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The Pageant of Mediaeval England

Author : Nicholas Guildford
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The Pageant of Medieval England

Author :
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The Pageant of Medieval England

Author : Francis Godwin James
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The Pageant of Medieval England covers various topics, including Anglo-Saxon England, Medieval monastic life, the life of the feudal aristocracy, popular medieval religion, and the disintegration of medieval society. Mr. James' selections provide a basic understanding of the values of the medieval world, with each portion conveying a distinct impression.

The Medieval Twelve Days of Christmas A Musical Pageant of the Feast Days Between December 25 and January 6 as They Were Celebrated in England in the

Author : Karis Crawford
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In the Middle Ages, the Christmas season didn't end on December 25. Instead, the festivities were just beginning! This pageant vividly re-creates Christmas celebrations in medieval England with brief excerpts from plays, legends, sermons, poems, and liturgies. As the days of Christmas unfold, saints and sinners, wassailers and kings, noblewomen and soldiers make appearances, and a narrator provides a unifying voice. Linking the segments are merry carols and haunting chants, offered by instrumentalists and singers. On the stage, a unique Wheel of Christmastide (depicted on the cover of the book) is rotated to mark the progression of the Christmas season. The Medieval Twelve Days of Christmas pageant will be a popular addition to the performance lineups of living history groups, churches, church-affiliated high schools and colleges, early music ensembles, and local theater companies. Complete production instructions are included, covering casting, costumes, props, venue, printed programs, scholarly background, and more. Adults and older children perform and are also the targeted audience for the pageant, which runs about 60 to 80 minutes. Although the narratives and songs in this pageant are authentically medieval, the materials have been crafted in Modern English to be easily understood. The script coordinates with music and lyrics in The New Oxford Book of Carols, edited by Keyte and Parrott (1992), which should be purchased separately. Please note that this pageant is based on Christian observances in England in the Middle Ages, not on the later song about a partridge in a pear tree! The author of The Medieval Twelve Days of Christmas holds a PhD in medieval literature from the University of Toronto, as well as a License in Medieval Studies from the Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies. She served as an associate editor for the Middle English Dictionary, taught medieval and Renaissance literature at the University of Michigan, and led a graduate writing program at Hamline University. In 2002, she produced and directed a successful staging of the pageant in Ann Arbor, Michigan, for an audience of about 500.

The Pageant Waggon and the Staging of the Guild Plays in Medieval England

Author : David Haddon Taylor
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Shaping the Archive in Late Medieval England

Author : Sarah Elliott Novacich
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Sarah Elliott Novacich explores the ways in which the plots of sacred history were preserved and repurposed in Medieval English literature.

A Year in the Life of Medieval England

Author : Toni Mount
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The perfect almanac for lovers of all things medieval

Kingship and Masculinity in Late Medieval England

Author : Katherine Lewis
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Kingship and Masculinity in Late Medieval England explores the dynamic between kingship and masculinity in fifteenth century England, with a particular focus on Henry V and Henry VI. The role of gender in the rhetoric and practice of medieval kingship is still largely unexplored by medieval historians. Discourses of masculinity informed much of the contemporary comment on fifteenth century kings, for a variety of purposes: to praise and eulogise but also to explain shortcomings and provide justification for deposition. Katherine J. Lewis examines discourses of masculinity in relation to contemporary understandings of the nature and acquisition of manhood in the period and considers the extent to which judgements of a king’s performance were informed by his ability to embody the right balance of manly qualities. This book’s primary concern is with how these two kings were presented, represented and perceived by those around them, but it also asks how far Henry V and Henry VI can be said to have understood the importance of personifying a particular brand of masculinity in their performance of kingship and of meeting the expectations of their subjects in this respect. It explores the extent to which their established reputations as inherently ‘manly’ and ‘unmanly’ kings were the product of their handling of political circumstances, but owed something to factors beyond their immediate control as well. Consideration is also given to Margaret of Anjou’s manipulation of ideologies of kingship and manhood in response to her husband’s incapacity, and the ramifications of this for perceptions of the relational gender identities which she and Henry VI embodied together. Kingship and Masculinity in Late Medieval England is an essential resource for students of gender and medieval history.

Revisiting the Medieval North of England

Author : Anita Auer
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The medieval north of England has been underexplored to date, and this volume may be seen as an invitation for further exploration. It brings together scholars with shared interests in language, literature, culture, history and manuscript studies, viewed from different disciplinary perspectives such as English philology, historical linguistics and medieval literature. While many scholars have thus far been debating the dividing lines between north and south as well as between north, Midlands and south, the contributors to this volume are interested in texts produced in the north, the providence of which has been determined by way of affiliation to religious and civic writing centres including the important monastic houses in the north (such as Durham, York and the Yorkshire Cistercian houses). Most of the contributions grow out of recent and ongoing research projects that touch upon different aspects of the north of England in the medieval period. Concentrating on the north as a centre of manuscript production, dissemination and reception, this volume aims also at illustrating the fluidity of boundaries and communication, and the resulting links to different geographical regions.

Mediaeval Pageant

Author : John Revell Reinhard
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A collection of stories from the works of the romancers & tale tellers of the Middle Ages. Mr. Reinhard has re-translated many of them, adapted them, & set them in a framework similar to the Canterbury Tales of the Decameron, this time a group of congenial spirits gathered in an Irish monastery. "Mr. Reinhard places the serious student in his debt, & provides the general reader with some entertaining hours."--MANCHESTER GUARDIAN.

