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The Mercy Seat

Author : Norman Dubie
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A collection of poems by twentieth-century American poet Norman Dubie.

The Mercy Seat

Author : Martyn Waites
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Once a renowned investigative journalist, since the unsolved disappearance of his six-year-old son, Joe Donovan has lived a broken, reclusive life. He's abruptly thrust back into the real world when a teenage boy makes contact, in desperate need of his help. Jamal has in his possession something that holds a key to Donovan's past, a past that can only be unlocked by forcing him to make a terrifying journey into the present. As long buried secrets begin to emerge and bodies pile up, Donovan finds himself caught up in a harrowing web of fear. In order to survive and uncover the disturbing truth at the heart of the dangerous world he's found himself in, he puts together a team to help him, a team of outsiders that doesn't care which side of the law it operates on. And Donovan will need their help. He and Jamal are being hunted by a serial killer. A killer with a 100% success rate. A killer who doesn't know the meaning of the word mercy...

The Mercy Seat

Author : Elizabeth H. Winthrop
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As the sun begins to set over Louisiana one October day in 1943, a young black man faces the final hours of his life: at midnight, eighteen-year-old Willie Jones will be executed by electric chair for raping a white girl - a crime some believe he did not commit. In a tale taut with tension, events unfold hour by hour from the perspectives of nine people involved. They include Willie himself, who knows what really happened, and his father, desperately trying to reach the town jail to see his son one last time; the prosecuting lawyer, haunted by being forced to seek the death penalty against his convictions, and his wife, who believes Willie to be innocent; the priest who has become a friend to Willie; and a mother whose only son is fighting in the Pacific, bent on befriending her black neighbours in defiance of her husband. In this exceptionally powerful novel, Elizabeth Winthrop explores matters of justice, racism and the death penalty in a fresh, subtle and profoundly affecting way. Her kaleidoscopic narrative allows us to inhabit the lives of her characters and see them for what they are - complex individuals, making fateful choices we might not condone, but can understand.

The Mercy seat Or Thoughts on Prayer

Author : Augustus Charles Thompson
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The Mercy Seat Thoughts Suggested by the Lord s Prayer

Author : Gardiner SPRING
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The Mercy Seat Or Christ s Propitiation A Sermon on Rom Iii 25 Translated from the Welsh by J Owen

Author : William REES (D.D., called Hiraethog.)
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Mercy seat

Author : Stephen Alexander Hodgman
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The Mercy Seat

Author : Rilla Askew
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Few first novels garner the kind of powerful praise awarded this epic story that takes place on the dusty, remorseless Oklahoma frontier, where two brothers are deadlocked in a furious rivalry. Fayette is an enterprising schemer hoping to cash in on his brother's talents as a gunsmith. John, determined not to repeat the crime that forced both families to flee their Kentucky homes, doggedly follows his tenacious brother west, while he watches his own family disintegrate. Wondrously told through the wary eyes of John's ten-year-old daughter, Mattie, whose gift of premonition proves to be both a blessing and a curse, The Mercy Seat resounds with the rhythms of the Old Testament even as it explores the mysteries of the Native American spirit world. Sharing Faulkner's understanding of the inescapable pull of family and history, and Cormac McCarthy's appreciation of the stark beauty of the American wilderness, Rilla Askew imbues this momentous work with her tremendous energy and emotional range. It is an extraordinary novel from a prodigious new talent. Strange Business, a collection of linked stories that won the 1993 Oklahoma Book Award, is available from Penguin.

Systematic Theology

Author : Lewis Sperry Chafer
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The original eight volumes now complete and unabridged in four! "Though scholarly in the true sense of the word, this work can also be read and understood by those not formally trained in theology." --Charles C. Ryrie

The holy vessels and furniture of the tabernacle

Author : Henry W. Soltau
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