The Nazis


Author: George Bruce

Publisher: N.A



Page: 160

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The Nazi Conscience


Author: Professor of History Claudia Koonz,Claudia Koonz

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 9780674011724

Category: History

Page: 362

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The author identifies the "ethnic fundamentalism" that infused Nazism, revealing the "conscience" and civic morality that founded the core of Nazi ideology, using a wide variety of sources to flesh out this controversial take on the Nazis. (History)

The Isle of Man TT Races

Motorcycling, Society and Identity


Author: Simon Vaukins

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 1443865915

Category: History

Page: 235

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Cats with no tails, the one thousand year old Tynwald assembly, offshore finance institutions, and motorcycle road racing are all ingredients that help to define a Manx national identity. Modern, high-powered motorcycles being pushed to their limits on a course that has remained largely unchanged since 1911 is perhaps the most literal demonstration of the new meeting the old, on an island where the traditional and the modern exist peacefully and do not clash. The Isle of Man TT Races provides an excellent starting-point from which to examine the twists and turns of the island’s twentieth century history and, most importantly, the deep links between sport and society. This book examines the origins and expansion of the Isle of Man TT from the first motorcar races in 1904 up to the present day, charting the event’s acceleration from a small, domestic competition to a large-scale international event which has helped fuel the island’s reputation as the home of motorcycle road racing. In examining the links between sport and society, this book uses the TT races to look at changes in the mechanics of Manx politics, the streamlining of the Manx economy and construction of Manx national identity; it is not a history of winners and losers at the TT. It is because the TT has deep roots in the history of the island and because it has come to form a significant part of the island’s identity, that this motorcycle race continues to thrive in the present day. The TT makes the Isle of Man distinctive; others have tried and failed to replicate this event. Where else in the world can the modern motorcycle racer take in so much history and heritage at close to 200 mph?

Hitler and the Nazi State


Author: Martin Collier,Philip Pedley

Publisher: Heinemann

ISBN: 9780435327095

Category: Germany

Page: 188

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Hitler and the Nazi State is the ideal book for students studying the impact of the Nazi State on German society that made possible events such as Kristallnacht. It clearly explains the practical methods used by Hitler and key people to achieve political, cultural and societal dominance during the years 1933-1945.

The Nazi Holocaust. Part 6: The Victims of the Holocaust


Author: Michael Robert Marrus

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 3110968738

Category: History

Page: 550

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Diese Reihe bietet erstmals eine Basissammlung von Faksimiles englischsprachiger historischer Artikel zu allen Aspekten der Vernichtung der europäischen Juden. Die große Anzahl von annähernd 300 Aufsätzen aus 84 Zeitschriften und Sammlungen ermöglicht den Lesern, sich einen Überblick über diesen Themenkomplex zu verschaffen. Die Reihe beginnt mit einem Rückblick auf die Wurzeln des Antisemitismus und einer Darstellung der verschiedenen wissenschaftlichen Methoden zur Erforschung des Holocaust. Die Reihe endet mit der Dokumentation der Befreiung der Konzentrationslager und mit Aufsätzen zu den Kriegsverbrecherprozessen. Der Erscheinungszeitraum umfasst die Jahre 1950 bis 1987, zu den Verfassern gehören beispielsweise Jakob Katz, Saul Friedländer, Eberhard Jäckel, Bruno Bettelheim und Herbert A. Strauss.

The Nazis


Author: Piotr Uklański

Publisher: Scalo Verlag Ac


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 255

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Piotr Uklanski, a New York based artist, has put together a most surprising and at the same time simple series of pictures. With them he has created an art book consisting of 160 portraits of movie actors playing Nazis. This volume is as much about history as it is about the industry of entertainment. In 1998, The Observer, London, wrote about these compelling and at the same time enstranging portraits: "If you are an actor, chances are that you will play a Nazi, or at least a cruel German officer in the Second World War. How do you make yourself look the part? First comes the matter of expression. Mug up on verbal cliches: 'ice-cold eyes', 'thin, compressed lips', with if possible, 'the hint of cynical smile playing around the corners of the mouth'. An 'air of cold command', rigid jaw muscles denoting 'utter ruthlessness', a tiny flare of nostrils to suggest unspeakable depths of sadism. Fine! Now put on the gear: the tunic with its collar-tabs of SS lightning flashes, the tall black cap witheagle, swastika and death's head. Stunning! Now all you need is that gargling accent unlike any noise ever uttered by a real German."

The Nazi Voter

The Social Foundations of Fascism in Germany, 1919-1933


Author: Thomas Childers

Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press


Category: Elections

Page: 367

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The first study based on a large national sample of both urban and rural districts examines the Nazi constituency -- how it was formed, from which social groups, under what conditions, and with what promises. Using advanced statistical techniques to analyze each national election of the Weimar era, Childres offers a new and challenging interpretation of who voted for Hitler's NSDAP and why. He also provides a systematic examination of Nazi campaign strategy.