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The Norton Anthology of Short Fiction

Author : Richard Bausch
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The classroom standard for readers and aspiring writers of fiction, The Norton Anthology of Short Fiction offers the most comprehensive, engaging selection of classic and contemporary stories in the field.

The Norton Anthology of Short Fiction

Author :
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Norton Anthology of Short Fiction

Author : Ronald Verlin Cassill
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The Norton Anthology of Short Fiction

Author : Bausch, Richard
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The Norton Anthology of Short Fiction, shorter edition features 73 works—many of them new to this edition—by 69 authors, offering a broad collection of short stories with the most thoughtful annotations and apparatus on the market. With a new "Authors in Depth" feature, an extensive Reviews and Commentaries section, and expanded coverage of Writers on Writing, the shorter eighth edition provides a wealth of criticism of key works and authors, as well as the opportunity to look deeper into the craft of fiction.

The Universal Kabbalah

Author : Leonora Leet
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This landmark work by an innovative modern Kabbalist develops a scientific model for kabbalistic cosmology and soul psychology. Derived from the kabbalistic diagram of the Tree of Life and the author's own Sabbath Star diagram, this universal model encodes the laws of all cosmic manifestation, giving a mathematical basis to many aspects of this mystical tradition and providing a new synthesis of science and spirituality that may well write a new chapter to the Kabbalah.

Thematic Guide to Popular Short Stories

Author : Patrick A. Smith
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A guide for librarians and teachers offers annotations summarizing the themes, plots, and publication information for 450 popular short stories.

The Kabbalah of the Soul

Author : Leonora Leet
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Leet has erected a new framework for understanding the mechanisms that enable the human soul to reach increasingly higher dimensions of consciousness.

The Forgotten Film Adaptations of D H Lawrence s Short Stories

Author : Jason Mark Ward
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By considering D.H. Lawrence’s stories through the lens of critically neglected short films, this book provides a fresh, forward-looking approach to Lawrence studies which engages with current adaptation theory to reflect on the evolving critical reception of the author’s tales.

Rasselas Prinz von Abyssinien

Author : Samuel Johnson
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Maxwell s Handbook for AACR2

Author : Robert L. Maxwell
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For application of the most current Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, there is but one standard: Maxwell's Handbook for AACR2. This practical and authoritative cataloging how-to, now in its Fourth Edition, has been completely revised inclusive of the 2003 update to AACR2. Designed to interpret and explain AACR2,Maxwell illustrates and applies the latest cataloging rules to the MARC record for every type of information format. Focusing on the concept of integrating resources, where relevant information may be available in different formats, the revised edition also addresses the Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) and the cataloging needs of electronic books and digital reproductions of physical items such as booksand maps. From books and pamphlets to sound recordings, music, manuscripts, maps,and more, this is the most comprehensive and straightforward guide to interpreting and applying standard cataloging rules. Learn: How and when to apply the rules What has changed in MARC21 coding How the rules help organize descriptive and bibliographic information What are uniform titles for unusual formats or materials How to select access points Extensive updates have resulted in all-new chapters covering cartographic materials, electronic resources, and continuing resources (formerly called serials). Illustrated with over 490 figures, showing actual MARC catalog records, this is the must-have AACR2 guide for catalogers, LIS students, and cataloging instructors.

The Father

Author : R. V. Cassill
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A masterful, multifaceted story collection from one of American literature’s most influential writers and teachers As a creative writing teacher whose students included Raymond Carver, Joy Williams, and Andre Dubus, and as longtime editor of The Norton Anthology of Short Fiction, R. V. Cassill profoundly impacted the development of the short story in America. The ten stunning tales in The Father and Other Stories exhibit his mastery of the form and the breathtaking scope of his vision. In “This Hand, These Talons,” a former combat pilot grapples with the dislocations of peacetime. “The Prize,” an O. Henry Award winner, is a tender yet clear-eyed portrait of the growing pains of a Depression-era adolescence. “And in My Heart” is a richly nuanced portrayal of a writing teacher’s obsessive involvement in the ill-fated romance of two of his students. The haunting title story, a widely anthologized masterpiece, illustrates a man’s descent into guilt and despair after he is forced to amputate his son’s hand to save the boy from dying in a farming accident. Across a broad range of characters, tones, and settings, Cassill finds beauty and insight wherever he looks. The Father and Other Stories is proof of his tremendous skill as a storyteller and his enduring influence on contemporary literature.

