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Im Westen nichts Neues

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Elements of Algebra

Author : Leonhard Euler
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This book, originally published in 1765, is a gentle introduction to algebra by one of history's greatest mathematicians, Leonhard Euler. Starting with basic mathematical concepts such as signs, fractions, powers and roots, logarithms, infinite series, arithmetic and geometric ratios, and the calculation of interest, Euler then discusses how to solve equations of varying degrees, methods of rendering certain formulas rational, and more. In 1771, Joseph-Louis Lagrange included an addendum to the French edition containing topics such as continued fractions and Diophantine equations. This edition of Elements of Algebra was completely re-written using Microsoft Word and its Equation Editor over the course of several months and is not just another scanned copy of John Hewlett's original English language translation. This new edition contains Euler's Part I (Containing the Analysis of Determinate Quantities) and Part II (Containing the Analysis of Indeterminate Quantities), Lagrange's Additions as well as all of the footnotes by Johann Bernoulli and others. While much of the text remains the same as that edition, several changes were made to make it more accessible to the modern reader: 1. The words "shew" and "shewn" were replaced by "show" and "shown," respectively. 2. The original notation for continued fractions has been replaced with the more modern notation. 3. Several German-to-English and French-to-English translation issues were resolved. 4. While the order is the same as John Hewlett's English language translation, in order to give the work more space, each chapter now begins on its own page. 5. Several inline formulas were moved out-of-line to give the work more space. 6. Several errors in the formulas were discovered and corrected. 7. The word "formulae" was replace by "formulas." 8. The footnotes were moved to a Notes section at the end of the book. 9. The overuse of the comma in several places was brought up to modern standards. It is my hope that by creating this new "modern" edition, a renewed interest will be generated for a work which certainly does not deserve to be forgotten, written by a brilliant mathematician considered "the master of us all."

Enslaved Women and the Art of Resistance in Antebellum America

Author : R. Harrison
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Draws on mid-seventeenth to nineteenth-century slave narratives to describe oppression in the lives of enslaved African women. Investigates pre-colonial West and West Central African women's lives prior to European arrival to recover the cultural traditions and religious practices that helped enslaved women combat violence and oppression.


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An Ordination and Three Missionary Sermons

Author : John William Colenso
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Author : William Gerhardie
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William Gerhardie's first comic novel tells the story of a young Englishman who returns to St Petersburg where he was raised and falls in love with the daughter of a highly eccentric and dysfunctional family – a relationship which is played out with the armies of the Russian Revolution marching outside the parlour window. Part-British romantic comedy, part-Russian social realism, with Gerhardie's trademark large cast of wonderfully realised and highly memorable characters, this funny and poignant novel is the tale of persistance in love and hope in the face of what should be insurmountably difficult circumstances.

The Farmer s Magazine

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As Kingfishers Catch Fire

Author : Eugene Peterson
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'Sixty years ago I found myself distracted.' So begins the introduction to As Kingfishers Catch Fire. What follows is the record of the collaboration of pastor and congregation in acts of worship and a life together. What Eugene Peterson, for thirty years pastor of a Maryland church, discovered is that the pastor's life is much more than just the preaching. It is also made up of attending to the details in all the circumstances and relationships specific to a people and a place - prayers at a hospital bed, conversations with the elderly, small talk on a street corner. This collection of spiritual writings presents Peterson's distinctive approach designed to communicate to his congregation, and the reader, 'the full counsel of God.' Seven sections containing seven teachings, each expertly crafted to stir the biblical imagination. In these teachings, Peterson walks the reader through Scripture to bring fresh insight to familiar names such as Moses, David, Isaiah, Solomon, Peter, Paul, and John of Patmos.

