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The New World of Work

Author : Vaughan-Whitehead, Daniel
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Actors in the world of work are facing an increasing number of challenges, including automatization and digitalization, new types of jobs and more diverse forms of employment. This timely book examines employer and worker responses, challenges and opportunities for social dialogue, and the role of social partners in the governance of the world of work.

Experiencing the New World of Work

Author : Jeremy Aroles
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This edited volume explores, theorises and critically investigates different facets of the new world of work.

Competing in the New World of Work

Author : Keith Ferrazzi
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The #1 New York Times bestselling author on how to use radical adaptability to win in a world of unprecedented change. You've shed antiquated systems and processes. You went all-in on digital. Your teams settled into new, often better, ways of doing things. But did your organization change enough to stay competitive in the post-pandemic world? Did you fully leverage the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to leap forward and grow stronger? Are you shaping the new environment to your advantage? If not, it's not too late to learn from the best. New York Times #1 bestselling author Keith Ferrazzi, along with coauthors Kian Gohar and Noel Weyrich, shows leaders how to shape their organizations and practices to remain competitive in a new, post-pandemic context. Based on an ambitious global research initiative involving thousands of executives, innovators, and changemakers who redefined their strategies, business models, organizational systems, and even their cultures, Competing in the New World of Work: Offers a bold new vision for the organization of the future Reveals the workplace innovations that emerged during the pandemic Defines the new model of leadership—radical adaptability—for sustaining continuous change throughout the coming years of opportunity and transformation Competing in the New World of Work is both your inspiration and your road map to embracing new realities, motivating talent, and winning bold frontiers.

Injury and the New World of Work

Author : Terrence Sullivan
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Contributors from public health, sociology, anthropology, nursing, management, economics, labor studies, and other fields look at four challenges to expanding needs-based justice for job related injury while preserving work-based prosperity. They are the dramatic rise in disability associated with the changing nature of work, methods of preventing injury and disability, the need for rehabilitation, and the difficulty of reconciling fairness for workers with economic sustainability in a competitive era. The focus is on empirical research and case studies in Canada, and several of the studies began as submissions to the British Colombia Royal Commission on Workers' Compensation in the spring of 1998. Canadian card order number: C99- 911018-7. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

A Manager s Guide to the New World of Work

Author : MIT Sloan Management Review
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Insights from organizations that are navigating the novel challenges of the digital workplace. How can technology and analytics help companies manage people? Why do teams working remotely still need leaders? When should organizations use digital assessment tools for gauging talent and potential? This book from MIT Sloan Management Review answers questions managers are only beginning to ask, presenting insights and stories from organizations navigating the novel challenges of the digital workplace. Experts from business and academia describe what's worked, what's failed, and what they've learned in the new world of work. They look at strategies that organizations use to help managers and employees adapt to the fast-changing digital environment, from the benefits of wool-gathering to the use of anonymous chats; examine digital tools for collaboration, including interactive spreadsheets and analytics that increase transparency; and discuss such “big-picture” trends as expanded notions of value and new frontiers in upskilling. A detailed case study, produced by MIT Sloan Management Review in collaboration with McKinsey & Company, explores how IBM reimagined talent and performance management with the goal of increasing employee engagement. Contributors Steve Berez, Ethan Bernstein, Josh Bersin, Matthew Bidwell, Ryan Bonnici, Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, Rob Cross, Chris DeBrusk, Federica De Stefano, Thomas H. Davenport, Angela Duckworth, Ken Favaro, Lynda Gratton, Peter Gray, Lindred Greer, John Hagel III, Manish Jhunjhunwala, David Kiron, Frieda Klotz,, David Lazer, Massimo Magni, Likoebe Maruping, Kelly Monahan, Will Poindexter, Reb Rebele, Adam Roseman, Michael Schrage, Jeff Schwartz, Jesse Shore, Brian SolisBarbara Spindel, Anna A. Tavis, Adam Waytz,, David Waller, Maggie Wooll

The Quantum Leader Applications for the New World of Work

Author : Kathy Malloch
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The Quantum Leader expands principles and behaviors of the best-selling Quantum Leadership: A Resource for Health Care Innovation, Second Edition by presenting new and more in-depth challenges for the leader using contemporary case studies and scenarios. Readers will gain insight into the complexities of the work of leadership and develop new approaches to the often seemingly impossible challenges of the complex world of health care. Filled with case studies, scenarios, and additional content, The Quantum Leader develops skills so students can be more than merely competent leaders, but rather leaders recognized for their excellence in health care leadership.

A new world of work inequality and inequity in 4th millennium BC Mesopotamia

Author : Augusta McMahon
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This paper explores aspects of inequality in Mesopotamia during the 4th millennium BC. This millennium was the era of early cities, which were accompanied by expanded hierarchies of power, new social identities, and innovative modes of working and labour management. Selected types of material culture–statues, amulets, eye idols, clay cone mosaics and bevelled-rim bowls– are explored. Their frequency, quality, raw materials, production and use contexts have a range of implications with regard to the status of their producers and their accessibility to users. Their varied accessibility in particular is illustrative of inequalities and inequities in Late Uruk/Late Chalcolithic Period Mesopotamia. In identifying past inequities in particular, it may be useful to think of ‘attached objects’ rather than ‘attached specialists’. | Il presente articolo intende esplorare alcuni aspetti dell’ineguaglianza in Mesopotamia nel corso del IV millennio a.C. Questo millennio vide l’origine delle più antiche città, accompagnate da gerarchie di potere espanse, nuove identità sociali e modi innovativi di organizzazione del lavoro. Classi selezionate di materiali quali statue, amuleti, idoli degli occhi, mosaici a coni d’argilla e beveled-rim bowls verrano prese in esame. Fattori quali la loro frequenza, qualità, materia prima, produzione e contesti di utilizzo hanno una serie di implicazioni riguardo allo status dei loro produttori e la loro accessibilità nei confronti dei fruitori. In particolare, la loro differente accessibilità testimonia ineguaglianze e iniquità nei periodi Tardo Uruk/Tardo Calcolitico in Mesopotamia. Nel tentativo di identificare ineguaglianze nel passato, in particolare, può essere utile considerare il concetto di attached objects piuttosto che di attached specialists.

Retention in a Changing World of Work

Author : Laura Schärrer
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Over the last decades, the world of work has undergone considerable changes. Although such changes are not new to the labor market, the economy has increasingly become a more complex and dynamic environment. Several drivers, such as demographic change, technological change, and globalization, lead to a changing world of work that results in various groups of employees with individual needs and aspirations. Consequently, organizations face the challenge of retaining these individuals, to ensure a qualified workforce and to gain competitive advantage. The aim of Laura Schärrer’s dissertation was to examine the retention of three groups of employees that have increasingly emerged through changes in the context of work. Specifically, the three empirical studies shed light on the question of whether and how the psychological contract can enhance the retention of young, gig, and migrant workers.

The World of Public Employment Services Challenges capacity and outlook for public employment services in the new world of work

Author : OECD
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This publication provides a wide range of indicators for comparing the operational and institutional characteristics of 73 Public Employment Services in 71 countries around the world.

Workers Compensation

Author : Morley Gunderson
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Topics covered include low back pain in workers' compensation, payroll taxes, unfunded liabilities, occupational health and safety, private participation, the cost, appeals litigation.