The Short Short Story

Author : José Flávio Nogueira Guimarães
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This book proposes a study of a new postmodern prose fiction genre, the short-short story. Considerations of generic classifications and boundaries are followed by an historical overview and analysis of short fiction from the nineteenth to twenty-first centuries, especially under the influence of the Russian Anton Chekhov, who is regarded as the father of the modern short story. The postmodern short-short story is seen as emerging from this trend, a hybrid genre with characteristics of the narrative language of her prose genres such as the short story and the journalistic writing. The cluster of features, such as condensation, lack of character development, surprise endings, etc., which is seen as characteristic of the short-short story, are discussed, and ten examples are summarized and analyzed, including two traditional short stories for contrast. It is seen that the short-short story may be further broken into what is called “the new sudden fiction” and the even shorter and more radical “flash fiction.”

The Story of Narrative Preaching

Author : Mike Graves
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Forty years ago the one thing that could be said about sermons was they were biblical. Unfortunately, they were sometimes tedious too. Narrative preaching aimed to fix that, advocating for a dynamic experience of the text over against a static lecture. Preaching could be like the parables of Jesus, intriguing and compelling. The Story of Narrative Preaching is the story of seven students who are enrolled in Professor Freeman's preaching course. Once a new trend, narrative preaching is now older than most of them. As Professor Freeman notes, two things went wrong with narrative styles: over time the church became biblically and theologically illiterate, and the promised stress on experience didn't always measure up to the weight of the gospel. Readers are invited to sit in on the class, to reflect on the expositional nature of preaching and to experience the stories of some modern storytellers--Flannery O'Connor, Alice Walker, and others--to see what they might teach us about narratives of depth. In the end we discover what may be the most important word in preaching.

Postmodern American Fiction

Author : Paula Geyh
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Collects works by sixty-eight authors, including William S. Burroughs, Kurt Vonnegut, Art Spiegelman, Lynda Barry, Bobbie Ann Mason, and Douglas Coupland

Reading the Short Story

Author : Anna Wing-bo Tso
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Beginning with a brief history and evolution of the short story genre, alongside an overview of the key short story writers, and an explanatory chapter of literary criticism, this book aims to give readers insight into the works by canonical British, Irish, and American authors, including Edgar Allan Poe, James Joyce, Flannery O'Connor, and more. Applying close reading skills and critical literary approaches to twelve selected short stories in English, this work conducts comparative analyses to reveal the interrelationships between the texts, the authors, the readers, and the sociocultural contexts. Developed and tested in literature classes at university over several semesters, this book addresses key issues, topics and trends in the short story genre.

Short Stories Are Not Real Life

Author : David R. Slavitt
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In these fourteen beautifully crafted stories David R. Slavitt shows his mastery of the form. Elegant, spare, sometimes funny, sometimes elegiac—this collection reflects a writer in admirable control of his craft. The title story (complete with footnotes á la The Norton Anthology of Short Fiction) braids together the tidy conventions of fiction and the brutal reality of New York as a writing teacher ponders s student’s sexually explicit story that may—or may not—be autobiographical. In “The Impostor” a writer’s brother exploits the legerdemain of fiction in a series of ever-bolder impersonations. Several of the stories are presented by emotionally wounded narrators, disillusioned men looking for a hint of grace in a world where expectations are frequently doomed to disappointment. In such a world only one thing is certain we will hurt—and be hurt by—the ones we love. And in the vacuum left when traditions that might have been redemptive have lost their meaning, “punishment gets to be a habit, a way of life, or at least something to hold onto.” The stories pivot on nuance, on the half-realized insight, on “some perfectly innocent and insignificant insight, on “some perfectly innocent and insignificant gesture that turns round and grows into a medium-to-large awkwardness.” We find what the divorced father futilely awaiting his daughter’s visit in “Hurricane Charlie” calls “dabblers in distress”: lonely, decent people trying to discover where love—and life—went. In “Simple Justice” a man striving for some definitive family memory compares the process to archaeology: “The shards that remain are pathetically small and almost grudging.” Thus through the faltering memory of an elderly cousin in “conflations” a man becomes a kind of incarnation of his own father and for a moment finds himself at the “vanishing point” where a lost past meets an unknowable future; in “The long Island Train” a simple anecdote becomes a metaphor for the opacity of the most apparently transparent human intentions. Yet it is often these shard of tradition and memory that seem to hold our only promise of transcendence. The protagonist of “Grandfather,” for example, through his reluctant participation in his grandson’s bris, finds a moment of reconciliation with a past that has broken loose of its moorings. Even the most experimental of these pieces—“Instructions,” a list of admonitions ranging from the quotidian to the cosmic—shows a deep humanity and a maturity of vision that steers adeptly between humor and despair. These stories will linger in the reader’s memory long after the book is closed.

