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The Medieval Luther

Author : Christine Helmer
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"This revisionist study demonstrates Luther's deep familiarity with medieval philosophy and theology. It connects his doctrines of Christ, salvation, and the priesthood to broader late medieval historical, religious, and political concerns, and shows how indispensable the study of the MIddle Ages is for understanding Luther's theology." -- Dust jacket, back cover.

Martin Luther

Author : Volker Leppin
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This brief, insightful biography of Martin Luther strips away the myths surrounding the Reformer to offer a more nuanced account of his life and ministry. Coinciding with the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, this accessible yet robustly historical and theological work highlights the medieval background of Luther's life in contrast to contemporary legends. Internationally respected church historian Volker Leppin explores the Catholic roots of Lutheran thought and locates Luther's life in the unfolding history of 16th-century Europe. Foreword by Timothy J. Wengert.

The Medieval Pattern in Luther s Views of the State

Author : Ernest George Schwiebert
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Luther and the Reformation of the Later Middle Ages

Author : Eric Leland Saak
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In 1517, Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses, an act often linked with the start of the Reformation. In this work, Eric Leland Saak argues that the 95 Theses do not signal Luther's break from Roman Catholicism. An obedient Observant Augustinian Hermit, Luther's self-understanding from 1505 until at least 1520 was as Brother Martin Luther, Augustinian, not Reformer, and he continued to wear his habit until October 1524. Saak demonstrates that Luther's provocative act represented the culmination of the late medieval Reformation. It was only the failure of this earlier Reformation that served as a catalyst for the onset of the sixteenth-century Protestant Reformation. Luther's true Reformation discovery had little to do with justification by faith, or with his 95 Theses. Yet his discoveries in February of 1520 were to change everything.

The Medieval Church

Author : Carl A. Volz
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Why does one's concept of the medieval church have a direct bearing on one's attitude toward ecumenism? How was Europe evangelized? Why is it essential to understand the different relationships of church-to-state between the West and Byzantium in order to understand the church's role in Eastern culture today? What common practices of public worship and personal piety have their roots in the medieval church? The Medieval Church: From the Dawn of the Middle Ages to the Eve of the Reformation addresses these questions and many more to demonstrate the pervasive influence of the past on modern piety, practice, and beliefs. For many years the Medieval period of church history has been ignored or denigrated as being the "dark ages," an attitude fostered by Enlightenment assumptions. Yet not only does this millennium provide a bridge to the early church, it created modern Europe and its nations, institutions, and the concept of Christendom as well. The Medieval Church, written in an easily accessible style, introduces the reader to the fascinating interplay of authority and dissent, the birth and development of doctrinal beliefs, the spirituality of the common person, and the enduring allure of Christian mysticism. The Medieval Church is a companion to The Early Church: Origins to the Dawn of the Middle Ages by E. Glenn Hinson and The Modern Church: From the Dawn of the Reformation to the Eve of the Third Millennium by Glenn Miller.

Luther and Late Medieval Thomism

Author : Denis R. Janz
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A careful analysis of Luther’s thought in the context of his age, this volume examines Luther’s links with later medieval Thomism. The study is organized on the theme of theological anthropology—the state of humans within a theological system. In the course of the discussion, Janz studies parallels and divergences between the thought of Luther and the thought of Thomas Aquinas, Peter Lombard, John Capreolus, Henry of Gorkum, Conrad Koellin, Karlstadt, and Cajetan. Janz suggests that at some crucial points late medieval Thomist teaching misrepresents the teaching of Thomas Aquinas. This, compounding Luther’s lack of direct knowledge of Thomas, helps to explain Luther’s opposition not only to his own nominalist teachers but to the scholastics generally. Students of late medieval and Reformation theology will find the wealth of primary citation and the detailed readings of the sources invaluable guides to the issues. Students of religion interested in contemporary problems in theological anthropology, in the natural capacity of humanity for good and evil, for example, will find the historical Christian perspective of great interest.

The Medieval Pattern in Luther s View of the State

Author : Ernest George Schwiebert
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Martin Luther in Context

Author : David M. Whitford
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Martin Luther remains a popular, oft-quoted, referenced, lauded historical figure. He is often seen as the fulcrum upon which the medieval turned into the modern, the last great medieval or the first great modern; or, he is the Protestant hero, the virulent anti-Semite; the destroyer of Catholic decadence, or the betrayer of the peasant cause. An important but contested figure, he was all of these things. Understanding Luther's context helps us to comprehend how a single man could be so many seemingly contradictory things simultaneously. Martin Luther in Context explores the world around Luther in order to make the man and the Reformation movement more understandable. Written by an international team of leading scholars, it includes over forty short, accessible essays, all specially commissioned for this volume, which reconstruct the life and world of Martin Luther. The volume also contextualizes the scholarship and reception of Luther in the popular mind.

