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The Master Coach

Author : Gregg Thompson
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Today, coaching is recognized to be one of the most effective human resource development processes available, and it is becoming increasingly popular in organizations of all sizes. Faced with historically low levels of employee engagement (as little as 13% according to Gallup’s latest survey), business leaders see coaching as key to unlocking the human talent, creativity, and innovation that is hiding in plain sight in their workplaces. And rather than bring in external coaches for this purpose, they want to integrate coaching into their company culture—a 2015 study by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the Human Capital Institute (HCI) found that 81% of organizations surveyed planned to train managers/leaders in coaching skills. The Master Coach is written for these leaders, and is perfectly positioned to become the definitive book on the topic. Drawing on the wealth of experience that has made Gregg Thompson and Bluepoint Leadership Development the choice of numerous Fortune 100 companies, it illuminates the essence of what it takes to be a great coach. The Master Coach will appeal to leaders at all organization levels, showing them how to make a significant shift in their attitudes, values and behaviors and become more coach-like in all of their daily interactions and conversations. The Master Coach is based on the simple but profound 3Cs Coaching Model. This proven approach asserts that to master the art of coaching one must have an exemplary Character that invites the trust of others, be able to form rapid Connections with others at deeply personal level, and have the ability to initiate and guide intense, attitude-changing Conversations. At every step, Thompson reminds readers that coaching is not merely about what the coach says or does; it is about who he or she is.

The Master Coach s Life Training Guide

Author : Rev. Dr. Kevin T. Coughlin
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The Master Coach's Life Coach Training Guide is an amazing book for anyone with an interest in Professional Life Coaching. We all need Coaches! We all need Spiritual-Sounding Boards, or Mentors to challenge us and help us grow as human beings! Life Coaches help their clients solve problems using core competencies, skill sets, and specialized coaching techniques. Life Coaching is client and results driven, where the client sets their goal and objective and then the Life Coach helps them take the action needed to succeed in reaching a solution to the client's problem. The truth is, that all people need a little help every now and again. Professional Life Coaches have the skills to help their clients on many levels. Often, individuals are blocked by their own perceptions, perspectives, and worldview. The Life Coach can help clients to look at problems in a new way, so that they are no longer blocked from reaching a solution. The Professional Life Coach uses powerful questioning, active listening, paraphrasing, the natural laws of cause and effect, body language, tones, and inflections, coach and client activities, action planning, specific follow up, and many other coaching tools, skills, and techniques to help their clients achieve success. Professional Life Coaches are held to rigorous ethical standards and responsibilities and must follow local, state, and federal laws. Building an honest, trusting, and caring relationship with clients is paramount. This wonderful book on Professional Life Coaching has all the facts an aspiring Professional Life Coach will need to start their own business as a Professional Life Coach. Some individuals are natural problem solvers that others gravitate towards. If you have been thinking about becoming a Life Coach, this is the book for you. The Author, Rev. Dr. Kevin T. Coughlin Ph.D. is a Master Coach and Trainer who has already trained hundreds of Professional Coaches. Buy your copy today and start on your true journey as a Professional Life Coach!

The Power and Passion of the Master Coach

Author : Elliot Johnson
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The Master Coach Model

Author : James Smith
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When Telling and Instructing fail... How can you move others?Learn with one of the most experienced and passionate executivecoaches in America. The Master Coach Model will accelerate yourunderstanding of how to Pull-not push, Explore-not explain, andListen-not lecture, to the success of both the coach and the coachee.Dr. Jim Smith will move you with a proven model for coaching thatconnects both mind and heart of those you influence. Complete withreal-time coaching discussions and tools.

Master Coach System

Author : Sabrina Braham M a
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This first practical how to guide for coaching mastery in the Master Coach System(R) series begins with a foundational core competency and offers expert guidance to systematically assist clients in the creation of actionable strategies for measurable results.

Jesus the Master Coach

Author : Joseph Umidi
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JESUS THE MASTER COACH provides strategic and practical ways to apply the Heart of Jesus where it matters in your life today. Without using religious language, you will learn to be an effective communicator that connects powerfully in family, workplace, community, and church conversations and relationships. By providing newly discovered categories for the 100 Questions of Jesus found in the Gospels, you will have a new appreciation for the coaching and conversational opportunities each day. You will learn how to meaningfully meet and network new people, communicate across boomer/millennial/generational "Z" barriers, improve parent/teen dialogues, increase in your conversational intelligence, craft significant questions for important meetings, accelerate your impact as an authentic communicator, listen to what really matters to the other, and ignite hearts at home and work one conversation at a time. Real-life stories will empower you with the ability to honor the person even in conflict and tension that is increasing in our highly polarized media and culture. The analysis and application of the questions of Jesus, instead of the teaching of Jesus, is a new approach to discipleship, spiritual formation, and management that is the result of years of research, teaching, and training in graduate school education. Thousands of students in Psychology, Business, Leadership, Education, Communication, Divinity, and Government have contributed to the results presented here over a twenty-year period. Over 10,000 coaches have confirmed the validity of this approach as they have created a transformational movement of the father-heart of God to the nations.

