appendixes suggesting books for boys, girls, and reluctant/ESL readers.

The Publishers Weekly

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