The Making of a Maverick Missionary

Joseph Booth in Australasia


Author: Fiedler, Klaus

Publisher: Luviri Press

ISBN: 999609684X

Category: Religion

Page: 94

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All Malawians know their national hero, the Rev John Chilembwe, who, in 1915, protested against colonialism with an armed uprising. To understand him, it is necessary to understand Joseph Booth, who baptized him and took him to America in 1897 to study for the Baptist ministry. There in America Booth published his Africa for the African to the intense dislike of the colonial administration. Booth was an Evangelical missionary, but a maverick among them. This book explores what made him the odd man out among his fellow missionaries by tracing his and his family's life in Auckland and Melbourne, arguing that his political involvement must be understood from his specific Baptist background.

The Making of a Maverick

Building Champions in Business and in Life


Author: Marlo Higgins

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781628654660

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 175

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This book is designed to help individuals who want to stop the self-doubt and create actions to grow their business, increase profits and serve with greater peace and ease, referred to as that 'gentle hum'. We don't focus on overcoming fear, but rather the actions one can take to prove to yourself there is nothing TO fear, and the answers you seek are within yourself.

The Making of a Maverick


Author: Eric Macfarlane

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781905621644

Category: Education

Page: 266

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"From a student to his students"Eric Macfarlane's latest book will strike a chord with all who have passed through the English educational system and wondered at some of the strange practices they encountered. The Making of a Maverick is a highly entertaining account of the author's experiences in a variety of schools, colleges and universities. Starting with his years in dame school, Eric Macfarlane describes the characters and situations that helped to shape his own provocative and challenging ideas on learning and teaching.

The Making of a Maverick


Author: Courtney A. Nelson

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781425729639

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 212

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I seek to show how a farm boy from Minnesota was able to find opportunities for meaningful work in the international field, a combination of luck and a willingness to take risks and chart new paths. I was fortunate to be able to turn an army tour into an employment opportunity that took me on a solo trip around the world arranging for the observation of an annular solar eclipse by teams of scientists. There followed a six year stint with the CIA in Washington and Ethiopia, which included a chance to read deeply into communism, under the tutelage of an Eastern European refugee intellectual. These readings led me to write a paper on the parallels between the communist systems of control and authoritarianism societies dependant on the control of water. The paper brought me to the attention of David Reisman and of two members of the Ford Foundation staff. After a year spent in the US Commission on Civil Rights, I joined the Ford Foundation staff to open a new office for East and Central Africa. Again I was fortunate to have a boss/mentor in Frank Sutton, one of the Foundation's senior intellectuals. I stayed with the Foundation for 15 years, which included a year of mid-career reflections at Harvard, and five years as the Foundation's representative for the Middle East. My interest in child development stems from this time. Although not part of the Foundation's program, I was able to sponsor a few projects in the field in the Middle East. Near the end of my Foundation career, I participated in a study of foreign aid at the Brookings Institution. My topic was technological transfer and I proposed a new institute for handling S & T relationships with developing countries. After two years of planning for the new institute, Congress failed to fund it. I then wrote a paper on US science and the third world for the Kettering Foundation. Development administration was the focus of my work later in Indonesia, and of a number of short term consulting assignments for the UNDP. I undertook work in Iraq, Oman, Sharjah, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and Egypt, designing strategies for improving the functioning of the civil service. These several strands of my background organization, human development, science and technology, and public management -- came together upon retirement when I enrolled in the Fielding Institute's graduate program in human development. There I could guide my own research into the areas of the development process that interested me most. This book seeks to integrate my understanding of the various vectors of development into a coherent whole It also traces our family's peregrinations about the world and includes vivid descriptions of some of our adventures by my wife, Penelope.

