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The Apache Wars Saga Book 6

Author : Len Levinson
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For twelve years he rode as an officer of the United States Army. For one year he served as an apprentice warrior of the Apaches. Torn between two loyalties, Nathanial Barrington prays he has found the peace he sought for so long. By the side of Clarissa, his star-crossed mate, he marks his stake as a rancher on land no one else dares claim, deep in Apache territory. But Barrington's respite is short-lived. For the Apache nation is caught between the pincers of the bluecoats from the north and the Mexicans from the south. And under the fiery leadership of Geronimo, Barrington's brother warrior, the tribe is ready to break free.Bloodshed, abduction, and revenge strike close to Barrington's home and heart. Now, taking the name Sunny Bear, the White Apache Nathanial Barrington will don the skin of a cougar and venture out on a hunting foray that will leave him prey to every man's greatest fear...Night of the Cougar.The spectacular sixth novel of the authentic Apache Wars Saga series that includes Desert Hawks, War Eagles, Savage Frontier, White Apache, and Devil Dance.

The Cougar s Prey

Author : Larry D. Sweazy
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Assuming a secret identity, Josiah Wolfe investigates a slew of thefts that are leaving the local ranchers of Corpus Christi angry as hell. After four long months away from home, Josiah will have to bring the leader of the raids to justice if he ever wants to return home to his family.

Confessions of a Scottsdale Cougar

Author : Victoria Phillips
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The media perceptions of a COUGAR: an oversexed, desperate older woman on the prowl for nave younger meat could not be more misleading. Every ripened woman I know to be a real COUGAR is so diverse, so deep, and so much more. The COUGAR today has evolved from a woman that has truly suffered to grow and mature. Life has dealt her a hard blow at least once in her youth to teach her what her lifes purpose is truly about. Those lessons that are the most painful are the lessons we grow the most from, and everything is as it should be. Life has taught her, with pleasure and anguish, those lessons so she can discover the real mystery of life and so she, as a spiritually minded soul, can connect to the divine divinity of life. I have been all things unholy; if God can work through me, he can work through anyone (St. Francis of Assisi). So if the COUGAR has chosen a sinful lifestyle, why is she so mysterious and why have so many now look upon her as the new sexual icon and matron of the mystery of life? Perhaps it is from her past sins that she has grown and gained the wisdom of the purpose of life, and that is what makes her the most desirable of all. Lets explore the fascinating lives of COUGARS. Lets get to know about these extraordinary women who fully embrace the COUGAR lifestyle. What makes them so astonishing? Who are they and where have they come from? What lessons has life taught them to make them so amazing? What have they been through and where are they going? Why do they love dating younger men? What keeps them so viral? How did they suddenly become so successful, smart, sexy, and powerful? How do they exhume such confidence? Why have COUGARS become such centers of attention? How have they made their middle age the new sexual icon? How have these women redefined age and relationships, as well as themselves? And lastly, what is it that makes them so astonishingly desirable?

Death Penalty USA 2005 2006

Author : Michelangelo Delfino
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Death Penalty USA 2005 -2006 is the first of a series of books providing the history of 21st century capital-punishment cases in the United States. Based on public record this treatise reports in graphic detail the horrific capital crimes for which the death penalty was imposed in the United States between January 2005 and December 2006. Intended as a reference work for criminologists this highly-referenced book will appeal to anyone with an interest in how capital punishment is metered out in the United States.

Cougar s Crossing

Author : Lillian Ross
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Cougar’s Crossing “To read a book by Lillian Ross is to travel to another time and place with characters who quickly become family. Read this true-to-life novel to feel the essence of the rugged era on the Canadian prairies… raw, messy, inspired by hope and motivated by grit. Ross weaves a poignant drama of wounded love, jealousy and human emotion.” Corrine McConchie, Librarian Vancouver Excerpt from Iris Tuftin’s Editor’s Comment …Could this be ‘his’ remains, we wondered? The hated man who killed our Aunt Florence in 1921? …The facts were overwhelming – more fascinating than we ever imagined. Now the story of Cougar’s Crossing would have to be changed. We knew the truth – or most of it. A Historical Novel with a Mysterious Twist The loud, brash, irreverent Cougar Wright swore like a trooper and didn’t believe in a higher power than his own strength, but he loved his family and wanted them to join him in his struggle to tame the wilderness. His family’s dance with destiny in Alberta’s Northwest would shake his world and theirs.

Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology to the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution

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Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology to the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution

Author : Smithsonian Institution. Bureau of Ethnology
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Annual Reports

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Annual Report

Author : Smithsonian Institution. Bureau of American Ethnology
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Ethnology of the Ungava District Hudson Bay Territory

Author : Lucien McShan Turner
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