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The Natural Philosophy of James Clerk Maxwell

Author : P. M. Harman
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This book examines James Clerk Maxwell, creator of the electromagnetic theory of light and kinetic theory of gases.

James Clerk Maxwell

Author : C. W. Francis Everitt
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The Scientific Letters and Papers of James Clerk Maxwell Volume 3 1874 1879

Author : James Clerk Maxwell
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This is a comprehensive edition of Maxwell's manuscript papers published virtually complete and largely for the first time.

The Scientific Papers of James Clerk Maxwell

Author : James Clerk Maxwell
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James Clerk Maxwell

Author : Raymond Flood
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James Clerk Maxwell (1831 -1879) was one of the most important mathematical physicists of all time, coming only after Newton and Einstein.In scientific terms his immortality is enshrined in electromagnetism and Maxwell's equations, but as this book shows, there was much more to Maxwell than electromagnetism, both in terms of his science and his wider life. Maxwell's life and contributions to science are so rich that they demand the expertiseof a range of academics - physicists, mathematicians, and historians of science and literature - to do him justice. The various chapters will enable Maxwell to be seen from a range ofperspectives.Early chapters deal with wider aspects of his life in time and place before looking in more detail at his wide ranging contributions to science, with concluding chapters on Maxwell's poetry and Christian faith. Each chapter is self-contained and can be read independently of the others.

The Elements of Natural Philosophy

Author : William Thomson
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One of the most celebrated scientists of the 19th century, William Thomson, Lord Kelvin, was said to have more letters after his name than any man in the British Empire. His prodigious accomplishments included both theoretical insights and significant inventions. Among his contributions to theory were advances in hydrodynamics, an innovative synthesis of the mathematical relationship between electricity and heat, and major work in the second law of thermodynamics. In the practical realm he created the absolute temperature scale (which bears his name); worked on the development of the first transatlantic telegraph cable; and invented a telegraph receiver, a compass adopted by the British Admiralty, a form of analog computer for measuring tides, and sounding equipment. Always in the forefront of the leading scientists of the day, he collaborated with James Clerk Maxwell, Hermann von Helmholtz, James Prescott Joule, and Peter Guthrie Tait.The Elements of Natural Philosophy was done with Tait, a pioneering physicist and mathematician whose work in advanced algebra formed the basis of vector analysis and was instrumental in the later development of modern mathematical physics. An abridgement of their original Treatise on Natural Philosophy, this work was designed to be accessible to students with a basic knowledge of algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. As such it is a book that nonspecialists can still appreciate.Like Isaac Newton's great summation of 'natural philosophy' in the late 17th century (The Principia Mathematica), this work remains of interest to historians of science because it represented a similar summation of the grand synthesis that scientists, building upon Newton's work, envisioned at the end of the 19th century. Not long after its publication, however, was the advent of relativity and quantum physics, which considerably changed and enlarged the picture of the natural world as conceived by earlier generations of scientists.

James Clerk Maxwell and the Theory of the Electromagnetic Field

Author : Brese Professor of Business Administration School of Business Management Brunel University and Fellow of Girton College John Hendry
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This book traces the development of Maxwell's theory from his first thoughts on electromagnetism through to the completion of his influential Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism, and shows how this development was related not only to contemporary scientific events but also to Maxwell's personal philosophy of science and life. While primarily concerned with the endeavours and achievements of one individual scientist, it also offers a stimulating and forceful challenge to the traditional historiography of 19th century physics as a whole. Of interest to undergraduate and postgraduate students of physics or history of science and teachers of physics at school, college or university levels.

Maxwell Sutton and the Birth of Color Photography

Author : J. Cat
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This focused and incisive study reassesses the historic collaboration between James Clerk Maxwell and Thomas Sutton. It reveals that Maxwell and Sutton were closer to true partners than has commonly been assumed, and shows how their experiments illuminate the role of technology, representation, and participation in Maxwell's natural philosophy.

