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The Martyred Towns of France

Author : Clara Elizabeth Laughlin
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Encyclopaedia Perthensis Or Universal Dictionary of the Arts Sciences Literature c Intended to Supersede the Use of Other Books of Reference

Author :
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The Martyred Towns

Author : André Michel
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France in an Era of Global War 1914 1945

Author : A. Carrol
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In France in an Era of Global War, scholars re-examine experiences of French politics, occupation, empire and entanglements with the Anglophone world between 1914 and 1945. In doing so, they question the long-standing myths and assumptions which continue to surround this period, and offer new avenues of enquiry.

Atlas Geographus Or A Compleat System of Geography Ancient and Modern etc

Author : [Anonymus AC09669617]
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Fox s Book of Martyrs

Author : John Foxe
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The New Encyclopaedia Or Universal Dictionary of Arts and Sciences

Author : Alexander Aitchison
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Communities Under Fire

Author : Alex Dowdall
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Between 1914 and 1918, the Western Front passed through some of Europe's most populated and industrialised regions. Large towns including Nancy, Reims, Arras, and Lens lay at the heart of the battlefield. Their civilian inhabitants endured artillery bombardment, military occupation, and material hardship. Many fled for the safety of the French interior, but others lived under fire for much of the war, ensuring the Western Front remained a joint civil-military space. Communities under Fire explores the wartime experiences of civilians on both sides of the Western Front, and uncovers how urban communities responded to the dramatic impact of industrialized war. It discusses how war shaped civilians' personal and collective identities, and explores how the experiences of military violence, occupation, and forced displacement structured the attitudes of civilians at the front towards the rest of the nation. Drawing on a vast array of archival sources, letters, diaries, and newspapers in English, French, and German, it reveals the history of the Western Front from the perspective of its civilian inhabitants. From Leningrad to Warsaw, Hamburg, and, more recently, Sarajevo and Donetsk, urban violence has remained a feature of warfare in Europe, turning cities into battlefields. On each occasion, civilian populations were at the heart of military operations, and forced to adapt to life in a warzone. This was also the case between 1914 and 1918, despite the myth that the First World War was predominantly a soldiers' war. The civilian inhabitants of the Western Front were among the first to suffer the full impact of modern, industrialized war in an urban setting. Communities under Fire explains the multiple ways by which these urban residents responded to, were changed by, succumbed to, or survived the enormous pressures of life in a warzone.

Andr T chin

Author : Bill Marshall
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This is the first full-length monograph in English about one of France's most important contemporary filmmakers, perhaps best known in the English speaking world for his award winning Les Roseaux sauvages/Wild Reeds of 1994. This study locates André Téchiné within historical and cultural contexts that include the Algerian war, May 1968 and contemporary globalisation, and the influence of Roland Barthes, Bertolt Brecht, Ingmar Bergman, William Faulkner and the cinematic French wave. The originality of Téchiné's sixteen feature films lies in his subtle exploration of sexuality and national identity, as he challenges expectations in his depictions of gay relations, the North African dimensions of contemporary French culture, and the centre-periphery relationship between Paris and his native southwest. The book will be of interest to researchers and postgraduates working on French cinema, undergraduates studying Téchiné on their film courses, and all those with a general interest in cinema, contemporary France, and lesbian and gay issues.

The American Comprehensive Encyclopedia of Useful Knowledge Arts Sciences History Biography Geography Statistics and General Knowledge

Author : William Harrison De Puy
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