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The New Photography

Author : Athol McCredie
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In this handsome book, leading photography curator Athol McCredie tells the story of the beginnings of contemporary photography--also known as art photography--in New Zealand. Through interviews with photographers Gary Baigent, Richard Collins, John Daley, John Fields, Max Oettli, John B. Turner, Len Wesney, and Ans Westra, and accompanied by an outstanding introductory essay, McCredie shows how the breakthrough approach of personal documentary photography created a new field of photography in New Zealand that was not simply illustrative, but rather spoke for itself and in its own language.

Photography After Capitalism

Author : Ben Burbridge
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A polemical analysis of the politics and economics of today's vernacular photographic cultures. In Photography After Capitalism, Benedict Burbridge makes the case for a radically expanded conception of photography, encompassing the types of labor too often obscured by black-boxed technologies, slick platform interfaces, and the compulsion to display lives to others. His lively and polemical analysis of today's vernacular photographic cultures shines new light on the hidden work of smartphone assembly teams, digital content moderators, Street View car drivers, Google "Scan-Ops,"low-paid gallery interns, homeless participant photographers, and the photo-sharing masses. Bringing together cultural criticism, social history, and political philosophy, Burbridge examines how representations of our photographic lives--in advertising, journalism, scholarship and, particularly, contemporary art--shape a sense of what photography is and the social relations that comprise it. More precisely, he focuses on how different critical and creative strategies--from the appropriation of social media imagery to performative traversals of the network, from documentaries about secretive manual labor to science fiction fantasies of future sabotage--affect our understanding of photography's interactions with political and economic systems. Drawing insight and inspiration from recent analyses of digital labour, community economies and post-capitalism, Burbridge harnesses the ubiquity of photography to cognitively map contemporary capitalism in search of its weak spots and levers, sites of resistance, and opportunities to build better worlds.

Alexander Von Humboldt and the United States

Author : Eleanor Jones Harvey
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"Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1859) was one of the most influential scientists and thinkers of his age. A Prussian-born geographer, naturalist, explorer, and illustrator, he was a prolific writer whose books graced the shelves of American artists, scientists, philosophers, and politicians. Humboldt visited the United States for six weeks in 1804, engaging in a lively exchange of ideas with such figures as Thomas Jefferson and the painter Charles Willson Peale. It was perhaps the most consequential visit by a European traveler in the young nation's history, one that helped to shape an emerging American identity grounded in the natural world. In this beautifully illustrated book, Eleanor Jones Harvey examines how Humboldt left a lasting impression on American visual arts, sciences, literature, and politics. She shows how he inspired a network of like-minded individuals who would go on to embrace the spirit of exploration, decry slavery, advocate for the welfare of Native Americans, and extol America's wilderness as a signature component of the nation's sense of self. Harvey traces how Humboldt's ideas influenced the transcendentalists and the landscape painters of the Hudson River School, and laid the foundations for the Smithsonian Institution, the Sierra Club, and the National Park Service. Alexander von Humboldt and the United States looks at paintings, sculptures, maps, and artifacts, and features works by leading American artists such as Albert Bierstadt, George Catlin, Frederic Church, and Samuel F. B. Morse"--


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New Photo

Author : Jorre Both
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Overzicht van honderd Nederlandse fotografietalenten met enkele van hun foto's.

The Focal Press Companion to the Constructed Image in Contemporary Photography

Author : Anne Leighton Massoni
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"The University of the Arts; Lamar Dodd School of Art, University of Georgia."

Human Computer Interaction INTERACT 2019

Author : David Lamas
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The four-volume set LNCS 11746–11749 constitutes the proceedings of the 17th IFIP TC 13 International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, INTERACT 2019, held in Paphos, Cyprus, in September 2019. The total of 111 full papers presented together with 55 short papers and 48 other papers in these books was carefully reviewed and selected from 385 submissions. The contributions are organized in topical sections named: Part I: accessibility design principles; assistive technology for cognition and neurodevelopment disorders; assistive technology for mobility and rehabilitation; assistive technology for visually impaired; co-design and design methods; crowdsourcing and collaborative work; cyber security and e-voting systems; design methods; design principles for safety/critical systems. Part II: e-commerce; education and HCI curriculum I; education and HCI curriculum II; eye-gaze interaction; games and gamification; human-robot interaction and 3D interaction; information visualization; information visualization and augmented reality; interaction design for culture and development I. Part III: interaction design for culture and development II; interaction design for culture and development III; interaction in public spaces; interaction techniques for writing and drawing; methods for user studies; mobile HCI; personalization and recommender systems; pointing, touch, gesture and speech-based interaction techniques; social networks and social media interaction. Part IV: user modelling and user studies; user experience; users’ emotions, feelings and perception; virtual and augmented reality I; virtual and augmented reality II; wearable and tangible interaction; courses; demonstrations and installations; industry case studies; interactive posters; panels; workshops.

Chase s Calendar of Events 2019

Author : Editors of Chase's
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Since 1957, Chase's Calendar of Events lists everything worth knowing and celebrating for each day of the year: 12,500 holidays, historical milestones, famous birthdays, festivals, sporting events and much more. "The Oxford English Dictionary of holidays."--NPR's Planet Money.


Author : Tom Ang
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Written by world-renowned photographer, writer, and broadcaster Ang, this work lavishly celebrates the most iconic photographs and photographers of the past 200 years. Tracing the history of photography from its origins in the 1800s to the digital age, it gives a comprehensive account of the people, images, and technologies that have shaped the art form.

Photography Journal

Author : Photography Art Moments
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This photography journal is perfect for those who want to write down their everyday goals or writers, photography school, etc. This photographer notebook is the great gift for photographers or any photography lovers. 6 x 9 in (15.24 x 22.86 cm) 120 pages.

