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The Middle Ages

Author : Morris Bishop
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In this indispensable volume, one of America's ranking scholars combines a life's work of research and teaching with the art of lively narration. Both authoritative and beautifully told, The Middle Ages is the full story of the thousand years between the fall of Rome and the Renaissance - a time that saw the rise of kings and emperors, the flowering of knighthood, the development of Europe, the increasing power of the Catholic Church, and the advent of the middle class. With exceptional grace and wit, Morris Bishop vividly reconstructs this distinctive era of European history in a work that will inform and delight scholars and general readers alike.

Life in the Middle Ages

Author : Mikael Eskelner
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In the history of Europe, the Middle Ages (or medieval period) lasted from the 5th to the 15th century. It began with the fall of the Western Roman Empire and merged into the Renaissance and the Age of Discovery. The Middle Ages is the middle period of the three traditional divisions of Western history: classical antiquity, the medieval period, and the modern period. In this long period of a thousand years there were all kinds of events and processes that were very different from each other, temporally and geographically differentiated, responding both to mutual influences with other civilizations and spaces and to internal dynamics. Many of them had a great projection towards the future, among others those that laid the foundations of the development of the subsequent European expansion, and the development of social agents who developed a predominantly rural-based society but witnessed the birth of an incipient urban life and a bourgeoisie that will eventually develop capitalism.

Charles University in the Middle Ages

Author : František Šmahel
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This volume includes twenty-one studies on the history of the University of Prague in the 14th to 16th centuries. Focusing upon the Faculty of Liberal Arts, the book deals with the academic learning, mainly from a doctrinal point of view.

The European Frontier

Author : Jörn Staecker
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Ovid in the Middle Ages

Author : James G. Clark
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Explores the extraordinary influence of Ovid upon the culture - learned, literary, artistic and popular - of medieval Europe.

The Middle Ages

Author : Miri Rubin
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The Middle Ages (c.500-1500) includes a thousand years of European history. In this Very Short Introduction Miri Rubin tells the story of the times through the people and their lifestyles. Including stories of kingship and Christian salvation, agriculture and trade, Rubin demonstrates the remarkable nature and legacy of the Middle Ages.

Reading the Middle Ages

Author : Barbara H. Rosenwein
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Covering over one thousand years of history and containing primary source material from the European, Byzantine, and Islamic worlds, Barbara H. Rosenwein's Reading the Middle Ages, Second Edition once again brings the Middle Ages to life. Building on the strengths of the first edition, the second edition contains 40 new readings, including 13 translations commissioned especially for this book, and a stunning new 10-plate color insert entitled "Containing the Holy" that brings together materials from the Western, Byzantine, and Islamic religious traditions. Ancillary materials, including study questions, can be found on the History Matters website (

Rhetorical culture in late antiquity and the Middle Ages

Author : Michael Grunbart
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This volume presents 22 studies on aspects of rhetorical culture from Late Antiquity to the last years of the Byzantine Empire. Many of them concentrate on the effects and social relevance of the art of public speaking, above all in the Greek speaking world, and particular attention is paid to the performative character of rhetoric. The contributions deal both with individual authors, as well as general phenomena of medieval literature.

A Short History of the Middle Ages Fifth Edition

Author : Barbara H. Rosenwein
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In this newest edition of her bestselling book, Barbara H. Rosenwein integrates the history of European, Byzantine, and Islamic medieval cultures--as well as their Eurasian connections--in a dynamic narrative. The text has been significantly updated to reflect growing interest in the Islamic world and Mediterranean region. Stunning plates featuring art and architecture weave together events, mentalities, and aesthetics. Medievalist Riccardo Cristiani authors a new feature on material culture that examines the intricacies of manuscript production and the lustrous glazes of Islamic ceramics. A fully revised map program offers user-friendly spot maps that clarify events right where they are discussed as well as dazzling topographical maps that reveal the very contours of the medieval world. Helpful genealogies, figures, architectural plans, and lists of key dates complement the text. All maps, genealogies, and figures are available on the History Matters website ( for easy download. Students will find this site equally useful for its hundreds of study questions and their click-to-reveal answers.

Life in the Middle Ages

Author : George Gordon Coulton
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This collection contains several hundred vivid literary pieces from the High and Later Middle Ages.

