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The Nation s Schools

Author : Michael Vincent O'Shea
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Rethinking the Nation state Developmentalism and Indigenous Activism in Ecuador

Author : Tanya Karina Heurich
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The Constitution and the Nation

Author : Christopher Waldrep
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In 1937 the Supreme Court revolutionized American constitutionalism, sharply restricting the states' powers and expanding those of the national government. In following years the civil rights movement caused further change, challenging American life with its demands for equal rights under the Constitution and protection by the federal government. The Vietnam War expanded and then contracted presidential power. In 2001, attacks organized by followers of Osama bin Laden on American cities revived presidential power, leading to new challenges to America's constitutional heritage. This volume assembles the most important documents from American constitutional history from the depths of the Great Depression to the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, D.C. on September 11, 2001. Through these important documents, American constitutional power can be seen surging and waning, but always responding to the drama of world events.

The State of the Nation Parliament

Author : Granada Television
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Eshkol the Man and the Nation

Author : Terence Cornelius Farmer Prittie
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The South s Place in the Nation

Author : Rupert Bayless Vance
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The UCLA Business Forecast for the Nation and California in

Author :
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Across the Nation

Author : National Collection of Fine Arts (U.S.)
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The Nation s Destiny and Other Poems

Author : Arthur Orison Dillon
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The European Rescue of the Nation state

Author : Alan S. Milward
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"For the second edition of this classic economic and political account of the origins of the European Community Alan Milward has completely revised and updated the chapter on the United Kingdom. On one level the book is an original analysis of the forces which brought the EC together, on another it is an explanation based on historical analysis of the future relationship between nation-state and the European Union. Combining political with economic analysis, and based on extensive primary research in several countries, it offers a challenging interpretation of the history of the western European state and European integration."--Jacket.

From Nurturing the Nation to Purifying the Volk

Author : Michelle Mouton
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This book explores Weimar and Nazi policy to highlight the fundamental, far-reaching change wrought by the Nazis and the disparity between national family policy design and its implementation at the local level. Relying on a broad range of sources --including court records, sterilization files, church accounts, and women's oral histories -- it demonstrates how local officials balanced the benefits of marriage, divorce, and adoption against budgetary concerns, church influence, and their own personal beliefs.

Grading the Nation s Report Card

Author : National Research Council
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The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), known as the nation's report card, has chronicled students' academic achievement in America for over a quarter of a century. It has been a valued source of information about students' performance, providing the best available trend data on the academic achievement of elementary, middle, and secondary school students in key subject areas. NAEP's prominence and the important need for stable and accurate measures of academic achievement call for evaluation of the program and an analysis of the extent to which its results are reasonable, valid, and informative to the public. This volume of papers considers the use and application of NAEP. It provides technical background to the recently published book, Grading the Nation's Report Card: Evaluating NAEP and Transforming the Assessment of Educational Progress (NRC, 1999), with papers on four key topics: NAEP's assessment development, content validity, design and use, and more broadly, the design of education indicator systems.

Sensing the Nation s Law

Author : Stefan Huygebaert
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This book examines how the nation – and its (fundamental) law – are ‘sensed’ by way of various aesthetic forms from the age of revolution up until our age of contested democratic legitimacy. Contemporary democratic legitimacy is tied, among other things, to consent, to representation, to the identity of ruler and ruled, and, of course, to legality and the legal forms through which democracy is structured. This book expands the ways in which we can understand and appreciate democratic legitimacy. If (democratic) communities are “imagined” this book suggests that their “rightfulness” must be “sensed” – analogously to the need for justice not only to be done, but to be seen to be done. This book brings together legal, historical and philosophical perspectives on the representation and iconography of the nation in the European, North American and Australian contexts from contributors in law, political science, history, art history and philosophy.