Huxley s Church and Maxwell s Demon

Author : Matthew Stanley
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During the Victorian period science shifted from being practiced in a theistic context (integrating religious considerations and ideas) to a naturalistic context (explicitly forbidding religious matters). This book examines the foundations of that change. While it is generally thought that the transformation was due to the methodological superiority of naturalistic science, Matthew Stanley shows that most of the methodological values underlying scientific practice were virtually identical between the theists and the naturalists. Each agreed on the importance of the uniformity of natural laws, the use of hypothesis and theory, the moral value of science, and intellectual freedom. This was despite the claims by both groups that those fundamentals were intrinsic to their worldview, and completely incompatible with that of their opponents. Stanley goes on to argue that the victory of the scientific naturalists came from deliberate strategies executed over a generation to gain control of the institutions of scientific education and to re-imagine the history of their discipline. Rather than a sudden revolution, the similarity between theistic and naturalistic science allowed for a relatively smooth transition in practice from the old guard to the new. "Huxley's Church and Maxwell's Demon" explores this shift through a parallel study of two major scientific figures: James Clerk Maxwell, a devout Christian physicist, and Thomas Henry Huxley, the iconoclast biologist who coined the word agnostic. Both were deeply engaged in the methodological, institutional, and political issues that were crucial to the theistic-naturalistic transformation. The author s astute examination of the ascendance of scientific naturalism sheds new light on the controversies over science and religion in modern America. "

The Scientific Letters and Papers of James Clerk Maxwell Volume 2 1862 1873

Author : James Clerk Maxwell
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This second volume of James Clerk Maxwell's correspondence and manuscript papers begins in mid-1862 with his first reference reports for the Royal Society, and concludes in December 1873 shortly before the formal inauguration of the Cavendish Laboratory. The documents describe his involvement with the wider scientific community in Victorian Britain, and the period of his scientific maturity. In the years 1862-73 Maxwell wrote the classic works on statistical molecular theory and field physics, including the Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism, which established his unique status in the history of science. His letters and drafts of this period provide unique insight into this work, which remains fundamental to modern physics. Few of the manuscripts reproduced here have received prior publication in other than truncated form, and the volume includes Maxwell's correspondence with G.G. Stokes, Lord Kelvin and P.G. Tait. The edition is annotated with a full historical commentary and will be fascinating reading for anyone interested in the history of science or physics.

Seeking Nature s Logic

Author : David B. Wilson
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"Studies the path of natural philosophy (i.e., physics) from Isaac Newton through Scotland into the nineteenth-century background to the modern revolution in physics. Examines how the history of science has been influenced by John Robison and other notable intellectuals of the Scottish Enlightenment"--Provided by publisher.

The Culture of Diagram

Author : John Bender
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This book defines diagrams as tools manipulated by users to produce new kinds of understanding and demonstrates that a modern diagrammatic knowledge emerged in eighteenth-century visual culture to become the foundation of later nineteenth-century science.

Wranglers and Physicists

Author : Peter Michael Harman
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Evidence and Method

Author : Peter Achinstein
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In this book, Peter Achinstein proposes and defends several objective concepts of evidence. He then explores the question of whether a scientific method, such as that represented in the four "Rules for the Study of Natural Philosophy" that Isaac Newton invoked in proving his law of gravity, can be employed in demonstrating how the proposed definitions of evidence are to be applied to real scientific cases.

The Scientific Letters and Papers of James Clerk Maxwell Volume 1 1846 1862

Author : James Clerk Maxwell
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This work is the first volume of a comprehensive edition of the scientific letters and manuscript papers of James Clerk Maxwell, covering the period from 1846 to 1862. It is edited and annotated with a full historical commentary by P.M. Harman. Based almost entirely on Maxwell's autograph manuscripts, many printed for the first time, it illuminates the development of his scientific work. Maxwell's contributions to many fields of physics rank with those of Newton and Einstein and are fundamental to much of modern physics and technology. In this volume, documents are reproduced which describe Maxwell's greatest period of scientific innovation. Early works on field theory, including his announcement of the electromagnetic theory of light, as well as work in geometry, Saturn's rings, color vision and the statistical theory of gases are among the most notable writings. This is an important book for physicists, mathematicians and historians of science. A fundamental source of reference for the study of Maxwell and his work, it will be especially relevant to university and physics departmental libraries.

The Poetry of Victorian Scientists

Author : Daniel Brown
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The first study of poetry by Victorian scientists, a unique record of the nature and cultures of Victorian science.

The Man Who Changed Everything

Author : Basil Mahon
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This is the first biography in twenty years of James Clerk Maxwell, one of the greatest scientists of our time and yet a man relatively unknown to the wider public. Approaching science with a freshness unbound by convention or previous expectations, he produced some of the most original scientific thinking of the nineteenth century — and his discoveries went on to shape the twentieth century.

The Life of James Clerk Maxwell

Author : Lewis Campbell
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Psychology of Science

Author : Robert W. Proctor
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Symposium held at Purdue Univ. in June 4-5, 2010.

Scientific Evidence

Author : Peter Achinstein
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Louis University.