Heraldry Pageantry and Social Display in Medieval England

Author : Peter R. Coss
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Discussion of display through a range of artefacts and in a variety of contexts: family and lineage, social distinction and aspiration, ceremony and social bonding, and the expression of power and authority.

The Idea of the Castle in Medieval England

Author : Abigail Wheatley
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A new way of looking at the medieval castle - as a cultural reflection of the society that produced it, seen through art and literature.

Villainage in England Essays in English Mediaeval History

Author : Paul Vinogradoff
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"Villainage in England" by Paul Vinogradoff. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.

The Legend of Charlemagne in Medieval England

Author : Phillipa Hardman
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The Matter of France, the legendary history of Charlemagne, had a central but now largely unrecognised place in the multilingual culture of medieval England. From the early claim in the Chanson de Roland that Charlemagne held England as his personal domain, to the later proliferation of Middle English romances of Charlemagne, the materials are woven into the insular political and cultural imagination. However, unlike the wide range of continental French romances, the insular tradition concentrates on stories of a few heroic characters: Roland, Fierabras, Otinel. Why did writers and audiences in England turn again and again to these narratives, rewriting and reinterpreting them for more than two hundred years? This book offers the first full-length, in-depth study of the tradition as manifested in literature and culture. It investigates the currency and impact of the Matter of France with equal attention to English and French-language texts, setting each individual manuscript or early printed text in its contemporary cultural and political context. The narratives are revealed to be extraordinarily adaptable, using the iconic opposition between Carolingian and Saracen heroes to reflect concerns with national politics, religious identity, the future of Christendom, chivalry and ethics, and monarchy and treason. Phillipa Hardman is Reader in Medieval English Literature (retired) at the University of Reading; Marianne Ailes is Senior Lecturer in French at the University of Bristol.

Medieval English Drama

Author : Katie Normington
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Medieval English Drama provides a fresh introduction to the dramatic and festive practices of England in the late Middle Ages. The book places particular emphasis on the importance of the performance contexts of these events, bringing to life a period before permanent theatre buildings when performances took place in a wide variety of locations and had to fight to attract and maintain the attention of an audience. Showing the interplay between dramatic and everyday life, the book covers performances in convents, churches, parishes, street processions and parades, and in particular distinguishes between modes of outdoor and indoor performance. Katie Normington aids the reader to a fuller understanding of these early English dramatic practices by explaining the significance of the place of performance, the particularities of spectatorship for each event and how the conventions of the form of drama were manipulated to address its reception. Audiences considered range from cloistered members, congregations and parish members to urban citizens, nobles and royalty. Undergraduate students of literature of this period will find this an approachable and illuminating guide.

Jews in Medieval England

Author : Miriamne Ara Krummel
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This volume examines the teaching of Jewishness within the context of medieval England. It covers a wide array of academic disciplines and addresses a multitude of primary sources, including medieval English manuscripts, law codes, philosophy, art, and literature, in explicating how the Jew-as-Other was formed. Chapters are devoted to the teaching of the complexities of medieval Jewish experiences in the modern classroom. Jews in Medieval England: Teaching Representations of the Other also grounds medieval conceptions of the Other within the contemporary world where we continue to confront the problematic attitudes directed toward alleged social outcasts.

The Lost Literature of Medieval England

Author : R. M. Wilson
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Originally published in 1952 The Lost Literature of Medieval England provides an account of lost masterpieces of medieval English literature. The book examines the evidence for their existence and pieces together a fuller understanding of the literary traditions of the period. In more specific detail, the book looks at the concept of Christian epics and religious and didactic literature, as well as the drama and the lyrical poetry of the period.

Socioliterary Practice in Late Medieval England

Author : Helen Barr
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Socioliterary Practice in Late Medieval England bridges the disciplines of literature and history by examining various kinds of literary language as examples of social practice. Readings of both English and Latin texts from the late fourteenth and early fifteenth centuries are grounded in close textual study which reveals the social positioning of these works and the kinds of ideological work they can be seen to perform. Distinctive new readings of texts emerge which challenge received interpretations of literary history and late medieval culture. Canonical authors and texts such as Chaucer, Gower, and Pearl are discussed alongside the less familiar: Clanvowe, anonymous alliterative verse, and Wycliffite prose tracts.

Versions of Virginity in Late Medieval England

Author : Sarah Salih
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Medieval virginity theory explored through study of martyrs, nuns and Margery Kempe.

Routledge Revivals Medieval England 1998

Author : Paul E. Szarmach
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First published in 1998, this valuable reference work offers concise, expert answers to questions on all aspects of life and culture in Medieval England, including art, architecture, law, literature, kings, women, music, commerce, technology, warfare and religion. This wide-ranging text encompasses English social, cultural, and political life from the Anglo-Saxon invasions in the fifth century to the turn of the sixteenth century, as well as its ties to the Celtic world of Wales, Scotland and Ireland, the French and Anglo-Norman world of the Continent and the Viking and Scandinavian world of the North Sea. A range of topics are discussed from Sedulius to Skelton, from Wulfstan of York to Reginald Pecock, from Pictish art to Gothic sculpture and from the Vikings to the Black Death. A subject and name index makes it easy to locate information and bibliographies direct users to essential primary and secondary sources as well as key scholarship. With more than 700 entries by over 300 international scholars, this work provides a detailed portrait of the English Middle Ages and will be of great value to students and scholars studying Medieval history in England and Europe, as well as non-specialist readers.