Magic in the Middle Ages

Author : Richard Kieckhefer
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A fascinating study of natural and demonic magic within the broad context of medieval culture.

Rhetoric in the Middle Ages

Author : James Jerome Murphy
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Gender and Difference in the Middle Ages

Author : Sharon A. Farmer
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Nothing less than a rethinking of what we mean when we talk about "men" and "women" of the medieval period, this volume demonstrates how the idea of gender -- in the Middle Ages no less than now -- intersected in subtle and complex ways with other categories of difference. Responding to the insights of postcolonial and feminist theory, the authors show that medieval identities emerged through shifting paradigms -- that fluidity, conflict, and contingency characterized not only gender, but also sexuality, social status, and religion. This view emerges through essays that delve into a wide variety of cultures and draw on a broad range of disciplinary and theoretical approaches. Scholars in the fields of history as well as literary and religious studies consider gendered hierarchies in western Christian, Jewish, Byzantine, and Islamic areas of the medieval world.

Youth in the Middle Ages

Author : P. J. P. Goldberg
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Evidence for childhood and youth from the sixth century to the sixteenth, but with particular emphasis on later medieval England.

Growing Old in the Middle Ages

Author : Shulamith Shahar
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"Growing Old in the Middle Ages draws a comprehensive picture of medieval old age, describing how it was perceived by different groups in society; what help was given to the ageing; the desire to increase longevity; the consolation offered to the elderly; and the growing concern with physiology. With the increased interest in old age as a subject for historical study, this timely overview is an invaluable contribution to the social history of the whole of medieval Europe"--Publisher description.

The Middle Ages

Author : Johannes Fried
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Johannes Fried gives us a Middle Ages full of people encountering the unfamiliar, grappling with new ideas, redefining power, and interacting with different societies—an era characterized by continuities and discontinuities, the vibrant expansion of knowledge, and an understanding of the growing complexity of the world.

The Apocalypse in the Middle Ages

Author : Richard Kenneth Emmerson
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An innovative overview of the influence of the Apocalypse on the shaping of the Christian culture of the Middle Ages.

God and Reason in the Middle Ages

Author : Edward Grant
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This book shows how the Age of Reason actually began during the late Middle Ages.

Armies and Warfare in the Middle Ages

Author : Michael Prestwich
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Medieval warfare was hard, gruelling and often unrewarding. While military life in this era is sometimes pictured in terms of knights resplendent in armour and bearing colorful standards and coats of arms, the reality more often consisted of men struggling against cold, damp and hunger, pressing elusive foes who refused to do battle. In this fascinating book, Michael Prestwich re-creates the real experience of medieval warfare, examining how men of all ranks of society were recruited, how troops were fed, supplied, and deployed, the development of new weapons, and the structures of military command. Michael Prestwich challenges many common assumptions about medieval warfare. He shows that medieval commanders were capable of far more sophisticated strategy than is usually assumed: spies were an important part of the machinery of war, and the destruction of crops and burning of villages were part of a deliberate plan to force a foe to negotiate, rather than an indication of lack of discipline. Sieges, often lengthy and expensive, were more prevalent than physical battles. And in actual engagement the mounted knight was never as dominant as is often supposed: even in the twelfth century, many battles were won by unmounted men. Medieval warfare was not, on the whole, any more chivalric than warfare of other periods, although there were many instances of individual heroism, particularly during the Hundred Years War, that brought glory and renown to those who performed them.

Southeastern Europe in the Middle Ages 500 1250

Author : Florin Curta
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Southeastern Europe in the Middle Ages stood at a crossroads of trade and crusading routes and fell within the spheres of influence of both the Byzantine Orthodox Church and Latin Christendom. This authoritative survey draws on historical and archaeological sources in the narration of 750 years of the history of the region, including Romania, southern Ukraine, southern Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania and Greece. Exploring the social, political and economic changes marking the transition from late Antiquity to the early Middle Ages, this book addresses important themes such as the rise of medieval states, the conversion to Christianity, the monastic movement inspired by developments in Western Europe and in Byzantium, and the role of material culture (architecture, the arts and objects of daily life) in the representation of power.