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Workout Tips for Martial Arts Athletes

Author : Fabian L. Williams
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As any athlete can tell you, preparing for a particular sport can be grueling. This book focuses on all aspects of training for a martial artist, or any athlete. Workout Tips For Martial Arts Athletes also shows the importance of many different types of training, from cardiovascular to weight training to relaxation. In addition, it will help any athlete learn the basics of fitness so that they may become a better athlete in their individual sport.

Hong Kong Martial Artists

Author : Daniel Miles Amos
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This book examines the social, political, and cultural changes that have occurred in the practice of Chinese kungfu by martial artists in Hong Kong over the course of the last two decades of British rule and the first two decades of mainland Chinese rule.

Academic Approaches to Martial Arts Research Vol 1

Author : Michael DeMarco
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This two-volume anthology conveniently contains useful academic tools for studying the combative arts. Each chapter will prove special to all interested in the intellectual side to the martial arts. Some chapters provide fine details for categorizing the variety of what we commonly refer to as "martial arts." Other chapters focus on the martial arts as living culture and social implications. The quality of instruction can either encourage negative traits such as violence or allow a practitioner to experience a self-transformation that improves character. The paperback edition is available in a single volume.

Taekwondo Studies Advanced Theory and Practice

Author : Michael DeMarco, M.A., et al.
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Taekwondo is unlike any other martial art and it deserves some special attention because of its importance as a sport with a unique history and influence. This anthology, as part of our projects to provide stellar articles from the Journal of Asian Martial Arts, provides high quality materials about taekwondo you will not find elsewhere. Topics include fascets of taekwondo history, practice, competition, health, education, character, techniques, and sport/athletics. You’ll find the notes, bibliographies, illustrations, and index are also valuable. We have been very fortunate to include the writings of Dr. Willy Pieter, a pioneer in the scientific study of taekwondo. Other articles in this book provide details of taekwondo history, such as the detailed work by Dakin Burdick. The earlier version as published in the journal caused quite a stir among Korean martial art afficionados, particularly in the clear exposition that taekwondo’s roots are found in Japanese/Okinawan traditions. Some chapters focus on specific techniques, especially the pieces by Udo Moenig, Louis Bercades and Willy Pieter. The interview by José Suporta with Juan Moreno is very insightful as it includes a discussion of the differences of taekwondo practices for the martial artist and sport athlete. In her chapter, Marzena Czarneca uncovers the social relationships that often develop between students and teachers. The emotional and psychological bonds formed during classes are often difficult to notice and define, but she does so with a unique research methodology. Van Reenam’s chapter gives a refreshing portrait of childhood development through taekwondo practice. His conclusions will benefit those who teach, as well as the youngsters and parents involved in taekwondo. Authoritative works dealing with taekwondo are published occasionally. This book is a milestone in taekwondo literature. Hopefully you will enjoy reading each page of this important anthology. Besides being a convenient collection of special readings on taekwondo, we also hope the chapters will inspire future research and writing in this field.

Black Belt

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The oldest and most respected martial arts title in the industry, this popular monthly magazine addresses the needs of martial artists of all levels by providing them with information about every style of self-defense in the world - including techniques and strategies. In addition, Black Belt produces and markets over 75 martial arts-oriented books and videos including many about the works of Bruce Lee, the best-known marital arts figure in the world.

Ultimate Conditioning for Martial Arts

Author : Landow, Loren
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Strike and kick with explosive power. Grapple and wrestle with sustained strength. Counter and evade opponents with speed and agility. Ultimate Conditioning for Martial Arts is your guide to achieving all of these performance goals and more. It includes sample training plans for the most popular martial arts.

Academic Approaches to Martial Arts Research Vol 1

Author : Michael DeMarco
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As soon as its first issue was published, readers of the Journal of Asian Martial Arts knew that it was unique in providing reliable materials on the subject. The journal brought a clearer perspective of Asian martial traditions. It presented valuable details on the history, theory and practice of various styles. Of greater importance, the journal set a standard for scholarly research to build the field. This anthology conveniently assembles sixteen journal articles that contain useful academic tools for studying the combative arts. Each chapter will prove special to all interested in the intellectual side to the martial arts. What martial art do you wish to research? Is it really a “martial” art? Or is it a martially-inspired art, practiced only for health or for theatrical performance?—A number of chapters provide fine details for categorizing the variety of what we commonly refer to as “martial arts.” While demonstrating the complexity of the martial arts as a field of study, the authors provide insights and methods that actually clarify and facilitate any discussion of this fascinating subject. Other chapters focus on the martial arts as living culture. We learn about the physical side of these arts just as we learn about other aspects of culture, except that often the martial arts being taught are from Asia. It is extremely important to understand just how a foreign art enters and adapts to another culture minus much of its associated history and culture. The social implications are enormous as shown in some of the chapters. Anyone who practices an Asian martial art may be exposed to related cultural aspects, such as Oriental philosophy and social customs. These can have an effect on the practitioner’s character. When elements of different cultures are absorbed, their embodiment can be seen in the individual’s daily actions. The question of violence is paramount in this potentially activity. With proper instruction, chances are better for a practitioner to experience a self-transformation that improves character, nurturing qualities such as patience and respect. This anthology’s table of contents hints the in-depth material that fills nearly 300 pages. This publication is for those who take researching martial traditions very seriously.

Application of Intelligent Systems in Multi modal Information Analytics

Author : Vijayan Sugumaran
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This book provides comprehensive coverage of the latest advances and trends in information technology, science and engineering. Specifically, it addresses a number of broad themes, including multi-modal informatics, data mining, agent-based and multi-agent systems for health and education informatics, which inspire the development of intelligent information technologies. The contributions cover a wide range of topics such as AI applications and innovations in health and education informatics; data and knowledge management; multi-modal application management; and web/social media mining for multi-modal informatics. Outlining promising future research directions, the book is a valuable resource for students, researchers and professionals, and a useful reference guide for newcomers to the field. This book is a compilation of the papers presented in the 2021 International Conference on Multi-modal Information Analytics, held in Huhehaote, China, on April 23–24, 2021.

Biology of Sport

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Biology of Sport publishes reports of methodological and experimental work on science of sport, natural sciences, medicine and pharmacology, technical siences, biocybernetics and application of statistics and psychology, with priority for inter-discyplinary papers. Brief reviews of monographic papers on problems of sport, information on recent developments in research equipment and training aids, are also published. Papers are invided from researchers, coaches and all authors engaged in problems of trining effects, selection in sport as well as biological and social effects of athletic activity durning various periods of man's ontogenetic development.

Asian Martial Arts

Author : Michael DeMarco
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Asian Martial Arts: Constructive Thoughts & Practical Applications represents an international gathering of friends who happen to be highly qualified martial art scholars and practitioners. This martial arts book is a collection of articles from practitioners who have come together in celebration of the 20-plus years that Journal of Asian Martial Arts has inspired scholarship to higher academic standards while encouraging all aspects of responsible practice. Each article was written specifically for Asian Martial Arts, with topics representing the rich variety found in the Asian martial traditions.