Everyone Needs a Bundini Inspiration and a Coach

Author : Samuel (Savior-Sha) Shabaka
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Everyone needs a Bundini coach. Why? Because everyone needs inspiration and FIRE (fierce intensity rules emotion).Everyone needs someone who value their time, who listens, asks thought-evoking questions, who rarely gives advice, who uses information wisely to inspire transformative change and impact. Coaches get maximum results because they value time. With limited time, coaches utilize their time effectively to get the most out of the time rendered. They maximize the moment for coaching. They are outcome driven and their conversation is in the forwarding of this reality. They listen with the desire to hear the personal motivation of the prospect or mentee to take them to their desired objective.

Coaching with NLP

Author : Joseph O'Connor
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A guide to using NLP in business and life coaching from NLP expert Joseph O'Connor.

The Master Coach Manual for the Relationship and Results Oriented Healthcare Program

Author : Ruth I. Hansten
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Mentoring in Physical Education and Sports Coaching

Author : Fiona C. Chambers
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Mentoring is a core element of any successful teacher education or coach education programme, with evidence suggesting that teachers and coaches who are mentored early in their careers are more likely to become effective practitioners. Physical education and sports coaching share important pedagogical, practical and cultural terrain, and mentoring has become a vital tool with which to develop confidence, self-reflection and problem-solving abilities in trainee and early career PE teachers and sports coaches. This is the first book to introduce key theory and best practice in mentoring, for mentors and mentees, focusing on the particular challenges and opportunities in physical education and sports coaching. Written by a team of international experts with extensive practical experience of mentoring in PE and coaching, the book clearly explains what mentoring is, how it should work, and how an understanding of socio-cultural factors can form the foundation of good mentoring practice. The book explores practical issues in mentoring in physical education, including pre-service and newly qualified teachers, and in coach education, including mentoring in high performance sport and the role of national governing bodies. Each chapter includes real mentoring stories, practical guidance and definitions of key terms, and a ‘pedagogy toolbox’ brings together the most important themes and techniques for easy reference. This is a hugely useful book for all teacher and coach education degree programmes, for any practising teacher or coach involved in mentoring, and for schools, clubs, sports organisations or NGBs looking to develop mentoring schemes.

Grant Teaff with the Master Coaches

Author : Grant Teaff
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Volume 2, Grant Teaff interviews 21 additional Master Coaches and answers the Master Coach questions himself.

Agile Coaching for Scrum Masters

Author : Antonio Montes Orozco
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When a Scrum Master decides to become certified, they must learn by heart that this role refers both to become a Mentor ("teacher") and a Coach ("motivator"). In this work, Antonio Montes Orozco, author of "Scrum for Non-Techies" and "The Work Stress Cycle", once again shows his amazing synthesis capacity to explain, in 100 pages, what a Scrum Master needs to know about Agile Coaching. This work contains multiple examples that make it an essential guide for any Scrum Master who wants to delve into the world of Coaching. It is also highly recommended for all those leaders who want to learn how to hold productive conversations.

The Digital Coach

Author : Stella Kanatouri
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Thanks to digital media, coaching doesn ́t have to be constrained by geographical and temporal boundaries. Using digital media to facilitate coaching processes however, creates a distinct form of coaching practice that requires additional skill from the coach. The Digital Coach contains insights based on a comprehensive, exploratory research that analysed the discussions of a 1,000 member strong online community of coaches and several interviews with coaches to understand their practical experiences of working with technology. At the same time, the book offers information, insights, and examples that can be readily used by the coaching practitioner. Based on the developments in the field, the book provides suggestions about improving the usability of coaching software, and it offers reflections on how emerging technologies like immersive Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence might extend coaching practice. Whilst acknowledging the limitations and potential risks that may arise by integrating digital media in coaching, the book suggests that coaching success doesn’t only depend on media capabilities, but also on the coach. The digital coach develops enhanced coaching skills and adapts coaching practice to the media in use. The book is dedicated to the coaching practitioner who uses digital media or who is considering doing so, and is relevant for coaching supervisors, buyers of coaching services, human resource professionals, and software designers.

