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The Opposite of Everything is True

Author : William H. Crisman
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An expert in the field of recovery shares personal recollections and experiences involving substance abuse, codependency, and recovery and offers helpful advice for alcoholics and their families

Aristotle Semantics and Ontology

Author : L.M. de Rijk
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This study offers a re-interpretation of basic elements of Aristotle's semantics and metaphysics (particularly his sublunar ontology) on the basis of a meticulous reconstruction of his semantics. By eliminating anachronistic conceptions commonly ascribed to him, many shortcomings or obscurities he is accused of will disappear.

The Metaphysics

Author : Aristotle
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Let God Be True and Every Man a Liar

Author : Victor Perez
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We as the church are being looked at by the lost world as a bunch of hypocrites. We need to seriously consider this viewpoint in how we are evangelizing the lost. Currently there are 3,500 people leaving the church from all denominations daily. This is definitely not the Lord’s plan for the Body of Christ. Another statistic showed that from the years 2000 to 2008, 20 million people left the North American church from all denominations. Matthew 11: 28 (NAS) reads, “Come to Me, all you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” When the Lord Jesus Christ uses the term all, He is referring to every single person on Earth. When the church uses the term all, they are referring to only those who belong to their denomination. This should not be. I truly believe that the Lord Jesus wants to redefine who He wants to be in each and every one of our lives, if we let Him. The question is, do we want Him to, or are we comfortable with where we are operating as different denominational churches? What the world is experiencing currently is testimony that business as usual has ended for the entire church world.

Conditionals Paradox and Probability

Author : Lee Walters
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Conditionals, Paradox, and Probability comprises fifteen original essays on themes from the work of Dorothy Edgington, the first woman to hold a chair in philosophy at Oxford. Eminent contributors from philosophy and linguistics discuss a range of topics including conditionals, vagueness, knowledge, reasoning, and probability.

Big Data Is Not a Monolith

Author : Cassidy R. Sugimoto
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Perspectives on the varied challenges posed by big data for health, science, law, commerce, and politics. Big data is ubiquitous but heterogeneous. Big data can be used to tally clicks and traffic on web pages, find patterns in stock trades, track consumer preferences, identify linguistic correlations in large corpuses of texts. This book examines big data not as an undifferentiated whole but contextually, investigating the varied challenges posed by big data for health, science, law, commerce, and politics. Taken together, the chapters reveal a complex set of problems, practices, and policies. The advent of big data methodologies has challenged the theory-driven approach to scientific knowledge in favor of a data-driven one. Social media platforms and self-tracking tools change the way we see ourselves and others. The collection of data by corporations and government threatens privacy while promoting transparency. Meanwhile, politicians, policy makers, and ethicists are ill-prepared to deal with big data's ramifications. The contributors look at big data's effect on individuals as it exerts social control through monitoring, mining, and manipulation; big data and society, examining both its empowering and its constraining effects; big data and science, considering issues of data governance, provenance, reuse, and trust; and big data and organizations, discussing data responsibility, “data harm,” and decision making. Contributors Ryan Abbott, Cristina Alaimo, Kent R. Anderson, Mark Andrejevic, Diane E. Bailey, Mike Bailey, Mark Burdon, Fred H. Cate, Jorge L. Contreras, Simon DeDeo, Hamid R. Ekbia, Allison Goodwell, Jannis Kallinikos, Inna Kouper, M. Lynne Markus, Michael Mattioli, Paul Ohm, Scott Peppet, Beth Plale, Jason Portenoy, Julie Rennecker, Katie Shilton, Dan Sholler, Cassidy R. Sugimoto, Isuru Suriarachchi, Jevin D. West

Freedom from the Dungeons of Human Slavery

Author :
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This Alone is True

Author : Mrinalini Sarabhai
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Sunday lessons for the instruction of children of the New Church in the science of correspondences in schools or at home By Theophilus Parsons

Author : Theophilus PARSONS (the Younger.)
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The Whole Truth

Author : Mark Eckel
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Almost Ideal A Dialogue Conerning the Nature of Just About Everything

Author :
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The Heavenly City

Author : Emanuel Swedenborg
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A new translation of Emanuel Swedenborg's short work The New Jerusalem and Its Heavenly Doctrine. In it, Swedenborg discusses our inner natures, how we can develop as spiritual people, and the true meaning of observances like baptism and the Holy Supper (Eucharist).

The Opposite of Certainty

Author : Janine Urbaniak Reid
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What happens when we can no longer pretend that the ground underfoot is bedrock and the sky above predictable? All Janine Urbaniak Reid ever wanted was for everyone she loved to be okay so she might relax and maybe be happy. Her life strategy was simple: do everything right. This included trying to be the perfect mother to her three kids so they would never experience the kind of pain she pretended not to feel growing up. What she didn’t expect was the chaos of an out-of-control life that begins when her young son’s hand begins to shake. The Opposite of Certainty is the story of Janine’s reluctant journey beyond easy answers and platitudes. She searches for a source of strength bigger than her circumstances, only to have her circumstances become even thornier with her own crisis. Drawn deeply and against her will into herself, and into the eternal questions we all ask, she discovers hidden reserves of strength, humor, and a no-matter-what faith that looks nothing like she thought it would. Beautifully written and deeply hopeful, Janine shows us how we can come through impossible times transformed and yet more ourselves than we’ve ever allowed ourselves to be.