An Annotated Bibliography of Jazz Fiction and Jazz Fiction Criticism

Author : Richard N. Albert
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Albert provides a survey of the impact of jazz on both American and foreign fiction, along with an annotated listing of almost 400 short stories, novels, plays, and jazz fiction criticism. Access is augmented by an index of novels, plays, and short stories and by a general index. Albert examines the strong impact jazz and the blues have had on fiction. The annotated listing of 400 novels, short stories, and jazz fiction criticism will serve as a resource for those doing research in both music and literature, as well as serving as a reading guide for jazz devotees who are looking for literature with a jazz motif. Access is augmented by an index of novels, plays, and short stories and by a general index.

A Kind of Flying Selected Stories

Author : Ron Carlson
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"These stories are full of surprises, jolts, and lightning strikes of recognition. Do yourself a favor and read Ron Carlson." —Stephen King Ron Carlson's stories, sometimes wicked or bittersweet, often zany, are rich with a hard-earned hopefulness frequently absent in contemporary fiction. In this generous gathering from collections no longer available, longtime fans and new readers alike can savor the development of a master of idiosyncrasy. Properly celebrated for his range, Carlson offers us a rural sheriff who's wary of UFOs ("Phenomena"), a lawyer on a mission in remote Alaska ("Blazo"), a baseball player turned killer-by-accident ("Zanduce at Second"), and a nineteen-year-old who experiences an unsettling sexual awakening during an Arizona summer ("Oxygen"). Here also is a man accusing Bigfoot of stealing his wife, followed by Bigfoot's incomparable response. Not least of the treasures is "The H Street Sledding Record," a story perfect for family holiday reading, in which a young father creates the magic of Santa by throwing manure on his roof on Christmas Eve. This book proves Carlson's axiom that "a short story is not a single thing done a single way," and it offers us—finally—a full view of his remarkable talents.

A Richard Wright Bibliography

Author : Keneth Kinnamon
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Any future biographical work on Richard Wright will find this bibliography a necessity; academic or public libraries supporting a program of black culture will find it invaluable; and it belongs in any library supporting American literature studies. Richard Wright has truly been well served. Choice The most comprehensive bibliography ever compiled for an American writer, this book contains 13,117 annotated items pertaining to Richard Wright. It includes almost all published mentions of the author or his work in every language in which those mentions appear. Sources listed include books, articles, reviews, notes, news items, publishers' catalogs, promotional materials, book jackets, dissertations and theses, encyclopedias, biographical dictionaries, handbooks and study guides, library reports, best seller charts, the Index Translationum, playbills and advertisements, editorials, radio transcripts, and published letters and interviews. The bibliography is arranged chronologically by year. Each entry includes bibliographical information, an annotation by the authors, and information about all reprintings, partial or full. The index is unusually complete and contains the titles of Wright's works, real and fictional characters in the works, entries relating to significant places and events in the author's life, important literary terminology, and much additional information.


Author : José Flávio Nogueira Guimaraes
File Size : 43.56 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Writings: Papers, Reviews, Articles, Short-Shorts, Thoughts is a collection of texts about contemporary trends in literature and film that the author has written over the years. "If I had to sum up the book, I would say it is about art." The journey starts with an analysis of the monster Leviathan and its representation in the Bible and in the secular world. Two movie reviews are then presented: "Eyes Wide Open" and "De Lama Lamina." There is an essay on Hemingway's "Hills Like White Elephants"; a paper on "Autopoiesis and Queer Theory"; and three more movie reviews of "Little Miss Sunshine," "Far From Heaven" and "The Scarlet Letter" by Wim Wenders. To close the book, the author includes a paper on "The Silence of the Lambs" by Thomas Harris; an answer to Joyce Carol Oates' "The Art of Suicide"; an article on short-short story; one more movie review of "Silver Linings Playbook"; a review on Elton John's concert in Belo Horizonte and two short-short stories. About the Author Jose Flavio Nogueira Guimaraes grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, and Brasilia. He now lives in Belo Horizonte, a town surrounded by mountains and the third largest city in Brazil. He majored in law and English, and holds a master's degree in English literature. He has been an ESL teacher for 25 years. He has published "The Short-Short Story: A New Literary Genre."