The Basketball Coach s Primer

Author : Thomas Frood
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The Basketball Coach’s Primer is a resource of basketball ideas. It is written for coaches ready to review the principles and methods of the game before getting started with a new team, or for renewing coaches reviewing for the next season of basketball. Reviewing and renewing to gain greater understanding makes the game better for all the people of basketball. The basketball content or substance herein is not the authoritative “last” word but this study puts forward the important ideas for developing the players and the game at a fundamental level. This resource provides a synopsis of essentials, including a comprehensive outline of the basic maneuvers and processes for developing the skills and mobility of the players. A substantial quantity of relevant game-specific basketball applications are added to the mix of ideas for good measure. The Basketball Coach’s Primer also lays the basis for a more advanced game if needed.

Mastering Executive Coaching

Author : Jonathan Passmore
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This book aims to enrich the knowledge and toolkit of executive coaches and help them on their development path towards mastery. Edited by three leading practitioners, it brings together the expertise of an international range of Master Coaches, and provides evidence-based practical chapters across a broad range of topics, including contracting, ethical dilemmas, coaching board members and non-executive directors, and the use of psychometrics. Mastering Executive Coaching will be essential reading for executive coaches, consultants and trainers who are looking to develop their practice. It will also be highly relevant for Masters-level students of coaching and coaching psychology.

You Can Coach

Author : Joel Comiskey
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We've entitled this book "You Can Coach" because we believe that coaching is more about passing on what you've lived and holding others accountable in the process. Coaching doesn't require a higher degree, special talent, unique personality, or a particular spiritual gift. We believe, in fact, that God wants coaching to become a movement. We long to see the day in which every pastor has a coach and in turn is coaching someone else. In this book, you'll hear three coaches who have successfully coached pastors for many years. They will share their history, dreams, principles, and what God is doing through coaching. Our hope is that you'll be both inspired and resourced to continue your own coaching ministry in the years to come.

The Mindful Coach

Author : Douglas K. Silsbee
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Drawing from modern Buddhist perspectives on mindfulness, this important book skillfully integrates the key practice of self-awareness with seven essential roles played by any professional charged with supporting learning, growth and change.With exercises, sample dialogues, and application models, The Mindful Coach offers a systematic approach for developing yourself as a coach.

Listening from the Heart

Author : Shirley Anderson
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Master coaches teach the key distinctions between everyday listening and how master coaches listen. Written by two master coaches, this book educates the reader on why listening is the most underrated communication skill and how to improve your listening. Taught with a light touch and an emphasis on story telling, Master Coaches Shirley Anderson and Susan Austin Lawver share a behind the scene look at one of coaching's most powerful skills. You'll learn not only how to be a better listener, but why listening well is the key to helping your clients move forward. Written for both the coach and non-coach alike, this easy to read look at listening will be sure to make an impression regardless of your skill level. Here's How to Listen Like A Master Coach... You already know that the right coaching question can transform a clients life. The confusing part, is not knowing how to improve your listening, allowing your client to really open up and move forward on their own. That's where we come in. We help people just like you, learn the art and science of listening profoundly. Here are 3 ways we can help you right now: Option 1: Join us on the Coaching Salon telecall, the first three Mondays of the month at 2:00 pm EST. Call 712-432-0490, Access Code: 1050958# Option 2: Join our mentor coaching group on Listening From the Heart. This group meets the 2nd and 4th Thursday's, at noon Eastern, for one hour and is limited to 4 participants. Option 3: Work with us 1 on 1. This option is for two one-hour calls per month. We coach you to personally upgrade to the level of "master coach" listening, using the ICF Core Competencies. Most coaches think it takes months of hard work and hours of coaching to move your clients forward. Now you can listen like the pros and have the clients do the work for you, just like master coaches do. If you'd like us to help, just send an email to: [email protected] m and we will take it from there.

Heart of a Coach

Author : Fellowship of Christian Athletes
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The busy life of a coach leaves little time to read the Bible or spend time in community with other believers. And yet the need for spiritual input for themselves and those they lead is great. Heart of a Coach is a daily devotional that provides 120 short but meaningful readings using realistic coaching situations to help coaches understand the truth and relevancy of the Bible to everyday life. It will bring insight into handling life's daily challenges and enable the coach to use biblical principles to teach and motivate athletes. Learn from those with the heart of a coach in these readings. Also includes Scripture references and follow up questions that speak to the life of any coach.

The Master Coach

Author : Matthew K. Rhule
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