The Norton Anthology of World Literature


Author: Martin Puchner,Suzanne Conklin Akbari,Wiebke Denecke,Vinay Dharwadker,Barbara Fuchs

Publisher: W. W. Norton

ISBN: 9780393919615

Category: Fiction

Page: 1888

View: 1529

The most-trusted and most-respected text in its field is now brand-new in all the best ways.

The Norton Anthology of Drama


Author: J. Ellen Gainor,Stanton B. Garner, Jr.,Martin Puchner

Publisher: W. W. Norton

ISBN: 9780393921519

Category: Drama

Page: 1824

View: 4365

Provides a brief history of theater, with a selection of plays from antiquity to the present day.

Ottemiller's Index to Plays in Collections

An Author and Title Index to Plays Appearing in Collections Published since 1900


Author: Denise L. Montgomery

Publisher: Scarecrow Press

ISBN: 081087721X

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 832

View: 459

Representing the largest expansion between editions, this updated volume of Ottemiller's Index to Plays in Collections is the standard location tool for full-length plays published in collections and anthologies in England and the United States throughout the 20th century and beyond. This new volume lists more than 3,500 new plays and 2,000 new authors, as well as birth and/or death information for hundreds of authors.

Literature and Ethics

Questions of Responsibility in Literary Studies


Author: Daniel K. Jernigan

Publisher: Cambria Press

ISBN: 1604976055

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 428

View: 1702

Literature and Ethics covers a wide gamut of literary periods and genres, including essays on Victorian literature and modernism, as well as several studies on narrative, but the central ethos emerges from considerations of issues of responsibility and irresponsibility as they find expression in literary study, and in ethics. Students and academics who are interested in literary theory, ethics, narrative form, and issues of authorial responsibility, and how such matters inform the reading of literary texts, will find that this collection offers a wide array of approaches and viewpoints by major figures from the relevant sub-disciplines in literary studies. The collection offers much-timely critical observation on a variety of contemporary authors but also provides critically adventurous commentaries on Victorian literature, and on Indian, African, Irish, and Australian literature. The volume assembles a collection of essays that would illustrate the great diversity of methods by which considerations of responsibility can and do offer insight into a range of literary texts, and theoretical discourses, while also making a contribution to the philosophical question of responsibility (and irresponsibility) in the contemporary world. The collection as a whole testifies to the human fascination with issues of responsibility, just as it testifies to the necessity of posing questions of responsibility as questions of ethics and literature, the necessity of recognizing, in other words, that "responsibility" names a concept whose only ground is the history of those fictional narratives of responsibility and irresponsibility that modern civilization would do well to continue inventing and reflecting upon critically. So whether ethical discourses find expression in theoretical debate--or in and through the sophisticated fictions that constitute an imaginative culture--what is clear, both from wider discussions related to the value of literary texts that are such a central part of contemporary literary studies, and from the varied and nuanced arguments that are made in this collection, is that questions of responsibility are central to literature, philosophy, and the arts, just as they are to the social realities that spawned them in the first place. Literature and Ethics is an important book for all literature and literary theory collections. It has specific resonance for students and teachers who are interested in the value of literary study, and in questions of ethics and narrative.

The Poetry of Louise Glu ̈ck

A Thematic Introduction


Author: Daniel Morris

Publisher: University of Missouri Press

ISBN: 9780826265562

Category: Electronic books

Page: 274

View: 7054

"Explores Glück's utilization of masks of characters from history, the Bible, and fairy tales, discussing the persistent themes and transitional tone of her poetry through close reading of her early work, Firstborn; through the book-length sequences Ararat, Meadowlands, and The Wild Iris; to her latest, including Vita Nova and Averno"--Provided by publisher.

A Sense of Community

Essays on the Television Series and Its Fandom


Author: Ann-Gee Lee

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 1476615713

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 240

View: 3773

Television’s Community follows the shenanigans of a diverse group of traditional and nontraditional community college students: Jeff Winger, a former lawyer; Britta Perry, a feminist; Abed Nadir, a pop culture enthusiast; Shirley Bennett, a mother; Troy Barnes, a former jock; Annie Edison, a naïve overachiever; and Pierce Hawthorne, an old-fashioned elderly man. There are also Benjamin Chang, the maniacal Spanish teacher, and Craig Pelton, the eccentric dean of Greendale Community College, along with well-known guest stars who play troublemaking students, nutty professors and frightening administrators. This collection of fresh essays familiarizes readers not only with particular characters and popular episodes, but behind-the-scenes aspects such as screenwriting and production techniques. The essayists explore narrative theme, hyperreality, masculinity, feminism, color blindness, civic discourse, pastiche, intertextuality, media consciousness, how Community is influenced by other shows and films, and how fans have contributed to the show.

Teaching world literature


Author: David Damrosch

Publisher: Modern Language Assn of Amer

ISBN: 9781603290340

Category: Education

Page: 432

View: 5901

This is an exciting, and unsettling, time to be teaching world literature, writes David Damrosch. Because the range of works taught in world literature courses has expanded enormously, both historically and geographically, the task of selection--and of teacher preparation--has grown more challenging. Teachers of this field must grapple with such issues as coverage, cultural difference, and the role of translation in the classroom. Should one emphasize masterpieces or traditions, concepts or themes? How does one avoid making a work bear the burden of representing an entire tradition? To what extent should anthologies be used? Can a course be global in scope and yet focus on a few works, authors, moments?This collection of thirty-two essays in the MLA series Options for Teaching offers an array of solutions to these challenges, reflecting the wide variety of institutions, courses, and students described by the contributors. An annotated bibliography is provided, with a listing of useful Web sites.

The Current Debate about the Irish Literary Canon

Essays Reassessing The Field Day Anthology of Irish Writing


Author: Helen Thompson

Publisher: Edwin Mellen Press


Category: History

Page: 360

View: 2386

This book is a response to the controversy surrounding the publication The Field Day Anthology of Irish Writing in 1991. The essays in the collection examine concerns such as the canonical status of writers such as Joyce, Yeats and Beckett; how postcolonial theory and criticism have reshaped the boundaries of Irish Studies; and how women's writing has challenged canonicity as a concept.