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The Lost Samurai School

Author : Antony Cummins
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This stunning English translation of a medieval Japanese text is at once an illustrated martial arts manual and a historical account of the teachings of a samurai grandmaster Available for the first time in English, this book explores the essential practices of the samurai school known as Mubyoshi Ryu. Complete with more than 350 images, The Lost Samurai School collects and translates ancient documents that contain the teachings of grandmaster Hagiwara Juzo—revealing for the first time to western readers the enthralling martial arts, secret weapons, magic, and espionage as they were practiced by samurai in their daily lives. The ancient Mubyoshi Ryu scrolls contain fascinating descriptions of “civilian” samurai skills—which concentrate more on personal protection than battlefield warfare—including the full ninja curriculum and elements of esoteric magic. Martial arts expert Antony Cummins contextualizes these translated documents by providing a history of the era and the school itself. The abundant illustrations form a useful martial arts manual, bringing to life the skills required to master everything from jujutsu and shuriken-jutsu (throwing blades) to swords, chain weapons, and the quarterstaff. The Lost Samurai School is a journey into the past that will preserve such skills for future generations and will appeal to anyone interested in martial arts or Japanese history.

How To Be a Modern Samurai

Author : Antony Cummins
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The first guide to using samurai self-discipline, focus and determination in order to find your unique inner power and be a success in your chosen field. This inspiring book offers historically authentic and highly effective mind-control and leadership techniques, as well as fun activities to bring a flavour of old Japan into your life. For centuries, the Japanese samurai were the unquestioned leaders of their society, maintaining their position through their iron will, Zen-like emotional control and clan-building social skills. Today, in a modern world that so often privileges instant gratification and self-indulgence, few commit to the Way of the Samurai, yet this challenging path of self-discipline, self-control and dedication will bring great rewards to those who follow it. In this ultimate guide to making use of the authentic samurai practices and techniques in today's world, learn how to control your mind and emotions, stay on the path until you have achieved mastery of your chosen art, build a network of loyal followers, defend your home from physical and psychic attack, use samurai spirituality and even magic - and much more.

Samurai Arms Armour the Tactics of Warfare

Author : Antony Cummins
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THE FIRST-EVER STUDY OF SAMURAI ARMS, ARMOUR AND TACTICS IN THE WORDS OF AN AUTHENTIC SEVENTEENTH-CENTURY SAMURAI MASTER STRATEGIST Part of the acclaimed Book of Samurai series, which presents for the first time the translated scrolls of the historical Natori-Ryū samurai school of war, this volume offers an exceptional insight into the weaponry and armour of the samurai era, as well as tactical advice for use on and off the battlefield. Two secret scrolls by the samurai tactician Natori Sanjūrō Masazumi are presented here: Heieki Yōhō, which offers advice for every possible martial situation, from moving troops to besieging a castle to fighting on the open battlefield; and Heigu Yōhō, which explores samurai arms and armour in unparalleled detail. Illustrated with 130 line drawings of arms and armour, strategic diagrams and beautiful samples of Japanese calligraphy, this is essential reading for students of martial arts, warrior culture and the samurai path. This book was written by the seventeenth-century samurai tactician Natori Sanjūrō Masazumi, also known as Issui-sensei, who was to become the most influential grandmaster of the Natori-Ryū school of war. It gives us an unprecedented insight into what the samurai knew about their own specialization – armour and warfare. By listening to a genuine samurai, we can discover a huge amount about the thoughts, ideals, codes and even the feelings of this much admired, but often misunderstood, warrior class. Heieki Yōhō, the first scroll translated in this book, gives leadership advice for use on and off the battlefield. From turning thieves or cowards to good service, to practising ‘external listening’ in order to obtain information from as many sources as possible, to penetrating the deeper motives of those who slander or praise others, the ideas discussed are thought provoking and paint a vivid picture of samurai Japan at war. Heigu Yōhō, the second scroll, gives a rare and precious glimpse into samurai arms and armour, including details of their construction, regulations associated with the wearer’s status, and the fascinating ceremonies, mythology and Buddhist doctrine that underlay their use. With 130 line drawings that clarify the text, this is the ultimate resource for all those interested in the wisdom and practice of the historical samurai.

