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The Medical Discoveries Of Edward Bach Physician

Author : Nora Weeks
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In 1912 Edward Bach qualified as a medical doctor and embarked upon a career which not only had a profound effect on medical science, but brought to ordinary people the world over, a simple, safe and effective system of healing. Dr. Bach made a detailed study of bacteriology, immunology and homeopathy and found a clear connection between chronic disease and negative mental attitudes. It was the relationship between mind and body which formed the basis of his further research and as he became increasingly convinced that emotional harmony was the key to good health, he was determined to find a simple, non-invasive and harmless method of healing which could be used safely by everyone. The Medical Discoveries of Edward Bach tells how Dr. Bach's work developed, from his childhood hopes and dreams of a healthy society, to the discovery of a complete system of 38 natural remedies which address all aspects of human nature, emotional outlook and personality. Edward Bach was an eminent physician whose remarkable contribution to medicine, healing and humanity has yet to be fully realised.

The Medical Discoveries of Edward Bach Physician

Author : Nora Weeks
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Edward Bach was a British physician who developed well-known homeopathic treatments, known as the Bach flower remedies. This book looks closely at his life and work.

Bach Flower Remedies

Author : Julian Barnard
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In the 1920s, the physician and homeopath Dr Edward Bach made his great discovery of the healing effects of various flower essences, which resulted in thirty-eight 'flower remedies'. Bach described them as 'bringing courage to the fearful, peace to the anguished, and strength to the weak', but the therapeutic effects of the remedies go beyond emotional states. They are equally effective in the treatment of physical disorders. Julian Barnard describes how Bach made his discoveries. He examines the living qualities of the plants in their context, and looks at how the remedies are actually produced. The result is remarkable. Barnard recounts his observations so that readers can experience for themselves the complex ways in which the remedy plants grow -- their gestures and qualities, ecology, botany, and behaviour.

The Original Writings Of Edward Bach

Author : John Ramsell
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The Flower Remedies discovered by Dr Edward Bach, MB, BS, MRCS, LRCP, DPH, are now used extensively throughout the world. They have earned themselves a highly respected reputation and many books have, over the years, been written on the subject to compliment Dr Bach’s own Heal Thyself Healers & Other Remedies which represent the culmination and final record of his life’s work. Throughout his career, Dr Bach wrote many papers and literary compositions and this book provides a collection of his most inspirational work. It has been compiled with a great deal of thought and careful respect for his wishes. This book gives readers an opportunity to share his most uplifting and inspirational writings and stories, many of which have been reproduced in their original long-hand. Also included are character portraits by his friends and colleagues, some early photographs, letters and his own recorded case histories. Collectively they provide a wonderful insight into Dr Bach’s thoughts and precise intentions for the future of his work. This book, compiled by the curators and trustees of the Dr Edward Bach Healing Trust, offers a most enlightening and intimate appreciation of this great physician.

Examining Complementary Medicine

Author : Andrew Vickers
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Examining Complementary Medicine is one of the first books to take a critical look at complementary medicine from the inside, with contributions from leading figures in this growing field of interest. Until recently, criticism and analysis of complementary therapy has come exclusively from orthdox medicine, but with the widespread adoption of complementary therapies within conventional medical therapeutic practices, the time is now right for critical self-analysis on the part of practitioners within complementary therapies. Andrew Vickers has assembled leading figures to discuss the major concepts of complementary medicine and to expose hitherto hidden flaws in the reasonong and knowledge thought to underpin complementary medicine. the controversial nature of some of the contributions is intended to provoke further critical analysis within the professions, and it is hoped that the book will contribute to an intellectually rigorous theoretical basis for complementary practice.