International Mathematical Congresses

Author : Donald J. Albers
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Music and the Making of Modern Science

Author : Peter Pesic
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A wide-ranging exploration of how music has influenced science through the ages, from fifteenth-century cosmology to twentieth-century string theory. In the natural science of ancient Greece, music formed the meeting place between numbers and perception; for the next two millennia, Pesic tells us in Music and the Making of Modern Science, “liberal education” connected music with arithmetic, geometry, and astronomy within a fourfold study, the quadrivium. Peter Pesic argues provocatively that music has had a formative effect on the development of modern science—that music has been not just a charming accompaniment to thought but a conceptual force in its own right. Pesic explores a series of episodes in which music influenced science, moments in which prior developments in music arguably affected subsequent aspects of natural science. He describes encounters between harmony and fifteenth-century cosmological controversies, between musical initiatives and irrational numbers, between vibrating bodies and the emergent electromagnetism. He offers lively accounts of how Newton applied the musical scale to define the colors in the spectrum; how Euler and others applied musical ideas to develop the wave theory of light; and how a harmonium prepared Max Planck to find a quantum theory that reengaged the mathematics of vibration. Taken together, these cases document the peculiar power of music—its autonomous force as a stream of experience, capable of stimulating insights different from those mediated by the verbal and the visual. An innovative e-book edition available for iOS devices will allow sound examples to be played by a touch and shows the score in a moving line.

Toni Morrison s Beloved

Author : William L. Andrews
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With the continued expansion of the literary canon, multicultural works of modern literary fiction and autobiography have assumed an increasing importance for students and scholars of American literature. This exciting new series assembles key documents and criticism concerning these works that have so recently become central components of the American literature curriculum. Each casebook will reprint documents relating to the work's historical context and reception, present the best in critical essays, and when possible, feature an interview of the author. The series will provide, for the first time, an accessible forum in which readers can come to a fuller understanding of these contemporary masterpieces and the unique aspects of American ethnic, racial, or cultural experience that they so ably portray. This casebook to Morrison's classic novel presents seven essays that represent the best in contemporary criticism of the book. In addition, the book includes a poem and an abolitionist's tra published after a slave named Margaret Garner killed her child to save her from slavery--the very incident Morrison fictionalizes in Beloved.

Best Russian Short Stories Illustrated Edition

Author : Various Authors
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Best Russian Short Stories initially published in 1917, is a collection of short stories by Gogol, Dostoyevsky, Pushkin, Turgenev, Chekhov, Gorky, and many others—each selection is the work of a master. This collection was revolutionary in its approach to realism, injecting characters with human weaknesses familiar to all. It also provided fodder for other such important concepts as existentialism and even passive resistance, which was rooted in the works of Tolstoy, and practiced resistance, which was rooted in the works of Tolstoy and practiced successfully by Gandhi and Martin Luther King. The 19 powerful short stories in this collection are excellent examples of writing by the foremost authors from Russia's Golden Age of Literature. This magnificent collection will appeal to a wide audience. (Best Russian Short Stories by Various Authors, 9788180320132)

A Wing and a Prayer

Author : Paul Hostetler
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Retired pastor Paul Hostetler's collection of humorous incidents from his life and ministry. He brings to each story a good measure of local color, attention to character, and a wry sense of humor that finds a hopeful lesson even in trying circumstances.

Weekly World News

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Rooted in the creative success of over 30 years of supermarket tabloid publishing, the Weekly World News has been the world's only reliable news source since 1979. The online hub is a leading entertainment news site.


Author : J. Cuthbert Hadden
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James Cuthbert Hadden was a Scottish organist and a writer who wrote biographies of Chopin, Handel, Haydn, and Mendelssohn. His writing style is both highly accessible and generously endowed with a capacity for information. The present work traces the development of Haydn as a man and Haydn as composer from his early days in Rohrau to his years in Vienna and Eisenstadt, to his London visits, to his last years. Much attention is given to his compositions, but also to such details as his face and features, social habits, humour, piety, industry, and so on. A useful inclusion is a catalogue of Haydn’s works, and most readers will find the selection of Haydn’s letters included as an appendix, as well as his last will and testament, highly informative.

