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The Love of Goalkeeping

Author : Tomaz Lasic
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The Love of the Game

Author : Mark Chapman
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BBC sports presenter Mark Chapman is no longer in his physical prime. There is an argument to suggest he has never been in his physical prime. Now in his forties, he is facing a world of knee replacements and ever-expanding waistlines, whilst his children are thriving. There is huge pride that they are doing so well, mixed with a fair amount of jealousy that actually they are better at a wide range of sport than he ever was. He is passionate about sport and it has played a huge part in his life. His parents encouraged him from a very early age and he wants to pass the baton on to his son and daughters. Although there is every chance he might drop it and have a massive strop instead. He is also very aware of the huge changes in sport today compared to when he was growing up; and he is determined that his own attitude to his son and daughters' sport - be it football, netball, cricket or gymnastics - will be exactly the same. And he wants to shine a light on grass roots sports - the incredible and largely unsung contribution that volunteers make in the sporting commnity, without whom - for example - no professional footballer would be in the game today. Funny, touching, passionate about sport and parenthood, Mark Chapman paints sport as a touchstone for everything important: growing up, becoming a parent, enjoying family time, getting old, learning how to win (and how to lose gracefully), the legacy we all hope to leave our children; in short, life and all that goes into it.

The Soccer Goalkeeping Handbook 3rd Edition

Author : Alex Welsh
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The Soccer Goalkeeping Handbook is the authoritative and comprehensive coaching guide to the most important position on the soccer field. It identifies the components that form the essential skills of any goalkeeper, and how these work within the five goalkeeping roles: shot stopping, dealing with crosses and with through balls, distribution and organisation. How the goalkeeper influences play with his presence is also vital. The handbook takes any keeper or coach through the physical, mental, technical and tactical attributes required. A full set of training drills and exercises are provided, focusing on game-specific behaviour to reinforce good habits. All are fully illustrated with a list of essential coaching points. As the modern game has evolved, so has the role of the goalie. This new edition addresses the need for the goalkeeper to be an effective reader of the game and an intelligent distributor of the ball, both as a means of retaining possession and initiating counter-attacks. It also covers how the player can reinforce self-belief for good performance, and how versions of the small-sided game (five-a-side, futsal) can develop technique. Whether experienced or aspiring, this is essential reading for all goalkeepers and coaches.

For the Love of Fire

Author : Colin Kirkham
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Murders, riots and rescues are only part of the unique memoirs shared by retired Station Officer Colin Kirkham. Destined to be an arsonist or firefighter he took the legal route to fulfil his passion to ‘Dance with the Angels’, collecting a lifetime of memories along the way. For the Love of Fire follows his journey from probation to retirement, where he ‘battles the beast’ in two entirely different fire services, whilst attending some exceptional incidents not normally encountered by firefighters. Adding an extra dimension to his career, he also spent time as a Police Constable on the idyllic Isle of Man, where his physical size came in handy in the fight to maintain law and order. Recollecting notable fire and police incidents, including a serial killer loose in the community and a devastating motorcycle crash during the world-famous Isle of Man TT races, the stories are told with honesty, emotion and a good dose of humour, giving the reader a true reflection of what life is like serving in both the Police and Fire Services.

Baden Powell of Mafeking

Author : J.S Fletcher
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Reproduction of the original: Baden-Powell of Mafeking by J.S Fletcher

J S FLETCHER 17 Novels 28 Short Stories Including Detective Mysteries Adventure Novels Crime Stories Historical Works Illustrated

Author : J. S. Fletcher
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This carefully crafted ebook is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents: Novels Perris of the Cherry Trees The Middle Temple Murder Dead Men's Money The Talleyrand Maxim The Paradise Mystery The Borough Treasurer The Chestermarke Instinct The Herapath Property The Orange-Yellow Diamond The Root of All Evil In The Mayor's Parlour The Middle of Things Ravensdene Court The Rayner-Slade Amalgamation Scarhaven Keep In the Days of Drake Where Highways Cross Short Stories Paul Campenhaye – Specialist in Criminology The French Maid The Yorkshire Manufacturer The Covent Garden Fruit Shop The Irish Mail The Tobacco-Box Mrs. Duquesne The House on Hardress Head The Champagne Bottle The Settling Day The Magician of Cannon Street Mr. Poskitt's Nightcaps (Stories of a Yorkshire Farmer) The Guardian of High Elms Farm A Stranger in Arcady The Man Who Was Nobody Little Miss Partridge The Marriage of Mr. Jarvis Bread Cast upon the Waters William Henry and the Dairymaid The Spoils to the Victor An Arcadian Courtship The Way of the Comet Brothers in Affliction A Man or a Mouse A Deal in Odd Volumes The Chief Magistrate Other Stories The Ivory God The Other Sense The New Sun The Lighthouse on Shivering Sand Historical Works Mistress Spitfire Baden-Powell of Mafeking Joseph Smith Fletcher (1863-1933) was an English author, one of the leading writers of detective fiction in the Golden Age.

