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The Nyarlathotep Cycle

Author : H. P. Lovecraft
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This volume of stories and poems illustrates the ubiquitous presence of Nyarlathotep, the mighty messenger of the Outer Gods, and shows him in several different guises. The 13 stories include a Lin Carter novella.

The Xothic Legend Cycle

Author : L. Carter
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The late Lin Carter was a prolific writer and anthologist of horror and fantasy with more than 80 titles to his credit. This is the first collection of Carter's Mythos tales. It includes his intended novel, "The Terror Out of Time."

The Three Impostors and Other Stories

Author : Arthur Machen
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Some of the finest horror stories ever written. Arthur Machen had a profound impact upon H.P. Lovecraft and the group of stories that would later become known as the Cthulhu Mythos. This first volume of Chaosium's Arthur Machen collection begins with the chilling "The Three Impostors" in its complete form, including the rarely seen sections "The Decorative Imagination" and "The Novel of the Iron Maid." Rounding out the first volume are "The Great God Pan, " "The Inmost Light, " and "The Shining Pyramid."

The Ithaqua Cycle

Author : A. Blackwood
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This fantasy anthology opens with the tale of the elusive, utterly supernatural Ithaqua which roams the North Woods and the wastes beyond striking fear in hunters and travelers. Also included are three stories by August Derleth, and a spectrum of contemporary authors including Brian Lumley, Stephen Mark Rainey, and Pierre Comtois.

Tales Out of Innsmouth

Author : Chaosium Inc. Staff
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A shadow hangs Innsmouth, home of the mysterious deep ones, and the secretive Esoteric Order of Dagon. An air of mystery and fear looms...waiting. Now you can return to Innsmouth in this second collection of short stories about the children of Dagon. Visit the undersea city of Y'ha-nthlei and discover the secrets of Father Dagon in this collection of stories. This anthology includes ten new tales and three classic reprints concerning the shunned town of Innsmouth.

The Complete Pegana

Author : Lord Dunsany
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The Necronomicon Files

Author : Daniel Harms
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What if a book existed that gave answers to everything you've ever wondered about? What would you do to learn its secrets? Tales of such books have abounded for millennia and are legend in occult history. One of the most pervasive modern iterations is that of the Necronomicon, said to be a genuine occult text from the 8th century. The Necronomicon really is the creation of science fiction writer H.P. Lovecraft (1891-1937), in whose books the magic volume first appears in print. In The Necronomicon Files two occult authorities explore all aspects of The Necronomicon, from its first appearance in Lovecraft's fiction to its ongoing pervasive appearance in cult and occult circles. The Necronomicon Files, revised and expanded further, reveals the hoax of the Necronomicon. Harms and Gonce show that the apocryphal history of the Necronomicon was concocted by Lovecraft to lend it verisimilitude in his fiction. The magical text was transformed into an icon among Lovecraft's literary circle, who added to the book's legend by referring to it in their own writing. People became convinced that it was a real book and its references in literature and film continue to grow. The book also examines what people have undergone to find the Necronomicon and the cottage industry that has arisen over the past three decades to supply the continuing demand for a book that does not exist. Scholarly yet accessible, humorous and intriguing, The Necronomicon Files illuminates the depth of the creative process and the transformations of modern myth, while still managing to preserve much of the romance and fascination that surrounds the Necronomicon in our culture.

Percival and the Presence of God

Author : Jim Hunter
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A tale of the young Percival of Arthurian legend. Freely adapted from Malory and Chretien de Troyes, this intense, thoughtful work tells of Percival?s dual quest for Arthur and the Grail, and of the strange loss that follows.?One thrills time and again at [Hunter?s] use of words.? ?Daily Telegraph.?[Hunter?s] best book so far.? ?Guardian.

The Spiraling Worm

Author : David Conyers
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"Dixon grabbed his head in agony as the vision flooded his mindthe whirling chaotic swirl that gibbered and howled just beyond the gateway: stars, planets and constellations spinning in insanely rapid combinations, light and darkness attacking each other with supernova intensity, lines of force clashing in galaxy-melting conglomerations of sound. He felt his body somehow separate from him . . . and he fought to maintain sanity, to keep his eyes on the chaos that was beginning to spill from the wedge between our world and the infinite worlds of Nyarlathotep.Figgs exulted, blood spilling down his lips and chin, flesh half-chewed spraying from his mouth as he danced in the nuclear fire of the end of the world. In the blinding light he saw a figure moving towards him, a black, wavering line of matter that spun in slow helices through the endless, churning cauldron of white fire.The Worm moved fast vast chunks of space-time disappeared beneath its approach, atoms screaming as they dissolved, seconds stretching into hours, chains of stars exploding before the path of the Messenger of the Gods. Figgs knelt before it, all spells fleeing his mind, all cantrips and catches meant to imprison the outer god forgotten in the insane joy of the Mask at the approach of its Master.