Hans Hofmann

Author : Lucinda Barnes
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Hans Hofmann: The Nature of Abstraction offers a fresh and revealing assessment of the artist’s prolific and innovative painterly career. The comprehensive exhibition and accompanying catalogue will feature approximately seventy paintings and works on paper by Hofmann from 1930 through the end of his life in 1966, including works from public and private collections across North America and Europe. Curator Lucinda Barnes builds on new scholarship published over the past ten years and the 2014 catalogue raisonné to present Hofmann as a unique synthesis of student, artist, teacher, and mentor who transcended generations and continents. His singular artistic achievement drew on artistic influences and innovations that spanned two world wars and transatlantic avant-gardes. Over the last fifty years Hofmann has come to be understood primarily from the vantage of his late color-plane abstractions. Hans Hofmann: The Nature of Abstraction expands our understanding and reinvigorates our appreciation of Hofmann through an inclusive presentation of his artistic arc, showing the vibrant interconnectedness and continuity in his work of European and American influences from the early twentieth century through the advent of abstract expressionism. Exhibition dates: Berkeley Museum of Art Pacific Film Archive (BAMPFA): February 27–July 21, 2019 The Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, MA: September 21, 2019–January 6, 2020

The Social Photo

Author : Nathan Jurgenson
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A set of bold theoretical reflections on how the social photo has remade our world. With the rise of the smart phone and social media, cameras have become ubiquitous, infiltrating nearly every aspect of social life. The glowing camera screen is the lens through which many of seek to communicate our experience. But our thinking about photography has been slow to catch-up; this major fixture of everyday life is still often treated in the terms of art or journalism. In The Social Photo, social theorist Nathan Jurgenson develops bold new ways of understanding photography in the age of social media and the new kinds of images that have emerged: the selfie, the faux-vintage photo, the self-destructing image, the food photo. Jurgenson shows how these devices and platforms have remade the world and our understanding of ourselves within it.

Contemporary Photographs

Author :
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2010 2019 a Decade of Photography

Author : Madeline Bowser
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Visiting over 30 countries between 2010-2019 across almost all continents has given me the chance to experience everything from desolate landscapes, snow capped mountains, quiet towns to bustling mega-cities and more.This book showcases a decade of my travel photography in all corners of the globe. Separated out into areas of the world, images aren't presented chronologically, instead presenting images taken at different times or of different places to show the contrast of individual countries or continents.All images are taken by Madeline Bowser on and Olympus OMD-EM1 or Olympus EP-1.

Born to Shoot Forced to Work

Author : Patternfeed Photography
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Photographer Gifts, Camera Paper Pad, Photographer Notebook, Photography Journal, Compendium Journal, Women with Cameras, Vintage Camera Gifts, 6x9 notebook college ruled. This Photographer notebook makes a great photography compendium journal. Give as photographer Christmas gift, photographer birthday present. About Your Notebook: Photography Notebook College Ruled The cover is printed with a durable matte finish. The Interior is filled with 6x9_110 College ruled sheets of paper. 110 ruled lined pages on cream paper. *Get your now and enjoy*

The Night Window Jane Hawk Thriller Book 5

Author : Dean Koontz
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She will destroy her enemies once and for all... The explosive conclusion to the Jane Hawk saga, from No. 1 New York Times bestseller Dean Koontz.

The Routledge Companion to Photography Theory

Author : Mark Durden
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With newly commissioned essays by some of the leading writers on photography today, this companion tackles some of the most pressing questions about photography theory’s direction, relevance, and purpose. This book shows how digital technologies and global dissemination have radically advanced the pluralism of photographic meaning and fundamentally transformed photography theory. Having assimilated the histories of semiotic analysis and post-structural theory, critiques of representation continue to move away from the notion of original and copy and towards materiality, process, and the interdisciplinary. The implications of what it means to ‘see’ an image is now understood to encompass, not only the optical, but the conceptual, ethical, and haptic experience of encountering an image. The 'fractal' is now used to theorize the new condition of photography as an algorithmic medium and leads us to reposition our relationship to photographs and lend nuances to what essentially underlies any photography theory — that is, the relationship of the image to the real world and how we conceive what that means. Diverse in its scope and themes, The Routledge Companion to Photography Theory is an indispensable collection of essays and interviews for students, researchers, and teachers. The volume also features extensive images, including beautiful colour plates of key photographs.

Life in 50mm The Photographer s Lens

Author : Tanya Nagar
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The 50mm lens is for photography purists. It's cheap to buy, light to carry and gets amazing results. It also makes even the greatest photographers try just that little bit harder to frame the perfect image. As a result, it's the first thing anyone buys after their camera. Life in 50mm shares the greatest photos - and the personal experiences that led to them - from some of today's leading photographers. It also explains why they chose to reject complicated modern zooms and express themselves through the 50mm prime in the first place.

Kiefer Shuler Photography 2017 2019

Author : Kiefer Shuler
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Kiefer Shuler Photography (2017-2019) is the first published work by Kiefer Shuler. This collection of photos was shot over a two year period in and around Lexington, Kentucky and features both color and black and white photography. Included in this book are photographs of beautiful blossoming flowers, sunflower patches, rain covered gardens, trees from the Civil War era and more. Explore some of the most breathtaking nature in Lexington, Kentucky with this new collection.

When Life Gets Blurry Adjust Your Focus

Author : Photography Art Moments
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This photography journal is perfect for those who want to write down their everyday goals or writers, photography school, etc. This photographer notebook is the great gift for photographers or any photography lovers. 6 x 9 in (15.24 x 22.86 cm) 120 pages.