Images of the Nation

Author : Annemieke Galema
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This collection of case studies investigates the significance and function of national identity. The authors see national consciousness in terms of the circumstances in which it arose, and in terms of the meaning which it had for a specific group or individual. Representations of the nation could serve to legitimize or support specific political or social agendas, or to provide people with a point of fixity amidst changing circumstances. The articles in this volume trace these aspects of national consciousness in the case of a single country: The Netherlands.

Reconstructing the Nation in Africa

Author : Michael Amoah
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The established theories and debates on nationalism were formed in the twin crucibles of Eighteenth-century Europe and America, and continue to be informed by that heritage. Reconstructing the Nation in Africa challenges some of the key principles that underlie the current debates on nationalism by exploring in depth the experience of multinational states in Africa. Taking Ghana as a case study, Michael Amoah introduces and develops two important new contributions to the theoretical tapestry of nationalism --the Rationalisation of Nationalism and Reconstructing the Nation, concepts that should have wide use and currency in the broader discussion of the national phenomenon. Reconstructing the Nation in Africa argues that the nationhood of Ghana is not rooted in modernity as is generally thought, and attempts to show by analysis of the microbehavior of its population that traditional views on the viability of the multinational state do not necessarily hold true for modern-day Africa.

When is the Nation

Author : Atsuko Ichijo
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"Based on the fourteenth annual conference of the Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism entitled "When is the nation: the debate" that was held on 23-24 April 2004 at the London School of Economics and Political Science"--Acknowl

Ideas for a Nation

Author : Donald Horne
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Examination of Australian public culture ; includes references to Aboriginal issues.

Visualizing the Nation

Author : Joan B. Landes
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Popular images of women were everywhere in revolutionary France. Although women's political participation was curtailed, female allegories of liberty, justice, and the republic played a crucial role in the passage from old regime to modern society. In her lavishly illustrated and gracefully written book, Joan B. Landes explores this paradox within the workings of revolutionary visual culture and traces the interaction between pictorial and textual political arguments. Landes highlights the widespread circulation of images of the female body, notwithstanding the political leadership's suspicions of the dangers of feminine influence and the seductions of visual imagery. The use of caricatures and allegories contributed to the destruction of the masculinized images of hierarchic absolutism and to forging new roles for men and women in both the intimate and public arenas. Landes tells the fascinating story of how the depiction of the nation as a desirable female body worked to eroticize patriotism and to bind male subjects to the nation-state. Despite their political subordination, women too were invited to identify with the project of nationalism. Recent views of the French Revolution have emphasized linguistic concerns; in contrast, Landes stresses the role of visual cognition in fashioning ideas of nationalism and citizenship. Her book demonstrates as well that the image is often a site of contestation, as individual viewers may respond to it in unexpected, even subversive, ways.

Mining for the Nation

Author : Jody Pavilack
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"Examines the politics of coal miners in Chile during the 1930s and '40s, when they supported the Communist Party in a project of cross-class alliances aimed at defeating fascism, promoting national development, and deepening Chilean democracy"--Provided by publisher.

Mapping the Nation Mappings Series

Author : Gopal Balakrishnan
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Part of Verso's classic Mapping series that collects the most important writings on key topics in a changing world In nearly two decades since Samuel P. Huntingdon proposed his influential and troubling ‘clash of civilizations’ thesis, nationalism has only continued to puzzle and frustrate commentators, policy analysts, and political theorists. No consensus exists concerning its identity, genesis, or future. Are we reverting to the petty nationalisms of the nineteenth century or evolving into a globalized, supranational world? Has the nation-state outlived its usefulness and exhausted its progressive and emancipatory role? Opening with powerful statements by Lord Acton and Otto Bauer—the classic liberal and socialist positions—Mapping the Nation presents a wealth of thought on this issue: the debate between Ernest Gellner and Miroslav Hroch; Gopal Balakrishnan’s critique of Benedict Anderson’s seminal Imagined Communities; Partha Chatterjee on the limitations of the Enlightenment approach to nationhood; and contributions from Michael Mann, Eric Hobsbawm, Tom Nairn, and Jürgen Habermas.