The Medieval Patterns in Luther s Views of the State

Author : Ernest G. Schwiebert
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Luther Digest

Author :
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Extraordinary Women of the Medieval and Renaissance World

Author : Carole Levin
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Provides brief biographies of seventy extraordinary women of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, ranging from Akka Mahadevi, an Indian saint and poet, to Katharina Zell, a German Protestant humanitarian.

Bridging the Medieval Modern Divide

Author : James Muldoon
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The debate about when the middle ages ended and the modern era began, has long been a staple of the historical literature. In order to further this debate, and illuminate the implications of a longue durée approach to the history of the Reformation, this collection offers a selection of essays that address the medieval-modern divide. Covering a broad range of topics - encompassing legal, social, cultural, theological and political history - the volume asks fundamental questions about how we regard history, and what historians can learn from colleagues working in other fields that may not at first glance appear to offer any obvious links. By focussing on the concept of the medieval-modern divide - in particular the relation between the Middle Ages and the Reformation - each essay examines how a medievalist deals with a specific topic or issue that is also attracting the attention of Reformation scholars. In so doing it underlines the fact that both medievalists and modernists are often involved in bridging the medieval-modern divide, but are inclined to construct parallel bridges that end between the two starting points but do not necessarily meet. As a result, the volume challenges assumptions about the strict periodization of history, and suggest that a more flexible approach will yield interesting historical insights.

The Trinity and Martin Luther

Author : Christine Helmer
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Martin Luther was classically orthodox. Scholars often portray Luther as a heroic revolutionary, totally unlike his peers and forebears--as if he alone inaugurated modernity. But is this accurate? Is this even fair? At times this revolutionary model of Luther has come to some shocking conclusions, particularly concerning the doctrine of the Trinity. Some have called Luther modalist or tritheist--somehow theologically heterodox. In The Trinity and Martin Luther Christine Helmer uncovers Luther's trinitarian theology. The Trinity is the central doctrine of the Christian faith. It's not enough for dusty, ivory tower academics to know and understand it. Common people need the Trinity, too. Doctrine matters. Martin Luther knew this. But how did he communicate the doctrine of the Trinity to lay and learned listeners? And how does his trinitarian teaching relate to the medieval Christian theological and philosophical tradition? Helmer upends stereotypes of Luther's doctrine of the Trinity. This definitive work has been updated with a new foreword and with fresh translations of Luther's Latin and German texts.

The Unmaking of the Medieval Christian Cosmos 1500 1760

Author : W. G. L. Randles
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8. The impact of Cartesianism and Copernicanism and the end of the medieval cosmos -- Conclusion -- Bibliography -- Additional Bibliography (2004) -- Index

Martin Luther and the Seven Sacraments

Author : Brian C. Brewer
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This introduction to Martin Luther's sacramental theology addresses a central question in the life of the church and in ecumenical dialogue. Although Luther famously reduced the sacraments from seven to two (baptism and the Lord's Supper), he didn't completely dismiss the others. Instead, he positively recast them as practices in the church. This book explores the medieval church's understanding of the seven sacraments and the Protestant rationale for keeping or eliminating each sacrament. It also explores implications for contemporary theology and worship, helping Protestants imagine ways of reclaiming lost benefits of the seven sacraments.

Reform and Conflict

Author : Rudolph W. Heinze
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This volume covers a period of major change that had a lasting impact on art, science, economics, political thought, and education. Rudolph W. Heinze examines the various positions taken by medieval church reformers, explores the efforts of the leading reformer Martin Luther, and emphasises how the reformations brought moral and doctrinal changes to Christianity, permanently altering the religious landscape, then and now.

The Construction of Textual Authority in German Literature of the Medieval and Early Modern Periods

Author : James F. Poag
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This volume gathers 11 essays (7 in English, 4 in German) that examine strategies for establishing cultural legitimacy and claiming authority in a variety of medieval and early modern German texts and contexts. The texts considered vary from demonologies and histories of science to political performances, and the essays explore interrelationships between verbal texts and other cultural products.

The Decline and Fall of the Medieval Papacy

Author : Leonard Elliott Elliott-Binns
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The Arts and the Cultural Heritage of Martin Luther

Author : Eyolf Østrem
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Lutheran theology and religious practice re-shaped traditions from the ritual heritage of the Medieval Latin Church. Throughout the cultural history of European Lutheran areas, what came to be seen as "the arts" may be discussed in the light of changing Lutheran traditions: the cultural heritage of Martin Luther. This volume presents a collection of 9 essays on Lutheran traditions and the arts within the 500 years since the Reformation, as a special issue of the journal Transfiguration. This issue has been planned in connection with the Tenth International Congress for Luther Research hosted at the Department of Church History, University of Copenhagen.

The Story of a Great Medieval Book

Author : Philipp W. Rosemann
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"Broadly conceived and accessibly written." - Marcia L. Colish, Visiting Fellow, Yale University