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The Neurobiology and Treatment of OCD Accelerating Progress

Author : Naomi A. Fineberg
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The book highlights important new research approaches of clinical relevance, written by prominent researchers in the field of OCD and related disorders. A broad range of topics is covered, beginning with a description of the phenotypic features of the OCD followed by chapters on developmental aspects, animal models, genetic and biological models including neuro-inflammation, functional neuroimaging correlates and information-processing accounts. Finally, existing and novel treatment approaches are covered including clinical and pharmacogenetic treatment models. In this way the volume brings together the key disciplines involved in the neurobiological understanding of OCD to provide an update of the field and outlook to the future. Together, the volume chapters provide focused and critical reviews that span a broad range of topics suitable for both students and established investigators and clinicians interested in the present state of OCD research.

Behavioral Neurobiology of Anxiety and Its Treatment

Author : Murray B. Stein
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The book is part of a series on Current Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences, which has as its focus anxiety and its treatment. We have brought together a distinguished cadre of authors with the aim of covering a broad array of topics related to anxiety disorders, ranging from clinical diagnosis, epidemiology, preclinical neuroscience, and animal models to established and innovative therapeutic approaches. The book aims at bridging these disciplines to provide an update of literature relevant to understanding anxiety, its consequences, and its management. Following is a brief overview of the chapters and their content, meant to serve as a guide to navigating the book. The ?rst section covers clinical aspects of anxiety disorders. Joe Bienvenu and colleagues provide an incisive overview of diagnostic considerations in the anxiety disorders in which they emphasize the strengths and shortcomings of our current nosologic systems. This is followed by a review and update of the epidemiology of anxiety disorders by Ron Kessler and colleagues, which provides an authoritative survey of anxiety disorder incidence, prevalence, and risk factors. This is comp- mented by a comprehensive review of the literature on disorders that co-occur with anxiety disorders by Kathleen Merikangas and Sonja Alsemgeest Swanson. Their review highlights the tremendous comorbidity that occurs not only within the anxiety disorders, but also with other mental and physical health conditions.

Canadian Journal of Psychiatry

Author :
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Pediatric Psychopharmacology

Author : Andres Martin
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Pediatric Psychopharmacology: Principles and Practice is an authoritative and comprehensive text on the use of medication in the treatment of children and adolescents with serious neuropsychiatric disorders. This benchmark volume consists of 56 chapters written by internationally recognized leaders, and is divided into four interrelated sections. The first, Biological Bases of Pediatric Psychopharmacology, reviews key principles of neurobiology and the major psychiatric illnesses of childhood from a perspective rooted in developmental psychopathology. The second, Somatic Interventions, presents the major classes of psychiatric drugs, as well as complementary and alternative somatic interventions, such as electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS), and naturopathic approaches. The third and longest section, Assessment and Treatment,starts with clinical assessment, diagnostic evaluation, and comprehensive treatment planning, and goes on to cover the evidence-based analysis of drug treatments for the major disorders. Special populations (such as children with comorbid mental retardation, substance abuse or medical illness) are specifically discussed, and the coordination of their treatment with non-somatic therapies is explicitly addressed. The final section, Epidemiologic, Research, and Methodological Considerations, deals with broad population-relevant topics such as regulation and policy, pharmacoepidemiology, and the critical importance of sound ethical principles for clinical investigation. The book concludes with an appendix on generic and commercial drug name equivalencies, preparations, and available dosages. This timely text is intended for child and adolescent psychiatrists, general and developmental pediatricians, family practitioners, general psychiatrists, and other mental health professionals who work with children and adolescents.

Handbuch Der Organischen Chemie

Author : Friedrich Konrad Beilstein
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