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The Music of Francis Poulenc 1899 1963

Author : Carl B. Schmidt
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The name of Francis Poulenc (1899-1963) was first brought to prominence in the 1920s as a member of Les Six, a group of young French composers encouraged by Satie and Cocteau. His subsequent fame spread well beyond France, and he is coming to be regarded as one of this century's most significant composers. His compositions are heard constantly in concert halls the world over, and numerous recordings, including complete sets of songs and piano music, have been released. Books, articles and more than a dozen doctoral dissertations have discussed his music. Carl Schmidt's catalogue of Poulenc's works represents the first comprehensive attempt to list an oeuvre which numbers approximately 185 compositions written from his teenage years until his death at the age of 63. The Catalogue indentifies a number of unpublished works, and adds a small group of compositions to his musical canon for the first time. Each work, whether complete or unfinished, published or unpublished, is described fully. Catalogue entries list and describe all known printed editions (including reprints) and manuscript copies of each work. In addition, they provide detailed compositional histories based on numerous letters, documents, and press accounts, many of which have not been published previously. Russian interest in Poulenc's music, manifested in press runs exceeding one million copies, is also revealed for the first time.

Elements of Humor in the Piano Music of Francis Poulenc 1899 1963

Author : Lana Henchell
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Melody and Texture in the Solo Piano Music of Francis Poulenc 1899 1963

Author : Christine Sangster
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Francis Poulenc

Author : Hervé Lacombe
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Alors que Francis Poulenc (1899-1963)s’est amplement confié dans des nombreux ouvrages, entretiens, émissions de radio, une monographie fouillée restait à écrire. Après celle d’Henri Hell, parue en 1978, qui se ressent de l’amitié qui unissait le biographe et le musicien, Hervé Lacombe donne la version de référence. À partir de documents étudiés de première main, il offre une image renouvelée d’un compositeur qui, né au XIXe siècle, s’est toujours inscrit dans son temps, ouvert à tous les courants et curieux de toutes les musiques, même s’il a choisi résolument de ne pas s’écarter de certains cadres formels. Son œuvre, qui embrasse tous les genres et excelle particulièrement dans le domaine vocal (ses mélodies sont au répertoire de nombreux chanteurs, son opéra Les Dialogues des Carmélites est joué dans le monde entier, sa musique religieuse est interprétée par de nombreux chœurs), est ici commentée dans son rapport au langage de son époque, de manière à pénétrer la séduction qui, d’une légèreté charmeuse et assumée à une gravité profonde, attire à elle les amateurs et retient les connaisseurs. À l’occasion du cinquantième anniversaire de sa mort, cet ouvrage complète la connaissance d’un musicien dont on a découvert la plume élégante à travers sa Correspondance (Fayard, 1994) et le recueil de textes J’écris ce qui me chante (Fayard, 2011).

Notes for Clarinetists

Author : Albert R. Rice
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Notes for Clarinetists: A Guide to the Repertoire offers important historical and analytical information about thirty-five of the best-known pieces written for the instrument. Numerous contextual and theoretical insights make it an essential resource for professional, amateur, and student clarinetists. With engaging prose supported by fact-filled analytical charts, the book offers rich biographical information and informative analyses to help clarinetists gain a more complete understanding of Three Pieces for Clarinet Solo by Igor Stravinsky, Aaron Copland's Concerto for Clarinet, String Orchestra, Harp, and Piano, Robert Schumann's Fantasy Pieces for Clarinet and Piano, Op. 73. and Time Pieces for Clarinet and Piano, Op. 43. by Robert Muczynski, among many others. With close attention to matters of context, style, and harmonic and formal analysis, Albert Rice explores a significant portion of the repertoire, and offers a faithful and comprehensive guide that includes works by Boulez, Brahms, and Mozart to Hindemith, Poulenc, and Stamitz. Rice includes biographical information on each composer and highlights history's impact on the creation and performance of important works for clarinet. Intended as a starting point for connecting performance studies with scholarship, Rice's analysis will help clarinetists gain a more complete picture of a given work. Its valuable insights make it essential to musicians preparing and presenting programs, and its detailed historical information about the work and composer will encourage readers to explore other works in a similarly analytical way. Covering concertos, chamber pieces, and works for solo clarinet, Rice presents Notes for Clarinetists as an indispensable handbook for students and professionals alike.