Andreas Papandreou

The Making of a Greek Democrat and Political Maverick


Author: Stan Draenos

Publisher: I.B.Tauris

ISBN: 1780760809

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 340

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'Andreas Papandreou' chronicles the events, struggles and ideas that defined the man's dramatic, intrigue-filled transformation from Kennedy-era moderniser to Cold War maverick. In the process, the book examines the interplay of character and circumstance that generated Papandreou's contentious, but consequential politics.

Becoming Hitler: The Making of a Nazi


Author: Thomas Weber

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0191641790

Category: History

Page: 448

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The story of the making of Adolf Hitler that we are all familiar with is the one Hitler himself wove in his 1924 trial, and then expanded upon in Mein Kampf. It tells of his rapid emergence as National Socialist leader in 1919, and of how he successfully rallied most of Munich and the majority of Bavaria's establishment to support the famous beer-hall putsch of 1923. It is an account which has largely been taken at face value for over ninety years. Yet, on closer examination, Hitler's account of his experiences in the years immediately following the First World War turns out to be every bit as unreliable as his account of his experiences as a soldier during the war itself. In Becoming Hitler, Thomas Weber continues from where he left off in his previous book, Hitler's First War, stripping away the layers of myth and fabrication in Hitler's own tale to tell the real story of Hitler's politicization and radicalization in post-First World War Munich. It is the gripping account of how an awkward and unemployed loner with virtually no recognizable leadership qualities and fluctuating political ideas turned into the charismatic, self-assured, virulently anti-Semitic leader with an all-or-nothing approach to politics with whom the world was soon to become tragically familiar. As Weber clearly shows, far from the picture of a fully-formed political leader which Hitler wanted to portray in Mein Kampf, his ideas and priorities were still very uncertain and largely undefined in early 1919 — and they continued to shift until 1923. It was the failed Ludendorff putsch of November 1923 - and the subsequent Ludendorff trial — which was to prove the making of Hitler. And he was not slow to spot the opportunity that it offered. As the movers and shakers of Munich's political scene tried to blame everything on him in the course of the trial, Hitler was presented with a golden opportunity to place himself at the centre of attention, turning what had been the 'Ludendorff trial' into the 'Hitler trial'. Henceforth, he would no longer be merely a local Bavarian political leader. From now on, he would present himself as a potential 'national saviour'. In the months after the trial, Hitler cemented this myth by writing Mein Kampf from his comfortable prison cell. His years of metamorphosis were now behind him. His years as Führer were soon to come.

Anglos and Mexicans in the Making of Texas, 1836-1986


Author: David Montejano

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 0292775962

Category: History

Page: 383

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Examines the status and lives of Mexicans in Texas after the Alamo by addressing such issues as ethnicity, social change, and the nature of society and race relations

The Making of a Civil Rights Lawyer


Author: Michael Meltsner

Publisher: University of Virginia Press

ISBN: 9780813926957

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 309

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As a white Yale Law School graduate, Meltsner began his career with the Legal Defense Fund of the NAACP, working initially under Thurgood Marshall and later under Jack Greenberg. From his vantage point at LDF, Meltsner witnessed and participated in litigation support of the civil rights movement in the South. As the movement shifted north and the fight for desegregation gave way to black-power slogans, Meltsner remained involved with the LDF and later went on to teach public interest practice at Columbia Law School. He watched the move from the high expectations after the Brown v. Board of Education decision to the lows of subsequent resegregation. He recalls his involvement in other civil rights efforts, from the campaigns to abolish capital punishment to Muhammad Ali's legal battle to regain his right to box. Meltsner closes with a chapter that examines the strategic possibilities of the No Child Left Behind mandate. Meltsner brings a personal perspective to this assessment of the hopes, potential, and shifting terrain of public service law. A worthy read. --Vernon Ford Copyright 2006 Booklist.

The Making of Modern Japan


Author: Marius B. Jansen

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 0674009916

Category: History

Page: 871

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A sweeping history of modern Japan begins in 1600 and retraces the three major upheavals in Japanese history that have helped shape it into a modern Asian nation.