The Herbal Medicine Maker s Handbook

Author : James Green
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THE HERBAL MEDICINE-MAKER'¬?S HANDBOOK is an entertaining compilation of natural home remedies written by one of the great herbalists, James Green, author of the best-selling THE MALE HERBAL. Writing in a delightfully personal and down-home style, Green emphasizes the point that herbal medicine-making is fundamental to every culture on the planet and is accessible to everyone. So, first head into the garden and learn to harvest your own herbs, and then head into your kitchen and whip up a batch of raspberry cough syrup, or perhaps a soothing elixir to erase the daily stresses of modern life. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Principles of Bach Flower Remedies

Author : Stefan Ball
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Bach flower remedies are natural medicines derived from flowers that have the power to bring balance back into our lives. This concise introduction is designed to help you start using the remedies for yourself. The book covers the nature and history of Dr Bach's famous system, with many case histories and examples to illustrate how it works. A complete list of remedies is included, along with useful information about how they are made, and a full description of the emotional states that they can help. There are also clear instructions describing how to select and take remedies as well as information on finding a good practitioner. This practical and accessible guide is ideal for anyone interested in using Bach remedies. Students and practitioners will also find it to be a useful reference, and a perfect introduction to recommend to clients.

Organic Gardening and Farming

Author : Jerome Irving Rodale
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Healing Beyond Medicine

Author : Hans Holzer
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The Bach Flower Remedies

Author : Edward Bach
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Learn how the essences of wildflowers can help your mental and spiritual health Drawn from the essence of wildflower blooms by the power of the sun, the Bach Flower remedies produce results which have confounded conventional medicine. Dr. Bach's revolutionary approach to healing through the personality of the patient aroused a storm of controversy. Yet seven decades have demonstrated its efficacy in thousands of cases. This volume includes three books in one: Heal Thyself and The Twelve Healers by Edward Bach, M.D.; and the Bach Remedies Repertory by F. J. Wheeler, M.D. In this comprehensive book you'll discover Dr. Bach's 38 remedies and their application to every situation. It also reveals Dr. Bach's findings on what disease actually is and the natural way to conquer it--by allowing the miraculous human organism to find its own path to true health. Here are just a few remedies to help you through tough times: Honeysuckle relieves feelings of homesickness Beech counters your aggravation with others Mimulus helps you overcome shyness Wild rose reverses feelings of apathy

Flowers to the Rescue

Author : Gregory Vlamis
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Dictionary of the Bach Flower Remedies

Author : Thomas Waring Hyne Jones
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The negative and positive manifestations.

The 38 Bach Flower Essences for the Family

Author :
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A Visual Encyclopedia of Unconventional Medicine

Author : Ann Hill
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ESP Witches and UFOs

Author : Hans Holzer
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Explores more true accounts of the strange and unknown: telepathy, psychic and reincarnation dreams, survival after death, psycho-ecstasy, unorthodox healing, Pagans and Witches, and Ufonauts.

East West Journal

Author :
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Common and uncommon uses of herbs for healthful living

Author : Richard Lucas
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Alternative Medicine

Author : Burton Goldberg Group
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Four hundred of the world's leading alternative physicians contribute safe, affordable, and effective remedies for more than 200 medical conditions ranging from common health problems like allergies, asthma, and obesity to serious illnesses like cancer, heart disease, and AIDS. Illustrations. Copyright © Libri GmbH. All rights reserved.

The Herb Quarterly

Author :
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Bach Flower Therapy

Author : Mechthild Scheffer
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The first contemporary study of Bach's techniques by one of Europe's leading practitioners. More than 50 years ago, English physician Dr. Edward Bach grew disenchanted with orthodox medicine as he came to understand that many physical complaints have a strong psychosomatic element. Over many years of study, he discovered 38 flower remedies that act on the disharmony within the patient and pave the way toward recovery. Bach Flower Therapy describes the remedies in such a way that patients taking them will gain deeper insight into the remedies underlying psychological concepts, thereby enhancing the potential for self-healing. Intended for practitioners and lay readers alike, the book includes lists of symptoms to facilitate diagnosis.