Delphi Collected Works of J S Fletcher US Illustrated

Author : J. S. Fletcher
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Although little known today, the English novelist J. S. Fletcher was one of the highest selling writers of the early twentieth century. He wrote more than 230 books covering a range of genres and subjects, including social dramas, exciting thrillers and celebrated historical novels. It is as a pioneering writer of detective fiction that he is being reappraised in the twenty-first century, recognising his important contribution to the development of the genre. Gripping novels like ‘The Middle Temple Murder’ and ‘The Charing Cross Mystery’ are renowned for their complicated, intelligently structured plots, colourful characterisation and unputdownable events. This comprehensive collection presents J. S. Fletcher's collected works, with numerous illustrations, many rare texts, informative introductions and the usual Delphi bonus material. (Version 1) * Beautifully illustrated with images relating to Fletcher’s life and works * Concise introductions to the major novels * 30 novels, with individual contents tables * Features rare novels appearing for the first time in digital publishing, including his almost lost first two novels, ‘Frank Carisbroke’s Stratagem’ and ‘Andrewlina’ * Fletcher's very rare and compelling historical novel 'When Charles the First Was King', appearing here for the first time in digital publishing * Images of how the books were first published, giving your eReader a taste of the original texts * Excellent formatting of the texts * Rare story collections * Includes Fletcher’s rare poetry collections – available in no other collection * Ordering of texts into chronological order and genres Please visit to browse through our range of titles CONTENTS: The Novels Frank Carisbroke’s Stratagem (1888) Andrewlina (1889) Mr. Spivey’s Clerk (1890) When Charles the First Was King (1892) In the Days of Drake (1895) Where Highways Cross (1895) Mistress Spitfire (1896) Baden Powell of Mafeking (1900) Lucian the Dreamer (1903) Perris of the Cherry-Trees (1913) The King versus Wargrave (1915) The Rayner-Slade Amalgamation (1917) Paul Campenhaye (1918) The Chestermarke Instinct (1918) The Borough Treasurer (1919) The Middle Temple Murder (1919) The Talleyrand Maxim (1919) Scarhaven Keep (1920) The Herapath Property (1920) The Lost Mr. Linthwaite (1920) The Orange-Yellow Diamond (1920) The Markenmore Mystery (1921) The Root of All Evil (1921) Wrychester Paradise (1921) In the Mayor’s Parlour (1922) Ravensdene Court (1922) The Middle of Things (1922) The Charing Cross Mystery (1923) The Kang-He Vase (1924) The Safety Pin (1924) The Shorter Fiction Mr. Poskitt’s Nightcaps (1910) The Secret of the Barbican and Other Stories (1924) Miscellaneous Stories The Poetry Collections The Juvenile Poems of Joseph S. Fletcher (1879) Early Poems by Joseph Smith Fletcher (1882) Anima Christi (1884) Please visit to browse through our range of titles or to purchase this eBook as a Parts Edition of individual eBooks

The Art of Goalkeeping

Author : David Vitali
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This book was written by a goalkeeper for goalkeepers. It comprehensively covers all of the skills, responsibilities, and equipment that provide the foundation for goalkeeping excellence at all levels and ages. During my own career, I won many awardsfrom Outstanding Goalkeeper to the most respected award of all, Fairest and Best. I was awarded the latter whilst playing in the highly competitive, Western Australian under 21s Youth League. I have trained under some of the best coaches in the country, including former Australian Socceroos (national) coach Frank Schaeffer. What you will read here is a combination of my own experience and comprehensive research on all of the aspects that make up a goalkeeper par excellence. There is much more to goalkeeping than that exhilarating fingertip save that brings a crowd to their feet in applause. The art of goalkeeping requires a broad set of skills and the equipment to match, to take you from being just good, to outstanding. This book is designed to get you there. It contains both reference material and detailed how-to instructions to help you become the best you can be. I do hope that you enjoy reading it and get as much out of it as I did writing it.

Lucky Goalkeeping Save

Author : Jake Maddox
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The Love of the Game

Author : Bradley Ambridge
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It seemed a simple enough idea : take over the running of an amateur football team in West London...Except - hold on a minute - that's not a simple idea at all. And when you throw in a team of ex-convicts, aggressive Turks, bizarre injuries, local tourist attractions, the British weather, Russian mergers, extremely overweight rugby players, Vinnie Jones impressionists and ludicrous amounts of travelling, you quickly arrive at a lot more than you bargained for.