The Truth about Everything

Author : Matthew Stewart
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The Truth about Everything is an approach to the history of philosophy from well outside the modern institutional framework of knowledge. With an unusually frank and irreverent style, using parables, imaginary dialogues, and illustrations, Matthew Stewart picks apart the myths which make up widely accepted versions of the history of philosophy and offers in their place a realistic assessment of individual philosophers and schools and their contributions to the advance of human knowledge and happiness. This dramatic recasting of the history supports two theses: First, rational consciousness is not, as the usual story has it, the outcome of a historical process and the sole property of the Western tradition. Second, philosophy is not a specialized, professional discipline with privileged access to reason, knowledge, and/or virtue. Stewart suggests instead that philosophy is a general disposition, an attitude of respect and love for knowledge, which can be made a part of anyone's life, at any time.

Sacred Fire

Author : Kalonymus Kalmish Shapira
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Sacred Fire: Torah from the Years of Fury (1939-1942) consists of commentaries on each weekly Torah portion. It also includes a number of lengthy sermons delivered on the major Jewish Festivals as well as a few discourses alluding to people loved and lost. Because writing is not permitted on the Sabbath, these "words of Torah" were transcribed from memory, after the Sabbath or festival had ended. Although the pages of Sacred Fire are not stained with the names of its author's tormentors, there are numerous references to historical events through which parallels can be drawn. Rabbi Shapira often refers, for example, to the binding of Isaac and the martyrdom of Rabbi Akiba. Sacred Fire forms a religious, spiritual response to the Holocaust that speaks from the heart of the darkness. In doing so, it may well form the basis for what could one day become Judaism's formal liturgical response to the events that occurred during those years of fury.

Life the Universe and Everything

Author : Ric Machuga
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No philosophical idea, no matter how small, can live alone. Ideas always gain their force, power, and life from their surroundings - their ecosystem. The ecosystem of ideas defended in this book comes from the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle and his medieval interpreter, Thomas Aquinas. The ongoing relevance of their philosophical thought to twenty-first century issues is opened up in fascinating ways in this book. Life, the Universe, and Everything is the product of thirty years of teaching introductory courses in philosophy. Assuming no prior background, it only requires of readers an enquiring mind and a willingness to think carefully. An ideal guide to the big questions we face.

Everything in its Right Place

Author : Brad Osborn Ph.D.
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More than any rock artist since The Beatles, Radiohead's music inhabits the sweet spot between two extremes: on the one hand, music that is wholly conventional and conforms to all expectations of established rock styles, and, on the other hand, music so radically experimental that it thwarts any learned notions. While averting mainstream trends but still achieving a significant level of success in both US and UK charts, Radiohead's music includes many surprises and subverted expectations, yet remains accessible within a framework of music traditions. In Everything in its Right Place: Analyzing Radiohead, Brad Osborn reveals the functioning of this reconciliation of extremes in various aspects of Radiohead's music, analyzing the unexpected shifts in song structure, the deformation of standard 4/4 backbeats, the digital manipulation of familiar rock 'n' roll instrumentation, and the expected resolutions of traditional cadence structures. Expanding on recent work in musical perception, focusing particularly on form, rhythm and meter, timbre, and harmony, Everything in its Right Place treats Radiohead's recordings as rich sonic ecosystems in which a listener participates in an individual search for meaning, bringing along expectations learned from popular music, classical music, or even Radiohead's own compositional idiolect. Radiohead's violations of these subjective expectation-realization chains prompt the listener to search more deeply for meaning within corresponding lyrics, biographical details of the band, or intertextual relationships with music, literature, or film. Synthesizing insights from a range of new methodologies in the theory of pop and rock, and specifically designed for integration into music theory courses for upper level undergraduates, Everything in its Right Place is sure to find wide readership among scholars and students, as well as avid listeners who seek a deeper understanding of Radiohead's distinctive juxtapositional style.

Persuasion Reflection Judgment

Author : Rodolphe Gasché
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As one of the most respected voices of Continental philosophy today, Rodolphe Gasché pulls together Aristotle's conception of rhetoric, Martin Heidegger's debate with theory, and Hannah Arendt's conception of judgment in a single work on the centrality of these themes as fundamental to human flourishing in public and political life. Gasché's readings address the distinctively human space of the public square and the actions that occur there, and his valorization of persuasion, reflection, and judgment reveals new insight into how the philosophical tradition distinguishes thinking from other faculties of the human mind.

True Blue

Author : W.H.G Kingston
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Reproduction of the original: True Blue by W.H.G Kingston

True Parents

Author : Sun Myung Moon
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