The Book of Samurai

Author : Anthony Cummins
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The Book of Samurai series presents the lost arts of the samurai in the English language for the first time. Antony Cummins and Yoshie Minami have brought the teachings of the famed samurai school Natori-Ry? back to life through The Book of Samurai series, and present the lost arts of the samurai in the English language for the first time. BOOK ONE is a translation of two secret scrolls and establishes the Fundamental Teachings of a samurai student, revealing the basic traditions of Natori-Ry?. The first scroll, Heika J ?dan,contains 290 lessons that define the baseline for samurai during times of peace, a time which is considered as preparation for war, focusing each student on expanding their own ability and conduct, giving them the mind-set needed for any battles to come. The second scroll, Ippei Y?k?, moves the student onto the field of battle, giving them an understanding of what is expected of them during a campaign of war and providing the necessary guidance for samurai who are to take up arms for the first time. These first two Natori-Ry? documents are an in-depth and detailed account of the practicality of samurai warfare, opening up the lost world of these Japanese warriors to all modern readers.

The Ring of Water Young Samurai Book 5

Author : Chris Bradford
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Jack Fletcher has been left for dead. Bruised and battered, Jack Fletcher wakes up in a roadside inn wrapped only in a dirty kimono. He has lost everything, including his memory of what happened. Determined to discover the truth, Jack goes on a quest to retrieve his belongings - his precious swords, his friend Akiko's black pearl and most important of all, his father's prize possession. Relying on his samurai and ninja training, Jack realises The Ring of Water is the key to his survival. But with only a washed up Ronin - a masterless samurai - for help, what will Jack manage to find? What will he lose? And what will he have to sacrifice?

Secrets of the Samurai

Author : Oscar Ratti
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Secrets of the Samurai is the definitive study of the martial arts of feudal Japan, explaining in detail the weapons, techniques, strategies, and principles of combat that made the Japanese warrior a formidable foe. The work begins with a panoramic survey of the tumultuous early struggles of warlords contending for political ascendancy and then outlines the relentless progression of the military class toward absolute power. In addition to illustrating actual methods of combat, the authors discuss in detail the crucial training necessary to develop a warrior's inner power and to concentrate all his energies into a single force. Secrets of the Samurai is an essential text for anyone with an interest in Japanese combat techniques, weaponry, or military history. This edition also contains a new foreword by Adele Westbrook and numerous previously unpublished illustrations by Oscar Ratti. Chapters include: The Bushi The Heimin The Centers of Martial Instruction Armed Bujutsu Unarmed Bujutsu Control and Power Strategic Principles Morality of Bujutsu

The Religion Of The Samurai Annotated Edition

Author : Kaiten Nukariya
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This is the extended and annotated edition including * an extensive annotation of more than 10.000 words about the history and basics of Buddhism, written by Thomas William Rhys Davids * an interactive table-of-contents * perfect formatting for electronic reading devices This study of Zen philosophy and the disciples in China and Japan elaborates on the differences between Mahayana Buddhism and Theraveda. The Zen sect is one of many Buddhist sects and has millions of followers worldwide. Contents: Preface To Second Edition. Preface. Introduction. Chapter I. Life Of Shakyamuni Till His Appearance At Benares As A Teacher. Chapter Ii. Life Of Buddha From His Appearance As A Teacher At Benares To The Conversion Of Rahula. Chapter Iii. From The Commencement Of Rahula's Religious Life Till The Near Approach Of The Nirvana. Chapter Iv. Last Discourses And Death Of Buddha. Chapter V. The Patriarchs Of The Northern Buddhists. Chapter Vi. Sketch Of The History Of Buddhism In China. Chapter Vii. The Schools Of Chinese Buddhism. Chapter Viii. On Chi-K'ai And The T'ien-T'ai School Of Buddhism. Chapter Ix. The Buddhist Moral System. Chapter X. The Buddhist Calendar. Chapter Xi. Relation Of Buddhism To The Older Hindoo Mythology. Chapter Xii. The Buddhist Universe. Chapter Xiii. The Extended Universe Of The Northern Buddhists. Chapter Xiv. Buddhist Images And Image Worship. Chapter Xv. Monasteries At P'u-To. Chapter Xvi. Buddhist Processions, Associations, Pilgrimages, And Ceremonies For The Dead. Chapter Xvii. Buddhist Literature. Chapter Xviii. The Leng-Yen-King.--First Chapter. Chapter Xix. The Ekashloka Shastra. Chapter Xx. Effect Of Buddhism On The Philosophy Of The Sung Dynasty. Chapter Xxi. Feng-Shui; Or, The Wind And Water Superstition Of The Chinese. Chapter Xxii. Buddhist Phraseology In Relation To Christian Teaching. Chapter Xxiii. Notice Of The Wu-Wei-Kiau, A Reformed Buddhist Sect. Chapter Xxiv. Buddhism And Tauism In Their Popular Aspects. Chapter Xxvi. Books And Papers That May Be Consulted For The Study Of Chinese Buddhism.