Soccer in Spain

Author : Timothy J. Ashton
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In the last few years, Spanish soccer has surged to the forefront of the sport, with the national team winning the last two European Championships and the 2010 World Cup. Soccer has long been a global social phenomenon that captivates the masses, and this is clearly evident in the people of Spain. Since the formation of Spain’s first club teams at the turn of the 20th century, the sport of soccer has long been connected with Spain’s internal historical and socio-political disputes. In Soccer in Spain, Timothy Ashton not only details the strong relationship between soccer and politics in Spain, but also demonstrates the multifaceted connection the sport has with other aspects of Spanish society, namely literature and film. This book opens the doors into Spanish literature, film, and politics as they pertain to soccer, and will be especially worthwhile and significant for soccer fans and scholars alike.

How to Be a Footballer

Author : Peter Crouch
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**Winner of the 2018 Telegraph Sports Book Awards Sports Bestseller of the Year** 'Very funny on almost every page, wonderfully self-deprecating and very sharp on the ludicrous behaviour of the modern player' - Sunday Times 'The funniest man in British sport' - Metro Featured on BBC Radio 2 with Chris Evans You become a footballer because you love football. And then you are a footballer, and you’re suddenly in the strangest, most baffling world of all. A world where one team-mate comes to training in a bright red suit with matching top-hat, cane and glasses, without any actual glass in them, and another has so many sports cars they forget they have left a Porsche at the train station. Even when their surname is incorporated in the registration plate. So walk with me into the dressing-room, to find out which players refuse to touch a football before a game, to discover why a load of millionaires never have any shower-gel, and to hear what Cristiano Ronaldo says when he looks at himself in the mirror. We will go into post-match interviews, make fools of ourselves on social media and try to ensure that we never again pay £250 for a haircut that should have cost a tenner. We’ll be coached and cajoled by Harry Redknapp, upset Rafa Benitez and be soothed by the sound of an accordion played by Sven-Goran Eriksson’s assistant Tord Grip. There will be some very bad music and some very bad decisions. I am Peter Crouch. This is How To Be A Footballer. Shall we? Can’t get enough of Crouch? Tune into That Peter Crouch Podcast on Radio 5 Live

Soccer Skills and Drills

Author : James W. Lennox
File Size : 77.50 MB
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Master all the fundamentals that matter on the pitch with Soccer Skills & Drills. This comprehensive instructional guide for players and coaches alike teaches the techniques necessary for success as well as games and drills to hone your skills to perfection. Learn to dribble, receive, pass, shoot, head, tackle, and guard the goal with guidance from the National Soccer Coaches Association of America, the top coaches' organization in the United States. Then use the 80 progressively arranged games and drills to practice those skills in competitive situations and small-sided games. The insightful teaching points and effective practice activities will reinforce your execution of the fundamentals and expand your repertoire of techniques and tactics. Dozens of photographs and diagrams are provided to help you visualize the technical instruction, while the application of each skill is described from both tactical and positional perspectives. More than a drill book, Soccer Skills & Drills is the information-packed resource that will elevate any player's game!

The Goalie

Author : Andy Goram
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This is the story of a genius with flaws. Lots of them. On the field, Andy Goram was a defiant figure between the sticks who, in many ways, defined the history-making nine-in-a-row team that brought so much success to Ibrox; off it, he careered through three divorces and a welter of lurid tabloid headlines sensationalising his hellraising antics. In this no-holds-barred account, Goram lifts the lid on his tempestuous life in football, from the Gers' glory days to a fairy-tale chapter with his boyhood heroes: Manchester United. His life in the Old Firm is examined in depth, from the saves that broke former Celtic manager Tommy Burns's heart to a story that was buried until now: Celtic's astonishing bid to sign him. Goram's Scotland career ended in bitterness when he walked out on the squad before France 98, and here he smashes the myths that have always surrounded his relationships with Craig Brown and Jim Leighton. This is the inside story of the man the fans voted Rangers' greatest-ever goalkeeper. He remains a genius with flaws: a legend simply known as The Goalie.

I Don t Know What It Is But I Love It

Author : Tony Evans
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I Don't Know What It Is But I Love It by Tony Evans - Liverpool and the most unlikely success story in football Kenny Dalglish. Graeme Souness. Ian Rush. Alan Hansen. Bruce Grobelaar. They rank with the very greatest players ever. But the heroes of 1984 were an unlikely group to make history. Led by a 63-year old first-time manager and a captain show-off better known for his moves on the dancefloor, Liverpool's greatest season was a booze-fuelled journey to three trophies: the first division title, the League Cup and the European Cup, won on a remarkable night in Rome. The team's theme song was even the much-derided Chris Rea hit. Eye-watering, hilarious, and utterly unbelievable, this is the story of how they did it, and how their season was the last year of innocence in English football. This book is essential reading for fans of Red or Dead, 43 Years With The Same Bird: A Liverpudlian Love Affair and the memoirs of Steven Gerrard, Jamie Carragher and Kenny Dalglish. Tony Evans has been football editor of The Times for five years and was born a Liverpool fan. He writes a weekly column for The Game, The Times' weekly football supplement. He came to journalism at the age of 29 and spent his 20s following Liverpool and playing in bands, including a stint in The Farm. In 1983-84, he saw all 42 league games and most of the matches in other competitions.