Poulenc The Life in the Songs

Author : Graham Johnson
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One of the greatest modernist composers comes alive in this illuminating biography, a must-have for musicians and music-lovers alike. Francis Poulenc (1899–1963) is widely acknowledged as one of the twentieth century’s most significant masters of vocal music —solo, choral, and operatic— quite apart from his achievements in instrumental spheres. But what it cost him, and the determined bravery it took for his unusual talent to thrive, has always been underestimated. In this seminal biography, which will serve as the definitive guide to the songs, acclaimed collaborative pianist Graham Johnson shows that it is in Poulenc’s extraordinary songs, and seeing how they fit into his life —which included crippling guilt on account of his sexuality— that we discover Poulenc heart and soul. With Jeremy Sams’s vibrant new song translations, the first in over forty years, and the insight that comes from a lifetime of performing this music, Johnson provides an essential volume for singers, pianists, listeners, and readers interested in the artistic milieu of modernism in the first half of the twentieth century.

Choral Orchestral Repertoire

Author : Jonathan D. Green
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Choral-Orchestral Repertoire: A Conductor's Guide offers an expansive compilation of choral orchestral works from 1600 to the present. Synthesizing Jonathan Green’s earlier six volumes on this repertoire, this edition updates and adds to the over 750 oratorios, cantatas, choral symphonies, masses, secular works for large and small ensembles, and numerous settings of liturgical and biblical texts for a wide variety of vocal and instrumental combinations. Each entry includes a brief biographical sketch of the composer, approximate duration, text sources, performing forces, currently available editions, and locations of manuscript materials, as well as descriptive commentary, discography, and bibliography. Unique to this edition are practitioner’s evaluations of the performance issues presented in each score. These include the range, tessitura, and nature of each solo role, and a determination of the difficulty of the choral and orchestral portions of each composition. There is also a description of the specific challenges, staffing, and rehearsal expectations related to the performance of each work. Choral-Orchestral Repertoire: A Conductor's Guide is an essential resource for conductors and students of conducting as they search for repertoire appropriate to their needs and the abilities of their ensembles.

The Musical Legacy of Wartime France

Author : Leslie A. Sprout
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For the forces competing for political authority in France during Word War II, music became the site of a cultural battle that reflected the war itself. In this book, Leslie A. Sprout explores how several well-known composers struggled to balance artistic integrity with political survival.

The Juggler of Notre Dame and the Medievalizing of Modernity

Author : Jan M. Ziolkowski
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This ambitious and vivid study in six volumes explores the journey of a single, electrifying story, from its first incarnation in a medieval French poem through its prolific rebirth in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The Juggler of Notre Dame tells how an entertainer abandons the world to join a monastery, but is suspected of blasphemy after dancing his devotion before a statue of the Madonna in the crypt; he is saved when the statue, delighted by his skill, miraculously comes to life. Jan Ziolkowski tracks the poem from its medieval roots to its rediscovery in late nineteenth-century Paris, before its translation into English in Britain and the United States. The visual influence of the tale on Gothic revivalism and vice versa in America is carefully documented with lavish and inventive illustrations, and Ziolkowski concludes with an examination of the explosion of interest in The Juggler of Notre Dame in the twentieth century and its place in mass culture today. In this concluding volume, Ziolkowski explores the popularity of The Juggler of Notre Dame from the 1930s through the Second World War, especially in the Allied Resistance. Its popularity in the United States was subsequently maintained by figures as diverse as Tony Curtis and W. H. Auden, and although recently the story and medievalism have lost ground, the future of both holds promise. Presented with great clarity and simplicity, Ziolkowski's work is accessible to the general reader, while its many new discoveries will be valuable to academics in such fields and disciplines as medieval studies, medievalism, philology, literary history, art history, folklore, performance studies, and reception studies.

Chamber Music

Author : John H. Baron
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