Samurai Girl Real Bout High School Volume 1

Author : Reiji Saiga
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Ryoko Mitsurugi, the Samurai Girl, is the top fighter and the most popular girl at her martial arts high school until bad boy Shizuma Kusanagi transfers in from Kansai and turns the school into a non-stop battleground.

Samurai Weapons

Author : Don Cunningham
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Unlock the secrets of the legendary weapons of the samurai While the samurai is well known as the military nobility of medieval Japan, their range of weapons, which went far beyond the katana, bow, and spear, is lesser known. For instance, some weapons, like the tesson, or iron fan, were used in secret where samurai swords were not allowed. Others were improvised, with warriors using whatever fighting tool was at hand. In Samurai Weapons, readers will follow the story of Zenigata Heiji, among others, who developed an uncanny ability to use heavy coins as dangerous weapons by throwing them like bullets. Author Don Cunningham, who held ranks in judo, jujutsu, and kendo, including a second dan license from the Kodokan Judo Institute in Tokyo, gives us a historical look at these ancient arms in a way that's useful for novices and samurai experts alike. Chapters cover such rich details as: Japanese martial arts culture Hidden weapons Sensu, truncheons, and polearms Learn how and why samurai weapons included not only the sword of popular lore, but also a variety of others. Cunningham describes the society of Japan, how the samurai class arose, and the place in society that samurai held through the centuries, focusing in particular on the various weaponry they used, how they used it, and why. Samurai Weapons highlights how these weapons and fighting styles have influenced various schools of Japanese martial arts.

Samurai Awakening

Author : Ben Martin
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**Winner of the 2013 SCBWI Crystal Kite Award** David Matthews is having a rough time. Being a teenager is bad enough, but when he picks up and moves to Japan for a year, with barely any knowledge of the language or social behaviors of Japanese teenagers, things go from bad to worse. Until one day, David attends a temple ceremony and finds himself possessed by a Japanese god. Suddenly, he can understand and speak Japanese. He has unbelievable new powers, including the ability to shift into a tiger, and a powerful sword he can materialize at will from its sheath—his body. But nothing comes for free, and these changes bring David face-to-face with the most terrifying creatures of Japanese legend—vengeful okami, demonic oni and terrifying ghostly yurei. Trained by his host family, famous sword-makers and the keepers of an ancient secret entrusted to their family by the first Emperor of Japan, David must fight desperately to save his host sister from a hoard of Japanese monsters. Evil has returned to Japan, and David must overcome his own insecurities if he is to save her and become a True Samurai—the protector of Japan.

Danny Malloy and His Mississippi River Samurai

Author : M. A. Hugger
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In the tale of Danny Malloy and His Mississippi River Samurai, Danny discovers there's lots to learn on the river. He adopts an owl that doesn't hoot, earns money harvesting morel mushrooms, buys river pearls and silver-toed boots, learns to fish using Willowcats for bait, discovers frog sex and goes clamming with an old river man who tells tales of flooded towns and donnybrooks. Danny learns to problem-solve with a foster dad, and to accept the loving ways of a foster mom. Ultimately, he stows away on a river boat, and meets the beautiful Elizabeth. In St. Paul they swing-dance to the music of a jazz band in the ghost and gangster-haunted caves along the river. Danny Malloy is a story about the internal conflict of a teenager. Should he follow his survival instinct and run away or lower his defenses, trust his foster parents and stick around long enough to let them care for him? Danny realizes it is up to him to decide what sort of person he wants to be. Danny Malloy and His Mississippi River Samurai is a fun read about life on the Mississippi River and about the power of caring people.

Weapons Fighting Techniques of the Samurai Warrior 1200 1877 AD

Author : Thomas Conlan
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The Samurai warrior is one of the most famous types of soldier, with his intricate armour, longbow and distinctive katana sword. Weapons and Fighting Techniques of the Samurai Warrior examines the various arms that fought on a medieval Japanese battlefield, and how the equipment and training of the Samurai developed over time. Even the coming of gunpowder did not wipe out this unique warrior class, which only died out in the nineteenth century. With detailed colour illustrations and fact-filled accompanying text, the book is the essential guide for any enthusiast for the period. 275 colour and b/w photographs

Zen The Religion of the Samurai

Author : Kaiten Nukariya
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Format : PDF, Docs
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Interested in learning more about the Zen tradition? Skip the watered-down, touchy-feely translations that crowd the shelves of most Western bookstores and go straight to the source with this rigorous treatment of the subject. Author Kaiten Nukariya offers a compelling overview of Zen within its proper historical and cultural context. A must-read for those interested in history, comparative religious studies, and world cultures.