Necronomicon Gnosis A Practical Introduction

Author : Asenath Mason
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The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror

Author :
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The Best of Dreams of Decadence

Author : Angela Kessler
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Featuring contributions by such noted authors as Tanith Lee, Lawrence Watt-Evans, and Brian Stableford, an electrifying collection of stories and poetry, garnered from a premier vampire magazine, captures the bloodlust and dark sensuality of the undead, from the gothic to the modern. Original.

What Do I Read Next

Author :
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The Book of Eibon

Author : Chaosium Inc. Staff
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The "Book of Eibon," the creation of Clark Ashton Smith, ranks behind Lovecraft's "Necronomicon" as a shunned repository of mystical horrors surviving blasphemously from elder eons. Not content with his own and Lovecraft's citations of the Book, Smith actually wrote two chapters of it, his famous stories "The door to Saturn" and "The coming of the white worm." Lin Carter knew a good thing when he saw it and decided that it would be fun to write and read the remaining Eibonic chapters. He did not live to finish the Book, but others took up the challenge, supplying more of the droll yet frightening episodes, as well as various liturgical and magical arcana the Book of Eibon was said to contain. A Mythos grimoire-- a work of horror, humor, and genuine poetic power.

The Essential Guide to Mummy Literature

Author : Brian J. Frost
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In The Essential Guide to Mummy Literature, Brian J. Frost provides the first in-depth survey and bibliography of works of fiction featuring mummies.

What Do I Read Next 1998

Author : Gale Group
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Provides synopses for over 1,500 titles of current popular fiction and recommends other books by such criteria as authors, characters portrayed, time period, geographical setting, or genre

The Necronomicon

Author : Frederik Pohl
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Although skeptics claim that the "Necronomicon" is a fantastic tome created by H.P. Lovecraft, true seekers into the esoteric mysteries of the world know the truth: the "Necronomicon" is the blasphemous tome of forbidden knowledge written by the mad Arab, Abdul Alhazred. Even today, after attempts over the centuries to destroy any and all copies in any language, some few copies still exist, secreted away. Within this book you will find stories about the "Necronomicon," different versions of the "Necronomicon," and two essays on this blasphemous tome. Now you too may learn the true lore of Abdul Alhazred.

The Dream Cycle of H P Lovecraft Dreams of Terror and Death

Author : H.P. Lovecraft
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“[Lovecraft's] dream fantasy works are as terrifying and haunting as his tales of horror and the macabre. A master craftsman, Lovecraft brings compelling visions of nightmarish fear, invisible worlds and the demons of the unconscious. If one author truly represents the very best in American literary horror, it is H. P. Lovecraft.”—John Carpenter, Director of At the Mouth of Madness, Halloween, and Christine With an introduction by Neil Gaiman This volume collects, for the first time, the entire Dream Cycle created by H. P. Lovecraft, the master of twentieth-century horror, including some of his most fantastic tales: The Doom That Came to Sarnath—Hate, genocide, and a deadly curse consume the land of Mnar. The Statment of Randolph Carter—“You fool, Warren is DEAD!” The Nameless City—Death lies beneath the shifting sands, in a story linking the Dream Cycle with the legendary Cthulhu Mythos. The Cats of Ulthar—In Ulthar, no man may kill a cat...and woe unto any who tries. The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath—The epic nightmare adventure with tendrils stretching throughout the entire Dream Cycle. And twenty more tales of surreal terror!

The Azathoth Cycle

Author : Edward Derby
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The Hastur Cycle

Author : Robert M. Price
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The stories in this book evoke a tracery of evil rarely rivaled in horror writing. They represent the whole evolving trajectory of such notions as Hastur, the King in Yellow, Carcosa, the Yellow Sign, the Black Stone, Yuggoth, and the Lake of Hali. A succession of writers from Ambrose Bierce to Ramsey Campbell and Karl Edward Wagner have explored and embellished these concepts so that the sum of the tales has become an evocative tapestry of hypnotic dread and terror, a mythology distinct from yet overlapping the Cthulhu Mythos. Here for the first time is a comprehensive collection of all the relevant tales.