Twelve Yards

Author : Ben Lyttleton
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An all-encompassing look at the penalty kick, soccer’s all-or-nothing play—its legendary moments and the secrets to its success No stretch of grass has been the site of more glory or heartbreak in the world of sports than the few dozen paces between goalkeeper and penalty kicker in soccer. In theory, it’s simple: place the ball beyond a single defender and secure a place in history. But once the chosen players make the lonely march from their respective sides of the pitch, everything changes, all bets are off, and anything can happen. Drawing from the hard-won lessons of legendary games, in-depth statistical analysis, expert opinion, and the firsthand experience of coaches and players from around the world, journalist Ben Lyttleton offers insight into the diverse attitudes, tactics, and techniques that separate success from failure in one of the highest-pressure situations sports has to offer.

Women in Boots

Author : Marion Stell
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Who could imagine that finding a suitable pair of football boots would prove almost impossible for women and girls in the 1970s? The focus of the women’s liberation movement was fought in the streets, in universities, in workplaces and in the home. We add the football field to these sites of protest and empowerment for individual women. We follow the Australian and New Zealand national players – schoolgirls, factory workers, university graduates and professionals – as they navigate the male-dominated world of football. This book never shies away from the uncomfortable aspects of their journeys, uncovering stories of vulnerability and strength, sexual harassment as well as sexual awakening, personal vilification as well as celebration, giving voice to a silencing in sport. Written by historian Dr Marion Stell, in collaboration with football identity Heather Reid AM, this enlivened account is told with honesty, pain and humour.

To Barcelona and Beyond

Author : Paul Smith
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Rangers have more than 100 trophies to the club's credit in an illustrious history - but only one of those prizes has been claimed on foreign shores. The triumph over Moscow Dynamo in the 1972 European Cup Winners' Cup final in the Nou Camp stadium is the achievement Ibrox teams have been attempting to emulate for decades since that famous win. To Barcelona and Beyond charts the twists and turns of that celebrated European campaign and tells the real story, in the players' own words, of the men who made it happen. Through a unique collection of interviews with all eleven of the Barca Bears and comprehensive biographical profiles, Paul Smith charts the journey of a group of home-grown players who went on to propel Rangers to continental glory - and just where football's rollercoaster has taken them in the years that have followed. Each player had a major part to play in that most memorable of nights and each tells their story. With additional material studying the experiences of the army of travelling supporters and examining the business aspect of the 1972 triumph, To Barcelona and Beyond pays a lasting tribute to one of the greatest occasions in Scottish football.

Letter Spirit Vol 8 Promise and Fulfillment The Relationship Between the Old and New Testaments

Author : Scott Hahn
File Size : 60.75 MB
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Promise and Fulfillment: The Relationship Between the Old and the New Testaments is the eight volume in the acclaimed series from Scott Hahn’s St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology. Letter & Spirit, the most widely read journal of Catholic Biblical Theology in English, seeks to foster a deeper conversation about the Bible. The series takes a crucial step toward recovering the fundamental link between the literary and historical study of Scripture and its religious and spiritual meaning in the Church’s liturgy and Tradition. This volume features an all-star lineup tackling one of the oldest questions in Christian biblical scholarship — the relationship between the Old and New Testaments. Highlights include Hahn’s essay on the meaning of covenant in Hebrews 9 and Brant Pitre’s reading of the parable of the Royal Wedding Feast (Matt 22:1-14) against the backdrop of Jewish Scripture and tradition.

Coaching Girls Soccer Successfully

Author : Debra A. LaPrath
File Size : 66.6 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Build a winning girls' soccer program, on the field and off. In Coaching Girls' Soccer Successfully, one of the nation's top high school coaches, Debra LaPrath, shares her expertise on all aspects of coaching. From establishing a coaching philosophy to making decisions during a game, this is the approach that has made her program a perennial powerhouse. Coaching Girls' Soccer Successfully covers every aspect of the coach's role: -Developing and perfecting skills -Evaluating players and defining their roles -Organizing productive practices -Scouting and preparing for games -Adding variety to training -Developing leadership qualities -Motivating the team -Communicating on and off the field Featuring seasonal training plans, drills for developing fundamental to advanced skills, and advice for handling off-the-field challenges, Coaching Girls' Soccer Successfully is the most comprehensive resource available for novice and experienced coaches alike.