The Corporate Samurai

Author : Ray Faulkenberry
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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Recent statistics indicate that almost 80 percent of employees are unhappy in their current job. These alarming facts, coupled with high profile scandals and corporate takeovers of the past decade, illustrate that today's CEOs struggle with an image problem that is far worse than any other time in history. Ray Faulkenberry says that it is time for enlightened CEOs and business owners to implement new management styles and rely on personal experiences and universal principles as he takes a comprehensive look at the intricacies of how businesses are run today and how they may be better managed in the future. Faulkenberry emphasizes that businesses need to tap into the unlimited potential of its employees, and by executing a model that encourages profit even while it focuses on the human spirit, employers will gain a higher purpose as former management methods become obsolete. Modern CEOs will be both challenged and intrigued by the Eastern philosophy and organizational theory included. The Corporate Samurai reminds business leaders that the wisdom of past generations has great value to CEOs who really can live a life with honor and integrity and the supreme desire to protect and empower those they have been privileged to lead.

Growing Up and Going to School in Japan

Author : Cyril Simmons
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An examination of the reasons for Japanese educational success - a 99 per cent level of literacy and the ability of her school students to out-perform the pupils of other nations. It also considers why, despite her success, Japan is currently debating far-reaching educational reforms.

Dr Broth and Ollie s Brain boggling Search for the Lost Luggage

Author : Michael Abrams
File Size : 79.46 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The editors of "Discover" magazine's popular "Bogglers" page knit together puzzles of every kind to create a zany adventure story that challenges readers to solve the puzzles along with the characters. Illustrations.

Samurai Girl Real Bout High School Volume 6

Author : Reiji Saiga
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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The Daimon High School spectacular will be concluded mano y mano in a group of magnificent melees and explosive exchanges.

Samurai Revolution

Author : Romulus Hillsborough
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Format : PDF, ePub
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See the dawn of modern Japan through the lens of the power players who helped shape it — as well as those who fought against it — in this exploration of Samurai history. Samurai Revolution tells the fascinating story of Japan's historic transformation at the end of the nineteenth century from a country of shoguns, feudal lords and samurai to a modern industrialized nation. The book covers the turbulent Meiji Period from 1868 to 1912, widely considered "the dawn of modern Japan," a time of Samurai history in which those who choose to cling to their traditional bushido way of life engaged in frequent and often deadly clashes with champions of modernization. Knowledge of this period is essential to understand how and why Japan evolved into the nation it is today. The book opens with the fifteen-year fall of the Tokugawa Shogunate, which had ruled Japan for over 250 years, and the restoration of the Meiji emperor to a position of power at the expense of the feudal Daimyo lords. It chronicles the bloody first decade of the newly reestablished monarchy, in which the new government worked desperately to consolidate its power and introduce the innovations that would put Japan on equal footing with the Western powers threatening to dominate it. Finally, Samurai Revolution goes on to tell the story of the Satsuma Rebellion, a failed coup attempt that is widely viewed as the final demise of the samurai class in Japan. This book is the first comprehensive history and analysis in English that includes all the key figures from this dramatic time in Japanese politics and society, and is the result of over twenty-five years of research focused on this critical period in Japanese history. The book contains numerous original translations of crucial documents and correspondence of the time, as well as photographs and maps. Samurai Revolution goes in-depth to reveal how one era of ended and another began.

Tales of the Samurai

Author : James S. de Benneville
File Size : 33.99 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A young lord undertakes the restoration of his family's fortunes and honor in this gripping retelling of a 15th-century Japanese epic. Gripping and evocative, this excellent translation recounts rebellions, plots, and battles.

A Daughter of the Samurai

Author : Etsu Inagaki Sugimoto
File Size : 60.89 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Born into a high-ranking samurai family at the onset of the Meiji period, Etsu Sugimoto's own life mirrored the radical shifts her country faced. Originally destined to be a priestess, she instead became the arranged bride of a Japanese merchant in Cincinnati, later returning to Japan with her daughters as the nation modernized swiftly.