Called to Reach

Author : William Yount
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What’s a cross-cultural discipler? It’s someone who crosses distinct cultural barriers—whether at home or abroad—to share the gospel and develop other effective Christian disciples. Think of the apostle Paul who was born into a Jewish heritage but preached in Greece and Rome among other places, or modern day missionaries, both short-term and long-term, who bravely go where God sends them despite the challenges of language and lifestyle differences when they get there. Called to Reach is a much-needed book of encouragement and training for cross-cultural disciplers new and old. Based on the authors’ dynamic experiences, it defines seven characteristics that best enhance the effectiveness of disciplers in overcoming cultural barriers and emphasizes the importance of personally growing in spiritual maturity with every outreach opportunity. Throughout, Jesus is presented as the model cross-cultural discipler, for He left the culture of Heaven to disciple us in our earthly culture.

Grace That Breaks the Chains

Author : Neil T. Anderson
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Neil Anderson, author of the bestselling The Bondage BreakerTM, and his coauthors expose the trauma of legalism to let you see how Christ frees you from your efforts to be “good enough for God.” Far too many Christians believe that the Christian life is “trying hard to do what God commands.” But making laws into lords estranges you from Christ. In this liberating book, the authors uncover the chains of legalism: shame, guilt, and pride the keys to liberty: knowing who you are in Christ and resting in the Father’s love the life of freedom: experiencing joyful friendship with God and obeying Him because you love Him If you’re weighed down by rules you can’t possibly keep, here’s encouragement and an appeal to the church to be free in Christ. Previously titled Breaking the Bondage of Legalism.

Death of A Nation

Author : Joseph L. Kyle
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This book presents some very raw facts about the negative aspects of racism and the devastating effects it has on individuals, municipalities, States, the Nation and indeed the world. It covers a ten year period in the author’s life, presented autobiographically, from 1940 to 1950. The story is based primarily on historical events as reported in the ex Black weekly newspaper, “The Pittsburgh Courier.” The news articles are presented as parts of fictionalized dialogue between the author, his young peers and older adult advisors. Most of the fictionalized accounts have some bases in truth but some did not occur in the sequence or to individuals as presented. Names of individuals reported in news media have not been changed, nor have the names of family members and teachers. Names of townspeople have been changed although a real person existed for that character. The primary goal of the book is to present true facts about the history of the “disease” based on a false premise of “race” that has caused so much suffering, ignorance and despair over centuries in the hope that we will stop perpetuating it and let it die the ignoble death it deserves.

The Master s Brick

Author : Melisa Bass O'Connor
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Have you ever wondered about your destiny? Why were you created? What purpose are you meant to serve? Can God use you the way you are? Where do you fit in? There was a plan for us all before we were ever made. We each have a purpose, a special place to fit. Join the Master s brick on his journey to find that special place. Long before I held the manuscript, I knew that Melisa Bass O Connor would be a successful author. She speaks with such fluidity that one never has to re-read or stumble through a sentence. I first received this story while on vacation and read it out loud to those I was with. We were all speechless for a moment as the story sank into our hearts. Old or young, you will be touched by The Master s Brick. It is my prayer that this will be one of many books that you and I will hold in our hands and in our hearts. Rena Perozich, author of The ABC s of Being a Mother

Missio Dei

Author : Kevin Wilcock
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Kevin Wilcock is the Senior Pastor of Life Church, Newcastle, Australia as well as the founder and leader of Ozreach Australia. He is a leading practitioner in missional churches in Australia as well as leading a relational movement of missional churches. Amongst other things, the run Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) 7 days a week, Seafarers Mission Life Houses emergency accommodation, Pub Church and Soul Café, a feeding program for the homeless and needy, also providing a doctors clinic, Legal Aid, counselling, Centrelink, clothing, and general support. The chapter titles are Chapter 1 - Things are changing Chapter 2 - The missional life Chapter 3 - Uncluttered Christianity Chapter 4 – Understanding cultural trends and spiritual climates Chapter 5 - Missio Dei Chapter 6 - Communitas Chapter 7 - Missio Dei & Communitas Chapter 8 - Leadership in a missional world Chapter 9 - Discipleship in a missional world Chapter 10 - Pastoral care and shepherding in a missional world Chapter 11 - Evangelism in a missional world Chapter 12 - Meetings in a missional world Chapter 13 - Church buildings in a missional world Chapter 14 - The 5 marks of a missional church Chapter 15 - The strengths and weaknesses of missional church